San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic

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San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic

Region: Duarte

Geographic Coordinates: 19.300000, -70.250000
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Population: 188118
Language: Spanish

San Francisco de Macorís is a lively city located in the northeastern region of the Dominican Republic. It serves as the capital of Duarte province and has a population of around 250, 000 people. The city is renowned for its rich history, Cultural diversity, And thriving economy. One of the most notable features of San Francisco de Macorís is its bustling marketplaces. The central market, Mercado Municipal, Offers an array of fresh produce, Meats, Seafood as well as artisanal crafts and souvenirs. Another popular marketplace is La Pulga de la Avenida Libertad where vendors sell everything from clothing to electronics.

The city also boasts several historical landmarks that are worth visiting. One such landmark is the Cathedral Santa Ana which was built in 1885 and features stunning Gothic architecture. Another notable site is Parque Duarte which pays tribute to one of the country’s founding fathers with a statue at its center. San Francisco de Macorís has a diverse population with many different cultures represented throughout the city. This diversity can be seen in various aspects such as food options where visitors can enjoy traditional Dominican cuisine or international flavors like Chinese or Italian fare.

In addition to its cultural richness, San Francisco de Macorís also has a strong economy fueled by agriculture and manufacturing industries. The region produces crops such as coffee beans and cacao beans used for chocolate production along with rice fields that stretch across miles along with other agricultural products like bananas and plantains. The manufacturing industry includes factories that produce textiles garments; furniture; plastic goods; metal products among others providing employment opportunities for locals while contributing to economic growth within this region.

sports enthusiasts will appreciate San Francisco de Macoris’ love for baseball – it’s considered one of their national pastimes! The Estadio Julian Javier stadium hosts games throughout baseball season drawing fans from all over to cheer on their favorite teams. Overall San Francisco de Macoris offers visitors an opportunity to experience the rich culture and history of the Dominican Republic while also enjoying its vibrant economy and diverse population.

Important Landmarks

  1. Parque Duarte
  2. Catedral Santa Ana
  3. Museo de Arte Moderno
  4. Plaza de la Cultura
  5. Teatro Don Bosco
  6. Casa de Arte y Cultura
  7. Mercado Modelo
  8. Iglesia Sagrado Corazón de Jesús
  9. Monumento a los Héroes y Mártires del 19 de julio
  10. Jardín Botánico y Zoológico Los Almácigos

Primary Industries

  • The major industries and businesses in San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic are:
    1. Agriculture
      • Sugar cane
      • Rice
      • Plantains
    2. Manufacturing
      • Textiles
      • Food products
      • Plastics
    3. Services
      • Retail
      • Healthcare
  • San Francisco de Macorís is also known for:
    • Production of baseballs with several factories dedicated to their manufacture
    • A growing tourism sector with attractions such as:
      • Jardín Botánico Dr. Rafael M. Moscoso
      • Museo del Ámbar Dominicano

    Noteable History

    1. The founding of San Francisco de Macorís in 1777 by French colonizers.
    2. The Battle of Palo Hincado in 1808, where Dominican rebels led by Juan Sánchez Ramírez defeated the Spanish army and gained control of San Francisco de Macorís.
    3. The establishment of the first sugar mill in the region in 1870, which led to a boom in sugar production and economic growth for the town.
    4. The massacre of Haitian workers in 1937, known as El Corte, which occurred throughout the country but also affected San Francisco de Macorís.
    5. The birthplace of famous Dominican baseball players such as Sammy Sosa and Robinson Canó.
    6. The hometown of renowned poet Salomé Ureña and her daughter Camila Henríquez Ureña, who was a writer and educator.
    7. A center for education with several universities including Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), Universidad Católica Nordestana (UCNE), Instituto Tecnológico de las Américas (ITLA), among others.
    8. A hub for agriculture with large-scale production of rice, cocoa, coffee, plantains and other crops that are exported throughout the country and internationally.
    9. A city that has undergone significant urbanization over recent years with new infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, hospitals among others to improve quality life for its citizens.
    10. A place where traditional music genres like merengue tipico are still played live every weekend at local bars or clubs.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Museo Regional de San Francisco de Macorís: This museum showcases the history and culture of the city and its surrounding areas.
    2. Parque Duarte: Named after Juan Pablo Duarte, one of the founding fathers of the Dominican Republic, this park is an excellent place to unwind and enjoy fresh air.
    3. Catedral Santa Ana: With stunning architecture and intricate details, this cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings in San Francisco de Macorís.
    4. Centro Cultural Narciso González: Throughout the year, this cultural center hosts exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, and other cultural events.
    5. Monumento a los Heroes de la Restauración: Honoring those who fought for independence from Spain in 1863, this monument is located in nearby Santiago.
    6. Casa Museo Hermanas Mirabal: Dedicated to the Mirabal sisters who were assassinated during Trujillo’s dictatorship, this museum is about an hour’s drive from San Francisco de Macorís.
    7. Iglesia Sagrado Corazón de Jesús: Another beautiful church located in San Francisco de Macorís that is worth visiting for its stunning architecture and religious significance.
    8. Parque Nacional Los Haitises: Located about two hours from San Francisco de Macorís, this national park offers incredible natural beauty with caves filled with petroglyphs dating back thousands of years along with mangrove forests and wildlife viewing opportunities on land or by boat tour through canals lined by towering cliffs covered in vegetation all around you!

