Veszprém, Hungary

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Veszprém, Hungary

Region: Veszprém

Geographic Coordinates: 47.093000, 17.913800
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 40.0°C (-40°F to 104°F)
Climate: Weather patterns in Veszprém, Hungary vary throughout the year.
Population: 133880
Language: Hungarian

Veszprém is a picturesque city located in western Hungary, Nestled between the Bakony Hills and Balaton Lake. Known as the City of Queens due to its royal connections, It has been a thriving cultural, Educational, And economic hub for centuries. The city’s diverse architectural styles reflect its rich history, With Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings dotting the landscape. Castle Hill district is a must-see attraction featuring medieval castle ruins that offer breathtaking panoramic views of Veszprém. Veszprém’s Old Town area boasts narrow streets lined with restored historic buildings.

The town square features an impressive statue of Saint Stephen I – Hungary’s first king – who founded Veszprém in 1001 AD. Regular markets are held here where locals sell fresh produce and handmade crafts. Art enthusiasts will appreciate visiting Veszprém’s museums; one notable museum is The Hungarian Museum Of Agriculture which showcases Hungary’s agricultural heritage through interactive exhibits. Another worth exploring is The Dubniczay Palace which houses contemporary art pieces by Hungarian artists.

Nature lovers can explore Balaton Uplands National Park offering stunning scenery with hiking trails winding through forests and hillsides dotted with vineyards producing world-famous wines like Kékfrankos or Olaszrizling. Foodies should not miss sampling local cuisine while in Veszprem; traditional dishes include goulash soup made with beef or pork cooked slowly over an open fire served with bread dumplings called nokedli. Also worth trying are chimney cakes called Kürtőskalács – sweet pastries baked over hot coals until golden brown then rolled in sugar or cinnamon powder. Veszprem offers visitors a captivating glimpse into Hungary’s rich history and culture.

With its stunning architecture, Museums, Outdoor activities, And delectable cuisine – it is an unforgettable destination that should be on every traveler’s list.

Important Landmarks

  1. Castle of Veszprém
  2. Fire Tower (Tűztorony)
  3. Gizella Chapel (Gizella-kápolna)
  4. Zoo and Botanical Garden of Veszprém
  5. Saint Michael’s Cathedral (Szent Mihály székesegyház)
  6. Hungarian Museum of Agriculture (Magyar Mezőgazdasági Múzeum)
  7. Heroes’ Gate (Hősök kapuja)
  8. Veszprém Aréna
  9. Balaton Uplands National Park
  10. Kittenberger Kálmán Zoo and Nature Conservation Center

Primary Industries

  • Manufacturing
    • Automotive parts
    • Electronics
    • Machinery
  • Tourism
    • Historical landmarks
    • Museums
    • Natural attractions
  • Healthcare
    • Hospitals
    • Medical centers
  • Education
    • Universities
    • Colleges
  • Agriculture
    • Fruit orchards
    • Vineyards
    • Livestock farming
  • Information Technology (IT)
    • Office locations
    • Access to skilled workforce from local universities
  • Retail
    • Clothing
    • Food items

    Noteable History

    1. The Battle of Veszprém – a significant battle in 1552 during the Ottoman-Habsburg wars.
    2. Bishop Gellért – a Christian missionary who was martyred in Veszprém in 1046.
    3. King Stephen I of Hungary – founded the bishopric of Veszprém in 1009 and made it an important center for Christianity.
    4. Queen Gizella of Hungary – wife of King Stephen I, she played an important role in promoting Christianity and education in Veszprém.
    5. The Castle Hill – a medieval castle complex located on a hill overlooking the city, which served as an important stronghold during various conflicts throughout history.
    6. The Fire Tower (Tűztorony) – a tower built on top of Castle Hill that served as a lookout point for fires and enemy attacks.
    7. The Saint Michael’s Cathedral (Szent Mihály-templom) – one of the oldest churches in Hungary, dating back to the 10th century, it is known for its Romanesque architecture and beautiful frescoes.
    8. István Széchenyi – Hungarian statesman, reformer and writer who had connections to Veszprém through family ties to his wife’s family.
    9. László Papp – Hungarian boxer who was born near Veszprém.
    10. Tamás Cseh – Olympic swimmer who was born near Lake Balaton which is close to Veszprem.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Veszprém Castle: A historic castle complex with stunning views of the city and Lake Balaton.
    2. Hungarian Museum of Agriculture: A museum showcasing Hungary’s agricultural history, with exhibits on farming tools, livestock, and crops.
    3. Fire Tower: An iconic tower in the heart of Veszprém’s Old Town that offers panoramic views of the city.
    4. Gizella Chapel: A Romanesque chapel located in the Castle District that dates back to the 11th century.
    5. Saint Michael’s Cathedral: A beautiful Baroque cathedral that is one of Veszprém’s most important landmarks.
    6. Laczko Dezso Museum: An art museum featuring works by Hungarian painter Laczko Dezso and other prominent artists from the region.
    7. Bakony Museum: A local history museum with exhibits on Veszprém County’s culture, traditions, and natural heritage.
    8. Festetics Imre Library and Archives: One of Hungary’s largest libraries containing over 700,000 books and manuscripts dating back to medieval times.
    9. Balaton Uplands National Park Visitor Center: Located just outside Veszprém, this visitor center provides information about Hungary’s first national park and its diverse flora and fauna.
    10. City Gallery (Varosi Galeria): An art center showcasing contemporary Hungarian art exhibitions as well as cultural events such as concerts, theater performances, and film screenings.

