Bhātpāra, India

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Bhātpāra, India

Region: West Bengal

Geographic Coordinates: 22.870000, 88.410000
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 386019
Language: Bengali

Bhātpāra is a city located in the Hooghly district of West Bengal, India. The name Bhātpāra is derived from the Bengali words bhata meaning rice and para meaning locality. It is situated on the banks of the river Hooghly and is known for its rich cultural heritage, Historical significance, And natural beauty. The city has a long history dating back to ancient times. It was once an important center for trade and commerce during the Mughal period. Later on, It became an important hub for British East India Company’s trade activities in Bengal.

As a result, Bhātpāra has many historical landmarks that reflect its rich past. One such landmark is the Bandel Church which was built by Portuguese traders in 1599 AD. This church is one of the oldest surviving churches in India and attracts tourists from all over the world due to its unique architecture and historical significance. Another important attraction in Bhātpāra is the Imambara which was built by Nawab Muhammad Reza Khan in 1841 AD. The Imambara houses a mosque, A library containing rare manuscripts, And several other artifacts that reflect Islamic culture.

Apart from these landmarks, Bhātpāra also boasts several beautiful gardens like Kuthi Bari Park which offers scenic views of river Hooghly and Chandannagar Strand Park which has a beautiful promenade along with boating facilities. The city hosts several festivals throughout the year like Durga Puja, Diwali, Christmas among others where people come together to celebrate their culture with great enthusiasm. Bhapāra’s economy primarily depends upon agriculture as well as small-scale industries like jute mills and handloom weaving units that employ thousands of people from nearby villages.

Overall, Bhapara offers visitors an opportunity to experience traditional Indian culture while enjoying modern amenities making it an ideal destination for tourists looking to explore India’s rich history and culture.

Important Landmarks

  1. Bhattapara Lake: This scenic lake is situated in the heart of Bhātpāra town and is surrounded by lush green trees. Visitors can enjoy boating facilities.
  2. Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir: A popular Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman that attracts many devotees during festivals like Hanuman Jayanti.
  3. Mahamaya Temple: Another famous Hindu temple located near Bhattapara Lake that is dedicated to Goddess Kali and features intricate carvings and sculptures.
  4. Chakreshwar Mahadev Temple: This ancient Shiva temple situated on the banks of river Gomti attracts many pilgrims every year.
  5. Durga Puja Pandals: During Durga Puja festival, several pandals (temporary structures) are erected across Bhātpāra town with elaborate decorations depicting various themes related to Goddess Durga’s mythology.
  6. Nandan Kanan Water Park: A popular water park located on National Highway 30 that offers thrilling rides and water sports activities for visitors of all ages.
  7. Raipur Tea Estate: A beautiful tea estate located just outside Bhātpāra town where visitors can witness tea plucking, processing, and tasting sessions while enjoying scenic views of the surrounding hillsides.
  8. Kalighat Falls – Located at a distance of 25 km from Bhattapara Town,this waterfall offers breathtaking views amidst nature’s bounty making it an ideal picnic spot for locals as well as tourists visiting this region

