Tuzla, Turkey

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Tuzla, Turkey

Region: Tuzla, Turkey is located in Istanbul

Geographic Coordinates: 40.816100, 29.300600
Temperature Range: -20.0°C to 40.0°C (-4°F to 104°F)
Population: 255468
Language: Turkish

Tuzla is a district in the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey. It covers an area of 38 square kilometers and is situated on the coast of Marmara Sea. The district has a rich history dating back to ancient times with evidence of human settlement from the Bronze Age. One of Tuzla’s most notable landmarks is its shipyard, Which has been operational since 1944 and plays a significant role in Turkey’s maritime industry. The shipyard has built numerous ships for both domestic and international clients. Additionally, Tuzla boasts a thriving industrial sector that includes factories producing textiles, Chemicals, And machinery.

Tuzla’s natural beauty attracts visitors to several parks and green spaces where locals can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, Picnicking or cycling. Aydinli Cave Park features a large cave system that visitors can explore. For those interested in history and culture, Tuzla offers several museums showcasing the region’s past. The Tersane-i Amire Museum provides insight into Istanbul’s naval history while also displaying traditional Turkish boats known as gulets. Tuzla also has several beaches along its coastline where visitors can swim or sunbathe during summer months.

Aydınlık beach is one popular spot with crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming while enjoying some snacks at nearby cafes. Another unique feature of Tuzla is its thermal springs believed to have healing properties due to their high mineral content. Many people come from all over Turkey just to experience these hot springs’ therapeutic effects on their skin conditions or other ailments. Overall, Tuzla offers something for everyone – from industrialists looking for business opportunities to nature enthusiasts seeking adventure or relaxation by the sea or thermal spas – making it one of Istanbul’s most diverse districts worth exploring!

Primary Industries

  1. Tuzla, Turkey is a bustling industrial hub that is home to various industries and businesses.
  2. The major sectors in Tuzla include:
    1. Shipbuilding
    2. Automotive
    3. Chemicals
    4. Textiles
    5. Food processing
    6. Logistics and transportation
    7. Construction materials
    8. Machinery manufacturing
  3. The shipbuilding industry in Tuzla is booming with numerous shipyards located within the area.
  4. The automotive sector is also a significant contributor to the economy of Tuzla with many factories producing vehicle parts.
  5. Chemical companies operating in Tuzla manufacture different types of chemicals used across various industries.
  6. The textile industry plays a vital role in the economy of Tuzla with many clothing manufacturers based there.
  7. Several companies involved in food processing produce packaged foods and beverages while logistics and transportation are also critical sectors due to its strategic location near Istanbul’s main port facilities.
  8. Construction material manufacturing such as cement and bricks are other important industries based out of Tuzla.
  9. Finally, machinery manufacturing supports other sectors like automotive or construction by providing necessary machinery for their production processes or maintenance activities etcetera.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Maltepe occurred in 1918 during World War I between the Ottoman Empire and British forces. The Ottoman army was defeated, resulting in Tuzla’s occupation by British troops.
  2. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and first president of modern Turkey, visited Tuzla multiple times during his presidency to inspect military facilities.
  3. The Tuzla Naval Shipyard was established in 1937 by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to fulfill the Turkish Navy’s needs for maintenance, repair, and construction of warships.
  4. Located within Istanbul’s Asian side district of Tuzla is Tuzla Lake known for its bird sanctuary that attracts migratory birds from different parts of Europe.
  5. Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is one of Istanbul’s two international airports located in Tuzla district named after Sabiha Gökçen who was Turkey’s first female combat pilot.
  6. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University has one campus specializing in fine arts education located within Tuzla district known for its excellence.
  7. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge also called Third Bosphorus Bridge connects European and Asian sides over Bosphorus Strait opened on August 26th, 2016 by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan passing through northern part boundary line near Aydınlı village belonging to Tuzla District.

