Ismailia, Egypt

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Ismailia, Egypt

Region: Ismailia Governorate

Geographic Coordinates: 30.583300, 32.266700
Temperature Range: 15.0°C to 35.0°C (59°F to 95°F)
Climate: Dry and hot climate with mild winters and hot summers.
Population: 293184
Language: Arabic

Ismailia is a city in the northeastern region of Egypt, Located on the west bank of the Suez Canal. It was established during the 19th century by Khedive Ismail as a military garrison town and named after him. The city has grown to become an essential economic and cultural center for Egypt. The Suez Canal’s proximity is one of Ismailia’s main attractions, Making it a critical hub for trade and commerce as well as tourism. Visitors can explore various museums and monuments dedicated to the canal’s history, Including exhibits showcasing its construction and operation.

Al-Fayrouz Park is another notable landmark in Ismailia, Covering over 200 acres of land with beautiful gardens, Lakes, Playgrounds, Picnic areas, And sports facilities. The park hosts numerous events throughout the year such as concerts and festivals. Ismailia also boasts several historic buildings that are worth visiting such as Al-Salam Mosque which dates back to 1910; it has beautiful architecture with intricate details that reflect Islamic artistry. Other historic landmarks include El-Nasr Mosque built-in 1965 by President Nasser to commemorate his victory over Israel in 1956.

For those interested in nature exploration or bird watching can visit Lake Timsah located just outside Ismailia City; this lake offers stunning views of migratory birds like flamingos during certain seasons. In terms of cuisine, Visitors can indulge themselves with traditional Egyptian dishes such as koshary (a mix of rice lentils pasta), Falafel (deep-fried balls made from chickpeas), Shawarma (grilled meat served on pita bread), Or fiteer (Egyptian pizza). Overall, Ismailia offers a unique blend of history culture nature beauty making it one of Egypt’s most captivating cities.

Its strategic location near the Suez Canal and its rich history make it an important economic center for Egypt, While its beautiful parks, Historic landmarks, And diverse cuisine attract tourists from all over the world.

Important Landmarks

  1. Ismailia Museum
  2. Al-Tahir Mosque
  3. Suez Canal Authority Building
  4. De Lesseps Statue
  5. Lake Timsah
  6. El Ferdan Railway Bridge
  7. Ahmed Orabi Square
  8. Ismailia War Memorial Cemetery
  9. Abu Mandurah Mosque
  10. Al-Fath Mosque

Primary Industries

  1. Suez Canal Authority: Ismailia’s location on the banks of the Suez Canal has made it a significant hub for trade and commerce. The Suez Canal Authority is one of the largest employers in the city.
  2. Agriculture: The fertile land surrounding Ismailia supports a thriving agriculture industry, with crops such as cotton, wheat, and fruits being grown.
  3. Tourism: Ismailia is home to several historical sites and natural attractions that draw tourists from around Egypt and beyond.
  4. Manufacturing: The city has a number of factories producing textiles, chemicals, plastics, and other goods.
  5. Transportation: As an important transport hub for both land and sea routes between Asia and Africa, Ismailia supports a range of transportation-related businesses including shipping companies and logistics providers.
  6. Education: Several universities in Ismailia attract students from across Egypt as well as neighboring countries.
  7. Healthcare: The city has several hospitals providing healthcare services to its residents as well as those from surrounding areas.
  8. Retail: Several shopping centers have been established in recent years to cater to the growing population of Ismailia’s middle class residents who are looking for quality products at affordable prices.