    Sports Teams

    1. Telekom Veszprém Handball Club: This handball club was founded in 1977 and is one of the most successful teams in Hungary and Europe. They have won 25 Hungarian championships and have reached the final of the EHF Champions League five times.
    2. Veszprémi KKFT: Founded in 1964, this basketball team has won two Hungarian championships. They also reached the semifinals of the FIBA European Cup Winners’ Cup twice.
    3. Pannonia Eagles Veszprém American Football Team: Established in 2018, this American football team competes in the Hungarian American Football League.
    4. VSE-Veszprém SC: This soccer team was founded in 1912 and has played in various leagues throughout its history, including Nemzeti Bajnokság I (Hungarian top division).
    5. Veszprémi Vadmacskák Hockey Club: Founded in 2007, this ice hockey team competes in various amateur leagues.

    Overall, sports play an important role in Veszprém’s culture with many residents actively participating or supporting their local teams.

    Cultural Events

    1. VeszprémFest is an annual music festival held in July that showcases both international and Hungarian artists.
    2. The Castle Games of Veszprém is a medieval festival that takes place in August and features historical reenactments, crafts, and food.
    3. In June, the Street Music Festival offers free entertainment with street musicians from all over Hungary.
    4. September brings the Wine Weeks of Veszprém, a wine festival that highlights local wines and gastronomy.
    5. The International Art Festival of Veszprém is held annually in July and features theater, dance, music, and visual arts performances.
    6. During December, the Christmas Market of Veszprém offers traditional crafts, food stalls, live music performances to get into the holiday spirit.
    7. Celebrate spring with cultural programs such as concerts, exhibitions or workshops at the Spring Festival of Veszprém which takes place annually to mark its arrival.


    • Hungarian Goulash – a hearty beef stew with paprika and vegetables, served with bread or dumplings. This dish is available at the Kiskakukk restaurant.
    • Chimney Cake – a sweet pastry made by wrapping dough around a cylinder and roasting it over an open flame until golden brown. You can find this dessert at the Veszprémi Kávézó.
    • Lángos – deep-fried dough topped with sour cream, cheese, and garlic sauce. This snack is available at the Lángos Büfé.
    • Fisherman’s Soup – a spicy fish soup made with freshwater fish, paprika, and vegetables. You can taste this dish at the Halászkert Étterem.
    • Somlói Galuska – a traditional Hungarian dessert made of sponge cake layers soaked in rum or vanilla syrup, topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. You can find this dessert at the Somlói Galuska Vendéglője restaurant.

    Other notable restaurants in Veszprém include:

    • Gulyás Vendéglője for traditional Hungarian cuisine
    • Magyar Korona Étterem for fine dining experiences
    • Fehér Akác Étterem for international cuisine options such as Italian dishes or burgers & fries plates

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Veszprém Zoo is a popular attraction for families, offering visitors a chance to see a variety of animals and exhibits.
      2. Castle Hill is a historic site that offers breathtaking views of the city and surrounding countryside.
      3. Balatonfüred Beach is located on Hungary’s largest lake, Lake Balaton, and provides an excellent spot for swimming and sunbathing.
      4. Veszprém Aréna is an indoor sports and event arena that hosts concerts, sporting events, and other entertainment options.
      5. Séd Valley Nature Reserve is a protected area with hiking trails, waterfalls, and opportunities to view wildlife in their natural habitat.
      6. Bakony Mountains National Park offers visitors vast wilderness areas with hiking trails, caves to explore, waterfalls to see as well as stunning scenic vistas.
      7. Veszprém Cultural Palace serves as an arts center hosting theater performances, exhibitions showcasing local talents along with concerts from various genres of music including classical or jazz music.
      8. Hangvilla Music Hall provides concert-goers with diverse musical experiences ranging from classical music to pop or jazz genres in this venue for live performances.
      9. Óváros Square & St Michael’s Cathedral Basilica are the historic heart of Veszprém featuring beautiful architecture including the 13th-century cathedral basilica dedicated to St Michael the Archangel – making it perfect for sightseeing enthusiasts.
      10. City Park (Városliget) located in the heart of town provides walking paths lined by trees along with benches making it ideal for relaxing or picnicking on sunny days.


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