    Sports Teams

    1. Gigantes del Cibao is a professional baseball team located in San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic. They were founded in 1996 and play in the Dominican Winter League.
    2. Metros de San Francisco is a basketball team that competes in the Liga Nacional de Baloncesto (LNB) of the Dominican Republic. They have won two championships since their establishment in 2005.
    3. Atlético SFM is a football club based in San Francisco de Macorís, founded on March 22, 2014. Their home games are played at Estadio Julian Javier.
    4. Titanes del Nordeste is another basketball team that participates in the LNB of the Dominican Republic and was established recently, in 2018.
    5. Indios de San Francisco was a former baseball team that played from 1951 to 1960 before being relocated to Santo Domingo as part of an expansion plan for professional baseball teams throughout the country.

    Cultural Events

    1. Carnival de San Francisco is a lively and colorful event that takes place annually in February or March. The streets come alive with music, dancing, and parades.
    2. Festival del Merengue is an annual celebration of the Dominican Republic’s national dance, merengue. It typically occurs in July and features live music performances, dance competitions, and workshops.
    3. Fiesta de San Antonio de Padua is a religious festival held in June to honor Saint Anthony of Padua, the city’s patron saint. It includes processions, masses, and other religious ceremonies.
    4. Feria Agropecuaria y Artesanal is an agricultural fair that showcases local produce and crafts from the surrounding areas. It usually takes place in November or December.
    5. Semana Santa (Holy Week) is an important religious celebration throughout the Dominican Republic that includes processions, masses, and other events leading up to Easter Sunday.
    6. Festival del Cacao y Chocolate celebrates the region’s rich history of cacao production with chocolate tastings, workshops on chocolate making techniques as well as cultural performances.
    7. Festival Nacional del Mango is dedicated to celebrating this delicious tropical fruit with mango tastings as well as cultural performances by local artists showcasing their talents through music, dance, etc.


    • Chimi’s Grill is a well-known restaurant that serves grilled meats and seafood, as well as traditional Dominican dishes.
    • El Conuco offers classic Dominican cuisine, including sancocho, mofongo, and chivo guisado.
    • La Parrillada de Juancho is a casual spot that specializes in grilled meats and seafood like lobster and shrimp.
    • Los Tres Cocos is famous for its fresh seafood dishes like ceviche and fried fish.
    • El Artesano focuses on typical Dominican cuisine such as rice with beans, stewed chicken or pork, and yucca.
    • Pizzeria Don Camilo offers a variety of pizzas with unique toppings like plantains or chorizo for those who want something different than traditional Dominican food.
    • Helados Bon is a popular ice cream shop that uses natural ingredients like fruit pulp and cocoa powder to create various flavors of ice cream.

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Parque Duarte is a public park situated in the heart of San Francisco de Macorís, featuring a statue of Juan Pablo Duarte, the founding father of the Dominican Republic.
      2. Sendero Ecoturístico La Guama is a hiking trail that meanders through lush forests and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.
      3. Parque Central is another public park located in the city center, featuring a large fountain and ample green space for picnics and relaxation.
      4. Balneario El Salto de Jima is a well-known swimming hole with crystal-clear waters and stunning waterfall views that attract many visitors.
      5. Parque Infantil is an exciting children’s playground with swings, slides, and other fun activities for kids to enjoy.
      6. Club Deportivo y Cultural San Martín de Porres is an excellent sports club that provides various recreational activities such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and more.
      7. Centro Cultural Narciso González Medina serves as an arts center that hosts cultural events such as music concerts, theater performances, art exhibitions, among others.
      8. Lago Bao is an artificial lake surrounded by mountains where visitors can go fishing or take a boat ride to explore its natural beauty without any hassle or worry about their safety or security concerns.


      Enjoy The Journey.

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