Ahmedabad, India

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Ahmedabad, India

Region: Gujarat

Geographic Coordinates: 23.030000, 72.580000
Temperature Range: 15.0°C to 40.0°C (59°F to 104°F)
Climate: Hot and dry summers, monsoon season from June to September, mild winters.
Population: 8009000
Language: Gujarati

Ahmedabad is a bustling city located in Gujarat, India, Renowned for its rich cultural heritage. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country with a population of over 7 million people. The city boasts some of the most iconic landmarks in India. One of the top attractions in Ahmedabad is Sabarmati Ashram, Which was once home to Mahatma Gandhi and now serves as a museum showcasing his life and legacy. Another must-visit destination is Sidi Saiyyed Mosque – an architectural marvel dating back to 1573.

The city’s history can be seen in its many museums and galleries such as Calico Museum of Textiles displaying some of India’s finest textiles from different regions or Sanskar Kendra Museum featuring exhibits on Ahmedabad’s history and culture. Art enthusiasts can enjoy several art galleries showcasing traditional and contemporary Indian art. Food lovers will appreciate Ahmedabad’s cuisine offering unique vegetarian dishes like dhokla, Khandvi, Fafda, Jalebi among others while street food enthusiasts can head over to Manek Chowk for some delicious local delicacies like pav bhaji or indulge in Gujarati thali at Agashiye restaurant.

For shopping enthusiasts, Ahmedabad has several markets including Lal Darwaja Market selling everything from clothes to jewelry while Law Garden Night Market offers handicrafts made by local artisans. Kankaria Lake – an artificial lake surrounded by parks – offers outdoor activities such as boating or taking a ride on Ferris wheel making it perfect for families with kids! Ahmedabad has something for everyone whether you’re interested in history or culture or just want to sample delicious food! It truly deserves a spot on every traveler’s bucket list.

Important Landmarks

  1. Sabarmati Ashram
  2. Jama Masjid
  3. Sidi Saiyyed Mosque
  4. Kankaria Lake
  5. Adalaj Stepwell
  6. Bhadra Fort and Teen Darwaza
  7. Calico Museum of Textiles
  8. Sarkhej Roza
  9. Vastrapur Lake
  10. Akshardham Temple

Primary Industries

  1. Textile Industry: Ahmedabad has a robust textile industry that encompasses cotton production, weaving, dyeing, and printing.
  2. Pharmaceutical Industry: Several pharmaceutical companies that produce generic drugs are based in Ahmedabad.
  3. Chemical Industry: The city boasts a significant chemical industry that produces chemicals such as dyes and pigments.
  4. Automobile Industry: Ahmedabad’s automobile industry is emerging with manufacturing plants of companies like Tata Motors and Ford located in the city.
  5. Information Technology (IT) Industry: The IT sector in Ahmedabad is rapidly growing with many startups and established companies setting up offices there.
  6. Construction Industry: With rapid urbanization, the construction industry is booming in Ahmedabad with several high-rise buildings being constructed across the city.
  7. Food Processing Industry: Dairy products, spices, pickles, and snacks are among the food processing industries present in Ahmedabad.
  8. Jewelry Manufacturing: The city also boasts a thriving jewelry manufacturing business with many small-scale units producing gold and silver jewelry items.
  9. Hospitality Sector: With a growing tourism sector, there are several hotels and restaurants catering to tourists visiting Ahmedabad.
  10. Education Sector: Numerous educational institutions including universities offer courses on various subjects ranging from engineering to management studies making it one of the major industries of the region’s economy.

Noteable History

  1. The founding of Ahmedabad by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1411 AD.
  2. Mahatma Gandhi’s stay in the Sabarmati Ashram from 1915 to 1930, where he developed his philosophy of non-violent resistance.
  3. The textile industry boom in the city during the early 20th century, which made it a major center for cloth production and trade.
  4. The establishment of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad in 1961, which has become one of India’s premier business schools.
  5. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a prominent Indian independence activist and politician who was born in Nadiad near Ahmedabad and played a key role in uniting India after independence.
  6. Vikram Sarabhai, an acclaimed physicist who founded several institutions including the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) and Space Applications Centre (SAC) in Ahmedabad.
  7. Ravi Shankar, a renowned sitar player who was born and raised in Varanasi but spent much of his youth studying music under Ustad Allauddin Khan at the Sangeet Vishwa Bharati University located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Sabarmati Ashram is the former residence of Mahatma Gandhi, now transformed into a museum dedicated to his life and teachings.
  2. Calico Museum of Textiles is a museum that showcases textiles from all over India and the world.
  3. Sidi Saiyyed Mosque is an ancient mosque known for its intricate stone latticework.
  4. Adalaj Stepwell is an ancient stepwell with stunning architecture and carvings.
  5. Kite Museum is a unique museum that focuses on the art of kite-making and flying, which gains popularity in Ahmedabad during the annual kite festival.
  6. Sanskar Kendra Museum showcases Ahmedabad’s history and culture through exhibits on art, architecture, and urban planning.
  7. Akshardham Temple is a Hindu temple famous for its beautiful architecture and tranquil atmosphere.
  8. Jama Masjid is one of Ahmedabad’s oldest mosques with stunning Mughal-era architecture.
  9. Gujarat Science City offers interactive exhibits on technology, space exploration, energy conservation etc.

