San Mateo, California

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San Mateo, California


Geographic Coordinates: 37.552200, -122.312000
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 30.0°C (50°F to 86°F)
Climate: Seasonal climate and weather patterns in San Mateo vary, but generally have mild temperatures with occasional rain from November to April and dry, sunny weather from May to October.
Population: 105087
Language: English

San Mateo is a city in California, Located between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. It’s a popular destination for both business and leisure travelers with a population of over 100, 000 people. The city has a rich history dating back to the Spanish colonial period. One of the most notable attractions in San Mateo is its vibrant downtown area with unique shops, Restaurants, Theaters, And galleries catering to all tastes. Visitors can enjoy live music performances or cultural events like food festivals throughout the year.

For outdoor enthusiasts, San Mateo has several parks within the city limits such as Central Park featuring a Japanese Tea Garden and playgrounds for children. Coyote Point Recreation Area offers stunning views of San Francisco Bay along with hiking trails, Picnic areas, Fishing spots and even an aquarium. Hillsdale Shopping Center is another attraction that draws tourists to San Mateo – one of Northern California’s largest shopping malls with over 100 stores including Nordstrom’s and Macy’s department stores.

San Mateo also provides easy access to some of California’s most famous destinations like Half Moon Bay (a charming coastal town), Napa Valley (famous for its wine) or Yosemite National Park (one of America’s most iconic national parks). Overall, Visitors will find an ideal mix of urban amenities combined with natural beauty making San Mateo a must-visit destination when exploring California!

Important Landmarks

  1. San Mateo County History Museum
  2. Coyote Point Recreation Area
  3. CuriOdyssey at Coyote Point
  4. Hillsdale Shopping Center
  5. Sawyer Camp Trail
  6. Japanese Tea Garden in Central Park
  7. Bay Meadows Park
  8. San Mateo Performing Arts Center
  9. Poplar Creek Golf Course
  10. The Peninsula Museum of Art

Primary Industries

  1. Technology: San Mateo is home to a number of technology companies such as Oracle, GoPro, and Sony Interactive Entertainment.
  2. Healthcare: The healthcare industry is also prominent in San Mateo with major hospitals like Mills-Peninsula Health Services and Kaiser Permanente.
  3. Finance: Several financial institutions have their offices in San Mateo including Franklin Templeton Investments, Charles Schwab Corporation, and Visa Inc.
  4. Retail: Hillsdale Shopping Center is one of the largest shopping centers in the Bay Area and attracts shoppers from all over California.
  5. Education: San Mateo has a number of educational institutions including College of San Mateo and Notre Dame de Namur University.
  6. Hospitality: The city has several hotels like Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Garden Inn, and Best Western Plus Coyote Point Inn to cater to tourists visiting the area.
  7. Food & Beverage: There are many restaurants serving different cuisines in San Mateo that offer employment opportunities for people working in this industry.

Noteable History

  1. The Ohlone people were the original inhabitants of the San Mateo area, and their presence dates back thousands of years.
  2. In 1776, Spanish explorers led by Juan Bautista de Anza established a settlement in what is now San Mateo County.
  3. During the California Gold Rush in the mid-1800s, San Mateo became an important hub for transportation and commerce.
  4. Notable residents of San Mateo include author Amy Tan, baseball player Barry Bonds, and actor Tom Brady.
  5. The city is home to several historic landmarks including the Kohl Mansion and Burlingame Railroad Station.
  6. In 1906, a major earthquake struck San Francisco causing significant damage throughout the Bay Area including in San Mateo.
  7. During World War II many Japanese Americans living in San Mateo were forced to leave their homes and relocate to internment camps.
  8. The city has a rich cultural heritage that includes significant contributions from Chinese immigrants who settled there during the late 19th century.

Museums and Things To See

  1. CuriOdyssey is a science and wildlife center that provides interactive exhibits, animal encounters, and hands-on activities for visitors of all ages.
  2. The San Mateo County History Museum showcases the rich history of San Mateo County through exhibits, artifacts, and educational programs.
  3. Coyote Point Recreation Area is a beautiful park with a beach, marina, picnic areas, hiking trails, a playground and museum.
  4. Filoli Historic House & Garden is a stunning estate with beautiful gardens that offer tours of the mansion’s interior.
  5. The Peninsula Museum of Art is an art museum featuring contemporary art exhibitions from local artists in various mediums such as painting and sculpture.
  6. Pulgas Water Temple is a historic monument built in 1934 to commemorate the completion of the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct – an engineering marvel that brought water to San Francisco from Yosemite National Park.
  7. Sawyer Camp Trail is a scenic hiking trail along Crystal Springs Reservoir offering stunning views of nature.
  8. Hillsdale Shopping Center is one of the largest shopping centers in San Mateo with over 100 stores including high-end fashion brands like Nordstroms and Macy’s.
  9. The Central Park Music Series offers free summer concerts at Central Park showcasing local bands playing different genres such as jazz or rock music.
  10. The Japanese Tea Garden features tranquil gardens with traditional Japanese architecture & landscaping plus tea ceremonies & events.