Noteable History

  1. The construction of the Suez Canal: Ismailia was founded in 1863 during the construction of the Suez Canal, which was completed in 1869. The city served as a major hub for canal operations and played a key role in connecting Europe and Asia.
  2. Ferdinand de Lesseps: French diplomat Ferdinand de Lesseps was instrumental in the construction of the Suez Canal and served as its first chairman. He is widely regarded as one of Ismailia’s most influential historical figures.
  3. World War I: During World War I, Ismailia served as an important military base for British forces operating in Egypt.
  4. Gamal Abdel Nasser: Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser visited Ismailia in 1967 during his campaign to nationalize the Suez Canal.
  5. Yom Kippur War: In 1973, Ismailia was a key battleground during the Yom Kippur War between Israel and Egypt.
  6. Anwar Sadat: Egyptian president Anwar Sadat also visited Ismailia during his efforts to negotiate peace with Israel following the Yom Kippur War.
  7. Camp David Accords: In 1978, U.S President Jimmy Carter hosted Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat at Camp David, Maryland to negotiate peace between their two countries following years of conflict that included fighting over control of territory near Ismailia.
  8. Ahmed Zewail: Nobel Prize-winning chemist Ahmed Zewail grew up in nearby Damanhur before attending college at Alexandria University and later moving to California where he became a professor at Caltech.

Overall, these events demonstrate how important Ismalilia has been throughout history due to its strategic location on both land (between Africa and Asia) and water (the Suez Canal).

Museums and Things To See

  1. Ismailia Museum: This museum displays the rich history and culture of the city and its surroundings.
  2. The Suez Canal Authority Building: A stunning example of Islamic architecture that houses a museum about the Suez Canal.
  3. Al-Fayrouz Park: A serene park with lush gardens, fountains, and playgrounds for children to enjoy.
  4. El-Tahrir Square: A bustling central square in Ismailia with a variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants to explore.
  5. The 6th October War Panorama: A museum dedicated to the 1973 Arab-Israeli War featuring panoramic paintings depicting significant battles.
  6. Abu Mandour Palace: An elegant historical palace from the early 20th century that now serves as a cultural center for exhibitions and events.
  7. Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral: One of the oldest churches in Ismailia adorned with beautiful stained glass windows and intricate carvings.
  8. The Military Museum of Ismailia: An extensive museum showcasing military history from ancient times to modern-day conflicts involving Egypt.
  9. Al-Salam Mosque: One of the largest mosques in Ismailia boasting stunning architecture including domes, minarets, and intricate tile work.
  10. The Martyr’s Memorial Monument: A monument honoring those who lost their lives during the 1956 Suez Crisis located atop a hill overlooking Lake Timsah.

Cultural Events

  1. Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts
  2. The National Day of the Canal Celebration
  3. Suez Canal Authority Day
  4. Ismailia Flower Show
  5. International Festival for Folklore and Traditional Arts
  6. Ismailia Book Fair
  7. Ramadan Night Market at Al-Talae’a Al-Oula Square
  8. International Marathon of Port Said – Suez Canal – Ismailia
  9. Sinai Liberation Day Celebration (25th April)


  • Felfela: This restaurant is known for its authentic Egyptian cuisine, particularly their falafel sandwiches.
  • El Masryeen: This restaurant serves traditional Egyptian dishes such as koshary, molokhia, and stuffed pigeon.
  • Al Hodaifi Restaurant: This seafood restaurant offers a variety of fresh fish dishes cooked in traditional Egyptian style.
  • El Tawfeekiah Sweets: Known for their delicious desserts like baklava and konafa, this sweet shop has been a favorite among locals for generations.
  • El Farouk Kababgy: Famous for its grilled meats like kebabs and shawarma, this restaurant is a must-visit for meat lovers.
  • Cafe Bashaer: A cozy cafe that serves delicious coffee and tea along with light snacks like sandwiches and pastries.
  • Abu Haggag Restaurant: Another seafood spot that offers fresh fish dishes cooked to perfection using local spices and herbs.
  • Le Pacha Club & Restaurant: Located on the banks of the Suez Canal, this upscale restaurant offers international cuisine with stunning views of the waterway.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Al-Tawfikiya Park
    2. Ismailia Public Gardens
    3. Qantara Sharq Park
    4. El-Mataria Park
    5. Ismailia Corniche
    6. El-Shohada Garden
    7. Ain Shams Square
    8. Al-Forsan Club (offers various sports and recreational activities)
    9. Ismailia Sporting Club (offers swimming, tennis, and other sports)


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