Jilin, China

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Jilin, China

Region: Jilin Province

Geographic Coordinates: 43.851900, 126.548000
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 30.0°C (-40°F to 86°F)
Climate: Cold and dry winters, short and mild springs, hot and rainy summers, and cool and sunny autumns.
Population: 2396000
Language: Mandarin

Jilin is a province located in northeastern China, With Changchun as its capital city. This province boasts breathtaking natural landscapes, Including vast forests, Mountains, And rivers. It is also home to various ethnic minority groups such as the Manchu and Korean people. One of Jilin’s most famous attractions is the Changbai Mountain range that spans across China and North Korea. The highest peak in this range is Mount Paektu (or Baekdu), Which holds great cultural significance for both countries.

According to legend, It was here that Dangun (the founder of Korea) was born and where Mao Zedong began his revolutionary career. Another popular destination in Jilin is Jingpo Lake Scenic Area – a beautiful area that includes Jingpo Lake itself as well as surrounding forests and mountains. Visitors can take boat rides on the lake or hike through the nearby nature reserve to see wildlife such as bears, Deer, And foxes. In addition to its natural beauty, Jilin has a rich history dating back thousands of years.

One notable example is Ji’an City – an ancient city that served as one of China’s capitals during the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234). Today it remains an important cultural site with many historic buildings still standing. Jilin’s cuisine also reflects its diverse cultural influences from neighboring regions such as Korea and Russia. Local dishes include sour cabbage stew (a traditional Korean dish), Black bean noodles (a popular Korean noodle dish), And Russian-style dumplings filled with meat or vegetables called pelmeni.

Jilin has a thriving economy thanks to industries such as agriculture (especially soybeans), Forestry products like timber and paper pulp production; mining for minerals like coal; manufacturing including automobiles; pharmaceuticals; electronics; biotechnology research institutes among others. Overall, Jilin offers visitors an opportunity to experience a unique combination of natural beauty, Cultural heritage, And modern development. Whether you’re interested in hiking through mountainous terrain or exploring ancient cities, Jilin is definitely a destination worth considering for your next trip to China.

Primary Industries

  1. Petrochemicals: Jilin is home to several large petrochemical companies such as Jilin Chemical Industrial Company and Jilin Petrochemical Company.
  2. Automotive: The automotive industry is also a major player in Jilin with companies like FAW Group Corporation and Changchun FAWAY Automobile Components Co., Ltd.
  3. Agriculture: The fertile land in Jilin makes it an important agricultural region with crops like corn, rice, soybeans, and wheat being grown here.
  4. Forestry: The province has abundant forests that are used for timber production and papermaking.
  5. Pharmaceuticals: Several pharmaceutical companies such as Changchun Huayang High-Tech Co., Ltd are based in the region.
  6. Electronics: Companies like BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd have established their presence here due to the availability of skilled labor and low operating costs.
  7. Food processing: With a rich culinary tradition, food processing businesses are thriving here with companies like Yatai Food Group Co., Ltd being one of the largest players in this sector.
  8. Tourism: The scenic beauty of places like Changbai Mountain attracts tourists from all over China making tourism an important industry for the region’s economy.

Noteable History

  1. The founding of the Manchu Qing Dynasty in 1644 by Nurhaci, who was born in the region that is now Jilin.
  2. The Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), during which Jilin was a major battleground between Japanese and Russian forces.
  3. The establishment of the Chinese Communist Party’s Northeast Bureau in Jilin in 1931, which played a key role in the Communist Revolution.
  4. The Korean War (1950-1953), during which Jilin was again a major battleground between North Korean and Chinese forces on one side and South Korean, American, and United Nations forces on the other.
  5. Notable people from Jilin include Mao Zedong’s wife Jiang Qing, writer Lu Xun, Olympic gold medalist speed skater Wang Meng, actress Yao Chen, and singer Han Hong.
  6. Other notable events associated with Jilin include the construction of China’s first hydroelectric power plant at Fengman Dam on the Songhua River in 1937 and a massive explosion at a chemical plant in Tianjin that killed over 170 people in 2015 – many of whom were from or had connections to Jilin province.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Changchun World Sculpture Park: A park featuring over 400 sculptures from artists all around the world.
  2. Jilin Provincial Museum: A museum showcasing the history and culture of Jilin province.
  3. Jingyuetan National Forest Park: A beautiful park with stunning lakes and forests, perfect for hiking and outdoor activities.
  4. Beishan Park: A scenic park with temples, pagodas, and beautiful gardens.
  5. Songhua Lake Ski Resort: One of the largest ski resorts in China, offering skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.
  6. The Puppet Emperor’s Palace: An imperial palace built during the Japanese occupation of China in the early 20th century.
  7. Manchukuo State Department Building Museum: A museum showcasing the history of Manchukuo, an independent state established by Japan in Northeast China during World War II.
  8. Jilin Meteorite Museum: A museum dedicated to meteorites found in Jilin province and their impact on science and society.
  9. Changbai Mountain Scenic Area: Home to Changbai Mountain, one of China’s most famous mountains known for its stunning scenery and natural hot springs.
  10. Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture Folk Culture Village: A village showcasing traditional Korean architecture as well as cultural practices such as singing, dancing, among others.

