Tanauan, Philippines

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Tanauan, Philippines

Region: Batangas

Geographic Coordinates: 14.083300, 121.150000
Temperature Range: 24.0°C to 32.0°C (75°F to 90°F)
Climate: Tropical climate with two distinct seasons: wet and dry. Wet season from June to November, dry season from December to May.
Population: 193936
Language: Tagalog

Tanauan is a first-class municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines. It is located in the southern part of Luzon and is known for its rich history, Vibrant culture, And picturesque landscapes. One of Tanauan’s most notable landmarks is the Jose P. Laurel Memorial Library and Museum which honors the life and legacy of Jose P. Laurel who served as President during World War II. The museum features a collection of documents, Photographs, And artifacts that tell the story of Laurel’s life as well as his contributions to Philippine history.

Taal Lake is another must-visit attraction in Tanauan which offers breathtaking views perfect for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts alike. Visitors can take boat rides around Taal Volcano Island or hike up to its summit for a stunning panoramic view. Tanauan also boasts a rich culinary scene with local delicacies such as lomi (a noodle soup dish), Bulalo (beef shank stew), And tawilis (a type of freshwater sardine) that can be found at local restaurants or street food stalls throughout town.

For those interested in history, Tanauan has several historical sites worth visiting such as Marcela Agoncillo Park which commemorates Marcela Agoncillo who sewed the first Philippine flag; San Juan Nepomuceno Church built during Spanish colonial times; and Casa Real which served as a government office during American occupation. In addition to its cultural attractions, Tanauan also has several natural wonders waiting to be explored such as Malvar Mountain Range where visitors can go hiking or camping; Banadero Falls where visitors can swim under cascading waterfalls; and Ambon-Ambon Falls offering scenic views surrounded by lush greenery.

adventure sports activities are available including ziplining, ATV rides, And horseback riding making it an ideal destination for thrill-seekers. Overall, Tanauan is a charming town that offers an abundance of cultural and natural attractions for visitors to explore. Its rich history and vibrant culture make it a must-visit destination in the Philippines.

Important Landmarks

  1. Tanauan City Hall
  2. Our Lady of the Assumption Church
  3. Tanauan Park
  4. Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village and Farm Resort
  5. Mount Makiling National Park (partly located in Tanauan)
  6. Taal Lake and Volcano (viewed from Tanauan)
  7. Marian Orchard Pilgrimage Site and Nature Park
  8. Laurel Memorial Library & Museum
  9. Casa Villavicencio Heritage House
  10. Laguna de Bay (viewed from Tanauan)

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture
    • Rice production
    • Corn production
    • Vegetable production
    • Fruit production
    • Livestock production
  2. Manufacturing
    • Electronics production
    • Automotive parts production
  3. Retail
    • Shopping centers
    • Retail stores
  4. Tourism
    • Taal Lake
    • Volcano Island
  5. Education
    • Schools
    • Universities
  6. Health care
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
  7. Real estate development

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Mabitac – This battle took place on September 17, 1896, during the Philippine Revolution. It was fought between Filipino revolutionaries and Spanish colonial forces in Mabitac, a town near Tanauan.
  2. Apolinario Mabini – He was a Filipino revolutionary leader who served as the first prime minister of the Philippines under Emilio Aguinaldo’s government. He lived in Tanauan during his exile from 1901 to 1903.
  3. Jose P. Laurel – He was a Filipino lawyer and politician who served as the president of the Philippines from 1943 to 1945 during World War II when Japan occupied the country. He was born in Tanauan on March 9, 1891.
  4. The Balisong Industry – Tanauan is known for its production of balisongs or butterfly knives since the early part of the twentieth century.
  5. Taal Lake and Volcano – The town is located near Taal Lake where Taal Volcano is situated, one of the most active volcanoes in the country that has erupted several times throughout history.
  6. Leon Apacible – A prominent figure in Philippine history who worked for independence from Spain and later advocated for Philippine autonomy under American rule until his death in March 1928 at his home here at Barangay Santor.
  7. Maria Kalaw Katigbak – She was one of Jose Rizal’s love interests before he left for Europe; she hailed from Batangas City but spent her childhood years studying at St Scholastica’s College Manila before transferring to Colegio de Santa Rosa (now University) where she met Rizal.
  8. Pedro Serrano Laktaw – One among many unsung heroes who played a significant role in the Philippine Revolution, Laktaw was born in Tanauan on January 31, 1861. He was an active member of the Katipunan and also served as General Antonio Luna’s secretary during the revolution.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Tanauan City Museum is a museum that showcases the history and culture of Tanauan City.
  2. Apolinario Mabini Shrine is a monument and museum dedicated to the life and legacy of Apolinario Mabini, a Filipino revolutionary hero.
  3. Jose P. Laurel Memorial Library and Museum is a library and museum honoring the legacy of Jose P. Laurel, former President of the Philippines.
  4. San Sebastian Cathedral is a beautiful church built in 1754 that has survived several earthquakes throughout its history.
  5. Tanauan Public Market is an open-air market where visitors can buy fresh produce, local delicacies, and handicrafts.
  6. Villa Tortuga Beach Resort is a popular beach resort with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and various water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking or paddleboarding.
  7. Mount Makiling is a dormant volcano located in Laguna province that offers hiking trails for nature enthusiasts.
  8. Taal Lake Yacht Club offers sailing lessons or boat rentals for those who want to explore Taal Lake.
  9. Taal Volcano Island is an island within Taal lake known for its scenic views and hiking trails leading up to Taal Volcano’s crater lake.
  10. Punta de Santiago Lighthouse– A historic lighthouse located on Punta de Santiago hill in Batangas city which offers panoramic views of Batangas Bay.

