Latina, Italy

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Latina, Italy

Region: Lazio

Geographic Coordinates: 41.467200, 12.903600
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 30.0°C (50°F to 86°F)
Climate: Latina, Italy experiences a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. The region receives most of its rainfall during the fall and winter months.
Population: 126470
Language: Italian

Latina is a stunning city located in the Lazio region of Italy, Known for its beautiful beaches, Crystal-clear waters, And picturesque landscapes. The city was founded in 1932 as part of Mussolini’s Battle for Land campaign to create new agricultural areas by reclaiming marshlands. One of the top attractions in Latina is the Pontine Marshes National Park, Covering over 8, 000 hectares with a unique ecosystem that includes wetlands, Forests, Rivers, Lakes, And hills. Visitors can explore this natural wonderland by hiking or biking along its many trails or taking a boat tour through its waterways.

Another must-see attraction is the Cathedral of San Marco Evangelista built using traditional Romanesque architecture styles with an imposing bell tower standing at over 60 meters tall offering breathtaking views. Latina also has several museums showcasing local history and culture such as the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Latina featuring artifacts from ancient civilizations like Rome and Etruria while highlighting local traditions such as fishing and agriculture.

For shopping enthusiasts or foodies alike there are plenty of options available within the city center which features numerous shops selling everything from fashion to souvenirs while restaurants serve up delicious Italian cuisine made with fresh ingredients sourced from local farms. no visit to Latina would be complete without spending time at one of its many beaches like Sabaudia Beach or Circeo National Park Beaches famous for their white sand dunes surrounded by pine trees overlooking crystal clear waters perfect for swimming or sunbathing under Mediterranean sunsets.

whether you’re interested in exploring nature reserves or admiring historic architecture Latina has something for everyone. It’s a city that offers a unique blend of natural beauty cultural heritage and modern amenities making it an ideal destination for travelers looking to experience the best Italy has to offer.

Important Landmarks

  1. The Gardens of Ninfa
  2. Abbey of Fossanova
  3. Latina Cathedral
  4. Sermoneta Castle
  5. Monti Lepini Regional Park
  6. Terracina Archaeological Museum
  7. Torre Astura
  8. San Felice Circeo National Park
  9. Latina Municipal Archaeological Museum
  10. Pontine Islands National Park

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Latina is well-known for its fertile land, making it a hub for agriculture. The region produces crops such as olives, tomatoes, grapes, and citrus fruits.
  2. Food processing: With a robust agricultural sector, Latina has several food processing companies that specialize in canning fruits and vegetables.
  3. Chemicals: Several chemical plants located in the city produce fertilizers and other chemicals used in agriculture.
  4. Manufacturing: A thriving manufacturing sector exists in Latina with companies producing textiles, clothing, furniture, machinery parts among others.
  5. Logistics: Due to its strategic location near the coast and highways connecting to Rome and Naples; logistics have become an important industry in the area with many distribution centers located there.
  6. Services sector: Various service-based industries such as finance and healthcare services contribute significantly to the economy of Latina city & province.

Noteable History

  1. Lina Wertmüller – Italian film director and screenwriter born in Rome but grew up in the nearby town of Ariccia. She became the first woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director for her film Seven Beauties (1975).
  2. Giuseppe Di Stefano – Italian operatic tenor born in Motta Sant’Anastasia but raised in Catania. He became one of the most famous tenors of his generation and performed at major opera houses worldwide.
  3. Domenico Modugno – Italian singer-songwriter and actor born in Polignano a Mare but spent much of his childhood near Brindisi. He wrote and performed many popular songs including Volare which won him two Grammy Awards.
  4. Antonio Tajani – Italian politician who served as President of the European Parliament from 2017 to 2019. He was born in Rome but grew up and still lives today in Latina.
  5. Giuliano Amato – Italian statesman who served as Prime Minister twice (1992-1993, 2000-2001) and also held other high-level government positions including Minister of Interior and Minister of Treasury. Although he was born in Turin, he has strong ties to Latina where he has lived for many years.
  6. Francesco Totti – retired Italian footballer who played his entire professional career at Roma F.C., becoming one of their most iconic players ever known as The Gladiator. Totti was born in Rome but has family roots from Latina.

