Medenine, Tunisia

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Medenine, Tunisia

Region: Medenine

Geographic Coordinates: 33.354700, 10.505300
Temperature Range: 15.0°C to 35.0°C (59°F to 95°F)
Climate: Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters.
Population: 109409
Language: Arabic

Medenine is a city located in the southern part of Tunisia, Known for its rich history and unique architecture. The city is situated on a rocky plateau, Surrounded by desert landscapes and hills. It has been inhabited since ancient times and has played an important role in the region’s history. One of the most notable features of Medenine is its traditional Berber architecture, Which can be seen throughout the city. The houses are built from local materials such as mud bricks and limestone, With flat roofs and small windows to keep out the heat.

Many of these buildings have underground rooms known as troglodyte dwellings that were used as storage areas or shelter during times of conflict. The Medenine Souk is another significant attraction in the city. This bustling market offers an array of goods ranging from spices to textiles, Jewelry to pottery, All sold by friendly vendors who are happy to engage with visitors. The souk also provides an opportunity for visitors to experience traditional Tunisian culture firsthand. Another must-visit attraction in Medenine is Ksour (fortified granaries), Which are UNESCO World Heritage sites that date back to ancient times.

These granaries were used by locals for storing grain during periods of drought or war when crops could not be harvested safely. Medenine also boasts several museums where visitors can learn more about Tunisian culture and history. One such museum is the Musée de la Tradition Populaire de Djerba-Medenine which showcases traditional clothing, Crafts, And artifacts from various regions around Tunisia. For nature lovers seeking adventure outside the city limits, There are many opportunities for hiking and exploring nearby mountains like Jebel Dahar or visiting nearby oases like Chenini Oasis or Douiret Oasis.

Overall Medenine offers a unique blend of cultural heritage sites mixed with natural beauty making it a must-visit destination on any trip through Tunisia!

Important Landmarks

  1. Ksar Ouled Soltane: A well-preserved ancient Berber granary and fortress.
  2. Douiret: A picturesque mountain village with traditional architecture.
  3. Chenini: An ancient Berber village built on a hilltop with stunning views.
  4. Medenine Mosque: A beautiful mosque in the heart of the city.
  5. El Jem Colosseum: One of the largest Roman amphitheaters in Africa, located about 70 km from Medenine.
  6. Guermessa: Another ancient Berber village known for its unique architecture and stunning views.
  7. Matmata underground houses: Traditional underground houses that were used as filming locations for Star Wars movies.
  8. Djerba Island: An island known for its beautiful beaches, traditional villages, and historic sites like the El Ghriba synagogue.
  9. Tataouine Desert: A vast desert landscape that has been used as a filming location for many movies including Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope.
  10. Jebil National Park: A protected area with diverse flora and fauna, including rare species like Barbary macaques and African wild dogs.

Primary Industries

Medenine’s Industries and Businesses

  • 1. Agriculture:
    • Produces olives, dates, almonds, and other fruits
    • Products consumed locally and exported
  • 2. Tourism:
    • Attracts visitors from all over the world
    • Popular sites: Ksar Ouled Soltane, Chenini village, Douiret village
  • 3. Handicrafts:
    • Produces pottery items, carpets, embroidery work, basket weaving
    • Traditional handicrafts using natural materials
  • 4. Construction:
    • Building hotels and resorts for tourists
    • Increases job opportunities for locals
  • 5. Manufacturing:
    • Produces textiles products such as clothing and home furnishings
    • Products sold locally and internationally
  • 6. Services Sector:
    • Provides healthcare services for local residents and tourists
    • Includes hospitals and clinics
  • 7. Trade & Commerce Sector:
    • Retailers selling various goods
    • Includes food & beverage products, electronic gadgets

