Changping, China

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Changping, China

Region: Beijing

Geographic Coordinates: 40.224800, 116.194000
Temperature Range: -30.0°C to 40.0°C (-22°F to 104°F)
Climate: Seasonal climate and weather patterns in Changping, China are influenced by a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and cool winters.
Population: 614821
Language: Mandarin

Changping is a district situated in the northern part of Beijing, China, Covering around 1, 400 square kilometers with a population of more than one million people. The district is renowned for its rich history, Cultural heritage and beautiful scenery. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Changping is the Ming Tombs. This UNESCO World Heritage site comprises 13 imperial tombs from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) located at Tianshou Mountain’s foot. Visitors can explore underground chambers filled with treasures and artifacts that have been preserved for centuries.

Another well-known attraction in Changping is Juyongguan Pass, Which was an essential military stronghold during ancient times built-in Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD). It served as a strategic gateway to Beijing from northern China. Today visitors can climb up to the top of Juyongguan Pass to enjoy panoramic views of surrounding mountains. For nature enthusiasts and outdoor activity lovers, Changping offers several options such as Longqing Gorge Scenic Area and Baiquan Mountain National Forest Park.

Longqing Gorge features crystal-clear waterfalls cascading down steep cliffs into turquoise pools below while Baiquan Mountain National Forest Park boasts lush forests filled with rare flora and fauna. Apart from its natural beauty, Changping also has a vibrant food scene with many local specialties such as roast duck; hot pot dishes made with lamb or beef broth infused with Chinese herbs like ginseng or goji berries; traditional dumplings stuffed with pork or vegetables; steamed buns filled with meat or sweet bean paste; noodles made from wheat flour or rice flour stir-fried with vegetables or meat.

Overall, Changping provides visitors an unforgettable experience combining ancient history, Stunning landscapes and delicious food options all within easy reach from Beijing’s city center making it one destination not to be missed!

Important Landmarks

  1. Ming Tombs: This UNESCO World Heritage site is the final resting place of 13 emperors from the Ming Dynasty and is a must-visit for history enthusiasts.
  2. Great Wall of China: The Changping district is home to numerous sections of the Great Wall, including the renowned Badaling section.
  3. Juyongguan Pass: An essential strategic location on the Great Wall, this mountain pass boasts breathtaking views and ancient architecture.
  4. Longqing Gorge: A scenic area famous for its crystal-clear water and dramatic cliffs, Longqing Gorge attracts many visitors looking to hike or boat.
  5. Shisanling Reservoir: This man-made lake offers peaceful natural surroundings ideal for fishing, boating, and hiking activities.
  6. Yanqi Lake Scenic Area: Outdoor enthusiasts flock to this popular destination for camping, fishing, kayaking, and other outdoor activities.
  7. Beijing Jundushan Ski Resort: Located in Changping’s mountainous region, this ski resort offers winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.
  8. Changping Nanshan Ski Village: Another well-known winter sports destination with ski slopes suitable for all skill levels.

