Novocherkassk, Russia

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Novocherkassk, Russia

Region: Rostov Oblast

Geographic Coordinates: 47.422200, 40.093900
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 30.0°C (-40°F to 86°F)
Climate: Cold winters and warm summers with moderate precipitation throughout the year.
Population: 168766
Language: Russian

Novocherkassk is a city situated on the right bank of the Don River in the Rostov Oblast region of Russia. The city has a population of approximately 170, 000 people and was founded in 1805 as a fortress town to protect Russia from Turkish invasion under Tsar Alexander I. The city boasts stunning architecture, Including churches, Mansions, And government buildings dating back to the 19th century. The Ascension Cathedral is one of its most famous buildings and stands at an impressive height of over 80 meters.

Novocherkassk is also known for its traditional Cossack culture that can be seen in everything from its music and dance to its cuisine. Visitors can enjoy traditional Cossack dishes like borscht or shashlik while taking part in local festivals celebrating Cossack traditions. Education is also an essential aspect of life in Novocherkassk with several prestigious universities and research institutes located there. One such institution is the Don State Technical University specializing in engineering and technology fields.

In addition to tradition and history, Novocherkassk has a modern side with plenty of shopping centers, Cafes, Restaurants, Cinemas, And other entertainment venues available throughout the city. However, It’s worth mentioning that Novocherkassk played an important role during Soviet times as well: In June 1962 there was an uprising against Khrushchev’s regime because food prices had risen sharply after wage increases failed to keep pace. The Soviet Army opened fire on protesters killing at least 26 people; this event became known as the Novocherkassk massacre.

Overall, Novocherkassk offers visitors a unique blend of history, Culture, Education and modernity – making it worth visiting for anyone interested in learning more about Russia’s rich heritage or experiencing traditional Cossack culture first-hand.

Important Landmarks

  1. Ataman Palace is a historical and cultural complex that includes the former residence of the Don Cossack Ataman, a museum, and a park.
  2. The Ascension Cathedral is an iconic Orthodox cathedral with beautiful frescoes and intricate architecture.
  3. The Kazanskaya Church is another stunning Orthodox church with colorful domes and intricate details.
  4. The Museum of Don Cossacks History is dedicated to the history and culture of the Don Cossacks, featuring exhibits on their military traditions, folk art, and everyday life.
  5. The Monastery of St. George is an ancient monastery founded in the 14th century that features beautiful frescoes, icons, and relics.
  6. The Monument to Alexander II is a statue honoring Russia’s former emperor who played an important role in modernizing Russia during his reign.
  7. Lenin Square is a central square in Novocherkassk where you can find several monuments dedicated to Soviet leaders like Lenin and Stalin.
  8. Rostov-on-Don Embankment located just outside Novocherkassk offers a scenic waterfront promenade perfect for strolling or taking boat tours along the riverbank while enjoying views of Rostov-on-Don cityscape across the waterway.

Primary Industries

  1. Metallurgy: With numerous metallurgical plants, Novocherkassk produces steel, iron, and other metal products.
  2. Chemicals: The city has several chemical companies that manufacture fertilizers, plastics, and other chemicals.
  3. Food processing: Novocherkassk has a thriving food processing industry with companies producing meat products, dairy products, and baked goods.
  4. Machinery: Several machinery manufacturers in the city produce equipment for various industries such as agriculture, construction, and transportation.
  5. Energy: The region is powered by several power plants in Novocherkassk.
  6. Transportation: As an essential transportation hub in Russia; the city has several railway lines passing through it as well as a major highway connecting it to other cities within the country.
  7. Construction materials: Building material manufacturers in Novocherkassk produce cement, bricks, tiles among others for construction purposes.
  8. Textiles: Although small but growing; the textile industry produces clothing and fabrics for local markets within the city.

Noteable History

  1. In 1570, Novocherkassk became home to the Don Cossack Host.
  2. Novocherkassk was also significant during the Decembrist revolt of 1825 when a group of Russian army officers tried to overthrow Tsar Nicholas I’s rule. Some members of this movement hailed from Novocherkassk.
  3. The city is home to one of Russia’s largest producers of electric locomotives – the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant – which was established in 1936.
  4. Tragically, on June 2nd, 1962, Soviet troops opened fire on peaceful protesters who were demanding better living conditions and higher wages – an event known as the Novocherkassk massacre.
  5. Notable individuals linked with Novocherkassk include writer Mikhail Sholokhov who wrote extensively about Cossack life; mathematician Nikolai Chebotaryov; and Olympic figure skater Maxim Trankov.

