Trindade, Brazil

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Trindade, Brazil

Region: Goiás

Geographic Coordinates: -16.658100, -49.483600
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 30.0°C (68°F to 86°F)
Climate: Tropical climate with high humidity and precipitation throughout the year, with a rainy season from December to March.
Population: 104488
Language: Portuguese

Trindade is a small town located on the coast of Goiás, Brazil. The town is famous for its religious significance and attracts many pilgrims annually. The main attraction in Trindade is the Basílica do Divino Pai Eterno, Which is one of Brazil’s largest Catholic churches. The church was built to honor a miraculous statue that local farmers discovered in 1840. It serves as a place for worship and pilgrimage for Catholics from all over Brazil. Along with its religious importance, Trindade also has beautiful beaches and natural attractions.

One such attraction is Cachoeira do Rosário – Rosario Waterfall, Which cascades down into a natural pool surrounded by lush vegetation. Visitors can swim in crystal-clear waters while enjoying stunning views. Another popular attraction in Trindade is Praia do Meio – Middle Beach, Which sits between two rocky cliffs and offers calm waters perfect for swimming or snorkeling. Visitors can also go on boat tours to explore nearby islands or go fishing with local fishermen. Trindade has a rich cultural heritage that visitors can experience through its food, Music, And festivals.

One such festival celebrated annually in July is Festa do Divino Pai Eterno – Festival of the Eternal Father where locals dress up in traditional clothing and participate in processions and other religious ceremonies. The town also has several restaurants serving traditional Brazilian cuisine such as feijoada – black bean stew and churrasco – barbecue while listening to live music played by local musicians. Overall, Trindade provides an opportunity to experience Brazil’s rich culture and natural beauty while providing spiritual reflection/worship destination with stunning beaches, Waterfalls & festivals making it an ideal must-visit destination when traveling to Brazil!

Important Landmarks

  1. Praia do Meio
  2. Praia do Cepilho
  3. Pedra que Engole
  4. Praia dos Ranchos
  5. Cachoeira da Pedra Furada
  6. Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Penha de França
  7. Mirante do Cruzeiro
  8. Piscina Natural Caixa d’Aço
  9. Museu Casa Histórica de Trindade
  10. Lagoa Azul

Primary Industries

  1. Trindade, Brazil is a popular destination for religious tourism due to the Basílica do Divino Pai Eterno (Basilica of the Eternal Divine Father), which draws millions of visitors annually.
  2. The city also boasts other significant industries such as:
    1. Agriculture, with a focus on corn and soybean production
    2. Livestock farming
    3. Small-scale manufacturing
    4. Retail trade
  3. Furthermore, there is an expanding service sector that caters to tourists and pilgrims visiting Trindade.

Noteable History

  1. Discovery of Trindade Island: Tristão da Cunha, a Portuguese explorer, discovered Trindade Island in 1502. The island is located approximately 1,200 kilometers off the coast of Brazil.
  2. World War II: During World War II, the Brazilian and US navies used Trindade Island as a naval base to safeguard shipping lanes from German submarines.
  3. Revolt of the Lighthouse Keepers: In 1893, lighthouse keepers on Trindade Island staged a rebellion against their superiors due to poor working conditions and inadequate pay.
  4. Admiral Álvaro Alberto da Motta e Silva: Admiral Álvaro Alberto da Motta e Silva was an influential Brazilian scientist who conducted research on nuclear technology and played a significant role in establishing Brazil’s nuclear program. Throughout his career, he visited Trindade Island multiple times.
  5. Jacques Cousteau Expedition: French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau led an expedition in 1968 to explore the waters surrounding Trindade Island and documented its diverse marine life.
  6. UFO sightings: In January 1958, two Brazilian Navy ships stationed near Trindade Island witnessed unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the sky above them.
  7. Environmental conservation efforts: Since the late twentieth century, various initiatives have been undertaken to preserve the unique flora and fauna found on Trindade Island through measures such as protected areas establishment and scientific research expeditions.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário is a historic church built in the 18th century.
  2. Casa da Cultura is an art center featuring local artists and artisans.
  3. Museu de Arte Sacra de Trindade is a museum showcasing religious art and artifacts.
  4. Monumento ao Divino Pai Eterno is a large statue of the Divine Eternal Father, a popular pilgrimage site for Catholics.
  5. Santuário Basílica do Divino Pai Eterno is a basilica dedicated to the Divine Eternal Father, with beautiful architecture and religious art.
  6. Parque Estadual Serra dos Pirineus is a state park with hiking trails, waterfalls, and stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
  7. Feira do Troca (Swap Meet) – A place to buy or sell items like clothing, shoes or kitchen utensils.
  8. Cachoeiras dos Couros – A series of beautiful waterfalls located about 40 km from Trindade.
  9. Gruta do Monge – A cave that was used by monks as refuge during colonial times.
  10. Pousada dos Pireneus Resort – An upscale resort with spa services located in Serra dos Pirineus National Park.

Cultural Events

  1. Festa do Divino Espírito Santo is a religious festival celebrated in May or June. During this festival, the streets are adorned with colorful flags and processions are held.
  2. Festa de São Benedito is a celebration of African-Brazilian culture that takes place in July. This festival features traditional music, dance, and food.
  3. Festival de Inverno is a winter festival held in July that showcases local artists and musicians.
  4. Festival da Tainha is a seafood festival held in August that celebrates the fishing tradition of Trindade.
  5. Festa de Nossa Senhora da Conceição is a religious festival honoring the patron saint of Trindade celebrated in December with processions and masses.
  6. Carnaval de Trindade is an annual carnival celebration held before Lent featuring parades, music, dancing, and colorful costumes.
  7. Encontro Nacional dos Folguedos e Cultura Popular is an event celebrating Brazilian folklore and popular culture through music, dance performances, theater plays among others activities from different regions of Brazil which takes place every two years (even years).


  1. Restaurante do Gaúcho – This restaurant is known for their grilled meats and traditional Brazilian fare.
  2. Bar do Canto – A casual spot where you can enjoy fresh seafood alongside cold beers.
  3. Bar da Praia – Located right on the beach with stunning views of the ocean, this restaurant serves up mouth-watering seafood dishes.
  4. Casa do Chef – For those seeking more upscale dining options, this restaurant offers creative twists on classic Brazilian cuisine.
  5. Cheiro Verde – Vegetarians rejoice! This eatery serves up fresh salads, juices and vegetarian versions of beloved Brazilian recipes.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Parque Estadual da Serra de Trindade is a state park that offers visitors hiking trails and scenic views.
  2. Praia do Meio is a popular beach for swimming and surfing.
  3. Praia do Cepilho is another beach known for its waves and surf culture.
  4. Cachoeira da Pedra Branca is a waterfall that has natural pools perfect for swimming and picnicking.
  5. Mirante do Cruzeiro offers visitors panoramic views of the town and surrounding mountains from its lookout point.
  6. Parque Municipal Gruta da Glória is a park that features caves, waterfalls, and hiking trails for visitors to explore.
  7. Trilha das Sete Quedas is a trail that leads hikers to seven waterfalls in the area.
  8. Centro Cultural Euclides da Cunha hosts exhibitions, concerts, and other events throughout the year at this cultural center.
  9. Feira de Artesanato de Trindade is an artisan market where visitors can purchase handmade crafts and souvenirs from local artists.
  10. Festa do Divino Espírito Santo de Trindade is an annual religious festival which attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over Brazil to celebrate their faith through music, dance, food, and prayer.


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