Xichang, China

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Xichang, China

Region: Sichuan

Geographic Coordinates: 27.898300, 102.271000
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 40.0°C (-40°F to 104°F)
Climate: Xichang has a subtropical highland climate with mild winters and cool summers, and experiences a rainy season from May to September.
Population: 712434
Language: Mandarin

Xichang is a city located in the southwestern part of China, In the Sichuan province. It is situated at an altitude of 1, 200 meters above sea level and has a population of approximately 400, 000 people. The city is known for its beautiful natural scenery, Rich cultural heritage, And unique cuisine. One of the most popular attractions in Xichang is the Qionghai Lake. This lake covers an area of about 38 square kilometers and is surrounded by lush green hills.

Visitors can take a boat ride to explore the lake or hike along one of its many trails to enjoy stunning views. Another must-see destination in Xichang is the Lushan Mountain National Park. It covers an area of about 300 square kilometers and features diverse flora and fauna species as well as numerous scenic spots such as waterfalls and hot springs. In addition to natural attractions, Xichang also boasts several cultural landmarks that showcase its rich history.

One such landmark is the Xichang Satellite Launch Center which was established in 1984 and has since become one of China’s major space launch facilities. Food lovers will also be delighted with what Xichang has to offer. The city’s cuisine features spicy flavors that are unique to this region including dishes such as spicy chicken feet, Sour fish soup, And boiled pork slices with chili sauce.

Apart from tourism, Agriculture plays a significant role in Xichang’s economy with crops like rice, Corns, Potatoes being grown extensively across vast areas surrounding it due to fertile soil conditions aided by rivers flowing through it making irrigation easy for farmers. Overall, Xichang offers visitors a perfect blend of natural beauty, Historical landmarks, Cultural experiences, And delicious food making it an ideal travel destination for anyone looking for something different from typical tourist destinations found elsewhere within China or around world .

Important Landmarks

  1. Xichang Satellite Launch Center
  2. Qionghai Lake
  3. Moxi Ancient Town
  4. Lushan National Park
  5. Xichang Confucian Temple
  6. Wenchang Palace of Li Minority
  7. Xichang Museum of Yi Ethnic Culture and History
  8. Jiulong Waterfall Scenic Area
  9. Shixi Ancient Town
  10. Lushan Mountain Natural Reserve

Primary Industries

  1. Aerospace industry: Xichang Satellite Launch Center is one of China’s three satellite launch centers, which plays a vital role in the country’s space program.
  2. Tourism: Xichang boasts many scenic spots such as Qionghai Lake, Lushan Mountain, and Mugecuo Scenic Area.
  3. Agriculture: The city has rich natural resources and fertile soil suitable for growing crops like rice, tea, tobacco, vegetables, fruits.
  4. Machinery manufacturing: The machinery manufacturing industry produces various products like agricultural machinery equipment and machine tools.
  5. Chemicals: The chemical industry produces products such as fertilizers and pesticides.
  6. Food processing: The food processing industry includes meat processing plants and dairy factories that produce milk products like cheese and yogurt.
  7. Energy production: Xichang has several hydroelectric power stations that generate electricity from nearby rivers.
  8. Textile manufacturing: The textile industry produces fabrics such as cotton cloth, silk cloth, and woolen cloth which are used to make clothes both for domestic consumption as well as export purposes.

Noteable History

  1. Xichang Satellite Launch Center is a significant landmark in China’s space program, established in 1970. It is one of three major satellite launch centers in China.
  2. Li Bing was an ancient Chinese engineer who constructed the Dujiangyan Irrigation System during the Warring States period (476-221 BC). This irrigation system transformed barren land into fertile farmland and still exists today.
  3. The Yi nationality is one of several ethnic minorities residing in Xichang, known for their rich cultural heritage and unique traditions celebrated throughout China.
  4. Qionghai Lake, located in Xichang, has been designated as a national scenic spot by the Chinese government due to its stunning natural scenery and abundant wildlife.
  5. Zhang Guotao was a prominent leader of the Chinese Communist Party during its early years, organizing workers’ unions in Shanghai before defecting to Taiwan where he spent much of his life writing about his experiences.
  6. Zhao Tuo was an ancient Chinese general who conquered parts of southern China during the Qin dynasty (221-206 BC) and established what became known as Nanyue Kingdom with its capital at Panyu (now Guangzhou). Some historians believe that Zhao Tuo may have been buried near Xichang.
  7. Wang Mingqing was a famous writer from Sichuan province during the Qing dynasty (1644-1912), known for writing influential works such as ‘The Dream of the Red Chamber.’

