Villejuif, France

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Villejuif, France

Region: Villejuif, France is located in Île-de-France

Geographic Coordinates: 48.791900, 2.363600
Climate: Climate and weather patterns in Villejuif, France vary throughout the year.
Population: 55208
Language: French

Villejuif is a vibrant suburban town located in the southern suburbs of Paris, France. Situated in the Val-de-Marne department, This charming commune offers a unique blend of historical heritage, Modernity, And natural beauty. With its rich history and diverse cultural scene, Villejuif has become an increasingly popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. One of the highlights of Villejuif is its historical sites. The town boasts several ancient landmarks that are worth exploring. The Église Saint-Cyr-Sainte-Julitte is a beautiful church dating back to the 12th century and features stunning Gothic architecture.

Another notable site is the Château de l’Étang, A magnificent castle built in the 17th century that now serves as a cultural center hosting exhibitions and events. Villejuif also offers numerous green spaces where visitors can relax and enjoy nature. Parc des Hautes-Bruyères is one such park known for its picturesque landscapes with ponds, Walking trails, And picnic areas. It’s an ideal spot for taking leisurely strolls or engaging in outdoor activities with friends or family. The town’s cultural scene is vibrant with various art galleries showcasing local talent alongside international artists.

One such venue is La Maison des Arts et de la Culture André Malraux—an art center that hosts exhibitions, Concerts, Theater performances, And workshops throughout the year. Villejuif also prides itself on being home to Gustave Roussy Institute—Europe’s leading cancer research center—making it an important hub for medical advancements in France. This prestigious institution attracts scientists from around the world who contribute to cutting-edge research on cancer treatments. In addition to its rich history and cultural offerings, Villejuif benefits from excellent transportation links to Paris city center via multiple metro lines (7 & 7bis).

This makes it convenient for visitors to explore other attractions within Paris while enjoying the more relaxed atmosphere of Villejuif. The town also boasts a diverse culinary scene, With a range of restaurants offering both traditional French cuisine and international flavors. From cozy cafes to fine dining establishments, Food lovers will find something to suit their taste buds in Villejuif. Overall, Villejuif is an intriguing destination that combines history, Culture, And natural beauty.

Whether you’re interested in exploring its historical landmarks, Enjoying outdoor activities in its parks, Or immersing yourself in its vibrant cultural scene, This charming suburb offers a delightful experience for visitors seeking an authentic taste of France.

Important Landmarks

  1. Gustave Roussy Institute: This renowned cancer research and treatment center is one of the largest in Europe. It has played a significant role in the fight against cancer for over 90 years.
  2. Paul Vaillant-Couturier Park: A beautiful green space in Villejuif with walking paths, picnic areas, and sports facilities. It’s a pleasant spot to relax and enjoy nature.
  3. Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz: This contemporary art center hosts various exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing works by both established and emerging artists.
  4. Stade Didier Drogba: Named after Ivorian football legend Didier Drogba, this stadium is home to the local football club FC Fleury 91 Villejuif.

While these attractions might not be as well-known as those found in nearby Paris or other major French cities, they can still offer enjoyable experiences for visitors to Villejuif.

Primary Industries

  1. Medical Research: Villejuif hosts numerous research institutes such as Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, one of the largest cancer centers in Europe. It conducts cutting-edge research on cancer treatment and prevention.
  2. Healthcare Services: The city has several hospitals, clinics, and specialized medical centers that provide a wide range of healthcare services to residents.
  3. Pharmaceutical Industry: Villejuif has a significant presence of pharmaceutical companies involved in drug development, manufacturing, and distribution.
  4. Biotechnology: With its focus on medical research, Villejuif attracts biotechnology companies engaged in developing innovative therapies and diagnostic tools.
  5. Medical Equipment Manufacturing: The city houses businesses involved in the production of medical equipment such as imaging devices, surgical instruments, laboratory equipment etc.
  6. Health Technology: Companies specializing in health technology solutions like telemedicine platforms or digital health applications are also present in Villejuif.
  7. Education & Training: Given its reputation as a center for medical excellence, Villejuif offers various educational institutions providing training programs for healthcare professionals.
  8. Support Services: Numerous support services complement the healthcare sector including logistics providers specialized in transporting sensitive medical supplies or IT companies offering software solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare facilities.