Sports Teams

  1. San Mateo High School Bearcats: The San Mateo High School Bearcats have a long history of athletic excellence, with teams in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and more.
  2. College of San Mateo Bulldogs: The College of San Mateo has a strong tradition of athletics, with teams in football, basketball, baseball softball and many other sports.
  3. Peninsula Youth Soccer Club: Founded in 1976 as the Peninsula Athletic League (PAL), the Peninsula Youth Soccer Club provides organized soccer programs for youth ages 4 to 19.
  4. Pop Warner Football & Cheerleading: Pop Warner is a national organization that provides youth football and cheerleading programs for children ages 5 to 15.
  5. San Francisco Bay Bombers Roller Derby Team: The Bay Bombers are one of the oldest roller derby teams in the world and have been based out of San Mateo since their inception in the early 1950s.
  6. Skyhawks Sports Academy: Skyhawks is a national organization that offers sports camps and clinics for children ages 4 to 14 throughout the year in various locations around San Mateo County.
  7. West Bay Warriors Lacrosse Club: The West Bay Warriors Lacrosse Club was founded in Redwood City over ten years ago with just five players; today they boast over two hundred players from kindergarten through high school age groups across several counties including San Mateo County.

Cultural Events

  • 1. San Mateo County Fair is an annual event that celebrates the diverse culture of San Mateo County. The fair offers live music, carnival rides, agricultural exhibits, and various food options.
  • 2. Maker Faire Bay Area is a two-day festival that showcases DIY projects, interactive exhibits, and innovative technology from around the world.
  • 3. Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival is a week-long event that screens independent films exploring Jewish culture and identity.
  • 4. Fiesta de Artes is an art fair featuring local artists selling their work in various mediums such as paintings, sculptures, jewelry etc.
  • 5. Pacific Coast Fog Fest is a weekend-long celebration of coastal living with live music performances and food vendors offering seafood specialties along with arts & crafts booths showcasing local artists’ work.
  • 6. San Mateo Japanese American Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates Japanese culture through traditional dance performances like Taiko drumming and cultural demonstrations such as ikebana flower arrangement. The festival also offers food vendors serving traditional Japanese cuisine like sushi rolls along with games for kids to enjoy like origami folding stations or calligraphy writing lessons.
  • 7. Italian Family Festa is a two-day festival celebrating Italian heritage through music performances by local bands playing traditional Italian songs along with delicious Italian cuisine served by local restaurants/vendors showcasing their best dishes from pizza to pasta!


  1. Ramen Dojo – a Japanese restaurant famous for its delicious ramen bowls.
  2. Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria – a pizza place that serves New York-style pies.
  3. The Fish Market – a seafood restaurant that offers fresh fish dishes.
  4. Curry Up Now – an Indian street food-inspired restaurant that serves delicious curries and wraps.
  5. Mazzetti’s Bakery – a bakery known for their freshly baked bread, pastries, and cakes.
  6. Vault 164 – an American restaurant that offers classic dishes such as burgers, steaks, and salads.
  7. Kingfish Restaurant – a seafood spot that serves crab cakes, clam chowder, and other seafood specialties.
  8. Three Restaurant & Bar – an upscale eatery serving contemporary American cuisine with locally sourced ingredients.
  9. Sushi Sam’s Edomata- A sushi bar offering traditional Japanese fare including sushi rolls & sashimi.
  10. The Counter San Mateo- A burger joint offering build-your-own burgers with customizable toppings & sauces.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Coyote Point Recreation Area: This park provides visitors with picnic areas, a playground, hiking trails, and a beach.
  2. Central Park: Visitors can enjoy tennis courts, baseball fields, a skate park, and a Japanese tea garden at this park.
  3. San Mateo County Fairgrounds: Various events take place throughout the year at these fairgrounds including the annual San Mateo County Fair.
  4. Seal Point Park: This waterfront park is popular for windsurfing and kiteboarding while also providing hiking trails.
  5. Beresford Park: Multiple sports fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, and walking paths are available in this large park.
  6. Shoreline Parks: These parks offer scenic views of the bay along with picnic areas and walking paths.
  7. Laurelwood Park: Hiking trails through redwood groves can be found in this wooded park.
  8. Joinville Swim Center: Indoor and outdoor pools are available for swimming lessons or recreational swimming at this aquatic center.
  9. Poplar Creek Golf Course – The public can enjoy 18-hole rounds or driving range practice sessions at this golf course.
  10. Sawyer Camp Trail – Running along Crystal Springs Reservoir with stunning views of nature’s beauty in every direction makes this trail popular among visitors!


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