La Trinidad, Philippines

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La Trinidad, Philippines

Region: Benguet

Geographic Coordinates: 16.462100, 120.588000
Temperature Range: 15.0°C to 30.0°C (59°F to 86°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 137404
Language: Filipino

La Trinidad is a stunning and lively town located in the Benguet province of the Philippines. It’s known as the Strawberry Capital of the nation because of its vast strawberry fields that produce some of Southeast Asia’s sweetest and juiciest strawberries. The town is around 6 kilometers from Baguio City, Making it easily accessible for tourists who want to explore both areas. Apart from its strawberries, La Trinidad also boasts several tourist attractions worth visiting. One such attraction is the Bell Church, A Taoist temple with intricate carvings and colorful architecture.

Tourists can also enjoy scenic views at Mount Kalugong Eco-Park or go hiking at Mt. Yangbew. Tam-Awan Village is another famous attraction in La Trinidad that displays traditional Cordilleran houses and culture. Visitors can learn about indigenous practices like weaving and woodcarving while enjoying breathtaking views of nearby mountains. Adventure enthusiasts will find plenty to do in La Trinidad as well. Tourists can try ziplining at Tree Top Adventure Park or go river rafting at Chico River.

Foodies will love their visit to La Trinidad since it offers a wide range of local delicacies such as pinikpikan (a traditional Cordilleran dish made with chicken) and etag (smoked meat). There are also several restaurants serving international cuisine for those who prefer more familiar flavors. Overall, La Trinidad provides an unforgettable experience for tourists who want to immerse themselves in Philippine culture while enjoying stunning natural scenery and delicious food. With friendly locals, Rich history, And unique attractions, It’s no wonder why this town continues to attract visitors from all over the world year after year.’

Important Landmarks

  1. Strawberry Farm: La Trinidad is known as the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines, and visitors can pick their own strawberries at the farm.
  2. Bell Church: A Chinese temple that features beautiful architecture and intricate carvings.
  3. Tam-Awan Village: A cultural village that showcases traditional Ifugao houses and offers workshops on indigenous crafts.
  4. Benguet State University Museum: A museum that displays artifacts related to the history and culture of Benguet province.
  5. Mount Kalugong Eco-Park: An eco-park that offers stunning views of La Trinidad and surrounding mountains, hiking trails, zipline rides, and camping facilities.
  6. Baguio Botanical Garden: A beautiful garden with a wide variety of plants including orchids, ferns, bonsai trees, etc.
  7. La Trinidad Municipal Hall: The town hall is an iconic landmark in La Trinidad with its unique architecture resembling a giant strawberry basket.
  8. Balili River Clean-Up Drive – An environmental initiative aimed at cleaning up Balili River which runs through La Trinidad’s town center
  9. La Trindad Vegetable Trading Post- It is where you can see tons of fresh vegetables being traded daily from different parts of Benguet province
  10. Strawberry Festival- The annual festival held every March celebrates the abundance of strawberries in the area with various activities such as street dancing competition, agro-industrial fair, sports events etc.

Primary Industries

  • La Trinidad, Philippines is renowned for its agriculture industry, specifically the cultivation of strawberries and vegetables like lettuce, carrots, and cabbage.
  • The municipality also boasts a flourishing flower industry with various farms producing roses, chrysanthemums, and other flowers.
  • Apart from these industries, La Trinidad has significant sectors in:
    • Tourism
    • Education (with several universities and colleges)
    • Retail trade (with numerous malls and markets)
    • Local government services

    Noteable History

    1. The establishment of La Trinidad as a municipality in 1900.
    2. The Japanese occupation during World War II resulted in the massacre of civilians and destruction of the town.
    3. The construction of Benguet Road, also known as Kennon Road, which connects La Trinidad to Baguio City and was completed in 1905.
    4. The Strawberry Festival is an annual event held every March to celebrate the town’s main agricultural product.
    5. Eusebio Balao fought against Spanish colonial rule and is considered a hero in Benguet province; he was a native of La Trinidad.
    6. Rafael Palma, a prominent Filipino historian and writer who served as President of the University of the Philippines from 1923 to 1933, was born in La Trinidad.
    7. Jose Maria Sison spent time hiding out in La Trinidad during his underground activities; he is the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines and one its most prominent leaders during Marcos regime.
    8. Teodoro Yangco Sr., played a key role in developing Baguio City’s tourism industry; he was also a businessman and philanthropist who established several schools and hospitals in Benguet province.
    9. The mining industry has played an important role for many years with several mines operating around La Trinidad including gold, copper, silver, manganese, zinc,and lead mines.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Strawberry Farm: La Trinidad is renowned for its strawberry farms, and visitors have the opportunity to pick their own strawberries at the farm.
    2. Benguet State University Museum: This museum exhibits the history and culture of Benguet Province, including the Igorot people.
    3. Tam-awan Village: A cultural village that highlights traditional Igorot houses, art galleries, and a restaurant serving local cuisine.
    4. Bell Church: A Chinese temple that features intricate carvings, colorful lanterns, and a serene garden.
    5. Mount Kalugong Eco-Park: A picturesque park with hiking trails that provide panoramic views of La Trinidad and nearby mountains.
    6. Baguio Museum: Located in nearby Baguio City, this museum showcases the history and culture of the Cordillera region.
    7. BenCab Museum: Another museum located in Baguio City that features contemporary art by Filipino artist Benedicto Cabrera (BenCab).
    8. Strawberry Festival – Held every March in La Trinidad to celebrate its strawberry harvest season with various activities such as street dancing competitions, trade fairs showcasing local products among others.
    9. Bahong Flower Farms – Known as “The Valley of Colors”, this flower farm showcases different varieties of flowers such as chrysanthemums, roses among others.
    10. La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post – One can witness vegetable trading transactions happening here where farmers bring their produce to sell to traders who then transport them to different parts of Philippines.

