Velikiy Novgorod, Russia

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Velikiy Novgorod, Russia

Region: Velikiy Novgorod is located in the Novgorod Oblast

Geographic Coordinates: 58.521000, 31.275800
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 30.0°C (-40°F to 86°F)
Climate: Cold winters, mild summers, and precipitation throughout the year.
Population: 222594
Language: Russian

Velikiy Novgorod, Also known as Novgorod the Great, Is a historic city located in northwestern Russia. It is one of the oldest and most important cities in Russian history, With a rich cultural heritage that dates back to the 9th century. The city has played an important role in shaping Russian identity and culture throughout its long history. One of the most famous landmarks in Velikiy Novgorod is the Kremlin, Which was built during the 11th century and served as a fortress for many centuries.

The Kremlin contains several notable buildings including St. Sophia Cathedral, Which was built in 1045 and is considered to be one of the finest examples of ancient Russian architecture. Another must-see attraction in Velikiy Novgorod is Yaroslav’s Court, Which was once home to Prince Yaroslav the Wise who ruled over Novgorod during its golden age. Today, Visitors can explore this historic site and see artifacts from that time period including weapons, Jewelry and household items. The city also boasts several museums dedicated to preserving its rich cultural heritage.

One such museum is The State Museum of History and Artistic Culture of Novgorod Land which houses thousands of artifacts related to local history including ancient manuscripts, Paintings by famous artists like Ivan Bilibin and other valuable works. For those interested in exploring nature while visiting Velikiy Novgorod there are several options available such as Lake Ilmen – one of Russia’s largest freshwater lakes – where visitors can enjoy fishing or boating trips along with breathtaking views from surrounding hillsides.

no trip to Velikiy Novgorod would be complete without experiencing traditional Russian cuisine at one of its many restaurants serving up dishes like borscht (beet soup), Blini (thin pancakes), Pirozhki (stuffed pastries) or pelmeni (dumplings). Velikiy Novgorod is a fascinating city with a rich cultural heritage that has played an important role in shaping Russian history and identity. From its ancient architecture and historic landmarks to its museums and natural beauty, There is something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful city.

Important Landmarks

  1. Novgorod Kremlin
  2. St. Sophia Cathedral
  3. Yaroslav’s Court
  4. Millennium of Russia Monument
  5. Vitoslavlitsy Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life
  6. Museum of Novgorod Fine Arts
  7. Church of the Transfiguration on Ilyina Street
  8. The Monument to the Millenium of Russia
  9. The Church Of The Nativity Of John The Baptist At Vysokaya Hill

Primary Industries

  • Manufacturing
    • Machinery production
    • Metal products
    • Textiles
  • Tourism
    • Ancient churches
    • Museums
  • Agriculture
    • Wheat
    • Barley
    • Oats
    • Potatoes
    • Vegetables
  • Retail
  • Services
    • Banking institutions
    • Legal firms
    • Accounting firms
  • Education
    • Universities
    • Courses in medicine, engineering, and others
  • Transportation & Logistics
    • Airport
    • Railway station
    • Bus stations

    Noteable History

    1. Velikiy Novgorod is one of the oldest cities in Russia, founded in the 9th century.
    2. During the 12th and 13th centuries, Velikiy Novgorod was a powerful city-state that played a crucial role in medieval Russia’s development.
    3. With its location on the Volkhov River, Velikiy Novgorod was an important center for trade and commerce, providing easy access to both inland Russia and the Baltic Sea.
    4. The Battle on Lake Peipus (1242) is one of Velikiy Novgorod’s most notable events when Alexander Nevsky led Russian forces to defeat an invading army from Livonia.
    5. Ivan III (the Great) ruled from 1462 to 1505 and played a key role in uniting various Russian principalities under his rule; he oversaw significant cultural and architectural developments in Velikiy Novgorod during this time, including constructing several churches and monasteries.
    6. Pyotr Milovidov is Saint Sophia Cathedral’s architect associated with Velikiy Novgorod; Ivan IV (the Terrible), who visited multiple times during his reign; writer Nikolai Gogol wrote extensively about rural life near Velikiy Novgorod during his time living there in the early 19th century.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Novgorod Kremlin is a historic fortress and the oldest part of Velikiy Novgorod.
    2. St. Sophia Cathedral is one of the most impressive churches in Russia, built in the 11th century and featuring stunning frescoes and icons.
    3. Yaroslav’s Court Museum is a museum dedicated to the history of Velikiy Novgorod, housed in a 13th-century building that once served as a residence for Prince Yaroslav.
    4. Vitoslavitsy Museum of Wooden Architecture is an open-air museum featuring traditional wooden buildings from different regions of Russia.
    5. The State Museum-Preserve Novgorod Land is an extensive complex consisting of several museums dedicated to various aspects of Russian history and culture, including archaeology, art, and folklore.
    6. The Art Gallery Khudozhestvennyi Salon is a modern art gallery showcasing works by local artists as well as contemporary Russian art.
    7. The Millennium Monument located on the banks of the Volkhov River commemorates the 1000th anniversary of Velikiy Novgorod’s founding.
    8. The Church Of St George on Pokrovka Street was built in 1234-1239 AD demonstrating traditional architecture style with its octagonal drum under high dome with external windows lighting up interior space which would have been dark otherwise due to absence any other openings except entrance door.
    9. Nereditsa Church situated about six kilometers eastward from central district was built at end XI century known for its ancient frescos depicting scenes from Gospel stories.
    10. The Church Of Transfiguration In Ilyina Street Built in XVIII century has unique feature that it stands on top hill unlike other churches which were mostly located near riverside or lowlands.

