Bloemfontein, South Africa

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Bloemfontein, South Africa

Region: Free State

Geographic Coordinates: -29.116700, 26.216700
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 35.0°C (14°F to 95°F)
Climate: Dry winters, hot summers, and occasional thunderstorms.
Population: 256185
Language: Afrikaans

Bloemfontein is the capital city of the Free State Province in South Africa. It is known as the City of Roses due to its abundance of rose gardens and hosts an annual rose festival. The city has a population of approximately 500, 000 people and is situated in the heart of South Africa, Making it a hub for transportation and commerce. The history of Bloemfontein dates back to 1846 when it was founded by British settlers as a fort during their colonization efforts.

During the Boer War (1899-1902), Bloemfontein served as the capital city for both British and Boer forces at different times. Today, Bloemfontein boasts numerous museums, Art galleries, Historical landmarks such as the National Women’s Monument that commemorates women who died during the Anglo-Boer War. The Oliewenhuis Art Museum features contemporary art exhibitions from local artists while Naval Hill offers panoramic views over the city. Sports enthusiasts will find plenty to do in Bloemfontein with rugby being one of its most popular sports.

The Free State Stadium hosts international rugby matches and has been home to many successful rugby teams including Cheetahs Rugby Union team which competes in Super Rugby competitions. Nature lovers can explore nearby reserves such as Franklin Game Reserve or Soetdoring Nature Reserve where they can see various wildlife species including giraffes, Zebras, Antelopes among others. Additionally, The Free State Botanical Garden showcases indigenous flora from across South Africa while Loch Logan Waterfront offers visitors an opportunity to relax by water bodies.

In terms of education, Bloemfontein hosts several universities including University Of The Free State (UFS) which is one of South Africa’s top universities offering world-class education across all faculties. Bloemfontein has a semi-arid climate with hot summers and chilly winters. The city is accessible via road, Rail or air transport with Bram Fischer International Airport serving both domestic and international flights. Bloemfontein is a vibrant city that offers visitors an opportunity to explore South Africa’s rich cultural heritage, Enjoy outdoor activities such as game drives or hiking while enjoying its breathtaking scenery.

Its strategic location makes it an ideal destination for business travelers as well as tourists looking to explore other parts of South Africa.

Important Landmarks

  1. Naval Hill is a stunning nature reserve situated in the heart of Bloemfontein, providing breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings.
  2. The Free State National Botanical Garden is an excellent destination for nature enthusiasts as it houses a diverse range of South African flora and fauna.
  3. Oliewenhuis Art Museum boasts an extensive collection of contemporary South African art, along with temporary exhibitions from around the world.
  4. Loch Logan Waterfront offers visitors a plethora of leisure activities including shopping, dining at various restaurants, watching movies at cinemas, and more.
  5. The Anglo Boer War Museum showcases exhibits that provide insights into the history of the Anglo-Boer War through artifacts, photographs and dioramas.
  6. Fourth Raadsaal was constructed in 1899 to serve as the seat of government for Orange Free State Republic; it has been preserved as a national monument today.
  7. Windmill Casino & Entertainment Centre is a popular entertainment hub where tourists can enjoy slot machines, table games and live performances by local artists.
  8. Franklin Game Reserve is located on Bloemfontein’s outskirts and serves as a wildlife sanctuary where visitors can observe several species such as giraffes, zebras and antelopes up close in their natural habitat.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture
    • Maize
    • Wheat
    • Sunflowers
    • Sorghum
  2. Education
    • University of the Free State
    • Central University of Technology
  3. Healthcare
    • Netcare Universitas Hospital
    • Mediclinic Bloemfontein
  4. Manufacturing
    • Food processing
    • Clothing production
    • Metal fabrication
    • Machinery production
  5. Mining
    • Gold
    • Diamonds
    • Other minerals
  6. Retail
    • Loch Logan Waterfront Mall
    • Mimosa Mall
  7. Tourism
    • National Museum
    • Oliewenhuis Art Museum
    • Naval Hill Nature Reserve

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Bloemfontein in 1896 was a significant event during the Second Boer War, where British forces fought against Boer rebels within the city.
  2. Bloemfontein was founded in 1846 by Sir George Napier, a British colonial administrator who established it as a military outpost.
  3. In 1962, Nelson Mandela’s trial took place in Bloemfontein after he was arrested on charges of inciting workers to strike and leaving the country without permission.
  4. Olive Schreiner, a South African author, feminist and political activist lived in Bloemfontein for several years during the late 1800s.
  5. Bram Fischer defended Nelson Mandela during his trial in Bloemfontein; he was an anti-apartheid activist and lawyer.
  6. J.R.R Tolkien spent some time as a child living in Bloemfontein while his father worked at a bank there; he is known for writing The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  7. J.B.M Hertzog grew up in Bloemfontein where he studied law at Grey College before practicing law there after graduation until entering politics; he served as Prime Minister of South Africa from 1924 to 1939.
  8. The National Women’s Monument is located just outside of Bloemfontein and serves as a memorial for women and children who died during the Second Boer War which occurred from 1899-1902.
  9. Free State Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium that hosted matches during both Rugby World Cup tournaments held in South Africa (1995 &2007).
  10. The Central University of Technology is one of two universities located within Bloemfontein; it offers education focused on technology subjects within South Africa along with three other universities offering similar programs across the country.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Oliewenhuis Art Museum
  2. National Museum Bloemfontein
  3. Anglo Boer War Museum
  4. Naval Hill Planetarium and Observatory
  5. Women’s Monument and War Museum
  6. Loch Logan Waterfront
  7. Windmill Casino and Entertainment Centre
  8. Free State National Botanical Garden
  9. Fourth Raadsaal (Provincial Legislature) Building
  10. Franklin Nature Reserve