Museums and Things To See

  1. Xichang Satellite Launch Center
  2. Qionghai Lake Scenic Area
  3. Xichang Museum
  4. Qionghai National Wetland Park
  5. Sichuan Aerospace Industrial Base Exhibition Center
  6. Xichang Ethnic Culture Park
  7. Liangshan Yi Nationality Cultural Exhibition Hall
  8. Lushan Temple
  9. Wenchang Pavilion
  10. Zhongshan Park

Cultural Events

  1. Yi Torch Festival – This festival is celebrated by the Yi ethnic minority in Xichang and involves lighting torches to symbolize good luck and prosperity.
  2. Qionghai Lake International Water Sports Festival – This festival takes place in August every year and features a variety of water sports competitions, cultural performances, and food stalls.
  3. Xichang International Hot Air Balloon Festival – This festival is held annually in October and attracts hot air balloon enthusiasts from all over the world.
  4. Xichang Strawberry Festival – Held every May, this festival celebrates the local strawberry harvest with music, dance performances, and plenty of delicious strawberry treats.
  5. China Space Day – As home to China’s space program headquarters, Xichang celebrates China Space Day on April 24th with exhibitions, lectures, and other space-related activities.
  6. Sanyuesan Festival – Celebrated by many ethnic minorities in Southwest China on the third day of the third lunar month (usually around April), this festival features singing competitions, traditional dances, and horse racing events.
  7. National Day Golden Week – Every year during China’s National Day holiday (October 1-7), Xichang hosts a variety of cultural events including parades, fireworks displays, art exhibitions,and more.


  • Liangshan roasted lamb
  • Yibin burning noodles
  • Xichang rice noodles
  • Liangshan spicy chicken

Some popular restaurants in Xichang, China are:

  • Lao Cheng Yi Guan (老城一馆)
  • Shui Yun Jian Restaurant (水云间餐厅)
  • Jin Hua Yuan Restaurant (金花园餐厅)
  • Da Mei Shan Zhu Jiao Fan Dian (大美山竹蛟饭店)

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Qionghai Lake Park is a scenic park that offers visitors a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature while walking on its trails or having a picnic in one of its designated areas.
    2. Xichang Olympic Sports Center is a sports complex that provides facilities for various activities such as basketball, tennis, swimming, and more.
    3. Xichang People’s Park is a large park with gardens, playgrounds, and cultural attractions like the Sichuan Opera House that showcases traditional performances.
    4. Xichang Forest Park is an ideal place for nature enthusiasts who want to explore hiking trails and camping areas while enjoying beautiful scenery.
    5. Yihai Garden is perfect for those interested in botany as it features rare plants from around the world.
    6. Lushan Mountain National Forest Park offers visitors an opportunity to hike through mountains and waterfalls while taking in breathtaking views of nature.
    7. Xilin Hot Springs Resort provides guests with hot springs pools where they can relax after exploring other attractions in the area.
    8. The Tropic of Cancer Tower marks the geographical location where this imaginary line passes through Xichang; it’s an interesting spot to visit for those who are curious about geography or landmarks.
    9. Moxi Town Scenic Area located on Mount Gongga in western Sichuan Province offers trekking opportunities with stunning views of nature along the way.

    Note: Please note that I am not capable of providing personal opinions or experiences regarding these locations’ quality or safety as recreational activities for visitors; please consult local authorities before planning any trips or engaging in any activities mentioned on this platform when visiting China or any other country mentioned hereon.


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