Sports Teams

  1. Jilin Northeast Tigers Basketball Club: Founded in 1999, this team has won the Chinese Basketball Association championship three times.
  2. Changchun Yatai Football Club: Established in 1996, this team has played in the Chinese Super League since 2007 and has won the China League One title twice.
  3. Jilin Baijia Ice Hockey Club: Founded in 2017, this team plays in the Russian-based Supreme Hockey League.
  4. Yanbian Funde Football Club: Based in Yanji, Jilin from 1955 to 2017 when it dissolved due to financial difficulties. They primarily played in lower-tier leagues but did play two seasons (2016-17) in the Chinese Super League.
  5. Jilin City Volleyball Team: This women’s volleyball team has achieved success both nationally and internationally, winning multiple championships and medals over time.
  6. Tonghua Steel Football Club: This football club is based out of Tonghua city within Jilin province and has competed at various levels within China’s professional football system since its founding in 2003.

Please note that some of these teams may no longer exist or may have undergone changes since their founding or last competitive season due to various reasons such as financial issues or restructuring of leagues/teams within China’s sports landscape.

Cultural Events

  1. Jilin International Ice and Snow Festival
  2. Changchun Film Festival
  3. Songhua Lake Ice and Snow Fishing Festival
  4. Yanbian International Korean Folklore Festival
  5. Jilin Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo
  6. Jilin International Cultural Tourism Festival
  7. Jingyuetan Cherry Blossom Festival
  8. Harbin-Jilin-Manzhouli International Art Exhibition
  9. China Changbai Mountain International Photography Week
  10. Baishan China’s Most Beautiful Autumn Tourism Culture Week


  • Changbai Mountain wild vegetables: A specialty dish made with various wild vegetables found on the Changbai Mountain.
  • Dumplings: A traditional Chinese dish, often filled with pork or vegetables.
  • Jilin-style hot pot: A spicy soup-based hot pot that is a popular winter dish in Jilin.
  • Roast duck: A classic Chinese dish that is particularly famous in Jilin.
  • Laobian dumplings: A famous restaurant chain in Jilin that specializes in dumplings and other traditional Chinese dishes.
  • Dongbei-style barbecue: Grilled meat skewers seasoned with cumin and chili powder, a popular street food option in Jilin.
  • Korean cuisine: Due to its close proximity to North Korea, there are many Korean restaurants serving dishes like kimchi stew and bibimbap in Jilin City.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Jingyuetan National Forest Park offers hiking, skiing, and boating activities.
    2. Beidahu Ski Resort is a popular ski resort with various slopes for different skill levels.
    3. Songhua Lake Ski Resort is another ski resort with scenic views of the lake.
    4. Changbai Mountain Scenic Area is known for its hot springs and beautiful natural scenery.
    5. Jilin Beishan National Forest Park offers hiking trails and camping sites.
    6. Chagan Lake Scenic Area is a wetland park with birdwatching opportunities.
    7. Jilin Confucius Temple Park is a historical park featuring ancient architecture and gardens.
    8. Nanhu Park is a public park with walking paths, boating activities, and cultural performances.
    9. Yuquan Hunting Grounds offer hunting expeditions in this area.
    10. Tonghua Xianglu Mountain Ski Resort is another popular ski resort in the region.


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