Saïda, Algeria

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Saïda, Algeria

Region: Saïda, Algeria is located in Saïda Province

Geographic Coordinates: 34.830300, 0.151700
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 35.0°C (50°F to 95°F)
Climate: Dry and hot summers, mild winters with occasional rainfall.
Population: 128413
Language: Arabic

Saïda is a city situated in the northwestern region of Algeria, In the Tell Atlas mountain range. It’s renowned for its rich cultural heritage and history and is considered one of Algeria’s most important cities. The city was founded by Phoenicians around 1100 BC and has been influenced by various civilizations such as Roman, Arab, Ottoman, And French. One of Saïda’s most notable landmarks is La Casbah, A historic citadel dating back to the 17th century built during Ottoman rule to protect against Spanish invasion.

Today it serves as a museum where visitors can learn about Saïda’s history through exhibits showcasing artifacts from different eras. Saïda boasts vibrant marketplaces or souks scattered throughout the city that offer an array of goods ranging from traditional handicrafts to fresh produce and spices. Souk El Hadjadj is the largest market operating every Sunday attracting both locals and tourists alike. The Great Mosque of Saïda stands out as an impressive architectural masterpiece reflecting Islamic culture with intricate mosaics and ornate carvings on both exterior and interior walls. It was constructed during Marinid dynasty rule in the 14th century.

Tassili N’Ajjer National Park features vast stretches of desert terrain dotted with sand dunes, Rock formations, Cave paintings dating back thousands of years ago making it one of Saïda’s stunning natural landscapes. Local dishes in Saïda are heavily influenced by Berber traditions with couscous being a staple dish served alongside lamb or chicken tagines flavored with aromatic spices like cumin or coriander. Overall, Saïda offers a unique blend of historical significance coupled with natural beauty making it an ideal destination for travelers looking for authentic experiences off-the-beaten-path while visiting Algeria.

Important Landmarks

  • Saïda is a city in western Algeria that boasts several landmarks and tourist attractions.
  • The most famous ones include:
    • The Saïda Mosque, with its beautiful architecture and intricate designs.
    • The Old City of Saïda, a maze-like network of narrow streets and alleys, lined with traditional houses and shops selling local handicrafts.
    • The Tassili n’Ajjer National Park, situated near Saïda, offering visitors the chance to explore stunning rock formations, ancient cave paintings, and unique wildlife.
    • The Souk El Hadj Bouziane Market, one of the largest in Algeria, providing visitors with a wide range of goods including spices, textiles, pottery, and jewelry.
    • The Sidi Brahim Fort, holding historical significance as it was built by the French during their occupation of Algeria in the 19th century. It offers stunning views over the surrounding countryside.
    • The Grotte de Beni Add Caves, located near Saïda and featuring impressive stalactites and stalagmites as well as prehistoric artifacts dating back thousands of years.
    • The Great Mosque of Saida, another beautiful mosque with historical significance which attracts tourists from all around the world to visit this place for its impressive architecture design inside out along with religious values it holds for Muslims living there or visiting from other countries.
  • These are just some examples; there are many more things to see and do in Saïda depending on your interests!

  • Primary Industries

    • Saïda, Algeria is renowned for its agricultural industry, specifically the cultivation of olives and dates.
    • The city also boasts a modest manufacturing sector that manufactures textiles, food products, and construction materials.
    • Furthermore, Saïda’s historical sites and natural attractions such as the Tassili n’Ajjer National Park have contributed to the growth of its tourism industry.

    • Noteable History

      1. The city was founded in the 10th century by the Banu Ifran Berber dynasty.
      2. During the medieval period, Saïda was a major center of Islamic learning and culture.
      3. In 1556, Saïda was captured by Ottoman forces led by Piyale Pasha and became part of the Ottoman Empire.
      4. The city played an important role in the resistance against French colonialism in Algeria during the 19th century.
      5. Notable people from Saïda include Abdelhamid Ben Badis, a prominent Islamic scholar and founder of the Association of Algerian Muslim Ulemas; Ahmed Ben Bella, first president of independent Algeria; and Hocine Ait Ahmed, a leader of the Algerian War for Independence and founder of one of Algeria’s main political parties.
      6. In recent years, Saïda has been known for its agricultural production (especially olives) as well as its handicrafts such as pottery and weaving.

