Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

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Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Region: Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Geographic Coordinates: 47.133300, 7.250000
Climate: Climate and weather patterns in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland vary throughout the year.
Population: 55159
Language: French

Biel/Bienne, Located in the heart of Switzerland, Is a captivating city that beautifully blends its rich history with modernity. Nestled between the Jura Mountains and Lake Biel, This bilingual city offers a unique cultural experience where both French and German are spoken. With a population of around 55, 000 people, Biel/Bienne is the country’s tenth largest city and serves as an important economic hub. One of the most striking features of Biel/Bienne is its stunning natural surroundings. The crystal-clear waters of Lake Biel provide an idyllic setting for various water activities such as sailing, Swimming, And fishing.

The nearby Jura Mountains offer breathtaking panoramic views and endless opportunities for hiking or mountain biking enthusiasts. Steeped in history, Biel/Bienne boasts an impressive architectural heritage. The old town showcases beautiful medieval buildings adorned with colorful facades that transport visitors back in time. A must-visit landmark is the Gothic-style St. Benedict Church with its intricate stained glass windows and ornate interior. For those interested in horology (the study of timekeeping), Biel/Bienne is renowned as the watchmaking capital of Switzerland.

The Omega Museum takes visitors on a fascinating journey through time to explore the evolution of watches while offering insights into Swiss craftsmanship traditions. Art lovers will be delighted by numerous galleries scattered throughout the city showcasing contemporary works by local artists as well as international exhibitions. One such gallery worth visiting is Pasquart Kunsthaus Bienne which hosts rotating exhibits featuring various art forms including paintings, Sculptures, Photography, And installations. Biel/Bienne also offers a vibrant culinary scene that caters to all tastes and budgets.

From cozy traditional Swiss restaurants serving fondue or raclette to trendy cafes offering fusion cuisine from around the world – there’s something for everyone here! Don’t miss out on trying some local delicacies like Rösti (a potato dish) or Berner Platte (a hearty meat platter). In terms of events and festivals, Biel/Bienne truly comes alive throughout the year. The International Chess Festival attracts chess enthusiasts from around the globe, While the Omega European Masters Golf Tournament draws top players to showcase their skills.

The city also hosts a renowned music festival called Biel/Bienne Festival, Featuring a diverse range of musical genres and performers. Whether you’re interested in exploring history, Immersing yourself in nature, Or indulging in culinary delights, Biel/Bienne offers a captivating experience that will leave you with lasting memories. Its harmonious blend of tradition and innovation makes it an ideal destination for those seeking both cultural enrichment and natural beauty within the heart of Switzerland.

Important Landmarks

  1. Zytglogge (Clock Tower): A medieval clock tower with an astronomical clock dating back to the 16th century.
  2. Biel/Bienne Old Town: Explore the charming historic district with its well-preserved architecture, narrow streets, and beautiful squares.
  3. Omega Museum: Discover the history of one of the world’s most renowned watchmakers at this museum dedicated to Omega watches.
  4. Lake Biel/Bienne: Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the picturesque lakeside promenade or take a boat tour to admire stunning views of the lake and surrounding landscapes.
  5. NMB Nouveau Musée Bienne: This contemporary art museum showcases various exhibitions featuring local and international artists.
  6. Swiss Reformed Church: Visit this beautiful church located in Biel’s old town, known for its impressive stained glass windows and serene atmosphere.
  7. Photoforum Pasquart: A cultural center that hosts photography exhibitions by both established and emerging artists from around the world.
  8. Leubringen Funicular Railway: Take a ride on this historic funicular railway that connects Biel/Bienne with Magglingen/Macolin, offering panoramic views over Lake Biel/Bienne and the Jura Mountains.
  9. Maison des Dragons (House of Dragons): An interactive museum dedicated to dragons where visitors can learn about their myths, legends, and cultural significance throughout history.
  10. Tissot Arena: If you’re a sports fan, catch a game or event at this modern multi-purpose arena hosting ice hockey matches, concerts, and more.

Primary Industries

  1. Watchmaking: Biel/Bienne is renowned for its watchmaking industry, with several prestigious watch manufacturers located in the city, including Rolex, Swatch Group (Omega, Longines), Tissot, and many others.
  2. Precision engineering: The city has a strong presence in precision engineering, producing high-quality components for various industries such as automotive, medical technology, electronics, and telecommunications.
  3. Machinery manufacturing: Biel/Bienne is home to numerous machinery manufacturing companies that produce equipment for different sectors like textile machinery, automation technology, metalworking machines etc.
  4. Microtechnology: The region is known for its expertise in microtechnology and nanotechnology. Several research institutes and companies specialize in developing innovative products in this field.
  5. Medical devices: Biel/Bienne hosts several companies involved in the production of medical devices such as surgical instruments, implants, diagnostic equipment and dental products.
  6. Plastics industry: The city has a significant presence of plastic processing companies that manufacture various plastic components used across different sectors like automotive parts or packaging materials.
  7. Information technology: Biel/Bienne also houses IT companies specializing in software development services or providing IT solutions to businesses across Switzerland.
  8. Retail sector: Being a regional economic center with a population of over 100 thousand people (including nearby towns), there are numerous retail businesses catering to local consumers’ needs.

