Almada, Portugal

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Almada, Portugal

Region: Almada

Geographic Coordinates: 38.680300, -9.158300
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 30.0°C (50°F to 86°F)
Climate: Climate: Mediterranean Weather patterns: Mild winters, warm summers with occasional heatwaves and thunderstorms.
Population: 177268
Language: Portuguese

Almada is a beautiful city situated on the south bank of the Tagus River, Opposite Lisbon. This Portuguese municipality is renowned for its stunning beaches, Historical landmarks and cultural heritage. With a population of approximately 180, 000 people, Almada is one of Portugal’s most popular tourist destinations. The city’s coastline spans over 13 kilometers and boasts crystal-clear waters, Golden sands and breathtaking views. Praia da Costa da Caparica, Praia do Rei and Praia de São João da Caparica are some of the most popular beaches in Almada that offer surfing, Kite surfing and windsurfing activities.

Apart from its picturesque beaches, Almada also features several historical landmarks that showcase its rich cultural heritage. The Cristo Rei statue is an iconic landmark standing at 110 meters high atop a hill overlooking both Lisbon and Almada. Castelo de Almada is another notable attraction dating back to medieval times when it was built as a fortress by King Sancho I in 1186 AD. For art enthusiasts, There are plenty galleries showcasing contemporary art alongside traditional Portuguese works throughout town such as Galeria Municipal Artur Bual or Casa da Cerca Centro de Arte Contemporânea.

foodies can indulge in traditional Portuguese dishes like seafood stews or grilled sardines along with local wines at restaurants like O Pescador or A Marisqueira Do Porto Santo throughout town. whether you are interested in history or culture or simply looking for a relaxing beach holiday with delicious cuisine options – Almada has something to offer everyone making it an ideal destination for anyone traveling to Portugal.

Important Landmarks

  1. Cristo Rei Statue: A 110-meter-high statue of Christ providing panoramic views of Lisbon and the Tagus River.
  2. Costa da Caparica Beach: A long stretch of golden sand beach with clear blue waters.
  3. Elevador Panorâmico da Boca do Vento: An old-fashioned elevator offering stunning views over Lisbon and the Tagus River.
  4. Santuário Nacional de Cristo Rei: A religious site featuring beautiful architecture and stunning views over the city.
  5. Almada Castle: A medieval fortress dating back to the 8th century, offering visitors an insight into Portugal’s history.
  6. Casa da Cerca Centro de Arte Contemporânea: An art center showcasing contemporary Portuguese art exhibitions, workshops, and events.
  7. Museu Naval de Lisboa: Located in Almada’s dockyard area, this museum displays maritime artifacts from Portugal’s naval history including model ships and historic maps.
  8. Parque da Paz: A large park with plenty of green space for walking or picnicking along with sports facilities like tennis courts, soccer fields etc
  9. Prainha Beach- A secluded beach surrounded by cliffs which is perfect for swimming or sunbathing in peace
  10. Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida- A museum showcasing antiques from around the world including paintings,silverware, porcelain etc collected by António Medeiros e Almeida over his lifetime

Primary Industries

  1. Tourism: Almada is a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to Lisbon and its scenic coastline.
  2. Port operations: The Port of Lisbon is located in Almada, making it an important hub for shipping and logistics.
  3. Manufacturing: There are several manufacturing companies in Almada that produce goods such as textiles, plastics, and electronics.
  4. Services: The service sector is also significant in Almada with businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and retail stores.
  5. Construction: There has been significant development in recent years with new housing projects and commercial buildings being constructed throughout the city.
  6. Healthcare: There are several hospitals and clinics located in Almada that serve the local community as well as tourists visiting the area.
  7. Education: The city has several universities and schools that provide education to students from all over Portugal.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Almada occurred in 1488 and saw the Portuguese forces, led by King John II, emerge victorious against the Castilian army. This victory secured Portugal’s control over Lisbon.
  2. Cristóvão da Gama was born in Almada in 1516 and was a renowned Portuguese explorer and navigator. He accompanied his father Vasco da Gama on his second voyage to India and later became governor of Portuguese India.
  3. Manuel de Arriaga, born in Almada in 1840, was a prominent lawyer and politician who went on to become the first president of the First Republic of Portugal in 1911.
  4. The Capuchin Convent is an important historical building located in Almada that dates back to the 16th century. It served as a monastery for Franciscan monks until it was abandoned during the early 20th century.
  5. The Ponte da Arrábida is a bridge that spans across the Douro River between Porto and Gaia cities, connecting with Vila Nova de Gaia municipality where there is an area called Alameda.
  6. Praça São João Baptista is situated near Cova da Piedade station and features an old church named Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso from XVIII century with beautiful tiles inside.
  7. Casa da Cerca Museum offers contemporary art exhibitions as well as workshops for those interested in learning about traditional crafts such as pottery or weaving.
  8. Costa Da Caparica Beaches are located within this region including popular tourist spots like Praia do CDS or Praia dos Galapinhos which attract many visitors during summer season while visiting Lisbon area.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Cristo Rei: This monument is a replica of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro and offers stunning views of Lisbon and the Tagus River.
  2. Casa da Cerca – Centro de Arte Contemporânea: This art center features contemporary art exhibitions, workshops, and events.
  3. Museu Naval: The Naval Museum showcases Portugal’s maritime history with displays of ships, navigation instruments, maps, and other artifacts.
  4. Museu da Cidade: The City Museum tells the story of Almada through exhibits on its history, culture, and traditions.
  5. Convento dos Capuchos: This 16th-century Franciscan convent is a beautiful example of Portuguese religious architecture.
  6. Parque da Paz: A large park with gardens, lakes, playgrounds for children, picnic areas and walking trails located in central Almada
  7. Santuário Nacional de Cristo Rei (National Sanctuary of Christ the King): A religious site that also offers panoramic views over Lisbon
  8. Praia da Costa de Caparica (Costa de Caparica Beach): One of Portugal’s most popular beaches that stretches over 30 km along the Atlantic coast
  9. Fórum Cultural José Manuel Figueiredo: A cultural center featuring theater performances concerts and exhibitions
  10. Miradouro Boca do Vento viewpoint : Offers breathtaking views over Lisbon’s skyline from across Tejo river

