Sītāmarhi, India

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Sītāmarhi, India

Region: Bihar

Geographic Coordinates: 26.600000, 85.480000
Temperature Range: 15.0°C to 35.0°C (59°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal climate and weather patterns in Sītāmarhi, India are influenced by the monsoon season, with a hot and humid summer followed by a cooler winter.
Population: 106093
Language: Hindi

Sītāmarhi is a small town in the northern Indian state of Bihar, Situated on the banks of the river Gandak. The town is named after Sita, Wife of Lord Rama in Hindu mythology and believed to have been born here. It has a rich cultural heritage with many temples and shrines dedicated to various gods and goddesses. The history of Sītāmarhi can be traced back to ancient times when it was known as Mithila and ruled by kings who were patrons of art, Literature, And culture.

The town is famous for its Madhubani paintings which depict traditional themes using bright colors with intricate designs. The people of Sītāmarhi are predominantly agriculturalists who grow crops like rice, Wheat, Sugarcane etc., Using traditional methods passed down through generations. One interesting fact about Sītāmarhi is that it lies close to the Nepal border which makes it a popular destination for tourists visiting India and Nepal. Many travelers stop here en route to Lumbini- birthplace of Gautam Buddha or Kathmandu – capital city of Nepal.

In recent years there has been some development in infrastructure with better roads connecting nearby towns making travel easy but still lacks basic amenities such as proper healthcare facilities or educational institutes leading many young people leaving their hometowns for better opportunities elsewhere. Overall Sitamarhi offers an insight into rural life in India along with its rich cultural heritage making it an interesting place to visit for those interested in history, Art, And culture.

Important Landmarks

  1. Janaki Temple
  2. Sita Samahit Sthal
  3. Haleshwar Asthan Temple
  4. Baidyanathdham Mandir
  5. Panth Pakar – Birthplace of Saint Ravidas
  6. Janki Kund
  7. Kshatriya Kund
  8. Bagahi Math
  9. Gosai Ghat
  10. Baraitha Math

Primary Industries

  1. The major industries and businesses in Sītāmarhi, India include:
    • Agriculture
    • Handicrafts
    • Small-scale manufacturing
    • Retail trade
  2. The region is known for its production of:
    • Rice
    • Wheat
    • Sugarcane
    • Vegetables
  3. Handicrafts popular in the area include:
    • Pottery
    • Weaving
  4. Small-scale manufacturing includes the production of:
    • Textiles
    • Furniture
  5. Retail trade is a significant sector with numerous shops selling various goods including:
    • Clothing
    • Electronics
    • Household items
  6. Additionally, there are several government offices and educational institutions in the city that contribute to its economy.

Noteable History

  1. Sītāmarhi is believed to be the birthplace of Sita, the wife of Lord Rama in Hindu mythology.
  2. In the early 20th century, a language movement emerged in Sītāmarhi to promote and preserve the Maithili language spoken by the people of Bihar and Nepal.
  3. Mahatma Gandhi visited Sītāmarhi in 1917 during his Champaran Satyagraha movement against British colonialism.
  4. In 1990, a massive rally was held in Sītāmarhi as part of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement demanding that a temple be built at Ayodhya on what is believed to be Lord Rama’s birthplace.
  5. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, India’s first President, was born in Zeradei village near Sītāmarhi and spent his childhood there.
  6. Sheel Bhadra Yajee was a prominent freedom fighter from Bihar who played an active role in India’s struggle for independence from British rule.
  7. Karpuri Thakur was a socialist leader from Bihar who served as Chief Minister of Bihar twice and played an important role in promoting social justice and equality.
  8. Sharda Sinha is a renowned folk singer from Bihar who has popularized Maithili music through her songs and performances around the world.
  9. Lalu Prasad Yadav is a former Chief Minister of Bihar known for his populist policies and strong regional identity.
  10. Nitish Kumar is currently serving as Chief Minister of Bihar and has been credited with bringing about significant social and economic reforms in the state.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Janaki Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Sita, located in the heart of Sitamarhi.
  2. Baidyanath Temple is a renowned Shiva temple located in Deoghar, which is about 120 km from Sitamarhi.
  3. Sitamarhi Museum showcases the rich cultural heritage and history of Sitamarhi district.
  4. Buddha Stupa is an ancient Buddhist stupa located in Kesariya, around 70 km from Sitamarhi.
  5. Janki Kund is a sacred pond believed to be associated with the Ramayana story, situated near Janaki Temple.
  6. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College is one of the oldest colleges in Bihar, founded by Mahatma Gandhi himself during his visit to Bihar in 1917.
  7. Kali Temple (Harinagar) is one of the most visited temples dedicated to Maa Kali situated on Harinagar-Dumra road.
  8. Tara Mandir showcases various aspects of Indian culture and tradition through its museum exhibits.
  9. Sitakund is an ancient site believed to be associated with Goddess Sita’s life.
  10. Baba Garibnath Dham is a popular religious site visited by devotees from all over India throughout the year.

