Dezfūl, Iran

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Dezfūl, Iran

Region: Khuzestan

Geographic Coordinates: 32.382500, 48.401900
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 45.0°C (50°F to 113°F)
Climate: Dry and hot climate with low precipitation throughout the year in Dezfūl, Iran.
Population: 264709
Language: Persian

Dezfūl is a city located in the Khuzestan province of Iran, Situated on the banks of the Dez River. It is an ancient city with a rich history dating back thousands of years and has been home to various civilizations such as Elamites, Achaemenids, Parthians, Sassanids, And Islamic rulers. One of Dezfūl’s primary attractions is its historical sites. The most famous one is the Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. This system includes water mills, Dams, Tunnels, And canals designed for irrigation purposes.

Another significant historical site in Dezfūl is the Sassanian Bridge built during the Sassanian era (224-651 AD) across Dez River. This bridge served as an important trade route between Persia and Mesopotamia. Apart from its historical sites, Dezfūl also offers natural attractions like Dez Dam Lake that provides opportunities for fishing and boating activities while being ideal for picnics and relaxation. Dezfūl has a diverse population with various ethnicities such as Arabs, Lurs, Bakhtiaris among others who have contributed to its unique culture.

One example of this cultural diversity can be seen through their traditional music known as Bandari which combines Arabic rhythms with Persian melodies. The local cuisine reflects this cultural diversity too with dishes like Ghormeh Sabzi (a stew made from herbs), Kebab Koobideh (grilled minced meat), Ash-e Reshteh (a soup made from noodles), Among others influenced by neighboring countries like Iraq or Afghanistan. Dezfūl has a hot and dry climate with summer temperatures reaching up to 50°C; however it benefits from proximity to Dez River providing water for agriculture which remains the main source of income for many locals.

Dezfūl offers visitors an insight into Iran’s rich history and culture with its historical sites, Natural attractions, Diverse population, And delicious cuisine. It is indeed worth visiting for anyone interested in exploring Iran beyond its capital city Tehran.

Important Landmarks

  1. Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System
  2. Dez Dam
  3. Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat
  4. Dezful Jame Mosque
  5. Akbariyeh Garden and Mansion
  6. Tiznoo Cave
  7. Karkheh Dam Lake
  8. Dezful Old Bazaar
  9. Ali Ibn Hamzeh Holy Shrine
  10. Hafeziyeh Park

Primary Industries

  1. Dezfūl is a city located in Iran that is widely recognized for its oil and gas industries.
  2. The city boasts several oil and gas fields, which make it a significant hub for the petroleum industry.
  3. Apart from that, Dezfūl is also renowned for its agriculture sector, with dates, citrus fruits, and vegetables being some of the major crops produced in the region.
  4. The growth of Dezfūl’s population has led to an increase in construction activities over recent years.
  5. Additionally, there are numerous shopping centers and markets where locals can purchase goods such as clothing, electronics, and household items.
  6. Being strategically located on major highways within Iran makes Dezfūl an essential transportation hub for goods moving between different parts of the country.
  7. Moreover, tourism plays a crucial role in the city’s economy as it houses various historical sites such as Shush Castle and Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat that attract tourists from all over Iran every year.