Additionally to these major industries mentioned above; other sectors such as biotechnology/biomedical research or renewable energy also have some presence but on a smaller scale compared to the aforementioned ones.

Noteable History

  1. The Foundation: Biel/Bienne was founded in 1275 when the Prince-Bishop of Basel granted it city rights.
  2. Watchmaking Industry: Biel/Bienne has a long-standing tradition in watchmaking, dating back to the 16th century. The industry flourished in the 19th century when factories were established, making it a significant center for Swiss watch production.
  3. Friedrich Dürrenmatt: Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921-1990), one of Switzerland’s most renowned playwrights and authors, was born in Biel/Bienne. His works include The Visit and The Physicists.
  4. Language Bilingualism: A unique aspect of Biel/Bienne is its bilingual nature as both German and French are official languages due to its location on the linguistic border between German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland.
  5. Omega Museum: Omega, one of the world’s leading luxury watch brands, originated in Biel/Bienne in 1848. The Omega Museum showcases the brand’s history and innovations over time.
  6. Tissot Watches: Another prominent Swiss watchmaker based in Biel/Bienne is Tissot SA, founded by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile Tissot in 1853.
  7. International Chess Tournament: Since 1968, Biel/Bienne hosts an annual international chess tournament called Grandmaster Tournament. Many world-class chess players have participated in this prestigious event.
  8. Leubringen Abbey: Located near Biel/Bienne is Leubringen Abbey (Kloster Leubringen), founded around 1130 AD by Augustinian canons from Moutier – Grandval Abbey. It played an influential role in the region’s religious and cultural history.
  9. Twannberg Battle: In 1336, a significant battle took place near Biel/Bienne at Twannberg. The forces of Bern defeated those of the Habsburgs, securing independence for the city and its surrounding territories.
  10. Lake Biel: Lake Biel (Lac de Bienne) is a picturesque lake that borders the city and offers various recreational activities such as boating, swimming, and fishing.

These are just a few examples of notable historical events and people associated with Biel/Bienne, showcasing its significance in watchmaking, literature, language diversity, cultural heritage, and more.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Omega Museum: A museum dedicated to the history of the prestigious Swiss watchmaker, Omega. Visitors can explore a vast collection of timepieces and learn about the brand’s innovations and contributions to horology.
  2. Centre PasquArt: This contemporary art center showcases a diverse range of exhibitions featuring local and international artists. It also hosts workshops, lectures, and events related to contemporary art.
  3. Neuhaus Museum: Located in an 18th-century mansion, this museum highlights the history and culture of Biel/Bienne through various exhibits including archaeological artifacts, historical documents, traditional crafts, and more.
  4. Photoforum Pasquart: A photography-focused institution that presents rotating exhibitions showcasing different genres and styles of photography from both emerging and established artists.
  5. Maison de l’Absinthe: Explore the world of absinthe at this unique museum dedicated to Switzerland’s famous green spirit. Learn about its history, production process, myths surrounding it, and even enjoy a tasting session.
  6. Old Town (Vieille Ville): Take a stroll through Biel/Bienne’s charming Old Town with its picturesque streets lined with historic buildings dating back centuries. Don’t miss landmarks like Stadtkirche (City Church) or Ring Tower offering panoramic views over the city.
  7. Lake Biel/Bienne: Enjoy some outdoor recreation by visiting Lake Biel/Bienne which offers beautiful scenery for walks along its shores or boat trips on its calm waters.
  8. Leubringen Tower: Located on top of Mount Leubringen just outside Biel/Bienne is this medieval tower offering breathtaking views over the cityscape as well as hiking trails in the surrounding forested area.
  9. NMB Nouveau Musée Bienne (New Museum Bienne): An interdisciplinary cultural center hosting temporary exhibitions that cover various subjects such as art, design, architecture literature or science.
  10. Biel/Bienne Art Center: A vibrant space that hosts contemporary art exhibitions, performances, and cultural events. It also offers workshops and courses for those interested in exploring their artistic side.

