Cuango, Angola

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Cuango, Angola

Region: Cuango is located in the province of Lunda Norte, Angola

Geographic Coordinates: -9.144400, 18.046400
Population: 183767
Language: Portuguese

Cuango is a town located in the northeastern part of Angola, In the Lunda Norte province. The town has a population of approximately 30, 000 people and is home to various ethnic groups, Including the Lunda and Chokwe. Cuango is known for its diamond mines, Which have been a source of wealth and conflict for many years. These mines have been exploited since colonial times but became significant during Angola’s civil war when they were used to fund arms purchases.

After the war ended, There was an effort to regulate the diamond trade and prevent them from being used as a source of funding for armed groups. However, Illegal mining still occurs in Cuango and other parts of Angola leading to environmental degradation and social issues such as child labor exploitation. Apart from its diamond mines, Cuango also has several cultural attractions worth visiting. One such attraction is Tchitundu-Hulu rock formations located about 20 km southwest from Cuango town center which are believed by locals to be sacred sites with spiritual significance.

Another popular site is Lake Lucapa situated about an hour’s drive eastward from Cuango town center where visitors can enjoy fishing or take boat rides while enjoying views across this beautiful lake surrounded by lush greenery. Cuango also offers visitors an opportunity to experience traditional Angolan cuisine such as funje served with fish or meat stew along with locally brewed beer called tchinduku. while diamonds may be what first come to mind when one thinks about Cuango it’s important not only focus on the town’s natural resources but also its rich cultural heritage.

Visitors can get a glimpse of Angola’s history, Culture, And cuisine while exploring the town and its surroundings. However, It is important to be aware of the social and environmental issues that come with diamond mining in this region.

Noteable History

  1. Portuguese colonization: Cuango was one of the areas colonized by the Portuguese in the 19th century.
  2. Diamond mining: In recent years, Cuango has become known for its diamond mines, which have attracted international attention and investment.
  3. UNITA rebellion: During the Angolan Civil War (1975-2002), Cuango was a stronghold of UNITA, a rebel group that fought against government forces.
  4. Jonas Savimbi: Jonas Savimbi was born near Cuango in 1934 and became the leader of UNITA.
  5. Antonio Agostinho Neto: Antonio Agostinho Neto played an important role in leading Angola to independence from Portugal and served as its first President from 1975 until his death in 1979.
  6. Eduardo dos Santos: Eduardo dos Santos served as President from 1979 until his retirement in 2017.
  7. Ovimbundu people: The Ovimbundu people are one of Angola’s largest ethnic groups and are present throughout much of central and southern Angola, including Cuango.
  8. Colonial architecture: There are several examples of colonial architecture still standing in Cuango, including churches and administrative buildings built during Portuguese rule.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Tundavala Fissure
  2. Kalandula Falls
  3. Dala Waterfalls
  4. Pungo Andongo Historical Monument
  5. Museum of Anthropology of Dundo
  6. Quicama National Park
  7. Cangandala National Park
  8. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Malanje
  9. The Fortress and Museum of São Miguel de Muxima in Bengo Province


  • Muamba de Galinha – a traditional Angolan dish made with chicken, palm oil, okra and spices.
  • Churrascaria Oásis – a popular restaurant that serves grilled meats and seafood dishes.
  • Restaurante Tia Lúcia – known for its fresh fish dishes and traditional Angolan cuisine.
  • Pão Quente Bakery – famous for its freshly baked bread and pastries.
  • Bar do Caluquembe – a bar that offers local drinks such as palm wine and beer along with snacks like grilled meat skewers.
  • Mercado Municipal de Cuango – the local market where you can find fresh produce, meat, fish and other ingredients to cook your own meals at home.
  • Restaurante Casa Grande – a restaurant that serves traditional Portuguese cuisine alongside Angolan specialties such as muamba de galinha.
  • Churrasqueira Nossa Senhora da Paz – known for their delicious grilled chicken.
  • Casa dos Sabores – offers a wide range of African dishes including vegetarian options.
  • Restaurante Oásis Grill – specializes in seafood dishes including prawns, lobster, crab, etc.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Parque Nacional da Cameia – a national park with diverse wildlife and hiking trails.
    2. Lagoa Carumbo – a lake for swimming and fishing.
    3. Praia de Calandula – a beach along the Kwanza River for picnicking and relaxation.
    4. Cultural Center of Cuango – a cultural center showcasing local arts and crafts.
    5. Soccer fields – there are several soccer fields in Cuango for playing or watching games.

    It is recommended to check with local authorities or travel agencies for updated information before planning any trip or activity in Cuango, Angola.


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