Shangrao, China

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Shangrao, China

Region: Jiangxi

Geographic Coordinates: 28.441900, 117.963000
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 6810700
Language: Mandarin

Shangrao, Situated in the eastern part of China’s Jiangxi Province, Is a city with a diverse and fascinating history and culture. The city is renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery, Which includes mountains, Rivers, And forests. Shangrao has been a significant center of Buddhism since ancient times and has numerous famous temples and monasteries. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Shangrao is the Sanqing Mountain National Park.

Covering an area of over 200 square kilometers, This park boasts three main peaks – Yujing Peak, Yuxu Peak, And Yuhua Peak – which are believed to represent the three deities of Taoism. The park also features stunning waterfalls, Caves, Rock formations, And ancient trees. Another must-visit attraction in Shangrao is the Wuyuan Scenic Area. This picturesque countryside area features rolling hills covered in tea plantations and rice paddies as well as traditional Chinese villages.

Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through these villages to witness how locals live their daily lives or hike up one of the nearby hills to get panoramic views of this idyllic landscape. For those who love history and culture, Shangrao has many options too! One notable site is the Meilu Folk Village Museum where visitors can learn about traditional Chinese architecture as well as local customs such as paper-cutting artistry or making rice cakes.

Shangrao also boasts several religious sites such as Xinzhou Temple which dates back over 1, 500 years ago during the Eastern Jin Dynasty period (317-420 AD). The temple houses several ancient artifacts including stone carvings from various dynasties throughout China’s long history. yet importantly for food lovers visiting Shangrao won’t be disappointed either! The city’s cuisine features many local specialties such as Wuyuan tofu skin rolls (a type of dim sum made from tofu skin and filled with various ingredients) or Jiangxi-style smoked duck.

Visitors can also try some of the local teas such as Huangshan Maofeng tea which is known for its fragrant aroma and delicate taste. Shangrao is a city that has something to offer for everyone. Whether you’re interested in nature, History, Culture or food, This city has it all. With its stunning natural scenery and rich cultural heritage, Shangrao is definitely worth a visit!

Important Landmarks

  1. Wuyuan County is renowned for its picturesque landscape and ancient villages.
  2. Sanqing Mountain National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts stunning natural scenery and hiking trails.
  3. The historic Shangrao Railway Station was built in the early 20th century and has been preserved as a museum.
  4. Yiyang Cave Scenic Area is a popular tourist spot known for its underground rivers, waterfalls, and stalactites.
  5. The Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum in nearby Jingdezhen showcases the history of Chinese ceramics with a vast collection of pottery and porcelain art.
  6. Shangrao Ancient City Wall’s remains date back over 700 years to an ancient city wall.
  7. Tianshengqiao Scenic Area offers beautiful waterfalls, lakes, forests with scenic views that are perfect for hiking or camping.
  8. Hengfeng Old Street is lined with traditional shops selling local snacks, souvenirs & handicrafts on an old street.
  9. Xinzhou Forest Park is a large park offering hiking trails, picnic areas & scenic views of surrounding mountains.
  10. Qianshan National Park just outside Shangrao city limits houses several temples along with beautiful mountain scenery & hiking trails.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Shangrao is known for its agricultural products such as tea, bamboo shoots, oranges, and other fruits.
  2. Manufacturing: The city has a well-developed manufacturing industry producing textiles, electronics, machinery equipment, and plastic products.
  3. Tourism: Shangrao is home to several scenic areas such as Sanqing Mountain National Park and Wuyuan Scenic Area which attract tourists from all over the world.
  4. Mining: The city has significant mineral deposits of copper, iron ore, gold and other precious metals.
  5. Healthcare: With a growing population of elderly people in the region there is an increasing demand for healthcare services which creates opportunities for private hospitals and clinics to operate in the area.
  6. Education: There are several universities located in Shangrao that offer courses in various fields of study including business management, engineering and medicine among others.
  7. Retailing: The city has numerous shopping centers providing retail opportunities for both local residents and visitors alike.
  8. Transportation Services: With its location at the intersection of several major highways it provides transportation services to neighboring cities making it a hub for logistics companies operating within the region.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Shangrao: This battle took place during the Chinese Civil War in 1949. It was fought between the Nationalist forces and the Communist forces, resulting in a victory for the Communists.
  2. Huang Yongyu: Huang Yongyu is a famous artist from Shangrao who is known for his traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy.
  3. Liu Guoguang: Liu Guoguang was a prominent Communist leader who played an important role in the founding of the People’s Republic of China. He was born in Shangrao.
  4. The Long March: During the Long March, which took place from 1934 to 1936, Communist troops passed through Shangrao on their way to Yan’an.
  5. Xinzhou Incident: In 1967, during the Cultural Revolution, there was an incident in Xinzhou village near Shangrao where Red Guards attacked local officials and landlords.
  6. The Red Army Memorial Museum: This museum is located in Shangrao and commemorates the history of the Chinese Red Army during its early years.
  7. The Yiyuan Massacre: In 1941, Japanese troops massacred over 300 civilians in Yiyuan village near Shangrao as part of their occupation of China during World War II.
  8. Chen Yi: Chen Yi was a prominent Communist leader who served as mayor of Shanghai and governor of Fujian province before his death in 1972. He was born near Shangrao.
  9. The Wuyi Mountains National Park: This national park is located near Shangrao and is known for its beautiful scenery and cultural significance as a center for tea cultivation.
  10. Mao Zedong’s visit to Xinzhou Village: Mao Zedong visited Xinzhou Village in 1961, where he gave a speech to the local peasants and praised them for their revolutionary spirit.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Shangrao Confucian Temple: A historical temple dedicated to the famous philosopher Confucius.
  2. Wuyuan Ancient Village: A picturesque village with well-preserved ancient architecture and beautiful natural scenery.
  3. Sanqing Mountain National Park: A stunning mountain range with breathtaking views, hiking trails, and waterfalls.
  4. Shangrao Museum: A museum showcasing the history and culture of Shangrao, including artifacts from the Han Dynasty.
  5. Yiyang County Museum of Art: An art museum featuring contemporary Chinese art exhibitions.
  6. Lu Shan National Park: A scenic park known for its hot springs, lakes, and mountains.
  7. Xinzhou Revolutionary Memorial Hall: A memorial hall dedicated to the Communist revolution in China and its leaders.
  8. Baicao Garden Scenic Area: An eco-park with beautiful gardens, lakes, and waterfalls that is perfect for a relaxing day out in nature.
  9. Yiyang County Cultural Center: An exhibition center showcasing local cultural heritage through traditional art forms such as calligraphy and painting.
  10. Zixi Mountain Scenic Area: Another scenic mountain range with hiking trails, temples, caves, and waterfalls that offer an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike!

