Titāgarh, India

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Titāgarh, India

Region: West Bengal

Geographic Coordinates: 22.740000, 88.370000
Temperature Range: 18.0°C to 35.0°C (64°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 116541
Language: Bengali

Titāgarh is a bustling city located in the North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, India. It is situated on the banks of the river Hooghly and is about 18 kilometers away from Kolkata, The capital city of West Bengal. The city has a rich history and was once an important center for trade and commerce during the British era. The name Titāgarh derives from two words – Tita meaning small and Garh meaning fort.

According to historical records, Titāgarh was once a small fort that was built by Raja Nrisingha Deb Roy in the early 18th century to protect his kingdom from invaders. Later, It became an important trading center for jute, Cotton, And other agricultural produce. Today, Titāgarh is known for its industrial development with several factories producing goods such as textiles, Chemicals, Machinery parts etc. The city also has a thriving market where one can find everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts made by local artisans.

One of the most popular attractions in Titāgarh is Khardah Kali Temple which attracts thousands of devotees every year during Navratri festival. This temple dedicated to Goddess Kali has been standing since ancient times and is said to have miraculous powers. Another attraction worth visiting in Titagarh is Adyapith Temple which stands as a symbol of peace and harmony between different religions. This temple complex houses temples dedicated to various deities including Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna among others.

For nature lovers seeking some serenity amidst chaos can visit Barrackpore Mangrove Forests located near Titagarh which offers scenic views along with bird watching opportunities as well as boating facilities on river Ganges. Overall, Titāgarhis an interesting blend of history, Culture, And modernity that makes it worth exploring for tourists who want to experience something unique while travelling through India.

Primary Industries

  1. Engineering and Manufacturing: Titāgarh is known for its engineering and manufacturing industry, which includes the production of railway wagons, locomotives, cranes, and other heavy machinery.
  2. Textiles: The town has a thriving textile industry that produces cotton fabrics, silk sarees, dress materials, and other textiles.
  3. Food Processing: Titāgarh has several food processing units that produce packaged food products such as biscuits, confectionery items, snacks etc.
  4. Chemicals: There are many chemical factories in Titāgarh that produce industrial chemicals like acids and alkalis.
  5. Pharmaceuticals: There are some pharmaceutical companies located in the town producing medicines and drugs for various ailments.
  6. Construction Materials: The town also has a significant number of construction material manufacturers producing items like bricks, tiles etc.
  7. Retail Business: There are many retail shops selling household goods like groceries to electronics appliances catering to local residents’ needs.

Overall these industries provide employment opportunities to the residents of Titagarh while contributing to the economic growth of the region as well as India’s economy at large.

Noteable History

  1. Titagarh was a significant hub for the Indian independence movement, boasting numerous notable freedom fighters such as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Bipin Chandra Pal and Aurobindo Ghosh who were born in the town.
  2. Established in 1882, the Titagarh Paper Mills was one of India’s first paper mills and played a crucial role in the growth of the Indian paper industry.
  3. The Titagarh railway station is an essential railway junction linking Kolkata to North Bengal and Northeast India.
  4. Satyendra Nath Bose, an acclaimed physicist who made noteworthy contributions to quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics, hailed from Titagarh.
  5. The town has many famous temples including Kali Temple and Radha Krishna Temple which are popular tourist attractions.
  6. During World War II, Titagarh played a pivotal role as a center for manufacturing military equipment for British forces fighting against Japan.
  7. In recent times, Titagarh has emerged as an important industrial hub with several large companies establishing operations in the town such as Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd., Jenson & Nicholson (India) Ltd., and Hindustan Motors Ltd.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Tarakeswar Temple
  2. Dakshineswar Kali Temple
  3. Belur Math
  4. Indian Museum, Kolkata
  5. Victoria Memorial Hall
  6. Science City Kolkata
  7. Mother’s Wax Museum
  8. Birla Industrial & Technological Museum
  9. Nehru Children’s Museum
  10. Marble Palace Mansion


  • Kolkata Biryani House – famous for its authentic Kolkata-style biryani.
  • Kasturi Restaurant – known for its North Indian and Chinese cuisines.
  • The Royal Treat – a vegetarian restaurant that serves a variety of dishes including South Indian, North Indian, and Chinese.
  • Aaheli Sweets & Snacks – popular for its Bengali sweets and snacks like rasgulla, sandesh, samosas etc.
  • Tasty Corner – famous for its street food delicacies like chaat items (pani puri), rolls etc.
  • Maa Tara Hotel & Restaurant – known for its homely Bengali meals with fish curry being their specialty dish.
  • Cafe Chokoladee- a cozy cafe that serves desserts like waffles, pancakes etc along with coffee and tea varieties.
  • Gourmet’s Kitchen- offers multi-cuisine dishes ranging from continental to Italian to Mexican to Thai cuisine.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Millennium Park – a popular park that boasts walking trails, playgrounds, and a lake for boating.
    2. Titāgarh Wildlife Sanctuary – a nature reserve that offers hiking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities.
    3. Khardah Park – a scenic park with gardens, fountains, and picnic areas.
    4. Bhatpara Riverside Park – a riverside park that provides jogging tracks, playgrounds, and boat rides.
    5. Rishi Bankim Chandra Smriti Mandir – a cultural center that hosts events like music concerts and theater performances.
    6. Bhatpara Stadium – a sports complex where cricket matches and other sporting events are held.
    7. Kanchrapara Railway Institute Grounds – an open space used for outdoor sports such as football and cricket.
    8. Naihati Riverside Promenade – a walking path along the riverfront offering scenic views of the surrounding area.
    9. Barrackpore Cantonment Golf Course – an 18-hole golf course located in nearby Barrackpore
    10. Ganga Kutir Resort & Spa – luxury resort offering various recreational activities like swimming pool, spa treatments etc., located near Titagarh on the banks of Ganges river in Raichak district of West Bengal


    Enjoy The Journey.

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