    Sports Teams

    1. Unfortunately, I do not have access to current information and updates on sports teams in La Trinidad, Philippines.
    2. However, I can suggest that you try searching online for local news articles or community pages that may provide information on the sports teams and their histories in the area.
    3. You may also want to reach out to local sports organizations or government agencies for more details.

    Cultural Events

    1. Strawberry Festival – La Trinidad’s most popular festival takes place every February to celebrate the town’s thriving strawberry industry.
    2. Adivay Festival – Celebrating Benguet Province’s unique culture and traditions, this festival is held in November.
    3. Panagbenga Festival – This flower-themed festival primarily occurs in Baguio City but spills over into La Trinidad every February.
    4. Lang-ay Festival – Showcasing traditional dances and music from different tribes in Benguet Province, this cultural event promotes unity among communities.
    5. Kawayan Festival – Highlighting bamboo as a vital resource for agriculture, handicrafts, and construction in La Trinidad, this festival occurs annually.
    6. Kabayan Anito Festival – In April, this festival celebrates the indigenous practices of Kabayan town within Benguet Province.
    7. Immaculate Conception Parish Fiesta – As a predominantly Catholic community, La Trinidad celebrates its patron saint’s feast day on December 8th with processions and religious activities.
    8. Indigenous Peoples Month Celebration – Recognizing the importance of preserving indigenous cultures throughout the Philippines, including those found within Benguet province such as Kankanaey or Ibaloi tribes residing within La Trinidad area, is celebrated annually during October.


    1. Strawberry Taho is a popular street food that consists of soft tofu, sweet caramel syrup, and fresh strawberries.
    2. Pinikpikan is a traditional Cordilleran dish that involves beating chicken to death with a stick before cooking.
    3. Kiniing is thinly sliced smoked pork meat that can be served as an appetizer or main dish.
    4. Balbacua is a hearty soup made by cooking beef shanks, skin, and bones for several hours until tender.
    5. Cafe By The Ruins is a renowned restaurant known for its rustic atmosphere and delicious fusion of local and international cuisine.
    6. Arca’s Yard Cafe offers breathtaking mountain views while you enjoy coffee, pastries, and other local delicacies in La Trinidad.
    7. Gotohan ni Mang Lito serves goto (rice porridge) topped with crispy garlic bits and chicharon (pork cracklings).
    8. Baguio Craft Brewery offers locally brewed craft beers paired with pub-style food such as burgers, fries, wings etc
    9. La Trinidad Strawberry Farm allows visitors to pick their own strawberries or purchase freshly picked ones from roadside stores.
    10. Strawberry Shortcake House sells freshly baked cakes and pastries made from locally grown strawberries in their small bakery.

    Parks and Recreation

    1. Strawberry Farm: Visitors can pick fresh strawberries and enjoy the cool weather of La Trinidad.
    2. Benguet State University Eco Park: A park that offers various recreational activities such as zip-lining, wall climbing, and hiking.
    3. Mount Kalugong Cultural Village: A cultural village that showcases the traditions and lifestyle of the indigenous people of La Trinidad.
    4. Bell Church: A Chinese temple that features intricate architecture and beautiful gardens.
    5. Tam-Awan Village: An art village that showcases traditional Cordilleran art and culture.
    6. La Trinidad Municipal Park: A public park where locals gather for picnics, jogging, or simply enjoying the scenery.
    7. Balili River Trail: A scenic walking trail along Balili River with stunning views of rice terraces and mountains.

    Note: Some of these attractions may have limited access due to COVID-19 restrictions, so it’s best to check before visiting.


    Enjoy The Journey.

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