Cultural Events

  1. Sita Ram Navami is a major festival celebrated in Sītāmarhi to commemorate the birth of Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
  2. Chhath Puja is a four-day festival dedicated to the Sun God and is celebrated with great devotion in Sītāmarhi.
  3. Makar Sankranti is a harvest festival that’s celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor in Sītāmarhi.
  4. Holi, the colorful festival, is also celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in Sītāmarhi.
  5. Durga Puja, a nine-day long festival, is also celebrated with great pomp and show in this region.
  6. Diwali or The Festival of Lights brings people together to celebrate the victory of good over evil.
  7. Maha Shivaratri – an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Shiva – is observed by devotees in Sītāmarhi through fasting and prayers.
  8. Teej Festival sees womenfolk fasting for their husbands’ long life and prosperity during this monsoon season celebration.
  9. Bihula-Bishari Puja: A unique folk ritual observed by people living along river banks celebrates the story of Bihula who saved her husband from snakebite through her devotion to Goddess Manasa Devi.
  10. Rath Yatra or Car Festival: It’s an annual Hindu festival associated with Lord Jagannath held at Puri, India which has been replicated at various locations across India including Sitamarhi where it’s held on Ashadha Shukla Dwitiya (second day in bright fortnight of Ashadha month).


  1. Litti Chokha: A traditional Bihari dish made of roasted wheat balls stuffed with sattu (roasted gram flour) and served with mashed potatoes and brinjal.
  2. Chaat: A popular street food in India that includes a variety of savory snacks like samosas, bhel puri, sev puri, and dahi puri.
  3. Fish Curry: Being close to the river Ganges, fish is a staple food in Sītāmarhi. Fish curry made with locally caught fish is a must-try dish.
  4. Raj Darbar Restaurant: A popular restaurant serving North Indian cuisine including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes like butter chicken, biryani, tandoori chicken etc.
  5. Shree Ram Restaurant: Another popular restaurant known for its delicious Chinese dishes like noodles and fried rice along with Indian curries.
  6. Chauhan’s Kulfi Corner: Famous for its homemade kulfi (Indian ice cream) available in different flavors such as mango, pistachio etc.
  7. Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori Trail: This chain restaurant serves authentic Mughlai cuisine including kebabs and biryanis along with other North Indian dishes like butter chicken etc.
  8. Hotel Ashoka International: Multi-cuisine restaurant serving Chinese & Indian delicacies along with breakfast buffet spread.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Sitamarhi Raj Circuit Park
  2. Ram Janki Temple Park
  3. Manguraha Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Maheshwari Udyan Park
  5. Rameshwar Nath Mahadev Temple Park
  6. Shree Radha Krishna Mandir Park
  7. Kali Mata Mandir Park
  8. Gandhi Maidan
  9. Chhath Puja Ghat
  10. Sonepur Mela Grounds (seasonal)


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