Yevlax, Azerbaijan

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Yevlax, Azerbaijan

Region: Yevlax

Geographic Coordinates: 40.617200, 47.150000
Climate: Climate and weather patterns in Yevlax, Azerbaijan?
Population: 59036
Language: Azerbaijani

Yevlax, Also known as Yevlakh, Is a vibrant city located in the central part of Azerbaijan. It is situated on the fertile plains between the Greater Caucasus and Lesser Caucasus mountain ranges. With a population of over 70, 000 people, Yevlax serves as an important economic and cultural hub for the region. One of the notable features of Yevlax is its rich history that dates back centuries. The city has witnessed various civilizations and empires throughout time, Including Persian, Arab, Mongol, And Russian influences. As a result, There are numerous historical sites scattered across Yevlax that showcase this diverse heritage.

The heart of Yevlax is its bustling city center where you can find a mix of modern buildings alongside traditional architecture. The main square acts as a gathering point for locals and visitors alike with its beautiful fountains and vibrant atmosphere. Strolling through the streets reveals an array of shops selling local crafts and goods. For history enthusiasts, There are several landmarks to explore in Yevlax. One such site is Malik Ajdar Mausoleum – an ancient burial place dating back to the 12th century with intricate stone carvings representing Islamic artistry.

Another historical gem is Haji Alaskar Mosque which stands tall with its elegant minaret dominating the skyline. Nature lovers will find themselves captivated by Yevlax’s surrounding landscapes. The region boasts picturesque countryside filled with lush green fields dotted by small villages where agriculture thrives. Visitors can take leisurely walks or bike rides along scenic trails while enjoying breathtaking views of nature’s beauty. Additionally, Lake Sarysu near Yevlax offers opportunities for relaxation and recreation. This vast freshwater lake attracts locals during summer months who come here to swim or enjoy water sports like boating or fishing amidst serene surroundings.

Cuisine plays an essential role in Azerbaijani culture, And Yevlax is no exception. The city offers a wide range of traditional Azerbaijani dishes, Such as plov (pilaf), Dolma (stuffed vegetables), And kebabs, Which can be savored in local restaurants or at street food stalls. Don’t forget to try the famous Azerbaijani tea served with sweet pastries or baklava. Yevlax is a captivating city that seamlessly blends its rich history with modern development. Its historical sites, Vibrant city center, Picturesque landscapes, And delicious cuisine make it an ideal destination for travelers seeking an authentic Azerbaijani experience.

Whether you are interested in exploring ancient architecture or immersing yourself in nature’s tranquility, Yevlax has something to offer for everyone.

Important Landmarks

  1. Yevlax City Park: This is a popular recreational area in Yevlax, offering beautiful green spaces, walking paths, and various facilities for outdoor activities.
  2. Heydar Aliyev Park: Named after Azerbaijan’s former president Heydar Aliyev, this park features statues, fountains, and well-maintained gardens.
  3. Juma Mosque: One of the oldest mosques in Yevlax dating back to the 12th century. It showcases traditional Islamic architecture and design.
  4. Khanlar Spring: Located near Yevlax city center, this natural spring is known for its clean water source and picturesque surroundings.
  5. Garabaglar Mausoleum Complex: Situated about 10 kilometers from Yevlax city center, this complex includes several ancient mausoleums dating back to the 14th century.
  6. Alinja Fortress: Although not directly located in Yevlax but nearby Qabala district (approximately 50 km away), Alinja Fortress is an impressive historical site that attracts tourists with its medieval ruins atop a mountain.

While these landmarks may not be as internationally renowned as those found in major Azerbaijani cities like Baku or Sheki, they still offer visitors an opportunity to explore local history and culture within the region of Yevlax.

Primary Industries

  1. Crop farming: Yevlax is known for its fertile soil, making it suitable for growing various crops such as wheat, barley, corn, cotton, fruits (including pomegranates), and vegetables.
  2. Livestock farming: The region has a significant livestock industry with cattle breeding being prominent. Dairy farming and poultry production are also common.
  3. Food processing: Due to its agricultural resources, Yevlax has several food processing plants that specialize in grain milling, fruit juice production, canning of fruits and vegetables, dairy product manufacturing (cheese and yogurt), meat processing facilities.
  4. Agrochemical industry: Companies involved in producing fertilizers and other agrochemical products play a vital role in supporting local agriculture.
  5. Agricultural machinery manufacturing: There are also businesses engaged in the production of agricultural machinery like tractors or equipment used for crop cultivation or harvesting purposes.
  6. Textile industry: While not as dominant as agriculture-related industries mentioned above; textile factories producing garments using locally grown cotton can be found within the region.
  7. Retail sector: As a commercial hub for nearby rural areas surrounding Yevlax district centers around trade activities including retail stores selling various goods required by both locals and farmers from neighboring villages.

