Enugu, Nigeria

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Enugu, Nigeria

Region: Enugu

Geographic Coordinates: 6.452800, 7.511100
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Enugu has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons: a rainy season from April to October and a dry season from November to March. Temperatures remain relatively constant throughout the year, with an average high of 30°C (86°F) and an average low of 22°C (72°F).
Population: 715774
Language: Igbo

Enugu, Located in southeastern Nigeria, Is the capital of Enugu State and one of the most populous cities in Nigeria. The city boasts a rich cultural heritage, Beautiful landscapes and vibrant nightlife. One of the most notable landmarks in Enugu is Milliken Hill which offers a breathtaking view of the city. Ngwo Pine Forest is another popular attraction that covers over 2, 000 hectares. Enugu has a rich history as it was once home to the colonial government during British rule.

It played an important role during Nigeria’s struggle for independence and was a major center for coal mining activities before oil became Nigeria’s main source of revenue. The city has several museums that showcase its history including The National Museum which houses artifacts from pre-colonial times to present day. Other museums include Awhum Waterfalls Museum which showcases traditional Igbo culture and folklore, And Owerri Road Transport Museum which celebrates transportation evolution in Nigeria. Enugu is famous for its spicy local dishes such as Nkwobi (spicy cow foot) and Isi-Ewu (spicy goat head).

Visitors can sample these delicacies at local restaurants or street vendors. The nightlife scene in Enugu is vibrant with several bars, Clubs and lounges offering entertainment throughout the night. Polo Park Mall is one popular spot among locals and tourists alike where visitors can shop, Dine or watch movies at one of their cinemas. Enugu offers visitors a unique experience with its blend of historical landmarks, Beautiful scenery, Delicious cuisine and vibrant nightlife scene all within an African cultural context making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to explore Nigerian culture beyond Lagos or Abuja.

Important Landmarks

  1. Enugu State Museum: This museum showcases the history and culture of Enugu State.
  2. Milliken Hill: This hill offers a panoramic view of the city and is a popular spot for picnics.
  3. Nike Lake Resort: This resort offers various water sports activities, fishing, and relaxation facilities.
  4. National Ecumenical Centre: A religious center that houses the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) headquarters.
  5. Awhum Waterfall: Located in Awhum town, this waterfall is a popular tourist attraction with its scenic beauty and natural pool beneath it.
  6. Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium: The stadium hosts various sporting events including football matches.
  7. Ezeagu Tourist Complex: Located in Ezeagu Local Government Area, this complex has several attractions such as caves, waterfalls, lakes, and hills.
  8. Ani Ozalla Lake Complex: This lake complex has several attractions such as boat rides, fishing spots, picnic areas, and restaurants serving local cuisine.
  9. Polo Park Mall Enugu: One of the largest shopping malls in Enugu with shops selling local handicrafts to international brands.
  10. Udi Hills Forest Reserve: This reserve is home to several species of flora and fauna offering nature trails for hiking enthusiasts.

Primary Industries

  1. Coal mining
  2. Agriculture
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Hospitality
  5. Education
  6. Health care services
  7. Trading activities
  8. Telecommunications
  9. Transportation

Enugu is renowned for its coal deposits and has a long history of coal mining. The city is also known for its agricultural produce such as yam, cassava, maize palm oil and rice. There are several manufacturing companies that produce textiles, soap and detergents ceramics furniture and building materials. The hospitality industry is growing with hotels restaurants catering to visitors. Enugu has several universities making it an educational hub in the region while there are several hospitals providing medical services to residents. Trading activities thrive in the vibrant market system with traders selling various goods including foodstuffs clothing items among others. Telecommunication companies have also set up their offices providing internet connectivity services to residents while transportation is another thriving business with taxis buses keke napep(pedicab) motorcycle riders all contributing towards the movement of people within the state capital.

Noteable History

  1. Coal mining: Enugu was a major coal mining town in Nigeria during the colonial era, and it played a crucial role in the development of Nigeria’s economy.
  2. The Biafran War: Enugu was one of the strongholds of the secessionist Biafran state during the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970).
  3. Nnamdi Azikiwe: Azikiwe, also known as Zik, was a prominent Nigerian nationalist who played a key role in Nigeria’s struggle for independence from British colonial rule. He was born in Zungeru but grew up in Onitsha and later moved to Enugu.
  4. Michael Okpara: Okpara was a Nigerian politician who served as premier of Eastern Nigeria from 1959 to 1966. He is widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s most progressive leaders.
  5. Akanu Ibiam: Ibiam was an Igbo statesman who served as governor of Eastern Region from 1960 to 1966.
  6. The University of Nigeria, Nsukka: The University of Nigeria at Nsukka (UNN) is one of Africa’s first indigenous universities and it is located close to Enugu city.
  7. National Museum, Enugu: This museum houses collections that depict various aspects African culture including art works, archeological artifacts etc.
  8. The Holy Ghost Cathedral Church: This church is an important landmark located on Ogui Road, Enugu. It has beautiful architectural designs with intricate stained glass windows.
  9. The Nike Lake Resort: Located on Nike Lake, this resort offers breathtaking views, boat rides on lake Nike and other recreational activities.
  10. Ogbete Market: This market which dates back over half century ago serves both local people and tourists alike. It sells variety goods ranging from food stuffs to clothing and household items.

