Beppu, Japan

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Beppu, Japan

Region: Oita Prefecture

Geographic Coordinates: 33.279500, 131.500000
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 30.0°C (50°F to 86°F)
Climate: Beppu has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. The city experiences frequent rainfall throughout the year, with the wettest months being June and September.
Population: 115992
Language: Japanese

Beppu is a city located on the eastern coast of Kyushu Island in Japan, Famous for its hot springs with healing properties. The city boasts over 2, 000 hot springs and is known as the hot spring capital of Japan. Millions of tourists visit Beppu every year to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of its natural springs. The unique aspect of Beppu’s hot springs is that they are classified into eight different types, Each with their own distinct mineral content and health benefits.

These include sulfur springs for skin conditions, Iron-rich waters for anemia and fatigue, And alkaline waters for digestive problems. The Jigoku Meguri or Hell Tour is a popular attraction in Beppu that takes visitors to several hot spring sites featuring boiling mud pools, Geysers, And steam vents emitting sulfurous gases. Despite their ominous name, These sites offer fascinating views into the geological activity that created Beppu’s unique landscape. Apart from its hot springs attractions such as Takasakiyama Monkey Park allow visitors to observe wild Japanese macaques up close while enjoying scenic views from atop a hillside park.

The Umitamago Aquarium showcases marine life from around the world in an impressive facility with interactive exhibits. Foodies will also enjoy exploring Beppu’s local cuisine scene which features fresh seafood caught off Kyushu Island’s coast as well as local delicacies like chicken tempura and pork belly rice bowls. Overall, Beppu offers a one-of-a-kind experience for travelers seeking relaxation through natural therapy or those looking to explore Japan’s unique geography in a beautiful coastal setting.

With plenty of attractions both indoors and outdoors available year-round – including festivals such as the annual Onsen Matsuri (Hot Spring Festival) – there’s always something new to discover in Beppu.

Important Landmarks

  1. Beppu Onsen is a popular destination for tourists due to its hot springs.
  2. Take the Jigoku Meguri tour to explore eight unique hot springs with features like boiling mud and bubbling water.
  3. The Beppu Tower stands at 100 meters tall and provides stunning panoramic views of the city and mountains.
  4. Umi Jigoku boasts bright blue water that resembles the color of the sea.
  5. At Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden, visitors can get up close with monkeys in their natural habitat.
  6. Beppu Park offers beautiful gardens, ponds, and walking paths for visitors to enjoy.
  7. The Oita Fragrance Museum showcases exhibits on fragrances and perfumes throughout history and production processes.
  8. Relax in traditional Japanese steam baths made from volcanic rock at Kannawa Steam Baths.
  9. Myoban Yunosato Footbath Village is a village where you can soak your feet in natural spring water while enjoying scenic views of surrounding mountains.
  10. The Beppu Ropeway takes visitors up Mount Tsurumi for breathtaking views over Beppu Bay and Mt Yufudake.

Primary Industries

  1. Beppu is a well-known city in Japan, famous for its hot springs and tourism industry.
  2. The city has a diverse economy with major industries and businesses that include:
    • Tourism
    • Hospitality
    • Agriculture
    • Manufacturing
    • Education
    • Healthcare
  3. Tourism is one of the most significant industries in Beppu as millions of visitors come to enjoy the hot springs, traditional Japanese culture and scenic beauty every year.
  4. Hospitality businesses such as hotels, ryokans (traditional Japanese inns), restaurants and cafes cater to the needs of these tourists.
  5. The city also has a thriving agricultural sector that produces:
    • Rice
    • Vegetables like mandarins and grapes
    • Livestock such as cows and chickens
  6. Several manufacturing companies produce various products like:
    • Textiles (such as towels)
    • Electronics (like sensors)
    • Machinery parts
  7. Beppu is also home to several universities offering courses on various subjects like medicine or engineering which attract students from all over the world.
  8. Healthcare services are essential for an aging population living alone or with family members who cannot take care of them at home anymore. Therefore there are hospitals or clinics providing medical care for elderly people living in Beppu.
  9. Overall Beppu’s economy is diverse with multiple sectors contributing towards its growth making it an attractive place for both tourists and residents alike.

Noteable History

  1. The discovery of hot springs: According to legend, a monk named Gyoki discovered the first hot spring in Beppu in the 8th century.
  2. The development of Beppu as a spa town: In the Edo period (1603-1868), Beppu became a popular destination for people seeking healing and relaxation in its many hot springs.
  3. The founding of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University: This international university was founded in 2000 and is located on a hill overlooking Beppu Bay.
  4. The Oita Bank Dome: This domed stadium, located in nearby city Oita, hosted several matches during the 2002 FIFA World Cup.
  5. Jigoro Kano: Kano was born in Mikage, Hyogo Prefecture but spent his childhood years in Beppu where his father was a Shinto priest at Kannawa Shrine. He went on to found judo as a martial art and establish the International Judo Federation.
  6. Hayao Miyazaki: Miyazaki is one of Japan’s most famous animators and co-founder of Studio Ghibli; he has visited various locations around Kyushu including Beppu for inspiration for his films such as Spirited Away.
  7. Yasunari Kawabata: Kawabata was awarded Nobel Prize for Literature (1968) and lived part-time near Kannawa Onsen from 1949 until his suicide by gas inhalation at age 72 on April 16,1972
  8. Kiyoshi Atsumi : Atsumi starred as Tora-san an iconic character who appeared in over forty-eight movies between 1969-1995 that were set all over Japan including several scenes shot here at Kannawa Onsen

