Tunasan, Philippines

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Tunasan, Philippines

Region: Muntinlupa

Geographic Coordinates: 14.372500, 121.036000
Population: 61374
Language: Tagalog

Tunasan is a vibrant and bustling town located in the province of Muntinlupa, Philippines. Situated in the southern part of Metro Manila, Tunasan is known for its rich history, Cultural heritage, And thriving local economy. One of the notable landmarks in Tunasan is the St. Peregrine Laziosi Parish Church. This beautiful church dates back to the Spanish colonial era and showcases stunning architecture that reflects both Baroque and Neo-Gothic styles. The church serves as a spiritual center for locals and also attracts tourists who appreciate its historical significance. The town’s economy thrives primarily on agriculture and commerce.

With fertile soil and favorable climate conditions, Tunasan produces various crops such as rice, Corn, Vegetables, Fruits, And coconut products. Visitors can explore local markets to experience the vibrant atmosphere while discovering an array of fresh produce. Tunasan also boasts several natural attractions that provide opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty. Mount Tagapo is a popular hiking destination nearby where adventurers can enjoy breathtaking views from its summit overlooking Laguna de Bay—the largest lake in the country.

Additionally, Residents often organize eco-tours to explore nearby rivers like Tunasan River or engage in water sports activities like kayaking or fishing. For those interested in history and culture, Tunasan offers museums that showcase artifacts from pre-colonial times up until modern-day Philippines. The Muntinlupa Museum displays an extensive collection of archaeological finds including pottery fragments dating back thousands of years ago—a testament to this region’s rich cultural heritage. Furthermore, Tunasan celebrates various festivals throughout the year that highlight their traditions and customs.

One such festival is Paray Festival which pays tribute to farmers’ hard work during harvest season through colorful parades featuring traditional dances accompanied by lively music played on indigenous instruments. In terms of transportation infrastructure, Tunasan benefits from being well-connected with major cities within Metro Manila. Commuters can easily access the town via public buses, Jeepneys, Or tricycles. Additionally, Tunasan is strategically located near major highways and expressways making it convenient for travelers to explore other parts of Luzon. Overall, Tunasan offers a unique blend of history, Culture, And natural beauty that captivates both locals and visitors alike.

Whether you are interested in exploring historical landmarks, Immersing yourself in nature’s wonders or experiencing vibrant festivals and local traditions—Tunasan has something for everyone to enjoy.

Important Landmarks

  1. Alabang Town Center: A large shopping mall with various retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  2. Festival Supermall: Another popular shopping destination offering a wide range of shops, dining establishments, and entertainment facilities.
  3. Starmall Alabang: A mall known for its cinemas and affordable shopping options.
  4. The Palms Country Club: A prestigious country club featuring amenities such as golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts, and fine dining options.
  5. Filinvest City: A modern business district with numerous office buildings, parks, and recreational areas like the Filinvest Trails for biking enthusiasts.
  6. Laguna de Bay: The largest lake in the Philippines where visitors can enjoy boating activities or visit fishing communities along its shores.
  7. Asian Hospital and Medical Center: One of the leading hospitals in the country known for its world-class medical services.
  8. Ayala Alabang Village: An exclusive residential community known for its upscale houses and well-maintained surroundings.

While Tunasan itself may not be widely recognized as a tourist destination compared to other areas in the Philippines like Manila or Boracay Island, these nearby attractions offer plenty of opportunities for leisure activities and exploration within close proximity to Tunasan’s location in Muntinlupa City.

Primary Industries

  1. Manufacturing: The nearby Laguna Technopark, located in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, houses numerous manufacturing companies engaged in electronics, automotive parts, food processing, and other industries.
  2. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Muntinlupa City hosts several BPO companies providing services such as call centers, IT support services, back-office operations for multinational corporations.
  3. Retail and Commercial Centers: Tunasan benefits from its proximity to shopping malls and commercial centers like Alabang Town Center and Festival Supermall located in neighboring Alabang area.
  4. Healthcare: There are hospitals and medical facilities nearby that provide healthcare services to residents of Tunasan such as Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Alabang.
  5. Education: Several educational institutions are present near Tunasan including De La Salle Santiago Zobel School (DLSZ) which offers K-12 education programs.
  6. Construction: With ongoing infrastructure projects within Metro Manila’s southern region like Skyway Extension Project Phase 2 from Susana Heights Interchange to Sucat Road which passes through Tunasan area creates opportunities for construction-related businesses.
  7. Hospitality Industry: The presence of hotels such as Acacia Hotel Manila provides accommodation options for tourists visiting the area or attending events at nearby venues like Filinvest City Events Ground or Bellevue Hotel & Resorts Convention Center.
  8. Food Services: Restaurants, cafes, fast-food chains can be found throughout Tunasan catering to the dining needs of residents as well as visitors from neighboring areas.