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Medenine: In March 1943, the British Eighth Army led by General Bernard Montgomery defeated the German Afrika Korps led by General Erwin Rommel in a decisive battle near Medenine during World War II.
  2. Berber culture: Many Berber tribes have lived in the region for thousands of years, and they have their own distinct language, customs, and traditions that are still practiced today.
  3. Ksour architecture: The old town of Medenine features traditional ksour (fortified granaries) built by Berbers as protection against raiders and invaders.
  4. Habib Bourguiba: Tunisia’s first president was born near Monastir but spent much of his childhood in nearby El Hamma before moving to Tunis for his education.
  5. Souad Massi: Algerian singer-songwriter Souad Massi grew up in Medenine before moving to Algiers to pursue her music career.
  6. Mohamed Bouazizi: Street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in protest against police harassment and corruption on December 17, 2010, sparking the Tunisian Revolution which eventually led to the overthrow of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
  7. Matmata: Matmata is a small town near Medenine famous for its underground homes (troglodyte dwellings) used as filming locations for several Star Wars movies including Episode IV – A New Hope (1977).
  8. Jerba synagogue bombing: On April 11, 2002 terrorists attacked a synagogue on the island of Jerba near Medenine killing 21 people including 14 German tourists.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Ksar Ouled Soltane is a historic fortified granary that showcases traditional Berber architecture and design. It’s a must-visit attraction in Medenine.
  2. The Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts exhibits traditional clothing, pottery, jewelry, and other crafts that represent the rich cultural heritage of Medenine and Tunisia.
  3. El Jem Amphitheatre is an ancient Roman amphitheater located just outside Medenine. It’s one of the largest in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  4. Djerba Island is home to beautiful beaches, historic sites like the Ghriba Synagogue and Borj El Kebir fortress, as well as picturesque villages like Houmt Souk. It’s just a short drive from Medenine.
  5. Douiret Village is a charming Berber village perched on a hilltop that offers stunning views over the surrounding desert landscape.
  6. Matmata Underground Houses are unique underground dwellings used by Berber tribes for centuries to protect themselves from extreme temperatures.
  7. Guellala Museum of Popular Art showcases traditional Tunisian ceramics and pottery-making techniques on Djerba Island.
  8. Tamezret Village is another picturesque Berber village located near Medenine with narrow streets lined with white-washed houses adorned with colorful doors and windows.
  9. Chenini Village offers breathtaking views over the surrounding landscape along with well-preserved examples of traditional Berber architecture atop another stunning hilltop village near Medenine.
  10. Ribat de Monastir provides insight into Tunisia’s rich history as a strategic Mediterranean crossroads between Europe, Africa, and Asia through its historic fortress located in nearby Monastir.

Sports Teams

  1. AS Djerba – a football club founded in 1964 and based in Djerba, which is a small island near Medenine.
  2. US Ben Guerdane – a football club founded in 1962 and based in Ben Guerdane, which is a city located near the Libyan border.
  3. Club Olympique de Médenine – a football club founded in 1948 and based in Medenine city.

These teams have participated at different levels of Tunisian national leagues over the years with varying degrees of success but they have contributed to making Tunisian soccer one of the most competitive on the African continent.

Cultural Events

  1. The International Festival of Traditional Music and Dance is an annual event held in July that showcases traditional music and dance from various regions of Tunisia.
  2. The Medenine Date Festival takes place in October and celebrates the date palm, an essential crop in the region. Visitors can enjoy traditional music, dance, food, and handicrafts during this festival.
  3. The Medenine International Film Festival is an annual event that takes place every November and features international films from different genres.
  4. El Ghriba Pilgrimage is a religious pilgrimage to the El Ghriba synagogue on Djerba Island that occurs every May, attracting Jewish pilgrims from all over the world.
  5. Sidi Bouali Moussem is a popular annual pilgrimage to the Sidi Bouali shrine near Medenine that features traditional music, dance, food, and souvenirs for both locals and tourists alike.
  6. Journée des Arts et de la Culture à Medenine is a one-day celebration of local arts and culture with exhibitions of traditional crafts, performances by local musicians and dancers as well as poetry readings or storytelling sessions available for visitors to enjoy.
  7. El Kefcha Festival celebrates Tunisian clothing with fashion shows featuring various styles such as Berber or Bedouin attire along with musical performances by local artists.
  8. The Tastira Festival celebrates Tunisian cuisine where visitors can taste various dishes made with olive oil including couscous cooked over open fires or grilled meats served alongside fresh salads prepared using locally grown produce.


  1. Brik: a fried pastry filled with egg, tuna or meat.
  2. Couscous: a traditional dish made of semolina wheat and served with vegetables and meat.
  3. Harissa: a spicy paste made of chili peppers, garlic and olive oil.
  4. Mechouia salad: a salad made of grilled peppers, tomatoes, onions and spices.
  5. Merguez sausage: a spicy lamb or beef sausage often served grilled or in sandwiches.
  6. La Kasbah Restaurant: known for its traditional Tunisian cuisine such as couscous and brik.
  7. Le Tresor Restaurant: offers both Tunisian and international cuisine with outdoor seating options.
  8. Dar Dada Restaurant: serves authentic Tunisian dishes such as mechouia salad and lamb tagine in a cozy setting.
  9. Cafe des Delices Medenine: known for its coffee drinks but also serves light bites like sandwiches and pastries.
  10. Les Jardins de Touggourt Restaurant & Cafe: offers Mediterranean cuisine with vegetarian options available in an outdoor garden setting.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Parc National de l’Ichkeul (National Park)
  2. Parc Djerba Explore
  3. Oasis of Ksar Ghilane
  4. Medenine Zoo
  5. The Roman Amphitheatre of El Djem
  6. Ksour of Tataouine
  7. Douiret Village
  8. Chenini Village
  9. Matmata Underground Houses and Star Wars Set Locations


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