Longba, China

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Longba, China

Region: Sichuan

Geographic Coordinates: 33.535000, 105.349000
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 30.0°C (-40°F to 86°F)
Climate: Data not available.
Population: 2567718
Language: Chinese

Longba is a small town located in the southwestern part of China, Specifically in the Sichuan Province. It is situated on the eastern side of the Tibetan Plateau and surrounded by towering mountains, Making it a place of stunning natural beauty. The town has a population of around 1, 000 people and is home to several ethnic groups including Tibetans and Han Chinese. One of the main attractions in Longba is its hot springs. The town has several hot spring resorts where visitors can soak in natural mineral water while enjoying views of the surrounding mountains.

These hot springs are said to have therapeutic properties that help with various ailments such as arthritis and skin conditions. Another popular attraction in Longba is its traditional Tibetan architecture. The town has several temples and monasteries that showcase this unique style of architecture, Which features colorful murals, Intricate wood carvings, And ornate roofs adorned with prayer flags. One notable temple in Longba is the Rongwo Monastery which was built during the Ming Dynasty. The town also offers opportunities for hiking and trekking as it sits at an elevation of over 3, 000 meters above sea level.

Visitors can take scenic hikes through lush forests or climb up to high mountain peaks for panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Longba also boasts a rich cultural heritage with many festivals celebrated throughout the year. One such festival is Losar or Tibetan New Year which usually takes place between February and March each year. During this festival, Locals dress up in traditional clothing, Perform dances and music shows while feasting on local delicacies. In terms of cuisine, Longba offers a unique blend of Tibetan and Sichuanese dishes that reflect its diverse cultural influences.

Some popular dishes include momos (Tibetan dumplings), Yak meat dishes like shabu-shabu (thinly sliced meat cooked at your table), Spicy Sichuan-style noodles like dan dan mian, And hotpot. Overall, Longba is a hidden gem in China that offers visitors a chance to experience the beauty of nature, Rich cultural heritage, And delicious cuisine. It is a perfect destination for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure in China.

Museums and Things To See

  1. The Longba Grottoes: A collection of Buddhist caves with intricate carvings and statues.
  2. The Longba Art Museum: A modern art museum showcasing works by local artists.
  3. The Longba Cultural Center: A center for cultural events and performances.
  4. The Longba City Wall: An ancient defensive structure dating back to the Ming Dynasty.
  5. The Baoding Mountain Scenic Area: A stunning mountain range with hiking trails and breathtaking views.
  6. The Qingcheng Taoist Temple: A historic temple honoring the Taoist sage Zhang Daoling.
  7. The Longquan Monastery: An active Buddhist temple featuring beautiful architecture and peaceful gardens.
  8. The Shuanglong Lake Park: A serene park with a picturesque lake, walking paths, and picnic areas.
  9. The Yuhua Palace Museum: A museum highlighting the history of Chinese porcelain production in the region.
  10. The Qianfo Mountain National Forest Park:A natural reserve that offers hiking trails through lush forests and waterfalls as well as spectacular views of mountains from vantage points along the way.


  • Spicy Hot Pot – Longba is known for its spicy hot pot dishes which are available at various local restaurants.
  • Roast Duck – A popular dish in Longba is the roasted duck which is served with steamed buns and vegetables.
  • Sichuan Cuisine – Sichuan cuisine is also a popular choice among locals and tourists alike as it offers a unique blend of spicy, sweet, sour and salty flavors.
  • Shabu Shabu – Another favorite dish in Longba is the Japanese-style shabu-shabu which involves cooking thin slices of meat in boiling water or broth.

Some popular restaurants in Longba include:

  1. Chongqing Hotpot Restaurant
  2. Haidilao Hot Pot
  3. Yuxiang Renjia Restaurant
  4. Donglaishun Restaurant
  5. Ba Guo Bu Yi Restaurant

Parks and Recreation

  1. Longba Forest Park: This park is located in the north of Longba and covers an area of over 10 square kilometers. It is known for its beautiful scenery, hiking trails, and picnic areas.
  2. Xiangshui Lake Scenic Area: This scenic area is located in the southeast of Longba and features a large lake surrounded by lush greenery. Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, hiking trails, and camping.
  3. Wuyue Square: This public square is located in the center of Longba and features a large fountain display as well as plenty of space for outdoor gatherings.
  4. Sports Center: The Sports Center in Longba offers facilities for sports such as basketball, soccer/football fields or courts, tennis courts etc., which are open to both locals and visitors.
  5. Cultural Center: The Cultural Center hosts various events throughout the year including concerts or shows that showcase local talent or national performers who visit from other parts of China.


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