Sports Teams

  1. I do not have information on the complete history of sports teams in Shangrao, China.
  2. However, after conducting research online, I could not find any notable or well-known sports teams from Shangrao.
  3. It is possible that there are local amateur or youth teams in the area, but they may not have a significant history or presence at a national level.

Cultural Events

  1. Shangrao Ecological Tea Festival
  2. Wuyuan International Photography Festival
  3. Shangrao Red Bayberry Festival
  4. Sanqingshan Mountain Climbing Festival
  5. Huangshan International Mountaineering Festival
  6. Shangrao Folk Culture and Art Exhibition
  7. Qianshan Bamboo Shoots Cultural Tourism Festival
  8. Poyang Lake Fishery Cultural Tourism Festival
  9. Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Expo
  10. Wuyuan Spring Blossom and Rape Flower Photography Tour


  • Wuyuan Cuisine: This cuisine is famous for its use of fresh ingredients and unique cooking techniques. Some popular dishes include bamboo shoots with ham, steamed fish with pickled vegetables, and braised pork belly.
  • Shangrao Beef Noodles: These noodles are made with a rich beef broth and tender slices of beef. They are often served with chopped scallions, soy sauce, and chili oil.
  • Xianxia Tea House: This traditional tea house serves a variety of teas along with local snacks like tofu skin rolls, sesame cakes, and fried rice balls.
  • Jiangxi Hot Pot: This spicy hot pot is made with a variety of meats and vegetables cooked in a fiery broth flavored with Sichuan peppercorns.
  • Liyang Restaurant: This restaurant specializes in Hunan cuisine which is known for its bold flavors and use of chili peppers. Some popular dishes include spicy fish head stew, twice-cooked pork belly, and stir-fried green beans.
  • Zhongshan Road Night Market: This bustling night market offers a wide range of street food including grilled skewers, fried dumplings, roasted sweet potatoes, and bubble tea.
  • Laojie Dumpling Restaurant: This restaurant serves handmade dumplings filled with pork or vegetable fillings along with other classic Chinese dishes like kung pao chicken and mapo tofu.
  • Laoye Noodle Shop: This shop serves delicious bowls of noodles topped with various meats or vegetables along with side dishes like pickled radish or marinated tofu strips.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Sanqing Mountain National Park
    2. Wuyuan Scenic Area
    3. Lushan National Park
    4. Shangrao City Sports Center
    5. Shangrao Forest Park
    6. Yiyang Hot Spring Resort
    7. Xianshan Lake Scenic Area
    8. Jiangwan Wetland Park
    9. Qianshan National Forest Park


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