Primary Industries

  1. Textile industry: Bhātpāra is known for its textile industry, with many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) engaged in manufacturing cotton fabrics, sarees, dress materials, etc.
  2. Chemical industry: The town has a few chemical industries that produce dyes and pigments.
  3. Food processing industry: There are several food processing units in Bhātpāra that manufacture products like biscuits, chips, namkeen (savory snacks), etc.
  4. Engineering industry: The town has a number of small engineering firms that produce machinery parts and components.
  5. Retail sector: Bhātpāra has a bustling retail sector with many shops selling clothes, electronics goods, household items etc.
  6. Service sector: The town also has a growing service sector with banks, insurance companies and other service providers setting up offices here.
  7. Education sector: There are several schools and colleges in Bhātpāra which provide education to students from nearby areas.
  8. Healthcare services: There are several hospitals and clinics in the town which cater to the healthcare needs of the local population as well as those from nearby areas.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Plassey in 1757 when the British East India Company defeated Siraj ud-Daulah, the last independent Nawab of Bengal near Bhātpāra. This marked a turning point in Indian history and paved the way for British colonial rule.
  2. Rishi Aurobindo, one of India’s most influential spiritual leaders and philosophers, was born in Bhātpāra in 1872. He founded the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry and developed a new approach to yoga known as Integral Yoga.
  3. Swami Vivekananda, another famous spiritual leader who visited Bhātpāra several times during his travels across India to give lectures on Vedanta philosophy.
  4. Ramakrishna Mission is a charitable organization founded by Swami Vivekananda that promotes social welfare and spiritual values with a branch located in Bhātpāra providing education and medical services to local communities.
  5. Jagadish Chandra Bose, a renowned scientist who made significant contributions to radio science, plant physiology, and biophysics was born near Bhātpāra in 1858.
  6. Kazi Nazrul Islam was a Bengali poet, musician, and revolutionary who lived for some time in Bhātpāra before moving to Kolkata earning him the moniker rebel poet.
  7. Satyajit Ray was one of India’s greatest filmmakers who spent much of his childhood living with his grandparents in Bhātpara which later influenced his films despite being born near Kolkata.
  8. The princely state ‘Bhatapara Raj’ existed from the 16th century until Indian independence in 1947 known for their patronage towards arts & culture having many notable poets,musicians & artists associated with the court.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Nandalal Bose Memorial Art Gallery is a museum that pays tribute to the life and works of the renowned artist, Nandalal Bose.
  2. Boro Kuthi is an ancient mansion constructed in the 18th century, which now serves as a museum showcasing Bhātpāra’s history and culture.
  3. Banerjee Bari is a historic house that has been transformed into a museum featuring artifacts related to Bengali culture and tradition.
  4. Shyamrai Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, known for its intricate terracotta carvings.
  5. Tarakeswar Temple is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site located near Bhātpāra, known for its stunning architecture and religious significance.
  6. Chandannagar Museum and Institute is a cultural center that highlights the history of Chandannagar, including its French colonial heritage.
  7. Imambara Sharif is an important Islamic shrine situated in Hooghly district, which attracts visitors from all over India.
  8. Hangseshwari Temple is another popular Hindu temple located in Hooghly district, known for its beautiful architecture and peaceful surroundings.
  9. Bandel Church stands as one of India’s oldest Christian churches built by Portuguese settlers during the 16th century.
  10. Gadiara offers picturesque views where River Ganges meets Bay of Bengal with boating facilities available too!

Cultural Events

  1. Durga Puja – It is a major Hindu festival celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion in Bhātpāra.
  2. Kali Puja – Another significant Hindu festival that is celebrated in honor of Goddess Kali.
  3. Saraswati Puja – It is a festival dedicated to the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, Saraswati.
  4. Holi – A colorful festival that signifies the victory of good over evil and celebrates spring’s arrival.
  5. Eid-ul-Fitr – A Muslim festival that marks the end of Ramadan fasting.
  6. Christmas – Celebrated by Christians with festive decorations, carols, and feasting on December 25th every year.
  7. Basanta Utsav – A celebration of spring season with music, dance performances, flower shows held at various locations across Bhātpāra.
  8. Baul Mela- An annual fair where Baul musicians from all over West Bengal come together to showcase their musical talents.


  • Luchi-Cholar Dal: A famous breakfast dish consisting of deep-fried puffed bread and lentil curry.
  • Macher Jhol: A spicy fish curry made with locally caught fish.
  • Mishti Doi: A sweetened yogurt dessert that is a specialty of West Bengal.
  • Bhojohori Manna: This restaurant serves traditional Bengali cuisine, including seafood dishes like prawn malai curry and mustard fish.
  • Kasturi Restaurant: Known for its delicious biryani and kebabs, this restaurant is a must-visit for meat lovers.
  • Anandamela Restaurant: This vegetarian restaurant offers a variety of dishes including thalis, dosas, and chaats.
  • The Yellow Chilli by Sanjeev Kapoor: This upscale restaurant serves contemporary Indian cuisine with a modern twist.
  • Cafe Coffee Day: A popular chain of cafes serving coffee and snacks such as sandwiches and pastries.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Millennium Park: This park is situated in the heart of Bhātpāra city and is well-known for its large lake, beautiful gardens, and various recreational activities such as boating, cycling, and jogging.
  2. Nivedita Park: Named after Sister Nivedita – a disciple of Swami Vivekananda – this park boasts lush greenery, walking paths, and a children’s play area.
  3. Kalyani Stadium: This stadium hosts several sports events like football matches and cricket tournaments.
  4. Nehru Children’s Museum: Dedicated to children, this museum has interactive exhibits on science, history, art, and culture.
  5. Birla Industrial & Technological Museum: Showcasing the development of science and technology in India through interactive exhibits.
  6. Eco Park: Located near Kolkata airport with several attractions such as butterfly garden, musical fountain show & boating facilities on the lake etc.
  7. West Bengal State Archaeological Museum : The museum displays some rare collections that belong to different periods from ancient times to modern times including sculptures , terracotta figurines , manuscripts etc .
  8. Rabindra Sarobar : A large water body which offers boating facilities .
  9. Nazrul Tirtha Cultural Centre : Offers cultural programmes , theatre shows etc .
  10. Salt Lake Central Park : A well-maintained park with walking tracks , fountains etc .


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