Gabela, Angola

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Gabela, Angola

Region: Gabela, Angola is located in the Cuanza Sul province

Geographic Coordinates: -10.850000, 14.366700
Temperature Range: 18.0°C to 28.0°C (64°F to 82°F)
Population: 271843
Language: Portuguese

Gabela is a city in the central region of Angola and serves as the capital of Cuanza Sul province. The population is around 50, 000 people, And it sits on a plateau at an altitude of 1, 650 meters above sea level. Surrounded by green hills, Gabela was founded in the 16th century by Portuguese explorers and became a significant hub for agriculture during colonial times. After Angola gained independence from Portugal in 1975, Gabela experienced neglect and lack of investment.

However, Recent years have seen some development with infrastructure projects such as roads and electricity supply improving living conditions for residents. There are also plans to build a new airport near Gabela to boost economic activity. Gabela’s climate is mild throughout the year with average highs around 25°C (77°F) and lows around 15°C (59°F), Making it ideal for agriculture with crops such as coffee, Maize, Cassava and beans being grown in abundance. Its natural beauty draws visitors to explore its dense forests that are home to various species of wildlife including monkeys and antelopes.

The city has cultural significance as it was once home to traditional Angolan tribes such as Mbundu who still have strong ties to their ancestral land despite modernization efforts taking place around them. Primary schools are located within the city limits while secondary education is provided at nearby Waku Kungo town. The University of Cuanza Sul offers degrees in various fields including agriculture, Engineering and economics.

Overall, Gabela has a promising future with its rich history, Natural beauty and agricultural potential making it an attractive destination for tourists while presenting numerous opportunities for economic development if supported by continued investment from the government.

Important Landmarks

  1. Cangandala National Park: This diverse wildlife national park is situated approximately 100 km from Gabela.
  2. Kalandula Falls: These beautiful waterfalls are among the largest in Africa and can be found around 200 km from Gabela.
  3. Kissama National Park: Known for its elephants, giraffes, zebras, and other wildlife, this national park is located about 300 km from Gabela.
  4. Cathedral of Our Lady of Fatima: A popular landmark among locals located in the center of Gabela.
  5. Serra da Leba Mountain Range: This mountain range offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and is a favored spot for hiking and sightseeing.

Although there may not be many famous landmarks or tourist attractions within the city itself, visitors to the area can explore these nearby destinations with plenty to see and do.

Primary Industries

  • Gabela is a small city in the Cuanza Sul province of Angola
  • The city boasts several thriving industries and businesses
  • These include:
    • Agriculture
    • Livestock farming
    • Mining
    • Construction
    • Retail trade
    • Transportation
    • Tourism
  • Agriculture is one of the major industries in Gabela
    • Due to its fertile soil and favorable climate, the city produces crops such as maize, cassava beans, and vegetables
  • Livestock farming is also significant in Gabela
    • A large number of farms produce meat products like milk and other dairy products
  • Mining is another important industry in Gabela
    • Several mining sites extract minerals such as gold, diamonds, iron ore, and copper
  • Construction activities have increased due to the growing population
    • This has led to an increase in demand for housing infrastructure development
  • Retail trade has also grown over time
    • Several small retail stores sell basic commodities like foodstuffs and household items
  • Transportation plays a vital role in connecting Gabela to other cities within Angola
    • This is done through its railway station and bus terminals
  • Tourism potential exists within Gabela
    • This is due to its natural beauty and historical landmarks like Forte da Muxima (Muxima Fort)
    • However, it’s not yet fully developed

    Noteable History

    Notable Historical Events and People Associated with Gabela, Angola:

    Historical Events:

    1. During the colonial period, Gabela was an important center for the Portuguese administration in Angola.
    2. In 1975, Gabela became a stronghold of the National Liberation Front of Angola (FNLA) during the Angolan Civil War.

    Notable People:

    • Agostinho Neto: The first president of Angola was born in Icolo e Bengo near Gabela.
    • Jonas Savimbi: The founder and leader of UNITA rebel group during the civil war had a military base near Gabela.

    • Museums and Things To See

      1. The Museum of the Revolution: This museum showcases the history of Angola’s struggle for independence from Portugal.
      2. The Monument to the Fallen Heroes: This monument honors those who fought and died during Angola’s war for independence.
      3. The Gabela Cathedral: This beautiful cathedral is a must-visit for its stunning architecture and religious significance.
      4. The Art Center of Gabela: This center promotes local art and culture through exhibitions, workshops, and performances.
      5. The Serra da Leba Pass: Located just outside of Gabela, this scenic road offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
      6. The Kalandula Falls: Although located a bit further away from Gabela (about 200 km), these waterfalls are one of Angola’s most famous natural wonders and definitely worth a visit if you have time!

      Cultural Events

      1. Gabela Cultural Festival: This annual festival celebrates the culture and traditions of the local people through music performances, dance competitions, traditional food stalls, and art exhibitions.
      2. National Heroes Day: On September 17th each year, this public holiday honors the heroes who fought for Angola’s independence from Portugal with parades and ceremonies held throughout the country.
      3. Carnival of Benguela: While not specifically in Gabela, this is one of Angola’s biggest celebrations taking place nearby in Benguela each February or March before Lent begins.
      4. International Women’s Day: Celebrated on March 8th every year globally to recognize women’s achievements across all fields including social, economic, cultural and political spheres.
      5. Independence Day: On November 11th each year Angolans celebrate their independence from Portugal with parades and festivities across the country including Gabela city.
      6. Christmas Day – December 25th is celebrated by Christians around the world including those living in Angola as a religious celebration marking Jesus Christ’s birth.
      7. New Year – January 1st marks the beginning of a new calendar year which is celebrated globally by people all over including those living in Angola with fireworks displays at midnight to welcome new beginnings.


      • Churrascaria Gabela – This restaurant is well-known for serving traditional Angolan grilled meats and seafood.
      • Restaurante Oásis – If you’re in the mood for Portuguese cuisine, this restaurant specializes in fresh seafood dishes.
      • Kappuccino Café – This coffee shop offers light meals like sandwiches and pastries.
      • Bar e Restaurante Foz do Rio Cuanza – You can enjoy a mix of Angolan and Portuguese dishes with a stunning river view at this restaurant.
      • Pizzaria Bella Vita – As its name suggests, this pizzeria is known for its delicious pizzas made with fresh ingredients.
      • Restaurante Tchiweka – This restaurant serves traditional Angolan food such as Moamba de Galinha (chicken stew), Calulu (dried fish stew), Mufete (grilled fish) among others
      • Casa das Bifanas – At this small eatery, you can try the typical pork sandwich called “bifana”.
      • Bar e Restaurante Miradouro da Serra da Chela – Enjoy great views of the Serra da Chela mountain range while indulging in grilled meat dishes and cold drinks!

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