Jorhāt, India

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Jorhāt, India

Region: Assam

Geographic Coordinates: 26.750000, 94.220000
Temperature Range: 15.0°C to 35.0°C (59°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 153249
Language: Assamese

Jorhat is a stunning city in Assam, India, Situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra River. The city is renowned for its scenic beauty, Tea plantations and historical significance. Founded by a British tea planter in 1839, Jorhat has become one of the most important cities in Assam. The tea plantations are one of Jorhat’s main attractions and produce some of India’s finest teas. Tourists from all over the world come to see miles of lush green fields that are a treat to watch.

The Tea Research Institute located here conducts research on various aspects of tea cultivation which has helped improve quality. Apart from natural beauty, Jorhat has several historic landmarks worth visiting like Kaziranga National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its one-horned rhinoceroses – just an hour’s drive away from Jorhat. Tocklai Tea Research Centre established by British planters during colonial times still stands today as an important research centre for tea cultivation. The Tai Ahom Museum showcases artifacts related to the Ahom dynasty that ruled Assam before being annexed by British India.

Several prestigious institutions like Dibrugarh University, Assam Agricultural University and Jorhat Engineering College located here make it a hub for higher education. One unique aspect about Jorhat is that it hosts one of Asia’s oldest golf courses – The Gymkhana Club Golf Course established in 1876 by British planters living there at that time. The course spans across acres with lush greenery making it an ideal spot for golf enthusiasts. Jorhat is a city with something to offer everyone; preserved history while embracing modernity. It is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the beauty and culture of Assam.

Important Landmarks

  1. Majuli Island is considered to be the world’s largest river island, offering a unique and picturesque landscape that attracts visitors from all over the globe.
  2. The Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit destination for nature lovers, providing an opportunity to witness some of India’s rarest and most endangered species in their natural habitat.
  3. Thengal Manor, built in 1929, is a heritage bungalow that offers visitors a glimpse into Assam’s rich history and culture.
  4. Bangla Gaon Tea Estate is one of the most scenic tea gardens in India, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys.
  5. Lachit Borphukan’s Maidam is a historical monument dedicated to the legendary Ahom general Lachit Borphukan, who fought valiantly against the invading Mughals in the 17th century.
  6. Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar is an ancient temple known for its unique architecture and religious significance among locals and tourists alike.
  7. Tocklai Tea Research Institute is an institute dedicated to tea research and development, providing insights into Assam’s thriving tea industry.
  8. Sukapha Samannay Kshetra serves as a memorial park dedicated to Chaolung Sukapha – founder of the Ahom dynasty – showcasing his contributions towards shaping Assamese culture over centuries.
  9. Jorhat Gymkhana Club Golf Course stands as one of India’s oldest golf courses with stunning scenery around it that makes it worth playing on at least once!
  10. Cinnamora Tea Estate located on NH37 offers visitors beautiful views with scenic beauty around it making it another must-visit destination when exploring Assam!

Primary Industries

  1. Tea industry: Jorhat is renowned for its tea plantations and houses several tea processing units.
  2. Agriculture: The city has fertile land that supports agriculture, including crops such as rice, jute, sugarcane, vegetables, etc.
  3. Handloom industry: Jorhat has a rich tradition of handloom weaving and produces silk sarees, mekhela chadors (traditional Assamese attire), etc.
  4. Tourism: Jorhat serves as a gateway to popular tourist destinations like Kaziranga National Park, Majuli Island (the world’s largest river island), etc.
  5. Education: The city is home to several educational institutions ranging from schools to universities.
  6. Healthcare: Jorhat has several hospitals and clinics providing healthcare services to the local population.
  7. Retail industry: There are many retail shops selling various goods like clothing items, electronics appliances, groceries etc., catering to the needs of locals as well as tourists visiting the city.
  8. Transportation sector: As an important transportation hub in Assam region, Jorhat provides connectivity via airways, railways & roadways connecting it with other parts of India.