Overall, as a center for Cossack culture and industry and site for significant political events like Decembrist revolt and Soviet-era massacre, Novocherkassk has played an essential role in Russian history over time.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Novocherkassk History Museum showcases the history and culture of Novocherkassk and the surrounding region.
  2. The Ascension Cathedral is a beautiful 19th-century Russian Orthodox church located in the heart of Novocherkassk.
  3. The Cossack Ataman Palace is a historic building that served as the residence for the leaders of the Don Cossacks.
  4. Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts, located in nearby Rostov-on-Don, features an impressive collection of Russian art from various periods.
  5. Gorky Park is a popular park in Novocherkassk with beautiful gardens, playgrounds, and recreational facilities.
  6. The Monument to Alexander Suvorov is a statue dedicated to one of Russia’s greatest military commanders, located in central Novocherkassk.
  7. The Don River Embankment is a picturesque promenade along the banks of the Don River with stunning views and charming cafes and restaurants.
  8. The House-Museum of Ivan Bunin, located near Rostov-on-Don, is dedicated to Ivan Bunin – one of Russia’s most famous writers and Nobel Prize laureates.

Sports Teams

  1. 1. FC Rostov: This football club was founded in 1930 and is based in Rostov-on-Don, near Novocherkassk. The team has played in the Russian Premier League since 2008 and has won several titles, including the Russian Cup.
  2. HC Donbass: This ice hockey team was founded in 2004 and played its home games at the Palace of Sports Donbass located in Novocherkassk until 2014 when it relocated to Donetsk due to conflict between Ukraine and Russia.
  3. BC Spartak Stavropol: This basketball club was founded in 1935 as Spartak Ordzhonikidze before relocating to Stavropol, near Novocherkassk. The team has won several titles, including the Soviet Union Championship.
  4. Volleyball Club Lokomotiv-Novosibirsk: Although this volleyball club is based in Novosibirsk, it has strong ties with Novocherkassk as many players from the city have played for the team over the years. The team has won numerous titles both domestically and internationally.
  5. Handball Club Kuban Krasnodar: This handball club was founded in Krasnodar but also represents other cities including Novocherkassk. The team has won several titles including two EHF Champions League trophies.

Overall, these sports teams have contributed greatly to sporting culture not only within their respective cities but also on a national level within Russia itself.

Cultural Events

  1. The Day of the City is celebrated on August 12th to commemorate the founding of Novocherkassk.
  2. The Cossack Festival celebrates Cossack culture and heritage through traditional music, dance, and food.
  3. The Don Fair is an annual fair dating back to the 18th century where locals sell handmade crafts and goods.
  4. Victory Day is a national holiday observed on May 9th to commemorate the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II with parades and fireworks.
  5. Maslenitsa is a week-long festival leading up to Lent that includes traditional Russian games, music, and food.
  6. International Jazz Festival Don-Jazz has been held annually in November since 1994 and is one of Russia’s most popular jazz festivals.
  7. Russian Orthodox Easter is celebrated with church services and traditional meals.
  8. Christmas falls on January 7th in Russia, celebrated with church services and festive meals.


  • Kuban cuisine: features dishes made with locally grown ingredients such as vegetables, meat, and fish
  • Shashlyk: traditional Russian dish of skewered meat (usually lamb or pork) grilled over an open flame
  • Pirozhki: small baked or fried buns filled with various fillings such as potatoes, cabbage, or meat
  • Borscht: soup made from beets and other vegetables that is often served with sour cream

There are several popular restaurants in Novocherkassk to choose from:

  • Krasnodar Bistro: cozy restaurant that serves traditional Russian dishes like borscht and shashlyk
  • Cafe Kuban: offers authentic Kuban cuisine including grilled meats and vegetable dishes
  • Restaurant Kolos: serves local specialties like pirozhki and dumplings along with international dishes
  • Cafe Domik v Derevne: specializes in homemade pastries and cakes along with savory dishes like soups and stews

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Central Park of Culture and Rest – a popular park with walking paths, playgrounds, and sports facilities.
    2. Victory Park – a park dedicated to the victory of World War II with monuments, fountains, and a museum.
    3. Gagarin Park – a park with an amusement park, sports facilities, and a small zoo.
    4. Novocherkassk Reservoir – a large lake for fishing and boating activities.
    5. Novocherkassk Ski Resort – a ski resort for winter sports enthusiasts.
    6. Novocherkassk Racecourse – horse racing track for spectators to enjoy races.

    These are just some of the many parks and recreational activities available in Novocherkassk, Russia.


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