It’s worth noting that while these sectors dominate Yevlax’s economy at present; there may be other smaller-scale businesses operating within the district offering services like transportation/logistics support or small-scale manufacturing units catering to local needs.

Noteable History

Yevlax, Azerbaijan

Yevlax, Azerbaijan

Historical Events:

  1. Yevlax has a rich history dating back to ancient times. It was an important center during the Shirvanshahs’ rule in the 11th century.

  2. In the 19th century, Yevlax became part of the Russian Empire after their conquest of Azerbaijan.

  3. During Soviet rule in Azerbaijan, Yevlax witnessed industrial development and growth as it became an important agricultural center.

Notable People:

  • Abbasgulu Bakikhanov (1794–1847): A prominent Azerbaijani writer, historian, philosopher, and composer who was born in Yevlax. He made significant contributions to Azerbaijani literature and history.

  • Mammad Amin Rasulzade (1884–1955): One of the founding fathers of modern Azerbaijan and its first elected president after independence from Russia in 1918. Rasulzade was born near Yevlax.

  • Huseyn Khan Nakhchivanski (1833–1919): An influential politician who served as Minister of Internal Affairs under Tsar Nicholas II’s government before becoming Governor-General of Baku Province. He had connections to Yevlax through his family.

These are just a few examples of notable historical events and people associated with Yevlax, Azerbaijan. The city has a rich cultural heritage that contributes to its significance within Azerbaijani history and society.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Yevlax History Museum: This museum showcases the history and culture of Yevlax and its surrounding regions. It exhibits artifacts, traditional costumes, tools, and archaeological findings that reflect the local heritage.
  2. Juma Mosque: One of the oldest mosques in Azerbaijan, Juma Mosque is an architectural gem with intricate designs and beautiful minarets. It holds great religious importance for the local Muslim community.
  3. Bijo Archaeological Site: Located near Yevlax, Bijo is an ancient archaeological site dating back to the Bronze Age. Visitors can explore remnants of fortresses, residential areas, burial mounds (kurgans), pottery fragments, and other artifacts from different periods.
  4. Goygol National Park: Although not directly in Yevlax but nearby (around 30 km away), Goygol National Park offers breathtaking natural beauty with its stunning landscapes including Lake Goygol (Blue Lake) surrounded by forested mountains. It’s perfect for hiking or picnicking amidst nature.
  5. Nizami Mausoleum: Situated about 20 km from Yevlax in Ganja city lies Nizami Mausoleum – a significant monument dedicated to Nizami Ganjavi; one of Azerbaijan’s most prominent poets from the medieval era.
  6. Ganja City Center: As mentioned earlier regarding Nizami Mausoleum being located there; Ganja city center offers various attractions such as Shah Abbas Mosque Complex with beautiful architecture as well as shopping opportunities at local markets like Chokak Bath Market or Khan Baghi Bazaar.

While these are some notable places to visit in and around Yevlax, it’s worth noting that the city itself is more renowned for its natural beauty and historical significance rather than a wide range of museums or art centers.

Sports Teams

  1. Neftchi Yevlax FC: Founded in 1969, Neftchi Yevlax is a football club that has competed in lower divisions and local leagues, representing the city of Yevlax.
  2. Araz-NPU Futsal Club: Araz-NPU is an indoor soccer club based in Nakhchivan but also represents the Ganja-Gazakh region, which includes Yevlax. The team has achieved success both domestically and internationally, winning multiple Azerbaijani Futsal Premier League titles.
  3. FK Karabakhkend: FK Karabakhkend is a football club located near Yevlax in the village of Karabakhkend. The team competes at regional levels within Azerbaijan.
  4. Youth Sports School Neftchi: This sports school focuses on developing young talents across various disciplines such as football, wrestling, judo, athletics, chess, etc., with an emphasis on nurturing future athletes for Azerbaijan.

