City of Parañaque, Philippines

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City of Parañaque, Philippines

Region: Parañaque City

Geographic Coordinates: 14.470000, 121.020000
Temperature Range: 22.0°C to 35.0°C (72°F to 95°F)
Climate: Parañaque has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons: a wet season from May to November and a dry season from December to April. The average temperature is around 27°C (81°F) throughout the year.
Population: 689992
Language: Filipino

Parañaque City is a highly urbanized city located in the southern part of Metro Manila, Philippines. It shares borders with Pasay City to the north, Taguig City to the northeast, Muntinlupa City to the southeast and Las Piñas City to the southwest. The city has a total land area of 47.69 square kilometers and a population of around 665, 000 people as of 2020. The history of Parañaque dates back from pre-colonial times when it was known as Palanyag or Palanan-yug which means a place where fish abound.

During Spanish colonization, It became one of the first towns established in Metro Manila and was later named Parañaque after its patron saint Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso. Parañaque is famous for its vibrant culture and colorful festivals such as Bailes de Luces (Dance of Lights) which is celebrated every December in honor of their patron saint. The festival features street dancing with participants wearing illuminated costumes that light up at night.

Apart from its cultural heritage, Parañaque also boasts several tourist attractions such as SM Mall Of Asia – one of the largest shopping malls in Asia; Okada Manila – a luxurious resort and casino complex; and Resorts World Manila – an integrated resort that offers entertainment, Shopping, Dining and gaming facilities.

Parañaque has several historical sites including Our Lady Of The Most Holy Rosary Parish Church which was built during Spanish colonial period; Fortunato Halili Avenue or better known as Sucat Road which used to be part of an old highway system that connected Cavite province with Metro Manila; and Japanese Cemetery Park which serves as a memorial for Japanese soldiers who died during World War II.

In terms of education, Parañaque has numerous schools ranging from pre-schools to universities such as Olivarez College-Parañaque Campus located along Dr. A Santos Avenue, St. Paul College Parañaque located along President’s Avenue and PATTS College of Aeronautics located in Brgy. San Isidro. Furthermore, The city is also home to several industrial parks and commercial centers such as the Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) – a modern transportation hub that connects various modes of transport including buses, Jeepneys and taxis.

Overall, Parañaque City is a bustling metropolis that offers a blend of rich history, Cultural heritage, Modern amenities and entertainment facilities making it an ideal destination for tourists and locals alike.

Important Landmarks

  1. Baclaran Church – a popular pilgrimage site for Catholics and home to the National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.
  2. SM Mall of Asia – one of the largest shopping malls in Asia with an Olympic-sized ice skating rink, IMAX theater, and outdoor concert grounds.
  3. City of Dreams Manila – an integrated resort that houses hotels, casinos, restaurants, and entertainment venues such as DreamPlay by DreamWorks.
  4. Resorts World Manila – another integrated resort with a casino, hotel accommodations, theaters, shopping centers and dining options.
  5. Okada Manila – a luxurious hotel-casino complex with various amenities including indoor beach club and fountain shows.
  6. San Dionisio Church – a historic church built during Spanish colonial times featuring Baroque-style architecture.
  7. Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum – showcases the history of aviation in the Philippines through exhibits on aircraft used by the Philippine Air Force from World War II up to present day.
  8. Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 – is known for its unique architectural design inspired by traditional Filipino nipa huts or bahay kubo.

Primary Industries

  1. Manufacturing – The city has a thriving manufacturing industry that includes food processing, electronics, and textiles.
  2. Service sector – The service sector is a major contributor to the economy of Parañaque. It includes banking, finance, healthcare, education, and tourism.
  3. Real estate – The city has experienced rapid growth in the real estate industry over the past few years due to its proximity to Metro Manila and its strategic location.
  4. Retail – There are several shopping malls in Parañaque such as SM City Sucat and SM City Bicutan that provide employment opportunities for locals.
  5. Construction – Due to ongoing development projects in the city such as infrastructure improvements and new residential areas being built, construction is also a significant industry in Parañaque.
  6. Transportation – With its close proximity to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), transportation services like taxi companies are also prevalent in the city.
  7. Agriculture – Despite being an urbanized area with limited land resources for agriculture production; there are still some agricultural activities present within Barangays Sto Niño & Don Galo such as fishponds & salt beds respectively which contributes to local livelihoods & food security needs within these communities.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Zapote Bridge occurred on February 17, 1897, and was a significant event in the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonial rule. It involved Filipino revolutionaries led by General Emilio Aguinaldo and Spanish forces.
  2. Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage is the patron saint of Parañaque, celebrated every January 24 with a grand procession attracting thousands of devotees.
  3. The Ninoy Aquino International Airport is located in Parañaque City and serves as the country’s main international gateway.
  4. Senator Benigno Ninoy Aquino Jr., a prominent opposition leader during the Marcos regime, was assassinated upon his return to the Philippines from exile on August 21, 1983 at Manila International Airport (now named after him).
  5. Pia Wurtzbach grew up in Barangay Central Parañaque before winning Miss Universe in 2015 as a beauty queen.
  6. Dr. Jose Rizal stayed briefly at Maximo Viola’s home in what is now Barangay San Dionisio while finishing his novel El Filibusterismo although he wasn’t originally from Parañaque.
  7. Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo lived in BF Homes for several years before becoming president.
  8. The Villar family is one of the richest families not only in Parañaque but also Philippine history who have made significant contributions to Philippine politics and business sectors alike.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Baclaran Church is a well-known Catholic church famous for its weekly novena and healing mass.
  2. Our Lady of the Airways Parish Church is a modernist church situated near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, serving travelers and airport personnel.
  3. Parañaque Cathedral, also known as Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, is one of Metro Manila’s oldest churches established in 1580.
  4. The Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum showcases various aircraft used by the Philippine Air Force throughout history.
  5. Lopez Memorial Museum and Library is an art center exhibiting Filipino artworks, historical artifacts, and rare books.
  6. The National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help (Redemptorist Church) is a famous Catholic basilica that holds daily novenas and masses attended by devotees from across the country.
  7. Villamor Air Base Golf Course features an 18-hole golf course located inside Villamor Air Base offering scenic views of planes landing at NAIA Terminal 3.
  8. Solaire Resort & Casino is a world-class integrated resort with luxurious amenities such as gaming facilities, restaurants, bars, theaters, and more!
  9. Okada Manila is another integrated resort offering various entertainment options such as casinos, restaurants with international cuisine options as well as luxury shopping boutiques.
  10. SM City Sucat – A mall that has everything you need from food to clothing stores to cinemas!