Museums and Things To See

  • 1. Tuzla Shipyard Museum: This museum showcases the history of shipbuilding in Tuzla and its importance in Turkey’s maritime industry.
  • 2. Istanbul Park: Located in Tuzla, this Formula One circuit hosts various motorsport events throughout the year.
  • 3. Aydınlık Park: A stunning park with a lake, playgrounds, picnic areas, and walking trails.
  • 4. Şifa Hamamı: An ancient Turkish bathhouse dating back to the 16th century that is still operational today.
  • 5. Osmanlı Parkı: A large park with a range of attractions including an outdoor cinema, mini-golf course, and paddle boats on the lake.
  • 6. Eskihisar Castle: An ancient castle built by the Byzantines that overlooks the Sea of Marmara.
  • 7. Hacı Bektaş Veli Mosque Complex: A religious complex dedicated to Hacı Bektaş Veli, a prominent Sufi saint who lived in Anatolia during the 13th century.
  • 8. Pendik Marina Life & Shopping Center: A modern shopping center with a marina view offering visitors various shops, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues to enjoy.
  • 9. Ataturk House Museum Tuzla Branch: Preserving Ataturk’s former house as it was when he used to visit it, this museum showcases his life story from his early years until his death through photographs and artifacts displayed inside.
  • 10. Turkish Aviation Academy: The academy offers aviation education for pilots, engineers, technicians etc. Visitors can take guided tours inside this facility which include simulators, aircraft models etc.

  • Sports Teams

    1. Tuzlaspor is a prominent football club in Tuzla, Turkey that was established in 1954.
    2. Their first match was against Kartal Belediyespor, a local team.
    3. While they have experienced both success and failure over the years, they remain popular among locals.
    4. Pendikspor is another football club based in Tuzla that was founded in 1960.
    5. They too have had their fair share of ups and downs.
    6. Basketball is also popular in Tuzla with the establishment of TBBK (Tuzla Belediyespor Basketbol Kulübü) in 2012.
    7. All things considered, sports are an integral part of the community of Tuzla with many residents actively participating or supporting local teams.

    Cultural Events

    • 1. Tuzla Festival: An annual event held in July that celebrates the city’s history and culture through music, dance, food, and art.
    • 2. International Istanbul Film Festival: A prestigious film festival held annually in April that showcases the best of Turkish and international cinema.
    • 3. Tuzla Marathon: A sporting event held every year in November where runners from all over the world participate in a 10km race around Tuzla.
    • 4. International Jazz Festival: A music festival held annually in September where jazz musicians from around the world come to perform.
    • 5. National Sovereignty and Children’s Day Celebrations: Held on April 23rd each year to celebrate Turkey’s national sovereignty with parades, concerts, and other festivities for children.
    • 6. Republic Day Celebrations: Held on October 29th each year to celebrate Turkey’s founding as a republic with fireworks displays and other festivities across the city.


    • Tuzla Balikcisi: This seafood restaurant serves fresh fish and seafood dishes.
    • Kebapci Halil Usta: A popular kebab restaurant that offers delicious Turkish kebabs.
    • Mevlana Pide Salonu: A traditional Turkish pide (Turkish pizza) restaurant that has various toppings to choose from.
    • Alaturka Restaurant: This Turkish restaurant is known for serving traditional meze (appetizers) and grilled meat dishes.
    • Cigkofteci Osman Usta: A street food stall where you can find cig kofte, a spicy raw meat dish served with lettuce leaves.
    • Bursa Iskender Kebap Salonu: Another kebab restaurant famous for its Iskender kebab, which consists of thinly sliced lamb or beef served with tomato sauce and yogurt.
    • Mado Cafe & Restaurant: Mado Cafe & Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy traditional Turkish desserts like baklava, kunefe, and ice cream made from goat’s milk.
    • Adana Sofrasi Tuzla Branch: Adana Sofrasi specializes in Adana kebab, which originates from the southern city of Adana in Turkey.

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Tuzla Lake Park is a serene location situated on the shore of Tuzla Lake. It offers visitors various amenities such as picnic areas, walking trails, and playgrounds.
      2. Tuzla Beach is a public beach that attracts many tourists due to its popularity for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.
      3. Aydınlı Cave is a natural cave located near Tuzla which provides guided tours for visitors to explore its beauty.
      4. Eski Şehir Park has historical significance as it showcases ruins from the Ottoman period while also providing walking paths and picnic areas for relaxation.
      5. İçmeler Forest Recreation Area is an ideal location just outside of Tuzla where visitors can enjoy hiking trails, picnic tables, and camping facilities amidst the forested area.
      6. Kızıltoprak Mezarlığı Parkı is home to a historic cemetery along with walking paths and green space suitable for picnics or relaxation purposes.
      7. Kavacık Dam Reservoir located in Pendik district offers fishing opportunities along with hiking trails around the water’s edge for nature enthusiasts.
      8. Sabiha Gökçen International Airport Observation Deck in nearby Pendik district allows visitors to watch planes take off and land at Istanbul’s second airport from this observation deck providing an exciting experience for aviation enthusiasts alike!


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