Sports Teams

  1. Free State Cheetahs Rugby Team: The Free State Cheetahs rugby team was founded in 1895 and is one of the oldest rugby teams in South Africa. They are based in Bloemfontein and have won several domestic championships, including the Currie Cup.
  2. Bloemfontein Celtic Football Club: The Bloemfontein Celtic football club was founded in 1969 and is based in Bloemfontein. They have won several domestic championships, including the Telkom Knockout Cup.
  3. Mangaung Unite FC: Mangaung United FC is a South African soccer club that plays its home games at Dr Molemela Stadium in Bloemfontein. The team was formed from a merger of two clubs, City Pillars FC and Roses United FC.
  4. Central University of Technology Rugby Club: The Central University of Technology Rugby Club is an amateur rugby club that plays its home games at CUT Stadium in Bloemfontein. They compete against other university and amateur teams from around South Africa.
  5. KovsieNetball Team: The KovsieNetball Team represents the University of the Free State (UFS) and competes against other university netball teams from around South Africa. They have won several national championships over the years.
  6. Knights Cricket Team: The Knights cricket team is based at Mangaung Oval cricket stadium in Bloemfontein and competes in domestic competitions such as the CSA T20 Challenge, Momentum One Day Cup, and Four-Day Franchise Series.
  7. CUT Ixias Football Club: CUT Ixias Football Club represents Central University of Technology (CUT) students who participate in varsity football competitions across South Africa.

Cultural Events

  1. Mangaung African Cultural Festival (MACUFE) – a 10-day celebration of African arts, culture, and music.
  2. Bloem Show – an annual agricultural show featuring livestock exhibitions, farming equipment displays, and local produce.
  3. Free State Arts Festival – a week-long event showcasing local and national artists in theatre, dance, music, and visual arts.
  4. Vrystaat Literature Festival – a literary festival that celebrates South African literature through book launches, author discussions, and poetry readings.
  5. Manguang Jazz Festival – an annual jazz festival featuring both local and international musicians.
  6. International Film Festival – a film festival that showcases independent films from around the world.
  7. Bloemfontein Rose Show – an exhibition of locally grown roses by gardeners in the area.
  8. Free State Fashion Week – A fashion event showcasing the latest designs from emerging designers in South Africa.
  9. Bloemfontein Food & Wine Expo- An expo where visitors can sample food from various restaurants while enjoying different types of wine.


  • Braai (barbecue) – The locals love to grill meat over an open flame, and there are many braai spots in the city.
  • Boerewors – A traditional South African sausage made from beef or lamb, often served with pap (maize porridge).
  • Vetkoek – A deep-fried dough ball filled with savory or sweet fillings like mince or jam.
  • Potjiekos – A slow-cooked stew made with meat and vegetables in a cast-iron pot.
  • Die Mystic Boer – This popular live music venue also serves up delicious pub grub like burgers and pizza.
  • New York Restaurant & Grill – Known for their steaks, ribs, and burgers cooked to perfection on an open flame grill.
  • Avanti Italian Restaurant – Offers authentic Italian cuisine including homemade pasta dishes and wood-fired pizzas.
  • Seven on Kellner Street – Serves up gourmet burgers, sandwiches, salads, and craft beers in a trendy setting.
  • De Oude Kraal Country Estate & Spa – Offers fine dining experiences featuring locally sourced ingredients paired with award-winning wines from the region.
  • The Windmill Casino Complex – Home to several restaurants serving a variety of cuisines including Asian fusion at Rosetta’s Kitchen & Barbecue; Mediterranean-inspired dishes at Aqua; seafood specialties at Fishaways; and fast food options at Steers & Debonairs Pizza.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Naval Hill Nature Reserve is a popular park that offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and wildlife viewing opportunities.
    2. Free State National Botanical Garden is a beautiful garden with walking trails, bird watching opportunities, and picnic spots.
    3. Loch Logan Waterfront is a bustling area with shops, restaurants, and water activities such as boat rides and kayaking.
    4. Franklin Game Reserve is a nature reserve that features hiking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities.
    5. Oliewenhuis Art Museum & Park consists of an art museum surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens that are perfect for picnics or leisurely walks.
    6. Mimosa Mall is a shopping center that includes cinemas, restaurants, and other entertainment options.
    7. Bloemfontein Zoo houses various animal species including lions, tigers, bears etc
    8. Bloemfontein Golf Club provides the opportunity to play golf in your free time
    9. Mangaung Oval is a cricket stadium where people can watch live cricket matches


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