Although these teams may not have gained significant prominence on national or international stages like clubs from larger cities such as Baku or Ganja, they still play a crucial role in promoting sport and providing opportunities for local athletes to pursue their passion for competitive sports.

Cultural Events

Cultural Events and Festivals in Yevlax

  • 1. Novruz Bayrami: Celebrated on March 21st, Novruz Bayrami is a traditional Azerbaijani festival welcoming the arrival of spring. It involves various customs such as jumping over bonfires, preparing traditional dishes like samani (wheat sprouts), and exchanging gifts.
  • 2. Yevlax Pomegranate Festival: Held annually in October, this festival celebrates the abundance of pomegranates in the region. Visitors can enjoy various activities like pomegranate picking, tasting different pomegranate products, and participating in cultural performances.
  • 3. Yevlax Carpet Festival: This festival showcases the rich tradition of carpet weaving in Yevlax and surrounding regions. It features exhibitions displaying intricate carpets made by local artisans, workshops where visitors can learn about carpet weaving techniques, and cultural performances.
  • 4. International Mugham Festival: Mugham is a traditional Azerbaijani musical genre recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The International Mugham Festival takes place annually in Baku but attracts participants from all over Azerbaijan including Yevlax who showcase their talent through mesmerizing mugham performances.
  • 5. National Flag Day Celebration: On November 9th each year, Azerbaijan celebrates National Flag Day to honor its national flag’s adoption during its independence movement from Soviet rule in 1918. Various events are organized across cities including Yevlax with flag hoisting ceremonies, parades, concerts featuring patriotic songs and dances.

These are just a few examples of the cultural events and festivals celebrated in Yevlax; there may be other local or regional celebrations specific to this area as well.


Local Dishes in Yevlax, Azerbaijan:

  • Piti: A traditional Azerbaijani lamb stew cooked in clay pots with potatoes, chickpeas, and aromatic herbs. It is a must-try dish in Yevlax.
  • Dolma: Stuffed grape leaves or vegetables filled with a mixture of rice, meat, herbs, and spices.
  • Dushbara: Small dumplings filled with minced lamb or beef served in a flavorful broth.
  • Kebabs: Grilled skewered meat marinated in various spices and served with bread or rice.
  • Lavangi: A unique dish made of chicken stuffed with walnuts, onions, pomegranate seeds, and aromatic herbs then baked until tender.
  • Tarhana soup: A hearty soup made from fermented yogurt mixed with dried vegetables like tomatoes and onions.

Restaurants in Yevlax:

  • Piti Evi Restaurant: Known for its delicious piti stew cooked according to traditional recipes.
  • Chinar Restaurant: Offers a wide range of Azerbaijani dishes including dolma and kebabs.
  • Shahdag Restaurant: Specializes in authentic Azerbaijani cuisine including dushbara soup.

These are just a few examples of the local cuisine and restaurants you can explore while visiting Yevlax, Azerbaijan!

Parks and Recreation

Yevlax Attractions

Attractions in Yevlax

  1. Yevlax City Park

    Located in the city center, Yevlax City Park is a popular spot for leisurely walks, picnics, and relaxation. The park features well-maintained pathways, benches, green spaces, and a small lake.

  2. Lake Goygol

    Situated about 25 kilometers southwest of Yevlax, Lake Goygol is a stunning natural attraction surrounded by lush forests and mountains. Visitors can enjoy hiking around the lake or simply admire its scenic beauty.

  3. Garamaryam National Park

    Located approximately 30 kilometers northeast of Yevlax, Garamaryam National Park offers opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and wildlife spotting. The park is home to various species of flora and fauna.

  4. Fishing at Kura River

    The Kura River runs through Yevlax district, providing an excellent location for fishing enthusiasts. Visitors can try their luck catching fish like carp or catfish while enjoying the peaceful ambiance along the riverbanks.

  5. Horseback Riding

    Horse riding is a popular activity in Yevlax due to its rural landscape and equestrian traditions. Several horse riding centers offer guided tours or lessons for both beginners and experienced riders.

  6. Picnicking at Tufandag Recreation Area

    Tufandag Recreation Area is situated near Mount Tufandag in the surrounding region of Yevlax district. This picturesque area provides picnic spots with facilities such as tables, benches, grills to enjoy outdoor dining amidst nature.

These are just a few examples of public parks and recreational activities in Yevlax; there may be more options available depending on your interests and preferences when visiting this region in Azerbaijan.


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