Sports Teams

  1. Gujarat Lions was a franchise cricket team that played in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for two seasons in 2016 and 2017. The team was based in Rajkot, which is located near Ahmedabad.
  2. Ahmedabad Rockets was a franchise cricket team that played in the now-defunct Indian Cricket League (ICL) between 2007 and 2009. The team represented the city of Ahmedabad.
  3. FC Kochin was a football club that played in the National Football League (NFL), which is now known as the I-League, between 1997 and 2005. Although the club was based in Kochi, it had a significant fan base in Ahmedabad.
  4. Gujarat Warriors is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) team that competes in Super Fight League (SFL). The team represents various cities of Gujarat including Ahmedabad.
  5. Sunrisers GCA Club is an amateur cricket club located at Sardar Patel Stadium, Motera, Ahmedabad affiliated with Gujrat Cricket Association(GCA).
  6. Ahmedabad Smash Masters is a badminton franchise owned by Padmanabh Sports Pvt Ltd., they compete under Premier Badminton League(PBL).

Cultural Events

  1. Uttarayan – Kite Festival
  2. Navratri – Nine Nights of Garba and Dandiya Raas
  3. Rathyatra – Chariot Festival
  4. Diwali – Festival of Lights
  5. International Kite Festival
  6. Ahmedabad Heritage Week
  7. Sabarmati Riverfront Summer Festival
  8. Bhadra Fort Music and Dance Festival
  9. The Great Indian Food Festival
  10. Ahmedabad Art Fair


  • Gujarati Thali: A traditional meal consisting of a variety of dishes such as dal, kadhi, vegetables, roti, rice and sweets.
  • Manek Chowk: A street food hub famous for its pav bhaji, dosa and chaat.
  • Kankaria Lake: A popular spot for street food with stalls serving everything from momos to pizza.
  • Vishalla: An open-air restaurant that serves authentic Gujarati cuisine in a village-like setting.
  • Agashiye: A rooftop restaurant that offers traditional Gujarati thali with a view of the city.
  • Swati Snacks: Known for its innovative twists on classic Indian snacks like dhokla and khandvi.
  • Gordhan Thal: Another popular restaurant serving authentic Gujarati thali with over 30 different dishes to choose from.
  • Nini’s Kitchen: Offers fusion food combining Indian flavors with international ingredients like quinoa and avocado.
  • Tomatos Restaurant & Cafe Lounge Bar: Serves delicious North Indian cuisine along with some Chinese dishes at affordable prices.
  • Rajwadu Restaurant: It is an ethnic theme based restaurant which serves lip-smacking Rajasthani & Gujrathi Cuisine.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Sabarmati Riverfront Park is a well-known park in Ahmedabad, featuring walking and cycling paths, beautiful gardens, and a riverfront promenade.
    2. Kankaria Lake is a large lake with boating facilities, amusement park rides, gardens, and food stalls.
    3. Law Garden is a public garden with walking paths, fountains, and a market selling traditional handicrafts.
    4. Sardar Patel Stadium is known for hosting cricket matches and other sporting events.
    5. Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition Center showcases India’s space program through interactive exhibits at this science museum.
    6. Gujarat Science City offers an educational complex featuring interactive exhibits on science and technology.
    7. Parimal Garden features landscaped gardens with walking paths and fountains to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
    8. Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary located near Ahmedabad where migratory birds like flamingos can be seen in their natural habitat.
    9. Sabarmati Ashram was home to Mahatma Gandhi for 12 years during his fight for Indian independence.
    10. Adalaj Stepwell is an ancient stepwell located in Adalaj village near Ahmedabad that showcases stunning architectural design from centuries ago.


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