Cultural Events

  1. Taal Lake Festival celebrates the beauty and importance of Taal Lake, which provides a livelihood for many Tanauan residents.
  2. Feast of St. John the Baptist is a religious festival that honors Tanauan’s patron saint with processions, masses, and spiritual activities.
  3. Kawayan Festival highlights Tanauan’s unique bamboo industry and showcases various bamboo products like furniture, handicrafts, and musical instruments.
  4. Tinapay Festival pays tribute to the town’s famous bread-making industry every May 15th with parades, food fairs, and street dancing.
  5. Parada ng Lechon is held every June 24th in honor of St. John the Baptist’s feast day; it involves a parade of roasted pigs or lechon around town followed by a grand feast for everyone to enjoy.
  6. Paskuhan sa Tanauan is a Christmas celebration featuring colorful parades with floats decorated with lights showcasing various Filipino Christmas traditions such as caroling or Simbang Gabi (early morning mass).
  7. Higantes Festival – A cultural tradition where giant paper-mache figures parade along streets during November’s fiesta celebration representing different barangays (villages) in Tanauan City.
  8. Bulaklakan Festival – A flower festival celebrated annually on February 14-15 showcasing flower arrangements made by local florists at Plaza Mabini Park in front of city hall building highlighting Valentine’s Day celebration.


  1. Adobo sa Gata – a famous dish made with chicken or pork cooked in coconut milk and vinegar.
  2. Bulalo – a soup made with beef shanks, bone marrow, and vegetables.
  3. Lomi – a noodle soup dish made with thick egg noodles, meat, and vegetables.
  4. Sinigang na Isda – a sour soup made with fish and tamarind broth.
  5. Lechon Kawali – crispy fried pork belly.

Some popular restaurants in Tanauan that serve these dishes are:

  1. Gerry’s Grill Tanauan Branch
  2. Kusina ni Ramona
  3. Tita Sis Restaurant
  4. Chef’s Bistro
  5. Mang Inasal

Parks and Recreation

  • 1. Tanauan City Plaza – a public park where people can relax, jog, or have picnics.
  • 2. Bagoong Festival – an annual festival that celebrates the local delicacy of bagoong (fermented fish paste).
  • 3. Taal Lake Yacht Club – a yacht club that offers sailing lessons and boat rentals.
  • 4. Mount Makiling National Park – a nature reserve where visitors can hike, camp, and birdwatch.
  • 5. Marian Orchard – a religious park with beautiful gardens and shrines dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
  • 6. Malvar Shrine – a historical site that honors General Miguel Malvar, one of the leaders of the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonialism.
  • 7. Sampaguita Gardens Resort & Spa – a resort with swimming pools, spa services, and outdoor activities like zip-lining and wall climbing.
  • 8. Batangas Racing Circuit – a racetrack for motorsports enthusiasts to watch or participate in races.
  • 9. The Outlets at Lipa- shopping center offering discounts on various brands.
  • 10. Tanauan City Youth Center- basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, etc.

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