Overall, Villejuif’s economy revolves around the medical field with an emphasis on research facilities, hospitals/clinics providing comprehensive care services alongside associated industries like pharmaceuticals or biotechnology supporting advancements in medicine.

Noteable History

  1. Ancient Gallo-Roman Settlement: Villejuif traces its roots back to ancient times when it was a Gallo-Roman settlement known as Villa Judea. The name evolved over time to Villejuif.
  2. Saint-Louis Hospital: One of the most significant landmarks in Villejuif is the Saint-Louis Hospital (Hôpital Saint-Louis), founded in 1853. It played a crucial role during various historical periods, including both World Wars and during the AIDS epidemic.
  3. Resistance during World War II: Villejuif was an active hub for resistance fighters during World War II. Many brave individuals fought against Nazi occupation and participated in acts of sabotage and espionage.
  4. Notable People:
    • Simone Veil (1927-2017): A prominent French politician and feminist who served as Minister of Health under President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing from 1974 to 1979.
    • Jean-Pierre Chevènement (born 1939): A French politician who held various ministerial positions throughout his career, including Minister of Defense and Minister of Interior.
    • Dominique Strauss-Kahn (born 1949): An economist and former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He was involved in French politics before facing legal issues related to his personal life.
  5. Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus: Located in Villejuif, Gustave Roussy is one of Europe’s leading cancer research institutes and treatment centers. It has made significant contributions to cancer research and patient care since its establishment in 1926.
  6. Immigration Hub: In recent decades, Villejuif has become home to many immigrants from diverse backgrounds, contributing to its multicultural atmosphere and social fabric.

These are just a few notable historical events and people associated with Villejuif. The city has a rich history and continues to evolve as an important suburban area of Paris.

Museums and Things To See

  1. MAC VAL – Musée d’Art Contemporain du Val-de-Marne: This contemporary art museum houses a diverse collection of modern artworks and hosts temporary exhibitions by both established and emerging artists.
  2. Paul Eluard Library: A unique cultural center that combines a library, multimedia space, and an exhibition area. It regularly organizes events, workshops, and exhibitions related to literature and art.
  3. Parc des Hautes-Bruyères: A beautiful park located in Villejuif, perfect for leisurely walks or picnics. It offers peaceful green spaces, walking trails, and a lake where you can relax amidst nature.
  4. Monument aux Morts de Villejuif: This war memorial pays tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives during World War I and II. It is a significant historical monument worth visiting to honor the fallen heroes.
  5. Église Saint-Cyr-Sainte-Julitte de Villejuif: The town’s main church is known for its striking architecture featuring stained glass windows depicting religious scenes. Visitors can explore its interior or attend religious services if interested.
  6. Théâtre Romain Rolland: A cultural hub hosting various performing arts events like theater plays, music concerts, dance performances, and more throughout the year.
  7. La Ferme de Cottinville: Although not located directly in Villejuif (but nearby), this historic farmstead turned cultural center offers exhibitions on rural life in the region as well as workshops on traditional crafts like pottery or woodworking.
  8. Maison des Arts Plastiques Rosa Bonheur (MAPRB): Situated in nearby Chevilly-Larue but easily accessible from Villejuif via public transport; this art center promotes visual arts through exhibitions by local artists as well as educational programs for all ages.

These are just a few examples of places to visit while in Villejuif or its surrounding areas. Exploring the city and its neighboring towns will reveal even more hidden gems and cultural experiences.