Museums and Things To See

  1. Beppu Jigoku (Beppu Hells)
  2. Beppu Tower
  3. Kannawa Onsen District
  4. Umitamago Aquarium
  5. Takegawara Onsen
  6. Beppu Art Museum
  7. Oita Fragrance Museum
  8. Beppu City Traditional Bamboo Crafts Center
  9. B-Con Plaza
  10. Beppu Rakutenchi Amusement Park

Sports Teams

  1. Beppu Soccer Club – Founded in 1983, this club participates in regional soccer leagues and tournaments.
  2. Beppu City Athletic Association – Established in 1950, this association promotes various sports activities such as track and field events, volleyball matches, basketball games, etc.
  3. Beppu City Handball Club – This club was founded in 1972 and has participated in several national handball competitions.
  4. Beppu Judo Club – Established over 70 years ago, this club has produced several national-level judo players.
  5. Oita Prefecture Swimming Federation- This federation promotes swimming events across Oita prefecture including Beppu city.

These teams have contributed to the sporting culture of Beppu by providing opportunities for residents to participate and enjoy different types of sports activities throughout the year.

Cultural Events

  1. Beppu Hot Springs Festival (Beppu Onsen Matsuri) is a three-day celebration held in February to honor the town’s hot springs. The festival features parades, dance performances, and firework displays.
  2. The Beppu Beach Sand Bath Marathon is a unique event held in late July where participants run on the beach and then relax their muscles with a sand bath.
  3. The Beppu Traditional Bamboo Craft Fair (Beppu Takezaiku Ten) takes place in early November and showcases local bamboo crafts like baskets, tea ceremony utensils, and furniture.
  4. The Beppu Art Walk is an annual event held in October that allows visitors to explore the town’s art galleries and museums for free.
  5. The Oita International Wheelchair Marathon attracts wheelchair athletes from around the world to compete on a course that passes through Beppu every year in February or March.
  6. Yufuin Fire Festival (Yufuin no Yaki) is held every year on January 15th where locals light torches along the streets of neighboring town Yufuin to ward off evil spirits and pray for good fortune for the coming year; it’s a popular festival among tourists as well as locals alike!


  1. Jigoku Mushi Kobo Kannawa: This restaurant offers a unique dish called Jigoku Mushi, which means hell steamed food. The food is cooked using natural steam from the hot springs in Beppu.
  2. Beppu Ramen: This is a well-known restaurant that serves delicious ramen noodles made with local spring water and served with various toppings.
  3. Takasakiya: A seafood specialist that serves fresh sashimi and grilled fish dishes.
  4. Toritenya: A favorite spot for fried chicken enthusiasts, this restaurant provides crispy chicken tempura with different dipping sauces.
  5. Onsen Tamago no Yu: This eatery provides traditional Japanese breakfasts featuring onsen (hot spring) boiled eggs and other local specialties.
  6. Kappo Ryokan Wakamatsu: A high-end dining experience where you can enjoy kaiseki-style multi-course meals made with fresh local ingredients.
  7. B-Speak Cafe & Bar: A trendy cafe that serves coffee, cocktails, sandwiches, and pastries inspired by Japanese flavors.
  8. Oita Shokudo Ichiba Market: A lively market where you can sample various local foods such as Oita beef skewers, takoyaki (octopus balls), and mochi (sweet rice cakes).

Parks and Recreation

  1. Beppu Park is a vast park that offers visitors a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature. It boasts of a lake, walking paths, and an array of seasonal flowers that make it an ideal spot for picnics and relaxation.
  2. Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden is home to different animals native to Japan, including monkeys and bears. It’s an excellent place for animal lovers who want to learn more about Japanese wildlife.
  3. Beppu Ropeway provides visitors with breathtaking views of the city below as they take a cable car ride up Mount Tsurumi.
  4. Umitamago Aquarium showcases marine life from around the world through its exhibits, making it an excellent place for anyone interested in aquatic creatures.
  5. Kannawa Steam Baths are hot springs where visitors can soak in mineral-rich waters while surrounded by natural beauty, providing them with a relaxing experience like no other.
  6. Kijima Kogen Park is perfect for thrill-seekers who love roller coasters and water rides as it features various attractions suitable for all ages.
  7. Suginoi Palace Hot Springs Resort is a luxurious resort that offers indoor and outdoor pools overlooking the city; it’s an ideal spot for anyone looking to unwind after exploring Beppu’s attractions.
  8. Beppu City Traditional Bamboo Crafts Center allows visitors to learn about traditional Japanese bamboo crafts while giving them the opportunity to try making their own souvenirs!
  9. Bungo Ono Castle Ruins Park lets visitors explore ancient castle ruins while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding countryside; history buffs will appreciate this attraction!
  10. Oita Marine Palace Aquarium Umitamago (Beppu) is another aquarium located near Beppu that showcases over 500 species of marine life from around the world!


Enjoy The Journey.

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