Aswān, Egypt

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Aswān, Egypt

Region: Aswan Governorate

Geographic Coordinates: 24.088900, 32.899700
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 40.0°C (68°F to 104°F)
Climate: Hot and arid climate with very little rainfall, characterized by extremely high temperatures in the summer months.
Population: 267913
Language: Arabic

Aswān is a stunning city located in the southern part of Egypt, Known for its rich history, Cultural significance and natural beauty. It sits on the banks of the Nile River and has been a significant trading center for many centuries. One of Aswān’s most famous attractions is the Abu Simbel Temple complex. Built during Pharaoh Ramesses II’s reign, It was dedicated to him and his queen, Nefertari. The temple boasts four massive statues of Ramesses II that are over 20 meters tall along with intricate hieroglyphs and carvings.

Another must-visit attraction is Philae Temple which sits on an island in Lake Nasser dedicated to Isis – one of Egypt’s most important goddesses. Accessible only by boat, It features stunning architecture including beautifully carved columns and walls adorned with colorful reliefs. Aswān also offers visitors opportunities to explore beautiful natural landscapes such as Elephantine Island – situated at the heart of Aswan’s archipelago islands on Nile River’s eastern bank; boasting picturesque views across both sides of riverbank dotted with lush greenery fields alongside towering palm trees.

The city also provides plenty opportunities for shopping where tourists can find traditional Egyptian souvenirs like jewelry made from semi-precious stones or papyrus paintings that depict scenes from ancient Egyptian life. Moreover, Aswan has a rich culinary culture reflecting its diverse history; visitors can enjoy delicious meals made from fresh local ingredients such as fava beans or grilled fish seasoned with herbs like coriander or cumin. one cannot talk about Aswan without mentioning its famous dam – The High Dam – built between 1960-1970 during President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s era.

The dam is an engineering marvel that has helped regulate the Nile’s flow and provide electricity to millions in Egypt. Aswān offers visitors an incredible blend of history, Culture, Natural beauty, And modernity. It is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to experience the best that Egypt has to offer.

Important Landmarks

  1. Abu Simbel Temples
  2. Philae Temple
  3. High Dam
  4. Unfinished Obelisk
  5. Nubian Museum
  6. Elephantine Island
  7. Tombs of the Nobles
  8. Kitchener’s Island (Aswan Botanical Garden)
  9. Aswan Bazaar
  10. Mausoleum of Aga Khan III

Primary Industries

  1. Aswan, located in Egypt, is a city that has become famous for its tourism industry. The city boasts an array of ancient temples and monuments that attract visitors from all corners of the globe. Along with tourism, Aswan also has other industries and businesses that contribute to its economy.
  2. Agriculture is one such industry that plays a vital role in Aswan’s economy. The fertile land surrounding the city makes it an essential agricultural region for crops like cotton, wheat, and vegetables.
  3. Fishing is another significant industry in Aswan due to the Nile River flowing through it. The river provides ample opportunities for fishing.
  4. Construction is also a crucial sector in Aswan due to ongoing development projects like new hotels and resorts being built along the riverfront.
  5. Handicrafts are an integral part of Aswan’s culture as local artisans are known for their traditional handicrafts including pottery, weaving, and basketry. These handicrafts are sold to tourists as souvenirs.
  6. Lastly, there are several quarries near Aswan that produce high-quality granite used in construction projects worldwide; mining thus becomes a crucial industry as well.

Noteable History

  1. The construction of the Aswan High Dam in the 1960s resulted in the creation of Lake Nasser and provided hydroelectric power to Egypt.
  2. The ancient Egyptian temples located near Aswan include Philae Temple, Abu Simbel Temples, and Kom Ombo Temple.
  3. The Nubian culture has been preserved in the region for thousands of years.
  4. Agatha Christie wrote her novel Death on the Nile while staying at the Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan.
  5. The unfinished obelisk located in a granite quarry near Aswan is one of the largest ancient obelisks ever discovered.
  6. Cleopatra VII visited Aswan during her reign as queen of Egypt.
  7. Sir William Willcocks was an engineer who designed several irrigation projects around Aswan that helped increase agricultural productivity in Egypt during British colonial rule.
  8. Elephantine Island located on the Nile River near Aswan was an important trading center during ancient times and home to a Jewish community for centuries before their expulsion from Egypt in 1956.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Abu Simbel Temples
  2. Philae Temple
  3. Aswan Museum
  4. Nubian Museum
  5. Unfinished Obelisk
  6. Tombs of the Nobles
  7. Kitchener’s Island (Botanical Garden)
  8. Elephantine Island
  9. Monastery of St Simeon
  10. Nile River Cruise

Cultural Events

  1. Abu Simbel Sun Festival is a biannual event held on February 22 and October 22 to celebrate the alignment of the sun with the temple’s inner sanctum.
  2. The Nubian Festival is an annual celebration of Nubian culture, featuring music, dance, and food that takes place in Aswan every November.
  3. Aswan International Women’s Film Festival showcases films made by women from all over the world in an annual event.
  4. The Aswan Jazz Festival is a three-day event that features jazz musicians from Egypt and around the globe.
  5. The Nile River Festival celebrates Egypt’s most important river with boat races, parades, and other water-based activities.
  6. During the Nile River Festival, locals participate in a traditional boat race called Felucca Parade where they decorate their feluccas (traditional Egyptian sailboats) with colorful flags and compete against each other on the river.
  7. Ramadan Night Market is set up during Ramadan (the Islamic holy month) in Aswan where locals can buy food, clothes, and other goods after breaking their fast at sunset.
  8. Pharaonic Wedding Ceremony is held annually on Valentine’s Day at Philae Temple to reenact an ancient Egyptian wedding ceremony.


  1. Kushari Abou Tarek
  2. Felfela Aswan
  3. Al Masry Restaurant
  4. Nubian House Restaurant
  5. Nile Valley Hotel and Restaurant
  6. El Dokan Restaurant
  7. Kebabgy El-Sayed
  8. Aswan Moon Floating Restaurant
  9. Oriental Kebabgy
  10. Abu Ashara Fish Market and Grill

Parks and Recreation

  1. Aswan Botanical Garden
  2. Elephantine Island
  3. Nubian Village Tour
  4. Philae Temple and Island
  5. Tombs of the Nobles
  6. Kitchener’s Island
  7. Fatimid Cemetery
  8. Unfinished Obelisk
  9. Felucca Ride on the Nile River
  10. High Dam and Lake Nasser Cruise


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