Museums and Things To See

  1. The National Archaeological Museum of Latina
  2. The Cathedral of San Marco Evangelista
  3. Piazza del Popolo and the Fountain of the Four Moors
  4. The Monument to the Fallen in World War I
  5. Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall)
  6. Casa della Cultura (House of Culture)
  7. Fossanova Abbey
  8. Gardens of Ninfa
  9. Lago di Fogliano Nature Reserve
  10. Latina Train Museum

Sports Teams

  1. Latina Calcio: This football club was established in 1945 and plays its home games at the Stadio Domenico Francioni. It has had a mixed history, experiencing both successful seasons in Serie B and Serie C1, as well as periods of financial difficulties and relegations.
  2. Virtus Latina Basket: This basketball team was founded in 1974 and plays its home games at the Palazzetto dello Sport. It has mostly competed in lower divisions but has had a few seasons in Serie A2.
  3. Rugby Latina: This rugby union club was formed in 1990 and plays its home games at the Stadio Comunale di Borgo Sabotino. While it has experienced some success in regional competitions, it hasn’t achieved national prominence yet.
  4. Volley Latina: This volleyball team was founded as Volley Sora in 1996 but relocated to Latina due to financial problems back in 2017; it competes within the Italian Men’s Volleyball League (Lega Pallavolo Serie A) while playing its home matches at PalaBianchini arena.
  5. Atletica Virtus Latina: This athletics club came into existence back in 1969, producing several notable athletes over the years, including Olympic medalists such as Pietro Mennea (sprinter) and Donato Sabia (middle-distance runner). Additionally, it organizes local races like Maratonina dei Castelli Romani.

Cultural Events

  1. Festa della Madonna della Neve is a religious festival held in Latina on August 5th to honor the city’s patron saint.
  2. Festa di San Marco is a traditional fair that takes place in April, featuring food stalls, live music and entertainment.
  3. The Latina Jazz Festival is an annual event that showcases both local and international jazz musicians.
  4. The Festival del Cinema di Latina is an international film festival that occurs in July and features independent films from around the world.
  5. Sagra delle Fragole is a strawberry festival held every May to celebrate the local strawberry harvest with food stalls and entertainment.
  6. Fiera di San Michele Arcangelo is a traditional fair held in September that includes agricultural exhibits and livestock shows.
  7. Latinoamericando Festival celebrates Latin American culture through music, dance, and food every year.
  8. Natale a Latina includes Christmas markets selling festive foods and gifts as well as lights displays throughout the city center during December.
  9. The Carnival of Fondi takes place annually during February with colorful parades filling up streets of Fondi.
  10. Pasquetta Picnic sees people gathering together for picnics all over Italy including the Latina region on Easter Monday each year.


  • Tiella di Gaeta – a savory pie filled with seafood, potatoes, and onions. It is a traditional dish from the nearby town of Gaeta.
  • Pizzeria da Vittorio – a family-run pizzeria that serves authentic Neapolitan-style pizza.
  • Cacio e pepe – a pasta dish made with pecorino cheese and black pepper.
  • Ristorante Il Boccone del Prete – a fine dining restaurant that specializes in seafood dishes.
  • Supplì alla romana – fried rice balls filled with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.
  • Osteria del Borgo Antico – a cozy restaurant that offers homemade pasta dishes and meat specialties.
  • Porchetta di Ariccia – roasted pork seasoned with garlic, rosemary, fennel seeds, salt, and pepper.
  • Trattoria da Mimmo e Franca – a casual trattoria known for its hearty portions of classic Italian dishes like lasagna and spaghetti carbonara.
  • Gelateria La Romana Latina – an artisanal gelato shop offering unique flavors like ricotta cheese with figs or chocolate-hazelnut spread mixed with chili peppers
  • Amatriciana – A pasta dish made from spaghetti or other long pasta shapes tossed in tomato sauce flavored with guanciale (cured pork cheek), pecorino romano (sheep’s milk cheese), white wine vinegar or red wine vinegar , onion , garlic , chili pepper flakes.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Giardini Pubblici is a public garden located in the city center. It features walking paths, benches, and a playground.
    2. Parco del Ninfeo is a large park that boasts of a lake, walking trails, and picnic areas.
    3. Parco della Rimembranza is another scenic park that offers views of the city along with a playground for children.
    4. Parco Nazionale del Circeo is situated on the coast and serves as a national park with hiking trails and beaches for visitors to enjoy.
    5. Pista Ciclabile Latina-Sabaudia is an excellent bike path that connects Latina to Sabaudia along the coast.
    6. Centro Ippico Latina provides horseback riding lessons and trail rides to equestrian enthusiasts.
    7. Lago di Fogliano Nature Reserve serves as a protected wetland area where visitors can indulge in birdwatching opportunities while enjoying hiking trails.
    8. Tennis Club Latina caters to tennis lovers by providing courts for rental and lessons for all levels of players.
    9. Cinecittà World Park offers visitors an amusement park experience based on Italian cinema located near Rome.
    10. Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Latina showcases ancient artifacts from Lazio region at its National Archaeological Museum of Latina location.


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