Benghazi, Libya

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Benghazi, Libya

Region: Benghazi is located in the region of Cyrenaica

Geographic Coordinates: 32.116700, 20.066700
Temperature Range: 15.0°C to 35.0°C (59°F to 95°F)
Climate: Dry and hot with occasional rainfall in the winter months.
Population: 631555
Language: Arabic

Benghazi is the second-largest city in Libya and is located on the eastern coast of the country, Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It has a rich history that dates back to ancient times and was once a hub of trade between Africa, Europe, And Asia. The city has been inhabited by various civilizations over time, Including Greeks, Romans, Arabs, And Ottomans. The city’s most famous landmark is its ancient Roman theater which was built in the 2nd century AD. It is one of the largest theaters in North Africa with a seating capacity of 6, 000 people.

Benghazi also has several other historical landmarks such as Al-Fateh University Mosque which was built in 1969 during King Idris’ reign. During Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in Libya from 1969 to 2011, Benghazi became known for its opposition to his rule. In February 2011 during Arab Spring protests against Gaddafi’s government erupted across Libya with Benghazi becoming one of its epicenters. In September 2012 an attack on a US diplomatic compound in Benghazi resulted in four deaths including that of US Ambassador J Christopher Stevens. This event led to increased scrutiny on security measures at US diplomatic missions worldwide.

Following Gaddafi’s fall from power after NATO intervention later that year (2011), Benghazi became embroiled in conflict between rival factions vying for control over Libya’s political landscape leading up to civil war breaking out again since April 2019 until now.

Despite being ravaged by years of conflict and instability since then; however recent efforts have been made towards rebuilding infrastructure as well as restoring cultural heritage sites like Leptis Magna – an ancient Roman city near Tripoli – which UNESCO declared World Heritage Site status back in early-1980s; this shows how important promoting peace through culture can be even amidst ongoing conflicts such as those seen today throughout much Middle East region including Libyan cities like Benghazi.

Important Landmarks

  1. The Arch of Marcus Aurelius: This ancient Roman triumphal arch is located in the heart of Benghazi and dates back to the 2nd century AD.
  2. The Red Castle Museum: Also known as Al-Saraya Al-Hamraa, this castle-turned-museum houses a collection of artifacts from Libya’s history.
  3. Omar Al-Mukhtar Mosque: This mosque is one of the largest in North Africa and features a stunning white marble exterior.
  4. Tibesti Hotel: A landmark hotel in Benghazi that has hosted many important figures over the years.
  5. The Mediterranean Seafront: Benghazi’s picturesque seafront offers beautiful views and a relaxing atmosphere for visitors.
  6. Cyrene Archaeological Site: Located about an hour’s drive from Benghazi, this ancient Greek city is a UNESCO World Heritage site with well-preserved ruins dating back to the 7th century BC.
  7. Benghazia Martyrs’ Square: A public square named after those who died during protests against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011.
  8. Benina International Airport: One of Libya’s busiest airports located just outside of Benghazi city center.

Please note that due to political instability and conflict in recent years, it may not be safe or advisable for tourists to visit some or all of these attractions at this time without proper security measures taken beforehand.

Primary Industries

  1. Benghazi is the second-largest city in Libya and is renowned for its oil and gas industry.
  2. The city houses various oil refineries and has a substantial presence of global oil companies like BP, ENI, and Total.
  3. Apart from this, Benghazi also has significant industries such as construction, telecommunications, healthcare services, education services, and tourism.
  4. The city’s busy port supports the import and export of goods from the region.
  5. However, since 2011 due to the ongoing conflict in Libya many businesses have been affected or forced to shut down their operations.