Noteable History

  1. Jorhat served as the final capital of the Ahom Kingdom, which governed Assam for more than six centuries.
  2. In 1837, the British introduced their inaugural tea plantation in India at Jorhat.
  3. Some notable individuals associated with Jorhat are Tarun Gogoi, a former Chief Minister of Assam; Bhupen Hazarika, an iconic singer and songwriter; Hemanta Biswa Sarma, the current Finance Minister of Assam; and Hridayeshwar Saikia, a former Governor of Mizoram.
  4. During India’s independence movement, Jorhat played a crucial part as a hub for revolutionary activities.
  5. The Allied forces founded Northeast India’s first airbase at Jorhat during World War II.
  6. Dibrugarh University and North East Institute of Science and Technology (NEIST) are among several significant institutions located in Jorhat.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Kaziranga National Park
  2. Majuli Island
  3. Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Tocklai Tea Research Institute
  5. Sukapha Samannay Kshetra
  6. Jorhat Science Centre and Planetarium
  7. Thengal Manor Museum
  8. Burigosain Devalaya Temple Complex
  9. Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar Temple Complex

Sports Teams

  1. Jorhat Town Club – a football club established in 1946 that has participated in various state-level tournaments.
  2. Jorhat Gymkhana Club – a multi-sport club that offers facilities for cricket, tennis, badminton, swimming, and other indoor games.
  3. Jorhat Cricket Coaching Centre – a training center for young cricketers to develop their skills and participate in local tournaments.
  4. Jorhat District Volleyball Association – an organization that promotes volleyball at the district level through tournaments and coaching camps.

Overall, while Jorhat may not have any significant sports teams with long histories like some other cities in India do (e.g., Kolkata’s Mohun Bagan AC), there is still a strong passion for sports among the locals who actively participate in various activities throughout the year.


  • Xikhla: This is a traditional Assamese dish made with rice flour, coconut, and jaggery. It is a must-try dish when in Jorhat.
  • Bora Saul: This is another traditional Assamese dish made with sticky rice and lentils. It is often served with curries or chutneys.
  • Khar: This is a unique Assamese dish made with raw papaya or bamboo shoots cooked in an alkaline solution.
  • New Bombay Restaurant: This restaurant serves delicious Indian cuisine including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
  • Gyan’s Bakery & Cafe: This cafe serves amazing baked goods like cakes, pastries, breads along with coffee and tea.
  • Raja Mircha Restaurant: Known for its spicy food, this restaurant specializes in North Indian cuisine especially the famous Andhra style biryani.
  • The Cake Studio & Cafe: Another great place to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with their wide range of cakes and pastries along with coffee and tea options.
  • Heritage Thengal Manor Restaurant: Located inside the beautiful Thengal Manor Heritage Hotel, this restaurant offers an array of continental dishes along with some local delicacies like fish curry or duck roast served on banana leaves.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar is a popular park in Jorhat known for its serene atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. It is also home to a famous temple of Lord Krishna.
    2. Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the outskirts of Jorhat and offers visitors the chance to see various species of birds, monkeys, and other animals.
    3. Majuli Island, located on the Brahmaputra River, is known for its natural beauty and cultural significance. Visitors can enjoy hiking, birdwatching, and exploring local villages.
    4. Kaziranga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site about 100 km from Jorhat that’s home to the one-horned rhinoceros as well as other wildlife such as elephants and tigers.
    5. Thengal Manor Museum showcases the history and culture of Assam through various artifacts such as traditional clothing, weapons, musical instruments etc.
    6. Nehru Park is a popular spot for picnics and family outings in Jorhat town with lush greenery all around.
    7. Sukapha Samannay Kshetra is a memorial park dedicated to Ahom King Sukapha who founded the Ahom dynasty in Assam over 600 years ago.
    8. Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary focuses on protecting endangered species like Hoolock gibbons which are only found in this region of India.
    9. Jubilee Park located at heart of city offers perfect place for morning walk or evening stroll with friends or family.
    10. Burigosain Devalaya Temple situated close to Jorhat town has been there since 18th century, tourists can visit here for some peaceful time.


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