Sports Teams

  1. Clube Desportivo Cova da Piedade – a football club founded in 1920 that currently plays in the Campeonato de Portugal after being relegated from LigaPro.
  2. Grupo Desportivo Fabril do Barreiro – a football club based in Barreiro adjacent to Almada, founded in 1932 with a history of success at regional levels.
  3. Ginásio Clube de Corroios – a multi-sports club near Almada offering various activities such as basketball, futsal, handball, volleyball and more.
  4. União Recreativa e Desportiva Praiense – another football club based on the island of Terceira but has its headquarters located near Almada.
  5. Academia de Patinagem do Litoral Alentejano- A roller skating academy that provides training for children and adults alike.

Note: This information may not be up-to-date as there might be new developments or changes happening with these sports teams’ histories over time.

Cultural Events

  1. Rock in Rio – a music festival held in Lisbon every two years, featuring international and Portuguese artists.
  2. NOS Alive – a music festival held in July in Algés, featuring a mix of international and Portuguese artists.
  3. Super Bock Super Rock – a music festival held in July in Meco, featuring a mix of international and Portuguese artists.
  4. EDP Cool Jazz – a jazz festival held in July in Cascais, featuring international and Portuguese jazz artists.
  5. Sumol Summer Fest – a music festival held in July in Ericeira, featuring a mix of international and Portuguese artists.
  6. Meo Sudoeste – a music festival held in August in Zambujeira do Mar, featuring a mix of international and Portuguese artists.
  7. Festa do Avante! – a political and cultural festival held in September in Seixal, featuring music, theater, and other cultural performances.
  8. Festival F – a music festival held in August in Figueira da Foz, featuring a mix of international and Portuguese artists.
  9. Festival do Marisco – a seafood festival held in August in Olhão, featuring a variety of fresh seafood dishes and live music performances.
  10. Festival de Sintra – a classical music festival held in the historic town of Sintra during the summer months, featuring performances from renowned orchestras and soloists.


  • A Margem – Known for their seafood dishes and traditional Portuguese cuisine.
  • O Feitoria – A restaurant with a cozy atmosphere that serves regional dishes from Alentejo.
  • Casa da Lenha – Specializes in grilled meat dishes and has a beautiful outdoor terrace.
  • Tasca do Caco – Famous for their Madeiran-style steak sandwiches called cacos.
  • Restaurante Ponto Final – Offers stunning views of Lisbon across the Tagus River and serves fresh seafood dishes.
  • Solar dos Leitões – Renowned for their roasted suckling pig, a typical dish from the Bairrada region.
  • Adega do Emídio – Offers traditional Portuguese food with an emphasis on fish dishes, served in a rustic setting.
  • Taberna do Saloio – Serves delicious tapas-style plates made with local ingredients such as cheese, ham, and olives.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Parque da Paz is a vast park that offers various activities such as walking, cycling paths, picnic areas, playgrounds and a lake.
    2. Costa da Caparica Beach is an extended sandy beach where people enjoy surfing and other water sports.
    3. Cristo Rei is a statue of Christ that resembles the one in Rio de Janeiro and provides breathtaking views of Lisbon and the Tagus River.
    4. Fonte da Telha Beach is another gorgeous beach with opportunities for surfing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing.
    5. Almada Velha is an old town area with historic buildings, restaurants, cafes and shops to discover.
    6. Parque Urbano da Quinta de São João Baptista is a smaller but well-maintained park that has walking trails and sports facilities available for visitors.
    7. Praia do Meco Beach is a more secluded beach famous for its natural beauty along with hiking trails nearby.

    Besides these attractions in Almada, visitors can also indulge in kayaking on the Tagus River or explore numerous hiking trails present in the surrounding hillsides.


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