It’s important to note that while these industries are not directly based within Tunasan itself due to its residential nature, they contribute to the local economy and provide employment opportunities for residents.

Noteable History

Tunasan History

History of Tunasan

  1. Battle of Muntinlupa (1896)

    During the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonization, Tunasan served as one of the battlegrounds between Filipino revolutionaries and Spanish forces.

  2. Japanese Occupation (1942-1945)

    Like many parts of the Philippines, Tunasan was occupied by Japanese forces during World War II. The local population experienced hardships and atrocities during this period.

  3. Development into a residential area

    After World War II, Tunasan gradually transformed from an agricultural area into a residential community due to urbanization and migration from nearby provinces.

  4. Notable landmarks

    There are several landmarks in Tunasan that hold historical significance:

    • Muntinlupa National High School: Established in 1908 as San Roque Elementary School, it is one of the oldest educational institutions in the city.
    • St. Peregrine Laziosi Parish Church: Built in 1989, it serves as a spiritual center for residents.
    • Alabang Viaduct (Skyway Extension Project): The ongoing construction project will connect SLEX to Skyway Stage 3 and help alleviate traffic congestion.
  5. Notable People

    • Vice Ganda (Jose Marie Viceral): A famous comedian and television host who grew up in Tunasan before achieving success in showbiz.
    • Senator Risa Hontiveros: Although not originally from Tunasan, she became known for her advocacy work on health issues and women’s rights while serving as a senator representing Metro Manila.

These notable events and individuals have contributed to shaping the history and culture of Tunasan over time.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Muntinlupa Museum: Located in the nearby city of Muntinlupa, this museum showcases the history and culture of the region. It houses various artifacts and exhibits that provide insights into the local heritage.
  2. Museo de la Salle: Situated in De La Salle Santiago Zobel School in nearby Ayala Alabang Village, this museum features contemporary art exhibitions by local and international artists. It also holds cultural events and workshops.
  3. The National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage: Located on Sucat Road in Muntinlupa City, this church is a popular pilgrimage site known for its beautiful architecture and religious significance.
  4. New Bilibid Prison Reservation Chapel: Found within the New Bilibid Prison complex in Tunasan, this chapel is an important historical landmark as it was built during the Spanish colonial era.
  5. Filinvest City Events Grounds: This open-air venue hosts various concerts, festivals, and cultural events throughout the year. It’s worth checking their schedule to see if any exciting events are taking place during your visit.
  6. Evia Lifestyle Center: A modern shopping complex with a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment options located along Daang Hari Road in Las Piñas City near Tunasan.
  7. Westgate Center Alabang: Another shopping destination situated along Commerce Avenue near Filinvest Corporate City offering retail stores, dining establishments, spas as well as leisure activities like mini-golf or karaoke lounges.
  8. Alabang Town Center (ATC): A large mall located just a short distance away from Tunasan with numerous shops ranging from fashion boutiques to electronics stores alongside cinemas and dining options.

These places offer different experiences ranging from cultural immersion to recreational activities for visitors exploring Tunasan or nearby areas.

Sports Teams

  1. Muntinlupa Cagers – The Muntinlupa Cagers is a basketball team that competes in various leagues such as the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL). They were founded in 2018 and have quickly gained recognition for their competitive play.
  2. Muntinlupa United FC – This football club represents the city of Muntinlupa and has participated in various local tournaments such as the United Football League (UFL) and Philippine Football Federation (PFF) competitions.
  3. Tunasan Titans – While not specifically a professional team, Tunasan Titans is a community-based basketball team composed of local players from Tunasan Barangay who compete against other barangays or participate in inter-barangay leagues within the area.
  4. Team D’Champ – A popular volleyball team based in Muntinlupa City, Team D’Champ has competed and won championships at both local and regional levels.
  5. MPD Taekwondo Club – The MPD Taekwondo Club is an established martial arts organization based in nearby Barangay Poblacion, which offers training programs for taekwondo enthusiasts residing across different parts of Muntinlupa City.