Primary Industries

  1. Changping is a district in the northern part of Beijing, China.
  2. The area is home to various industries and businesses, including:
    • Information Technology with companies such as Lenovo, Microsoft and Oracle.
    • Biotechnology with companies like Novartis and AstraZeneca operating there.
    • Manufacturing companies producing items like electronics, textiles and machinery parts.
    • Agriculture-based business activities due to its location near mountains that have fertile soil conditions for farming. Vegetable farms are some examples of agriculture-based businesses found within this area.
  3. Education is another significant sector in the region, with several universities located within the district such as:
    • Beijing University of Technology
    • Capital Normal University
  4. Changping also attracts tourists due to its many attractions like:
    • The Ming Tombs
    • Juyongguan Great Wall
    • Longqing Gorge
  5. Lastly, environmental protection efforts have led to several recycling plants operating within the district which provide employment opportunities for locals.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Changping (260 BC) was a significant event during the Warring States period, where the state of Qin emerged victorious over the state of Zhao.
  2. The Ming Tombs are a cluster of mausoleums constructed for Ming Dynasty emperors in Changping District.
  3. Emperor Yongle was a prominent figure during the Ming Dynasty, who relocated the capital to Beijing and supervised construction projects such as the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven.
  4. Yang Guifei was an imperial consort from Tang Dynasty, known for her beauty but later banished to Changping after losing favor with Emperor Xuanzong.
  5. Zhang Zhongjing was a celebrated physician and author from Han Dynasty renowned for his medical texts like Treatise on Febrile Diseases.
  6. Liang Sicheng, an architect and scholar, played an instrumental role in preserving China’s architectural heritage by leading efforts to safeguard Great Wall and renovate ancient structures in Changping District.
  7. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is a historic waterway that passes through Changping District connecting Beijing with Hangzhou over 1,000 km away.
  8. The Marco Polo Bridge Incident (1937), also called Lugou Bridge Incident or Double Seventh Incident led to full-scale hostilities between China and Japan until 1945 when Japanese troops attacked Chinese forces near Marco Polo Bridge in Wanping County within modern-day Changping District causing it one of several events leading up to World War II.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Ming Tombs – a collection of mausoleums built by the Ming dynasty emperors.
  2. Juyongguan Great Wall – a well-preserved section of the Great Wall of China.
  3. Beijing Badaling Wildlife World – a safari park featuring over 10,000 animals from around the world.
  4. Changping Museum – showcasing the history and culture of Changping district.
  5. Nanshan Ski Village – a popular winter sports destination with ski slopes and other activities.
  6. Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival – an annual event featuring elaborate ice sculptures and lantern displays.
  7. Yanqi Lake Scenic Area – a picturesque lakeside area with parks, gardens, and cultural attractions.
  8. China Aviation Museum (Beijing) – one of the largest aviation museums in Asia, featuring over 200 aircraft on display.
  9. Dabaotai Western Han Dynasty Mausoleum Museum – an archaeological site showcasing ancient tombs from the Western Han dynasty.
  10. Dingling Tomb Museum – another tomb museum that is part of Ming Tombs complex where you can see artifacts from Emperor Wanli’s tomb.

Sports Teams

  1. After conducting research on the internet,
  2. I couldn’t find any significant sports teams or their histories in Changping, China.
  3. It seems that Changping is not known for its sports teams or athletics culture.

Cultural Events

  1. The Changping International Peach Blossom Festival is a yearly event that celebrates the blooming of peach blossoms in Changping, typically held in March or April. Visitors can enjoy the stunning scenery, sample local cuisine and participate in various activities.
  2. The Changping Dragon Boat Festival takes place on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month and features dragon boat races, cultural performances and traditional food.
  3. The Changping Watermelon Festival is an August celebration that marks the harvest of watermelons in Changping. Visitors can taste different varieties of watermelon and join fun activities such as watermelon-eating contests.
  4. The Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition runs from April to October 2019 and showcases horticultural products from China and other countries.
  5. The Chinese New Year Temple Fair is held during Chinese New Year at local temples with traditional performances, games, snacks and other festive activities.
  6. BITE (Beijing International Tourism Expo) promotes tourism destinations around China through exhibitions, seminars, cultural performances annually.
  7. During the Mid-Autumn Festival (September or October), visitors can enjoy lantern displays at parks throughout Changping with colorful lights depicting traditional Chinese images such as dragons or flowers.


  • Peking Duck at Liqun Roast Duck Restaurant
  • Hot Pot at Haidilao Hot Pot
  • Dumplings at Baoyuan Jiaozi Wu
  • Seafood at Xingyue Seafood Restaurant
  • Spicy Sichuan cuisine at Chuan Ban Restaurant
  • Cantonese dim sum at Yum Cha Dim Sum Restaurant
  • Shaanxi-style noodle dishes at Tianjin Baiji Laomian
  • Traditional Beijing snacks and desserts at Shuangjing Wenhua Yiyuan
  • Hunan-style spicy dishes and hot pot buffet at Xiangshui Huoguo Cheng
  • Taiwanese-style bubble tea and snacks from Coco or Heytea

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Changping Park
    2. Ming Tombs Reservoir Scenic Area
    3. Longqing Gorge Scenic Area
    4. Juyongguan Great Wall Scenic Area
    5. Badaling Wildlife World
    6. Yanqi Lake Scenic Area
    7. Beijing Botanical Garden
    8. Tiantongyuan Park
    9. Xishan National Forest Park
    10. Qinglong Gorge Rafting and Hiking Trail


    Enjoy The Journey.

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