Santa Maria, Brazil

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Santa Maria, Brazil

Region: Santa Maria, Brazil is located in Rio Grande do Sul

Geographic Coordinates: -29.683300, -53.800000
Temperature Range: 25.0°C to 35.0°C (77°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal tropical climate with high temperatures and precipitation in the summer months (December to March) and lower temperatures and drier conditions in the winter months (June to September).
Population: 243611
Language: Portuguese

Santa Maria is a city located in the southern region of Brazil, In the state of Rio Grande do Sul. It has a population of approximately 280, 000 people and covers an area of 1, 791 square kilometers. The city is known for its rich history, Cultural heritage, And natural beauty. One of the most prominent landmarks in Santa Maria is the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady Medianeira. This stunning cathedral was built in the early 20th century and features a beautiful mix of Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles.

It is one of the largest churches in Brazil and attracts thousands of visitors each year. Another popular attraction in Santa Maria is Parque da Medianeira, Which is a large park located near the city center. The park features beautiful gardens, Walking trails, Playgrounds for children, And several sports facilities such as tennis courts and soccer fields. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon with family or friends. For those interested in history or culture, There are several museums worth visiting in Santa Maria.

The Museu de Arte de Santa Maria (MASM) showcases art from local artists as well as international exhibits. The Museu Memorial Mallet displays artifacts related to Brazilian military history while also honoring General Osório who led Brazilian troops during war times. The city also has many festivals throughout the year that celebrate its cultural heritage such as Festa Nacional do Chimarrão (National Mate Tea Festival), Which celebrates one of Brazil’s most popular beverages – mate tea – with music performances by local bands along with food stalls selling traditional dishes like churrasco (barbecue).

Nature lovers will appreciate that Santa Maria sits at an altitude between 200-300 meters above sea level providing it with mild climate all year round making it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking or cycling along trails that lead through lush green forests filled with native flora & fauna species unique to this region. but not leastly, The city has a vibrant nightlife scene with many bars and nightclubs that cater to all tastes. From live music venues to trendy cocktail bars, There is something for everyone in Santa Maria.

Santa Maria is a city that offers visitors a blend of history, Culture, Natural beauty and modern entertainment options. It’s definitely worth adding to your travel bucket list if you’re planning a trip to Brazil.

Important Landmarks

  1. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption (Catedral de Nossa Senhora da Assunção)
  2. Praia do Campeche
  3. Morro da Cruz
  4. Parque Ambiental Encantos do Sul
  5. Museu Gama D’Eça
  6. Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana
  7. Teatro Caixa Preta
  8. Praça Saldanha Marinho
  9. Memorial Coluna Prestes
  10. Mercado Público Municipal

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Santa Maria is renowned for its agricultural production, which includes crops like soybeans, corn, wheat, and livestock.
  2. Manufacturing: The city’s manufacturing industry is robust and produces items such as textiles, furniture, machinery parts, and automotive components.
  3. Education: Santa Maria has several universities and educational institutions that play a significant role in the local economy.
  4. Services: The service sector is another essential component of Santa Maria’s economy with businesses such as healthcare providers, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels contributing significantly.
  5. Technology: The presence of several technology companies in the region such as IBM Research Brazil Center, EMBRAER S.A., Dell EMC Brasil Ltda presents opportunities for growth in this field.
  6. Military Base: Home to one of Brazil’s biggest military bases (Base Aérea de Santa Maria), various jobs are available related to it contributing to the local economy.