It’s important to note that these teams may have players or participants from different areas within Muntinlupa City rather than being solely associated with Tunasan alone due to its small size compared to other barangays within the city limits.

Cultural Events

  1. Tunasan Festival – This is an annual festival held every February to celebrate the founding anniversary of Tunasan. The festival features street dancing, parades, cultural shows, and various competitions.
  2. Flores de Mayo – Held in May, this religious event honors the Virgin Mary with a month-long series of processions and floral offerings.
  3. Santacruzan – Celebrated during the month of May, this event is a religious procession that commemorates the finding of the Holy Cross by St. Helena.
  4. Feast of San Roque – This feast day is celebrated on August 16th in honor of San Roque, the patron saint of Tunasan. It includes a procession and mass at the local church.
  5. Christmas Lantern Parade – During December, residents participate in a lantern parade where they showcase their beautifully crafted lanterns made from recycled materials.
  6. Paskuhan sa Barangay – A Christmas celebration held within each barangay (village) in Tunasan featuring various activities such as caroling contests, parol-making competitions, and performances.
  7. Sinakulo – A traditional Lenten play depicting scenes from Jesus Christ’s passion and death performed by locals during Holy Week.
  8. Holy Week Processions – Various processions take place during Holy Week including Palm Sunday procession (Palm Sunday), Senakulo (Good Friday), Salubong (Easter Sunday dawn procession), among others.

Please note that some events may vary from year to year or may have been affected by recent global events or local circumstances; it’s always best to check for updated information before attending any event or festival.


  1. Bulalohan sa Tunasan – This restaurant is known for serving delicious bulalo, a Filipino beef marrow soup dish. It is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.
  2. Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus – A popular spot for grilled meats and seafood, Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus offers a variety of skewered dishes cooked over charcoal. Their pork barbecue and grilled squid are highly recommended.
  3. Kainan sa Tabing Lawa – This restaurant offers a scenic view of the nearby lake while serving traditional Filipino dishes such as sinigang (sour soup), adobo (marinated meat), and crispy pata (deep-fried pork leg).
  4. Gerry’s Grill – A well-known chain of restaurants in the Philippines, Gerry’s Grill specializes in Filipino cuisine with a modern twist. They offer a wide range of dishes including sisig (sizzling pork dish), grilled seafood, and crispy pata.
  5. Tapsi ni Vivian – Known for their affordable yet flavorful tapsilog meals (tapa – marinated beef, sinangag – garlic fried rice, itlog – fried egg), Tapsi ni Vivian is a go-to place for breakfast or any time of the day.
  6. Lutong Bahay ni Aling Cora – Located near Tunasan Market, this eatery serves home-cooked Filipino dishes at reasonable prices. Their menu includes classic favorites like kare-kare (oxtail stew) and pinakbet (vegetable stew).
  7. The Purple Owl Café – For those looking for something unique, The Purple Owl Café offers an eclectic dining experience with its cozy ambiance and fusion cuisine inspired by international flavors mixed with local ingredients.

These are just some examples of popular local cuisines and restaurants in Tunasan that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Tunasan Park – A public park located in the heart of Tunasan, where visitors can enjoy walking paths, benches, and open green spaces.
  2. Bayanan Park – Another park in Tunasan that offers various amenities such as jogging paths, basketball courts, and playgrounds for children.
  3. Waterfun Park – A water-themed recreational facility that features pools with slides and other water attractions for both kids and adults.
  4. South City Central Mall – Not exactly a park but a shopping center with recreational activities such as an arcade zone, movie theaters, and indoor playgrounds.
  5. Muntinlupa Sports Complex – This sports complex provides facilities for various sports like basketball, tennis, swimming pools, track fields for running or jogging.
  6. Alabang Country Club – Located nearby in Alabang area of Muntinlupa City; it offers golf courses as well as other recreational facilities like swimming pools and tennis courts.
  7. Festival Supermall – A popular shopping mall that also has entertainment options like cinemas and arcades to keep visitors entertained.

These are just a few examples of the parks and recreational activities available in Tunasan. There may be more options depending on personal preferences or specific events happening at any given time.


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