Museums and Things To See

  1. National Museum of Unity: This museum showcases the culture and history of Nigeria, with a focus on the Igbo people.
  2. Nike Art Gallery: This art center features traditional Nigerian art, including textiles, sculptures, and paintings.
  3. Enugu State Government House: This historic building was the seat of government during Nigeria’s colonial period and remains an important landmark in Enugu.
  4. Milken Hill: A scenic hilltop that offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding countryside.
  5. Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium: A popular sports venue that hosts football matches and other events.
  6. Awhum Waterfall: Located about 30 km from Enugu, this natural wonder is a popular destination for hiking and picnicking.
  7. Oji River Power Station: An impressive hydroelectric power plant built during Nigeria’s colonial period.
  8. Enugu Golf Course: A beautiful course located in a serene environment with a lake view to relax after long hours at work or touring.
  9. Mmanwu Festival (New Yam Festival): An annual cultural festival celebrated by the Igbo people to mark the beginning of the harvest season which is usually held between August-October depending on when it falls according to their calendar.
  10. Ogbete Main Market: One of West Africa’s largest markets where you can buy anything from foodstuffs to clothing items at affordable prices.

Sports Teams

  1. Enugu Warriors Basketball Club – Founded in 1995, the team has won multiple national championships.
  2. Coal City Rollers Roller Skating Club – Established in 2013, the club has participated in various competitions across Nigeria.
  3. Enugu State Handball Team – The state’s handball team has won several national championships and represented Nigeria at international tournaments.
  4. Rangers Volleyball Club – The volleyball club was established in 1984 and has produced several national team players over the years.
  5. Flying Antelopes Athletics Club – Founded in 2001, the athletics club focuses on developing young talents from Enugu State to compete at national and international levels.

Cultural Events

  1. New Yam Festival is a popular celebration among the Igbo people in Enugu State that marks the beginning of harvest season.
  2. Ofala Festival is an annual cultural event celebrated by Nri Kingdom’s people in Enugu State.
  3. Mmanwu Festival is a masquerade festival held in various communities throughout Enugu State.
  4. Afor Market Day takes place every week and is celebrated by different communities across Enugu State.
  5. Oji River Carnival, an annual carnival held in Oji River, features colorful parades and cultural displays.
  6. Ezeagu Tourist Festival, an annual event held in Ezeagu Local Government Area, showcases traditional dances, music and food exhibitions.
  7. Nsukka Arts and Cultural Festival celebrates arts and culture with exhibitions, performances and workshops every year.
  8. Coal City International Marathon promotes fitness and tourism through an international marathon race that takes place annually in Enugu State.
  9. Igbo-Ukwu New Yam Festival celebrates the new yam harvest with traditional dances and music performances among the Igbo-Ukwu community.
  10. Ugwuaji Carnival holds annually at Ugwuaji Community Hall featuring colourful parade, cultural dance display, food exhibition, etc.


  • Ogbete Main Market: This is a popular market in Enugu where you can find a variety of local foods such as akara, moi moi, roasted plantain (bole), and other snacks.
  • Nkwo Nnewi Market: This market is known for its delicious soups and stews such as egusi soup, ogbono soup, and vegetable soup.
  • Kilimanjaro Restaurant: This restaurant serves a variety of African dishes including jollof rice, fried rice, pepper soup, and suya.
  • Mama Ebo Pepper Soup Joint: This joint serves spicy pepper soups made with goat meat or fish.
  • Mr Biggs: This fast food chain offers Nigerian favorites such as puff-puff (doughnuts), meat pies, chicken pies, burgers and fries.
  • Crunchies Fried Chicken: Another fast food chain that offers fried chicken meals with sides like fries or coleslaw.
  • Bon Appetit Restaurant & Lounge Bar: A high-end restaurant that serves continental dishes like grilled fish or steak along with cocktails at their lounge bar area.
  • The Place Restaurant & Bar: A casual dining spot offering Nigerian staples like pounded yam served with different types of soups – egusi , okro etc., plantain porridge , jollof rice etc along with drinks at the bar section.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Enugu Golf Course is a 9-hole golf course situated in the heart of Enugu.
    2. Polo Park Mall is a large shopping mall that offers a variety of stores and restaurants.
    3. Eziagu Tourist Complex is a scenic park with waterfalls, caves, and hiking trails that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
    4. Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium is a sports stadium that hosts football matches and other events in the area.
    5. Milken Hill is a popular spot for hiking and sightseeing with beautiful views of the city from above.
    6. Nike Lake Resort offers luxury accommodations, including swimming pool, restaurant, conference center, and lake activities.
    7. Ngwo Pine Forest Reserve is an ecologically protected forest reserve with hiking trails and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy nature’s beauty.
    8. Ani Ozalla Lake provides fishing opportunities and boat rides surrounded by hills offering breathtaking views of the landscape around it.
    9. Enugu State Museum & Art Gallery showcases Enugu State’s history through exhibits featuring artifacts such as artwork pieces from ancient times to contemporary art pieces.
    10. National Museum of Unity Nsukka displays Nigerian history through artifacts like pottery from ancient times to contemporary art pieces.


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