Noteable History

  1. Battle of Dezful (1729) was a significant conflict between Nader Shah and the Ottoman Empire near Dezfūl.
  2. The Sheikh Khazal rebellion (1924-1925) saw a rebellion against Reza Shah’s central government, resulting in military action to suppress it.
  3. Mohammad Ali Foroughi was born in Dezfūl and served as Prime Minister of Iran three times, making him a prominent politician and statesman.
  4. Ali Akbar Davar is another notable figure from Dezfūl who founded Iran’s first law school and served as Minister of Justice.
  5. Seyyed Hossein Nasr, an Islamic philosopher and scholar, spent his childhood in Dezfūl despite being born in Tehran.
  6. Alireza Eftekhari is an Iranian musician known for his performances of traditional Persian music who hails from Dezfūl.
  7. Shamseddin Hosseini is an economist from Dezfūl who served as Iran’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance under President Ahmadinejad.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System is an ancient engineering marvel and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. Dezfoul Museum showcases the history and culture of Dezfoul.
  3. Jameh Mosque of Dezful is a beautiful mosque with intricate architecture and design.
  4. Khazineh Valley is a scenic valley with waterfalls, caves, and natural pools for swimming.
  5. Karun River Bridge is an iconic bridge over the Karun River that offers stunning views of the city and surrounding landscape.
  6. Golestan Garden is a historic garden with beautiful flowers, trees, fountains, and pavilions.
  7. Karkheh Dam Lake is a large lake formed by the Karkheh Dam that offers boating, fishing, and other recreational activities.
  8. Dezful Bazaar is a bustling market selling traditional handicrafts, spices, textiles, and more.
  9. Imamzadeh Hossein Shrine is a holy shrine dedicated to Imam Hossein in Dezful.
  10. Abolhayat Mausoleum is a historic mausoleum located in Dezfūl.

Cultural Events

  1. Dezfūl Waterfall Festival celebrates the natural beauty of the Dezfūl Waterfall, a popular tourist attraction in the city.
  2. Nowruz Festival is the Persian New Year celebrated throughout Iran, including in Dezfūl. The festival takes place in late March and includes traditional food, dancing, and music.
  3. Shab-e Yalda Celebration is an ancient Iranian festival that marks the longest night of the year and celebrates light overcoming darkness. The celebration includes feasting on traditional foods like pomegranates and reading poetry.
  4. Sadeh Festival is a mid-winter festival that celebrates fire as a symbol of warmth and light during cold winter nights. The celebration involves lighting bonfires, singing songs, and sharing food with friends and family.
  5. Ashura Commemoration commemorates the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, a revered figure in Shia Islam who was killed in battle at Karbala in 680 AD. The commemoration involves mourning rituals like chest-beating and self-flagellation.
  6. National Day of Persia Celebration honors Persia’s history as one of the world’s oldest civilizations with cultural events such as traditional music performances or exhibitions showcasing Persian art forms such as calligraphy or carpet weaving.
  7. Kheimeh-Shab-Bazi Performance is a traditional Iranian puppet show performed by storytellers who use puppets to tell stories from Persian mythology or folklore.
  8. Qashqai Nomad Festival showcases Qashqai nomads’ lifestyle through their customs like horseback riding competitions or carpet weaving demonstrations while serving delicious local foods to visitors.


  • Gheymeh Nesar Restaurant – famous for its traditional Iranian dishes such as Gheymeh, Dizi, and Abgoosht.
  • Shater Abbas Restaurant – known for its grilled meats and kebabs.
  • Dezfūl Beryani Restaurant – specializes in Beryani, a rice dish with meat and spices.
  • Khoresh-e-Gheymeh Restaurant – serves the traditional Iranian stew made with lamb or beef, split peas, tomatoes, onions, and spices.
  • Bagh-e-Bahar Cafe & Restaurant – offers a variety of Iranian dishes including kebabs and stews as well as coffee and tea.
  • Haji Baba Restaurant – serves authentic Persian cuisine such as Chelo Kabab Koobideh (grilled minced meat) and Ghormeh Sabzi (herb stew).
  • Shahedan Sweets & Pastry Shop – famous for its traditional Iranian sweets such as Baklava and Zoolbia Bamieh (deep-fried dough soaked in syrup).
  • Qeysariye Ice Cream Shop – offers a range of ice cream flavors including saffron, pistachio, rosewater, among others.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Jahan Nama Park
    2. Shohada Park
    3. Bagh-e-Shirin (Sweet Garden)
    4. Kaveh Recreational Complex
    5. Dez Dam Recreational Area
    6. Dez River Park
    7. Karkheh Wildlife Sanctuary
    8. Barmiyan Cave Complex
    9. Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat and Archaeological Site
    10. Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System (UNESCO World Heritage Site)


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