    Sports Teams

    1. FC Novgorod – a football club founded in 1960. They played in the Soviet Second League and Russian Second Division.
    2. HC Torpedo – a professional ice hockey team founded in 1946. They played in the Soviet Hockey League and later in the Russian Superleague.
    3. BC Spartak Veliky Novgorod – a basketball club founded in 1995. They played in the Russian Basketball Super League and VTB United League.
    4. VC Star – a volleyball club founded in 2008. They played mostly on regional levels but won several championships.
    5. SKA-Neva Veliky Novgorod – an ice hockey team that was relocated to St Petersburg from Velikiy Novgorod after two seasons (2014-2016) due to financial difficulties.

    These are just some of the notable sports teams from Velikiy Novgorod with varying degrees of success and recognition throughout their histories.

    Cultural Events

    1. Novgorod Kremlin Festival is an annual event that celebrates the rich history and culture of Velikiy Novgorod. It takes place within the historic walls of the Novgorod Kremlin.
    2. The Great Bridge Festival is a lively celebration held on the first weekend in August every year. Attendees can enjoy music, dance, food, and crafts from all over Russia.
    3. The International Folklore Festival Slavyansky Bazaar is a colorful event that showcases traditional music, dance, and costumes from different regions of Russia as well as other Slavic countries.
    4. The Day of the City is a festive occasion celebrated on June 12th each year throughout Velikiy Novgorod with parades, concerts, fireworks displays and other activities to commemorate this special day.
    5. The Winter Carnival takes place during winter months (usually February) and features various winter-themed activities such as ice skating competitions and snow sculpture contests.
    6. Maslenitsa (Russian Pancake Week) lasts for one week before Lent begins where people indulge in pancakes with various fillings like caviar or cream cheese while enjoying performances like folk dances or puppet shows.
    7. St George’s Day falls on April 23rd to honor Saint George who is considered a patron saint of Velikiy Novgorod with processions led by horsemen dressed in traditional costumes carrying icons of St George through streets adorned with flowers.


    • Novgorodskaya Kasha – a porridge made with buckwheat and served with mushrooms, onions, and sour cream.
    • Shangi – small pies filled with meat or potatoes.
    • Medovik – a honey cake made with layers of thin sponge cake and sweetened condensed milk.
    • Sbiten – a traditional Russian hot drink made from honey, spices, and water.

    Some popular restaurants in Velikiy Novgorod include:

    • Khlebnikov Restaurant – known for its traditional Russian cuisine and cozy atmosphere.
    • Russkaya Izba Restaurant – offers a variety of local dishes as well as European cuisine in an elegant setting.
    • U Deda Morozha Restaurant – specializes in grilled meats and seafood dishes served in a rustic-style dining room.
    • Staraya Derevnya Restaurant – features authentic Russian dishes cooked over an open fire pit and served in a wooden cabin-style restaurant environment.

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Yaroslav’s Court Museum-Reserve is a historical and cultural complex that includes the oldest buildings in Velikiy Novgorod.
      2. Kremlin Park is a beautiful park located within the walls of the Novgorod Kremlin, offering stunning views of the city and surrounding countryside.
      3. Victory Park is a large recreational area with walking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports facilities.
      4. Volkhov River Embankment is a picturesque riverside promenade with cafes, restaurants, and boat tours available.
      5. Millennium Square is a central square in Velikiy Novgorod featuring monuments to historic figures and events.
      6. The Museum of Wooden Architecture is an open-air museum showcasing traditional wooden buildings from different parts of Russia.
      7. Lake Ilmen National Park is a nature reserve located just outside Velikiy Novgorod with hiking trails, camping sites, and opportunities for birdwatching and fishing.
      8. The House-Museum of Fyodor Dostoevsky is dedicated to one of Russia’s most famous authors who spent time in Veliky Novgorod during his exile from St Petersburg.
      9. The Church Of Saint Nicholas on Lipno – A beautiful 14th century church located on the banks of Lipno Lake.
      10. The Vitoslavlitsy Museum Of Folk Wooden Architecture And Peasant Life displays traditional Russian wooden architecture from different regions across Russia in an open-air museum setting.


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