Noteable History

  1. The founding of Santa Maria in 1797 by Portuguese colonizers.
  2. The Battle of Santa Maria, which took place during the Farroupilha Revolution (1835-1845) between Brazilian rebels and imperial forces.
  3. The arrival of Italian immigrants to the region in the late 19th century, who played a significant role in shaping the city’s culture and economy.
  4. The tragic fire at Kiss nightclub in January 2013, which claimed the lives of 242 people and left hundreds injured.
  5. Notable people from Santa Maria include former Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek, musician Vitor Ramil, and footballer Tite.
  6. The establishment of Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) in 1960 has been a significant milestone for education sector not only for Rio Grande do Sul but also for entire Brazil as it is considered one among top universities in Brazil today with over 30 thousand students enrolled every year across various faculties such as engineering, medicine etc.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Museu de Arte de Santa Maria (Museum of Art of Santa Maria)
  2. Memorial Mallet (Mallet Memorial)
  3. Theatro Treze de Maio (Thirteen of May Theater)
  4. Parque da Medianeira (Medianeira Park)
  5. Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Metropolitan Cathedral Our Lady of Conception)
  6. Centro Histórico de Santa Maria (Historic Center of Santa Maria)
  7. Praça Saldanha Marinho (Saldanha Marinho Square)
  8. Museu Gama D’Eça Cultural House
  9. Parque Natural Municipal da Lagoa do Sombrio
  10. Casa das Artes Regina Simonis

Sports Teams

  1. Football (soccer)
  2. Volleyball
  3. Basketball
  4. Futsal (indoor soccer)
  5. Handball
  6. Rugby

Cultural Events

  1. Festa da Uva – The Grape Festival is held every two years in Santa Maria and celebrates the region’s grape harvest.
  2. Oktoberfest – This German festival takes place in October and features traditional music, food, and beer.
  3. Feira do Livro – The Book Fair is an annual event that brings together authors, publishers, and book lovers from all over Brazil.
  4. Festival Internacional de Teatro de Rua – The International Street Theater Festival is a popular event that showcases performances by street theater groups from around the world.
  5. Carnaval de Santa Maria – This colorful carnival celebration takes place in February or March and includes parades, costumes, music, dance performances, and parties.
  6. Semana Farroupilha – This week-long celebration honors Rio Grande do Sul’s history and culture with traditional food, music, dances such as chimarrão (a type of tea), churrasco (barbecue), gaucho clothing & more.
  7. Encontro Nacional de Motociclistas – National Motorcycle Meeting: A gathering of motorcyclists from all over Brazil to celebrate their passion for bikes with exhibitions & competitions on dirt tracks or on streets with stunts etc.

Note: Please check for updated information before planning to attend any event/festival mentioned above as some may not be happening due to Covid-19 restrictions or other reasons beyond our knowledge at this time.


  • Churrascaria Ataliba: A traditional Brazilian steakhouse serving grilled meats and other dishes.
  • Restaurante Gambrinus: Known for its seafood dishes, including shrimp and fish stews.
  • Casa do Chopp: A casual bar that serves beer and snacks, including the popular coxinha (a fried dough filled with chicken).
  • Pizzaria Nono Ludovico: A pizza restaurant with a variety of toppings to choose from.
  • Buteko do Chaguinha: A bar and restaurant that serves traditional Brazilian dishes like feijoada (a stew made with black beans) and pastel (a fried pastry filled with meat or cheese).
  • Restaurante Casa da Sopa: Known for its hearty soups, including caldo verde (a soup made with kale) and sopa de legumes (vegetable soup).
  • Boteco 21 Bar e Grill: A bar that serves grilled meats, sandwiches, and appetizers like bolinho de bacalhau (cod fritters).

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Parque Zoobotânico de Teresina is a zoo and botanical garden that boasts a collection of over 450 animals and 150 plant species.
    2. Parque Estadual do Rio Turvo is a state park that offers hiking trails, waterfalls, and camping facilities.
    3. Praia do Campeche is a beach renowned for its clear waters and surfing opportunities.
    4. Lagoa da Conceição is a lagoon surrounded by hills that provides the perfect setting for kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, or just relaxing on the beach.
    5. Parque da Cidade Dom Nivaldo Monte is an urban park with walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas to enjoy some outdoor activities.
    6. Museu Histórico de Santa Maria is dedicated to showcasing the history of the city and region through various exhibits.
    7. Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana serves as an arts center housed in a former hotel where visitors can enjoy exhibitions, concerts, theater performances as well as workshops.
    8. Mercado Central de Santa Maria is an active market selling local produce such as fruits, vegetables meat products along with handicrafts made by artisans from the region’s communities.


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