      Museums and Things To See

      1. The Roman Theater of Saïda is a well-preserved ancient theater that dates back to the 3rd century AD.
      2. The Great Mosque of Saïda is a beautiful mosque with intricate designs and architecture.
      3. The Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions is an interesting museum that showcases the local culture and traditions of Saïda.
      4. The Souk El Hadj Bouziane is a bustling market where visitors can buy traditional handicrafts, spices, and other goods.
      5. The Mausoleum of Sidi Boubekeur is a revered religious site that attracts many pilgrims each year.
      6. The Fort de la Pointe aux Pères is a historic fort built by the French in the 19th century to defend against attacks from the sea.
      7. The Ain El Fouara Fountain is an iconic landmark in Saïda that features a beautiful fountain surrounded by palm trees and gardens.
      8. The Palace of Ahmed Bey is an impressive palace built in the Ottoman style during the 19th century, now used as administrative offices for the city government.
      9. The Dar Essaada Museum of Contemporary Art showcases contemporary Algerian art.
      10. The Cirta Museum displays artefacts from ancient Numidia in an archaeological museum setting.

      Cultural Events

      1. Saida International Festival of Music and Performing Arts: This festival features various musical performances, dance shows, theater plays, and other cultural activities.
      2. Mouloudia Festival: Celebrated in honor of the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), this festival includes religious processions, music concerts, poetry recitals, and traditional food fairs.
      3. National Day celebrations: On November 1st every year, Algeria celebrates its independence from France with parades, fireworks displays, street parties, and cultural exhibitions.
      4. Saida Film Festival: This event showcases local and international films across different genres such as drama comedy documentary among others.
      5. International Book Fair: Held annually in Algiers (nearby city) but attended by people from all over Algeria including Saïda; this fair is a celebration of literature featuring book launches by renowned authors from around the world among other related activities.

      Please note that these events may vary based on factors such as location or current circumstances affecting public gatherings due to COVID-19 or any other reasons beyond our control.


      • Couscous: A traditional dish made of semolina, vegetables, and meat or fish.
      • Mechoui: Roasted lamb or goat served with bread.
      • Chakhchoukha: A stew made with broken pieces of Algerian bread, vegetables, and meat.
      • Merguez: Spicy sausages made from lamb or beef.
      • Tajine: A slow-cooked stew typically made with chicken or lamb and a variety of vegetables.

      Some popular restaurants in Saïda include:

      • Restaurant El Bahia: Known for its traditional Algerian cuisine, including couscous and tajine.
      • Restaurant Le Jardin D’Eden: Offers a mix of Algerian and French cuisine in a beautiful garden setting.
      • Restaurant La Fontaine Bleue: Serves Mediterranean-inspired dishes using fresh ingredients sourced from local markets.
      • Chez Ali Baba Grillades Et Pizzas Algériennes : Specializes in grilled meats and pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven.
      • Cafe de la Gare : Offers coffee , tea , pastries , sandwiches etc..

      • Parks and Recreation

        1. Parc d’Attractions et de Loisirs: A popular amusement park with rides and games for all ages.
        2. Jardin Public de Saida: A peaceful green space with walking paths and benches for relaxation.
        3. Complexe Sportif de Saida: A sports complex offering facilities for football (soccer), basketball, tennis, and other sports.
        4. Musée National du Moudjahid: A museum dedicated to the Algerian War of Independence with exhibits showcasing artifacts from the conflict.
        5. La Plage de la Corniche: A scenic beach area along the Mediterranean Sea featuring restaurants and water sports activities such as swimming or boating.
        6. La Grotte Cervantes: An underground cave system that can be explored by visitors interested in spelunking or caving adventures.
        7. Les Cascades d’Ain El Kebira: Waterfalls located near Saïda that offer hiking trails through scenic natural surroundings.

        Please note that this information may not be entirely accurate or up-to-date; it is always best to check local sources for the most current information on public parks and recreational activities in Saïda, Algeria.


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