Noteable History

  1. Benghazi, formerly known as Berenice or Hesperides, was an important city in the ancient Greek and Roman periods and was a thriving center of trade and commerce.
  2. During the Italian Colonial Period from 1911 to 1943, Benghazi underwent significant development and modernization as part of Italian Libya.
  3. Benghazi played a crucial role in World War II as it was the site of major battles between British forces and German-Italian Axis forces.
  4. Muammar Gaddafi established his first revolutionary cell in Benghazi in the late 1960s and had strong ties to the city during his rule over Libya.
  5. In February 2011, protests broke out against Gaddafi’s rule in Benghazi which eventually led to his overthrow later that year during the Arab Spring Protests.
  6. In September 2012, Islamist militants attacked the U.S consulate in Benghazi killing four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens.
  7. Military commander Khalifa Haftar has been based in Benghazi since May 2014 when he launched his campaign against Islamist militias controlling eastern Libya.
  8. Between late-2014 until mid-2016, ISIS controlled parts of eastern Libya including areas around Sirte but were driven out by local militias supported by US airstrikes.
  9. Ahmed Zubair al-Senussi is a member of the Senussi family who ruled over Libya before being deposed by Gaddafi’s coup d’etat. He is also known for being one of those involved with Pan Am Flight103 bombing over Lockerbie Scotland.
  10. Omar Mukhtar fought against Italian colonialism around Derna near Bengazi. He became a symbol of resistance against Italian rule but was eventually captured and executed by Italians in 1931.

Sports Teams

  1. Benghazi has a rich history of sports teams, including Al-Nasr Sports Club, which was founded in 1947 and has won numerous national championships.
  2. Another football club, Al-Ahly Benghazi, was established in 1958 and has also achieved multiple national championships.
  3. The multi-sport club Al-Ittihad Sports Club was founded in 1944 and boasts teams for various sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, handball among others.
  4. Additionally, Al-Hilal Benghazi is another successful football club that emerged during the early years of Libyan independence.
  5. Lastly, the nearby Derna-based sports club known as Al-Tahaddy Sports Club was founded in 1972 but also represents Benghazi and has enjoyed success at both local and international levels.
  6. However, it should be noted that due to political instability and conflict over the past decade or so many sporting events have been disrupted or cancelled altogether.

Cultural Events

  1. Benghazi International Book Fair – This annual event takes place in the city’s Medina Quarter and attracts visitors from all over the country.
  2. Eid al-Fitr – This significant Islamic holiday celebrates the end of Ramadan with feasting, gift-giving, and family gatherings.
  3. Independence Day – Celebrated on December 24th every year to commemorate Libya’s independence from Italy in 1951.
  4. National Martyrs’ Day – Observed on February 16th to honor those who lost their lives during the Libyan Revolution of 2011.
  5. Benghazi Cultural Festival – A week-long festival that includes music performances, art exhibitions, theater productions, and other cultural activities.
  6. Ramadan Nights Market – A bustling market that opens after sunset during the holy month of Ramadan where locals gather to shop for food and goods while enjoying traditional music performances.
  7. Al-Burj International Music Festival – An annual festival featuring local musicians as well as international artists performing a variety of genres such as classical music and jazz fusion among others.


  • Libyan Couscous: This traditional dish is made with semolina flour and served with vegetables, meat or fish.
  • Bazeen: A type of bread made from barley flour and served with a tomato-based sauce.
  • Shorba: A soup made with lamb or chicken broth, vegetables and spices.
  • Al-Fakhara Restaurant: This restaurant specializes in traditional Libyan dishes such as bazeen, couscous and shorba.
  • Al-Salam Restaurant: Known for its grilled meats and seafood dishes.
  • Al-Khaima Restaurant: Offers a variety of Middle Eastern dishes including falafel, hummus and shawarma.
  • El-Bardia Café & Restaurant: An outdoor café that serves traditional Libyan coffee along with sandwiches and pastries.
  • Sahari Café & Restaurant: Offers a mix of Libyan and Italian cuisine including pizza, pasta dishes alongside traditional Libyan meals like couscous soup (harira).

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Al-Sha’ab Park is a large public park located in the center of Benghazi city that offers various recreational activities such as playgrounds, walking trails, picnic areas, and sports facilities.
    2. Martyrs’ Square is a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike. The square has recently been renovated with fountains, green spaces, and seating areas.
    3. Al-Madina Theater is a cultural center that hosts various events such as concerts, plays, and art exhibitions.
    4. Benghazi Zoo is home to a variety of animals including lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys and birds.
    5. Mediterranean Sea Beaches are several beaches along the Mediterranean coast near Benghazi where visitors can swim or relax on the sand.
    6. Sports Clubs are several sports clubs in Benghazi that offer facilities for football (soccer), basketball courts tennis etc., where people can engage themselves with physical activity or watch games played by local teams.


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