Yingmen, China

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Yingmen, China

Region: Shanxi province

Geographic Coordinates: 39.948700, 97.439500
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 40.0°C (-40°F to 104°F)
Climate: Yingmen, China has a varied climate and weather patterns throughout the year.
Population: 350000
Language: Mandarin

Yingmen, Also known as Yingcheng, Is a city situated in the central part of Hubei Province in China. The city has a rich history that dates back to the Han Dynasty and is renowned for its cultural heritage and natural beauty. The name Yingmen means Gate of Heroism, Which symbolizes the bravery and courage of the people who lived here. One of the most famous attractions in Yingmen is the Ancient City Wall. Constructed during the Ming Dynasty, This wall stretches over 5 kilometers long and stands at an impressive height of 10 meters.

Visitors can walk along it, Admire its intricate architecture while taking stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Another popular attraction is Wudang Mountain located just outside Yingmen. This mountain range has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its significant role in Taoism. It features numerous temples, Pagodas, And palaces that are all connected by winding paths through lush forests. In addition to its historical sites, Yingmen also boasts several natural wonders worth exploring. One such site is Qingquan Lake Scenic Area featuring crystal-clear waters surrounded by towering mountains covered with dense forests.

Visitors can take boat rides on the lake or hike through nearby trails. For those interested in traditional Chinese culture, There are several festivals held throughout each year showcasing local customs and traditions like Dragon Boat Festival held annually on May 5th according to lunar calendar where visitors can witness dragon boat races on local rivers as well as enjoy traditional foods like zongzi (sticky rice dumplings). Overall, Yingmen offers visitors a unique blend of history, Culture, And natural beauty that cannot be found elsewhere in China or even other parts of Asia!

Important Landmarks

  1. Yingmen Ancient Tower: A historical tower constructed during the Ming Dynasty.
  2. Yuhuang Pavilion: A stunning pavilion situated on a hilltop with a panoramic view of the city.
  3. The Great Wall of China: A section of the Great Wall passes through Yingmen.
  4. Hengshan Mountain: A picturesque mountain range with hiking trails and temples to explore.
  5. Yanqing Old Town: An ancient town that preserves traditional architecture and culture.
  6. Jingcheng Night Market: An exciting night market that offers local food and souvenirs for visitors to enjoy.
  7. Shijinglong Ski Resort: A popular ski resort during winter months with breathtaking views of surrounding mountains.
  8. Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival: An annual winter festival featuring ice sculptures and lantern displays along a frozen river gorge near Yingmen.
  9. Beijing International Scenic Spot Ice & Snow Festival Park (Yanqing): Another annual winter festival showcasing ice sculptures, snow activities, and cultural performances near Yanqing Old Town.
  10. Tianmo Desert Camping Park: A desert camping park where visitors can experience sandboarding, camel rides, stargazing at night, and more!

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Yingcheng (204 BC): This battle was fought between the armies of Liu Bang and Xiang Yu during the Chu-Han Contention period. Liu Bang emerged victorious and went on to become Emperor Gaozu, founding the Han dynasty.
  2. The Three Kingdoms period (220-280 AD): During this time, Yingcheng was part of the Wu kingdom under Sun Quan’s rule.
  3. Zhuge Liang: One of China’s most famous strategists and advisors, Zhuge Liang served as prime minister for Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period.
  4. The Ming dynasty (1368-1644): During this time, Yingmen became an important center for salt production.
  5. The Taiping Rebellion (1850-1864): This rebellion against the Qing dynasty had a significant impact on Hubei province and led to widespread destruction in many cities including Yingmen.
  6. Zhang Zizhong: A general during World War II who fought against Japan in many battles including the Battle of Shanghai and Battle of Wuhan.
  7. Mao Zedong: As leader of Communist China, Mao visited Yingmen in 1961 to inspect local industries and meet with local officials.
  8. The Three Gorges Dam Project: Located near Yingmen on the Yangtze River, this hydroelectric dam project has been one of modern China’s largest infrastructure projects since its construction began in 1994.

Museums and Things To See

  • Yingxian Wooden Pagoda – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest wooden structures in China.
  • Ying County Museum – showcasing the history and culture of the area.
  • Shanhua Temple – a Buddhist temple with beautiful architecture and artwork.
  • Yungang Grottoes – another UNESCO World Heritage Site with ancient Buddhist carvings.
  • Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area – a natural wonder with stunning landscapes and hiking trails.
  • The Ancient City Wall of Yingxian County- an ancient city wall built during the Ming Dynasty.
  • The Great Wall of China (Jinshanling section) – one of the best-preserved sections of the Great Wall with breathtaking views.
  • The Gaojiabao Fortress- an ancient fortress built during Ming dynasty that served as a strategic military location.

Cultural Events

  • 1. Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)
  • 2. Lantern Festival
  • 3. Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day)
  • 4. Dragon Boat Festival
  • 5. Mid-Autumn Festival
  • 6. Double Ninth Festival

These are just a few examples of the many cultural events and festivals celebrated throughout China each year. I recommend doing further research to find out what specific events and festivals are celebrated in Yingmen or contacting a local tourism office for more information.


  1. Yingmen Roast Duck: This is a famous dish in Yingmen that is similar to Beijing roast duck but has its unique flavor.
  2. Shaoxing Wine Chicken: A traditional dish made with Shaoxing rice wine and chicken.
  3. Braised Pork Belly: A classic Chinese dish that is popular in Yingmen.
  4. Goubuli Baozi: A type of steamed bun filled with pork or beef that originated from Tianjin but is also popular in Yingmen.
  5. Xiangji Temple Vegetarian Restaurant: This vegetarian restaurant serves a variety of dishes made with fresh vegetables and tofu.
  6. Dongtai Seafood Restaurant: Known for its fresh seafood dishes such as crab, shrimp, and fish.
  7. Yijia Dumpling House: Famous for its homemade dumplings stuffed with meat or vegetables.
  8. Huiquan Teahouse: A traditional teahouse where you can enjoy tea while snacking on local snacks like sesame cakes or rice cakes filled with red bean paste.
  9. Lanyue Restaurant: Serves authentic Cantonese cuisine such as dim sum, roasted meats, and seafood dishes.
  10. Jinlong Hotel’s Dining Room:A restaurant located inside Jinlong Hotel that offers a variety of Chinese cuisines including Sichuanese hotpot,Cantonese dim sum,and Hunan-style stir-fry dishes

Parks and Recreation

  1. Yingmen Forest Park: This large park boasts hiking trails, picnic areas, and a lake for boating.
  2. Yingmen Hot Spring Resort: A popular destination for those seeking relaxation in natural hot springs.
  3. Yingmen Sports Center: This facility offers amenities such as basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools and other sports facilities.
  4. Taiping Mountain Scenic Area: A nature reserve with breathtaking hiking trails and scenic views of surrounding mountains.
  5. Yingmen Ancient City Wall Park: Visitors can experience a well-preserved section of the city’s ancient defensive wall at this park.
  6. Juyuan Cultural Tourism Village: This village offers visitors cultural activities such as traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy workshops.
  7. Zhongshan Square: A public square featuring fountains and statues honoring Sun Yat-sen – a key figure in modern Chinese history.
  8. Yingmen Museum of Art: Exhibits contemporary art from local artists as well as international collections can be viewed at this museum.


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