Sports Teams

  1. EHC Biel-Bienne: The EHC Biel-Bienne is an ice hockey team that plays in the Swiss National League. It was founded in 1939 and has a rich history in Swiss ice hockey. The team has won several championships and has been a prominent force in Swiss ice hockey.
  2. FC Biel-Bienne: FC Biel-Bienne is a football (soccer) club based in Biel/Bienne. Founded in 1896, it currently competes in the lower leagues of Swiss football.
  3. HC Bienne Spirit: HC Bienne Spirit is a women’s ice hockey team based in Biel/Bienne. It was founded in 2004 and competes at the highest level of women’s ice hockey leagues in Switzerland.
  4. Volleyball Club Uni Bern-Biel: The volleyball club represents both the cities of Bern and Biel/Bienne, as it was formed through a merger between teams from both cities. They compete at various levels within the Swiss volleyball league system.
  5. Basketball Club Union Neuchâtel Basket (BC Union): While not directly based in Biel/Bienne, BC Union Neuchâtel Basket is one of Switzerland’s top basketball teams and has had significant support from fans across different regions, including those from Biel/Bienne.
  6. Handballclub Suhr/Aarau (HCSA): Although not located directly within the city limits, Handballclub Suhr/Aarau is considered one of Switzerland’s top handball clubs with strong support from fans across different regions, including those from Biel/Bienne.

These are some notable sports teams associated with or supported by residents of Biel/Bienne; however, please note that this list may not be exhaustive as there could be other local or regional teams representing various sports disciplines within or around the city as well.

Cultural Events

  1. International Jazz Festival: This renowned festival takes place in June and attracts jazz enthusiasts from all over the world. It features performances by international jazz artists in various venues across the city.
  2. Omega European Masters: Held annually in September, this prestigious golf tournament brings together top professional golfers from Europe and beyond to compete on the beautiful Golf Club Crans-sur-Sierre course.
  3. Bieler Lauftage: Taking place in April, this running event offers a range of races for all ages and abilities, including a marathon, half-marathon, 10K run, and children’s races.
  4. Fête de l’Absinthe: Celebrated in May or June (depending on the year), this festival is dedicated to absinthe, a famous Swiss alcoholic beverage. Visitors can enjoy tastings, learn about its history, and participate in various activities related to absinthe culture.
  5. Christmas Market: During December, Biel/Bienne transforms into a winter wonderland with its charming Christmas market held at Place du Marché. Visitors can explore stalls selling crafts, food specialties like raclette or mulled wine (glühwein), as well as enjoy festive entertainment.
  6. Swiss National Day Celebrations: On August 1st each year, Switzerland celebrates its national day with various events across the country including fireworks displays and open-air concerts in Biel/Bienne’s public parks.

These are just a few examples of cultural events and festivals that take place in Biel/Bienne; there may be other smaller-scale events happening throughout the year as well.


Swiss Dishes:

  1. Fondue: A traditional Swiss dish made with melted cheese and served with bread cubes or potatoes.
  2. Raclette: Another cheese-based dish where the cheese is melted and scraped onto boiled potatoes, pickles, onions, and cured meats.
  3. Rösti: A Swiss-style potato pancake that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
  4. Zürcher Geschnetzeltes: Sliced veal cooked in a creamy white wine and mushroom sauce.

Popular Restaurants in Biel/Bienne:

  1. Restaurant Schloss Twann: Located in a castle overlooking Lake Biel, it offers a fine dining experience with a focus on local ingredients.
  2. Restaurant Lago Lodge: Situated right by Lake Biel, this restaurant serves delicious seafood dishes along with stunning views.
  3. Restaurant Le Pirate: Known for its Mediterranean cuisine, it offers fresh seafood dishes as well as other international options.
  4. Restaurant Altstadt Metzg Bistro & Bar: This cozy bistro serves traditional Swiss dishes like fondue and raclette in a charming Old Town setting.
  5. Brasserie L’Entrecôte Bienne-Biel: Famous for its steak frites concept, this restaurant specializes in serving tender steak accompanied by their secret sauce.

These are just a few examples of the many culinary options available in Biel/Bienne that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Lake Biel/Bienne: The lake offers various water activities such as swimming, sailing, and boating.
  2. Strandboden: Located on the shores of Lake Biel/Bienne, this park has a sandy beach area where visitors can relax, sunbathe, or have a picnic.
  3. Arboretum Park: A beautiful park with numerous trees and plants from around the world. It is perfect for leisurely walks and enjoying nature.
  4. Jardin Anglais (English Garden): Situated near the city center, this park features well-manicured lawns, flower beds, and walking paths.
  5. Skatepark Moos: A popular spot for skateboarders and BMX riders with ramps and obstacles suitable for different skill levels.
  6. Schlosspark Nidau: This park surrounds Nidau Castle and offers stunning views of Lake Biel/Bienne. It is ideal for walks or bike rides.
  7. Gurzelen Park: Located on a hill overlooking the city, this park has playgrounds for children as well as walking trails for adults to enjoy panoramic views of Biel/Bienne.
  8. Adventure Park Seilpark Magglingen/Macolin: An adventure park with high ropes courses suitable for all ages offering thrilling challenges amidst nature.
  9. Mühlefeld Sports Center: This sports complex provides facilities for tennis courts, football fields, running tracks, beach volleyball courts etc., catering to various outdoor sports enthusiasts.
  10. Biel-Bözingen Forest Adventure Trail (Wald-Erlebnisweg): A family-friendly trail through the forest with interactive stations providing information about local flora/fauna while keeping kids entertained.


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