Cultural Events

  1. Paranaque City Day is celebrated every February 13th to commemorate the founding of the city.
  2. The Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary is held every October 7th as a religious celebration in honor of Parañaque’s patron saint.
  3. The Kaong Festival, held every May, celebrates the abundance and diversity of coconut products in Parañaque.
  4. The Sunduan Festival takes place during Holy Week and reenacts the meeting between Mary and Jesus after his resurrection.
  5. During Christmas season, locals celebrate the Parol Festival by showcasing colorful and creative lanterns made by local artists and craftsmen.
  6. In Barangay La Huerta, they celebrate their famous bagoong (fish paste) industry annually with the Bagoong Festival.
  7. Pasko sa Nayon ng Paranaque is a month-long Christmas celebration that features street dancing competitions, food fairs, concerts, and fireworks displays.
  8. The International Bamboo Organ Festival brings together world-class musicians annually to perform on one of Philippines’ national cultural treasures – The Bamboo Organ.


  1. Sisig at Aling Lucing is a renowned restaurant that serves the most delectable sisig in Parañaque City.
  2. Pares Retiro is a local eatery that specializes in beef pares, a well-liked Filipino dish consisting of tender braised beef and rice.
  3. Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus is famous for its grilled pork and chicken barbecue, making it a favorite among locals due to its affordable prices and delicious cuisine.
  4. Tita’s Kitchenette offers traditional Filipino dishes such as adobo, kare-kare, and sinigang to satisfy your cravings.
  5. Dampa sa Parañaque is a seafood market where diners can choose fresh seafood from the stalls and have them cooked according to their preference at any of the nearby restaurants.
  6. The Red Crab Alimango House boasts mouth-watering crab dishes like chili crab, buttered garlic crab, and salted egg crab that will leave you wanting more.
  7. Cafe Alezon serves coffee drinks, pastries, sandwiches, pasta dishes,and other comfort foods with an Italian twist for those looking for something different.
  8. Kusina ni Kambal offers home-cooked meals like bulalo soup (beef bone marrow soup), crispy pata (deep-fried pork knuckles), and lechon kawali (crispy fried pork belly) to satisfy your taste buds.
  9. Binalot Fiesta Foods is known for their classic Filipino meals served in banana leaves such as adobo flakes rice meal or tapa rice meal – perfect for those on-the-go!
  10. Razon’s of Guagua is one of the best places to get halo-halo which consists of shaved ice topped with sweetened beans,jelly,candied fruits,milk,and ube halaya – perfect on hot summer days!

Parks and Recreation

  1. ASEANA City Parks is a beautiful waterfront park that offers visitors jogging paths, bike lanes, and picnic areas to enjoy.
  2. Bay City Parks consists of a series of parks located along Manila Bay, providing visitors with bike trails, playgrounds, and open spaces for events.
  3. Villar SIPAG Park is a community park that boasts gardens, ponds, and outdoor fitness equipment for those who want to stay active outdoors.
  4. San Antonio Park is a neighborhood park that has basketball courts and playgrounds for children to enjoy.
  5. BF Homes Linear Park is a linear park found within the BF Homes subdivision which features walking paths and exercise stations perfect for those who want to stay fit while enjoying nature’s beauty.
  6. SM MOA Eye Amusement Park provides an exciting experience with carnival rides and games near SM Mall of Asia – perfect for families looking to have fun together!
  7. The Tent at Solaire Resort & Casino serves as an outdoor event venue where concerts, performances, and festivals can take place under the starry night sky.
  8. Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) serves as both transportation hub for buses going to different provinces in Luzon as well as commercial center with restaurants and shops where people can relax after their travels or do some shopping before heading home.
  9. Met Live Mall features cinemas showing the latest movies from around the world alongside restaurants serving delicious food from different cuisines such as Italian or Japanese; coffee shops are also available if you need caffeine boost while shopping around boutiques selling clothes or accessories.
  10. Nayong Pilipino Cultural Center showcases Filipino culture through exhibits of traditional houses from various regions in the Philippines – it’s an excellent place to learn more about our country’s rich history!


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