‘Ajmān, United Arab Emirates

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‘Ajmān, United Arab Emirates

Region: Ajman

Geographic Coordinates: 25.413600, 55.445600
Climate: Hot and dry with occasional rainfall.
Population: 490035
Language: Arabic

Ajman is a part of the United Arab Emirates and is situated on the Arabian Gulf coast, Just 30 minutes away from Dubai and Sharjah. Despite being small, It has a rich history dating back to pre-Islamic times. The name Ajman comes from Ajm which means well-watered place. It was once known for pearl-fishing but is now famous for its beaches, Traditional souks (markets), And historical landmarks. One of its most popular attractions is the Ajman Museum which showcases traditional Emirati life. Visitors can learn about local customs, See artifacts from daily life, And explore exhibits on Islamic art.

Al Zorah Nature Reserve is another must-see destination in Ajman that covers over 2 million square meters and features mangroves, Lagoons, And sand dunes. Visitors can take guided tours to see local wildlife such as flamingos or even go kayaking through the mangroves. Ajman Beach offers pristine white sands with crystal clear waters lined with palm trees providing shade during hot summer days in UAE. There are also many beachfront restaurants serving fresh seafood dishes as well as other international cuisines.

Horses hold a special place in Ajman’s culture with an annual horse festival where visitors can watch races or participate in equestrian activities like show jumping or dressage competitions. Souq Al Nuaimiya Market offers everything from spices to textiles at bargain prices making it an ideal place for tourists who want to take home some authentic Emirati souvenirs while also enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the market. Ajman may be small but it offers visitors a glimpse into traditional Emirati life and culture with historical landmarks, Beautiful natural reserves and beaches that cater to all interests.

Important Landmarks

  1. Ajman Museum
  2. Ajman Beach
  3. Al Zorah Nature Reserve
  4. Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  5. Mowaihat Archaeological Site
  6. Fish Market and Dhow Yard
  7. Al Nuaimi Mosque
  8. Etisalat Tower
  9. Ajman City Centre Mall
  10. Emirates City Tower

Primary Industries

  1. Manufacturing: Ajman has a thriving manufacturing industry that produces a wide range of products such as textiles, plastics, metals, and construction materials.
  2. Construction: The construction industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Ajman due to the increasing demand for residential and commercial buildings.
  3. Trading: Ajman is known for its bustling trading sector which includes wholesale and retail businesses dealing in various products such as electronics, garments, food items, and household goods.
  4. Hospitality: The tourism industry is growing rapidly in Ajman with the development of new hotels and resorts to cater to both leisure and business travelers.
  5. Healthcare: There are several hospitals and clinics in Ajman offering high-quality medical services to residents as well as medical tourists from around the world.
  6. Education: There are many schools, colleges, and universities in Ajman providing quality education to students from different parts of the world.
  7. Banking & Finance: Several local banks have their headquarters or branches located in Ajman which provides banking services to individuals as well as businesses operating within the city’s limits.

Noteable History

  1. The Al Nuaimi family: The ruling family of Ajman since the 18th century.
  2. Pearl diving: A major source of income for the people of Ajman until the discovery of oil in the region.
  3. British protectorate: Ajman was a British protectorate from 1820 to 1971.
  4. Union with UAE: In December 1971, Ajman became one of the seven emirates that formed the United Arab Emirates.
  5. Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi: The current ruler of Ajman and one of the longest-serving rulers in UAE history.
  6. Port development: The construction and development of Port Khalid in Ajman helped boost economic growth in the region.
  7. Education city project: A major initiative launched by Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi to establish a world-class education city in Ajman.
  8. Cultural heritage sites: Some notable cultural heritage sites in Ajman include Masfout Castle, Mowaihat archaeological site, and Al Zorah Nature Reserve.
  9. Tourism industry growth: In recent years, tourism has emerged as a key sector driving economic growth in Ajman with several luxury hotels and resorts opening up along its coastline.
  10. COVID-19 pandemic response: During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi played an active role in ensuring public safety by implementing strict measures such as lockdowns and social distancing protocols to curb its spread within his emirate’s borders.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Ajman Museum
  2. Al Zorah Nature Reserve
  3. Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  4. Mowaihat Archaeological Site
  5. Ajman Beach Park
  6. Al Tallah Camel Race Track
  7. Ajman Fish Market
  8. Al Nuaimia Mosque
  9. Emirates City Tower
  10. Safeer Mall

Sports Teams

  1. According to my research, Ajman does not have any major professional sports teams with significant histories.
  2. The city mainly focuses on local and regional sports tournaments and events.
  3. Some of the popular sports played in Ajman include:
    • Football (soccer)
    • Cricket
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Table tennis

Cultural Events

  1. Ajman International Book Fair is an annual event that showcases a wide variety of books from local and international publishers.
  2. Ajman Shopping Festival is a month-long shopping extravaganza that offers discounts, promotions, and prizes to shoppers.
  3. Ajman Heritage Festival is a celebration of the Emirati culture and heritage through various traditional activities, including camel races, falconry shows, and traditional dances.
  4. Ajman International Marathon is an annual marathon event that attracts runners from all over the world to compete in different categories.
  5. UAE National Day Celebrations are a nationwide celebration of the UAE’s independence day on December 2nd with fireworks displays, parades, and cultural events.
  6. Ramadan Night Market is a popular market during Ramadan where visitors can shop for clothes, accessories, food items while enjoying live entertainment shows.
  7. Eid Al-Fitr Celebrations are a three-day festival marking the end of Ramadan with family gatherings and festive activities such as fireworks displays and traditional sweet treats.
  8. UAE Flag Day Celebrations are a national holiday celebrated on November 3rd to honor the UAE flag with parades and cultural events across the country including ‘Ajmān city’.


  • Al Khaimah Restaurant – serving authentic Emirati dishes like machboos, thareed, and luqaimat.
  • Al Farooj Fresh – a well-known fast-food chain that serves Arabic-style grilled chicken.
  • Bu Qtair Restaurant – a casual seafood restaurant that is famous for its fresh catch of the day cooked in traditional Emirati spices.
  • The Shebi – a cozy café that offers traditional Emirati breakfast dishes such as balaleet and chebab.
  • Ayam Elezz – an Arabic restaurant renowned for its grilled meats, shawarma, and falafel.
  • Gazebo Restaurant – a fine-dining Indian restaurant that serves authentic North Indian cuisine including biryani and kebabs.
  • Karachi Darbar Restaurant – a Pakistani restaurant where you can enjoy delicious curries, biryanis, and kebabs.
  • Shisha Lounge Café – an outdoor café with shisha/hookah options along with Middle Eastern snacks like hummus and tabbouleh salad.
  • Sizzling Wok – A Chinese restaurant located at Ramada Beach Hotel Ajman which offers variety of noodles & rice dishes.
  • Salt – located at the beachfront of Ajman Corniche offering variety of burgers & sandwiches with sea view.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Al Zorah Nature Reserve
    2. Ajman Beach
    3. Sheikh Khalifa Park
    4. Ajman Corniche
    5. Al Jurf Park
    6. Al Hamidiyah Park
    7. Oasis Beach Tower
    8. Ajman Marina
    9. Mowaihat Archaeological Site
    10. Hajar Mountains for hiking and trekking


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