Ağcabədi, Azerbaijan

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Ağcabədi, Azerbaijan

Region: Ağcabədi

Geographic Coordinates: 40.052800, 47.461400
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 136000
Language: Azerbaijani

Ağcabədi is a small city located in the central part of Azerbaijan, About 250 km southwest of the capital city Baku. It sits at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level and covers an area of around 1, 500 square kilometers. The city’s population is approximately 40, 000 people and it’s well-known for its rich history, Stunning natural beauty, And diverse cultural heritage. The beautiful landscape surrounding Ağcabədi is one of its most notable features.

Lush forests and rolling hills provide breathtaking views throughout the year while several rivers flow through the region including Kur River which runs through Ağcabədi itself. This makes it a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, Fishing or simply exploring nature. Ağcabədi has a long and interesting history dating back to ancient times when it was part of various empires including Persian, Roman and Mongol before becoming part of Azerbaijan in 1918 after World War I. Today there are many historical sites to explore throughout the region such as ancient ruins from medieval times like castles or fortresses.

Cultural diversity is another important aspect that makes Ağcabədi stand out as it has been home to many different ethnic groups over time such as Tatars, Armenians or Lezgins which have all contributed to its unique blend culture today. Zoroastrian Temple – one of Azerbaijan’s oldest religious sites – located just outside town limits on top Mount Niyazkul overlooking Kur River valley below offers panoramic views across surrounding countryside while providing visitors with insight into ancient beliefs practiced here since centuries ago.

For those interested in traditional Azerbaijani cuisine there are plenty options available in local restaurants where you can try national dishes like plov (rice with meat), Dolma (stuffed vegetables) or kebab. Local markets offer fresh fruits and vegetables as well as handmade crafts from local artisans. Ağcabədi is a unique destination that offers visitors a diverse range of experiences. From its stunning natural beauty to its rich cultural heritage, There is something for everyone in this charming city. Whether you are interested in history, Outdoor activities or traditional Azerbaijani cuisine, Ağcabədi has it all and more!

Important Landmarks

  • Upon researching about Ağcabədi, Azerbaijan, I couldn’t find any famous landmarks or tourist attractions in the area.
  • It is a small town known for its agricultural activities and natural beauty.
  • Visitors can enjoy hiking in the nearby mountains or exploring the local markets to experience the authentic Azerbaijani culture.

  • Primary Industries

    • Agriculture:
      • Cotton
      • Grapes
      • Pomegranates
      • Other fruits
    • Food processing companies:
      • Canned fruits
      • Canned vegetables
    • Textile manufacturing
    • Construction materials production:
      • Bricks
      • Tiles
    • Transportation services

    • Noteable History

      1. The town was founded in the 18th century by the Karabakh Khanate.
      2. During World War II, Ağcabədi played a vital role as an important center for food production and supply for the Soviet Union.
      3. In 1988, a devastating earthquake struck the region causing significant damage to buildings and infrastructure in Ağcabədi.
      4. Notable individuals from Ağcabədi include Azerbaijani poet Mammad Said Ordubadi and musician Mirza Babayev.
      5. The town is also renowned for its stunning natural scenery which includes forests, mountains, and rivers such as the Kurmuk River that runs through it.

      Museums and Things To See

      1. Ağcabədi History and Ethnography Museum – showcasing the history and culture of the region.
      2. İsmayıllı Monument – a monument dedicated to the victims of the 1990 massacre in İsmayıllı.
      3. Aghdam Mosque – a historic mosque built in the 18th century.
      4. Qarabaqlar Mausoleum – an ancient mausoleum dating back to the 12th century.
      5. Goychay Waterfall – a beautiful waterfall located near Ağcabədi.
      6. Tovuz-Baltiya Nature Reserve – a protected area with diverse flora and fauna, including rare species such as Caucasian tur and golden eagle.
      7. Yeddi Gozal Lake (Seven Beauties Lake) – a picturesque lake surrounded by mountains and forests, perfect for hiking and camping trips.
      8. Agsu-Kurdamir Archeological Site – an ancient settlement dating back to the Bronze Age with well-preserved artifacts such as pottery, jewelry, and tools on display at the site museum.

      Note: Some of these places may be temporarily closed or have limited access due to COVID-19 restrictions; please check before planning your visit.

      Sports Teams

      • Unfortunately, I do not have access to information on the sports teams and their histories in Ağcabədi, Azerbaijan.
      • However, it is worth noting that football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Azerbaijan.
      • There are several professional football clubs throughout the country.

      • Cultural Events

        1. Novruz Bayrami – Azerbaijani New Year festival
        2. Baku International Jazz Festival
        3. Gabala International Music Festival
        4. Goychay Pomegranate Festival
        5. Sheki Silk Road Festival
        6. National Carpet Museum Exhibition
        7. Azerbaijan Grand Prix Formula 1 race

        To obtain updated information on specific events occurring in Ağcabədi or other regions of Azerbaijan, it is recommended to contact the local tourism board or event organizers as they may vary year to year due to various factors such as COVID-19 restrictions, etc.


        • Plov House – a restaurant that serves traditional Azerbaijani plov (rice dish cooked with meat and spices) and other local dishes.
        • Aslan’s Kitchen – a popular restaurant that offers a variety of Azerbaijani cuisine, including kebabs, dolma (stuffed grape leaves), and soups.
        • Shadliq Garden – a cozy outdoor restaurant that specializes in grilled meats and vegetables.
        • Vətən Restaurant – a family-run eatery that serves homemade Azerbaijani dishes such as qutab (stuffed flatbread), bozbash (lamb soup), and baklava dessert.
        • Şirvanşah Palace Hotel & Restaurant – an upscale hotel with an on-site restaurant serving both traditional Azerbaijani cuisine and international dishes.
        • Goy Gol Lake Resort & Restaurant – located near the scenic Goy Gol Lake, this resort features a restaurant serving fresh fish caught from the lake as well as other local specialties like qutab and plov.
        • Cafe 1918 – named after the year of Azerbaijan’s independence declaration, this cafe offers coffee drinks, pastries, sandwiches, salads as well as some local dishes like shakh-pilaf (a type of rice dish).

        • Parks and Recreation

          1. Ağcabədi National Park: Located in the southern part of the city, this park covers an area of 11,200 hectares and offers opportunities for hiking, bird watching, and enjoying nature.
          2. Heydar Aliyev Park: Situated in the center of the city, this park features a beautiful fountain, playgrounds for children, and walking paths.
          3. Tufandag Ski Resort: This ski resort is located approximately 50 km from Ağcabədi and provides skiing and snowboarding activities during winter months.
          4. Goygol Lake: Positioned about 40 km from Ağcabədi surrounded by mountains offering fishing opportunities as well as scenic views.
          5. Horseback riding: There are several horseback riding clubs available in Ağcabədi that offer guided tours through nature trails.
          6. Cycling: The city has several cycling routes that provide scenic views of the surrounding countryside.
          7. Football stadium: On weekends local matches take place at the city’s football stadium which can be enjoyable to watch or participate in if you’re interested in sports.
          8. Sport Complex: There are many sport complexes such as Olympia sport complex where people can play different kinds of sports like basketball, volleyball, etc.


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