Sports Teams

  1. US Villejuif Handball: The handball club, Union Sportive de Villejuif Handball, was founded in 1950 and has been an active team in the region since then. They have participated in various regional and national competitions over the years.
  2. Villejuif Plessis Robinson Rugby Club: This rugby club is a result of a merger between two clubs from Villejuif and Plessis-Robinson in 2008. Although they are based in Plessis-Robinson, they attract players from neighboring towns like Villejuif.

It’s important to note that these teams may not be widely recognized at the national or international level but still hold significance within their local communities.

Cultural Events

  1. Fête de l’Huma: This is an annual music festival organized by L’Humanité, a French daily newspaper. It takes place in September and features various concerts, performances, debates, and exhibitions.
  2. Festival d’Art Singulier: Held in May-June each year, this festival celebrates Art Singulier, which refers to unique and unconventional artistic expressions. It includes exhibitions showcasing works of artists from different backgrounds.
  3. Festival du Film de Villejuif: This film festival takes place in November and focuses on promoting independent cinema. It screens a variety of films from both established directors and emerging talents.
  4. Les Arts en Fête: Organized by the Maison Pour Tous (House for All) association, this event showcases various art forms such as painting, sculpture, photography, dance performances, theater plays, and more.
  5. La Nuit Blanche de Villejuif: Inspired by Paris’s famous Nuit Blanche, this event happens every October where the city comes alive with contemporary art installations spread across different locations.
  6. Marché des Continents (Market of Continents): This multicultural market occurs during summer months where visitors can explore stalls offering diverse products like food specialties from around the world along with traditional crafts.
  7. Journées Européennes du Patrimoine (European Heritage Days): During these days held annually in September across France including Villejuif – historical buildings such as town halls or churches are open to visitors for guided tours allowing them to discover local heritage sites.

These events contribute to the vibrant cultural scene of Villejuif while providing opportunities for locals and visitors alike to engage with arts activities while celebrating diversity through multicultural festivals like Market of Continents.


  1. Le Petit Bistrot: This cozy French bistro offers traditional dishes like escargots, foie gras, coq au vin, and crème brûlée. It’s known for its warm atmosphere and friendly service.
  2. La Cantine du Trocadero: A popular spot among locals, this restaurant serves delicious French cuisine with a modern twist. They offer a range of dishes from steak frites to seafood platters and have an extensive wine list.
  3. Chez Nello: If you’re looking for Italian cuisine in Villejuif, Chez Nello is the place to go. They serve authentic Italian pizzas with fresh ingredients and homemade pasta dishes like lasagna or spaghetti carbonara.
  4. Le Comptoir de l’Orient: For those craving Middle Eastern flavors, this Lebanese restaurant offers a variety of mezze (small plates), kebabs, falafel wraps, and other traditional Lebanese dishes.
  5. L’Atelier d’Antoine: This charming bakery specializes in pastries and baked goods such as croissants, pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant), baguettes, quiches, tarts, and more.
  6. La Table de Chine: If you’re interested in Asian cuisine specifically Chinese food then this restaurant is worth visiting! They serve a variety of Chinese specialties including dim sum dumplings soups stir-fried noodles rice dishes etc.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Parc Pablo Picasso: This park is located in the heart of Villejuif and offers a peaceful environment with beautiful green spaces, walking paths, and benches.
  2. Parc des Hautes-Bruyères: Situated near the Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, this park features a lake, picnic areas, playgrounds for children, and sports facilities including tennis courts.
  3. Parc de l’Épi d’Or: This park is known for its large open spaces ideal for picnics or outdoor activities like Frisbee or football. It also has a playground for children.
  4. Centre Aquatique Youri Gagarine: This aquatic center offers various swimming pools including an Olympic-sized pool, water slides, Jacuzzi areas, and a sauna.
  5. Centre Sportif Maurice Baquet: This sports center provides facilities for basketball, handball, volleyball, badminton courts as well as table tennis tables.
  6. Laser Game Evolution Villejuif: A fun activity center where you can play laser tag with friends or family.
  7. Cinéma Le Méliès: A cinema complex that screens a variety of films including international releases and art-house movies.


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