Yiyang, China

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Yiyang, China

Region: Hunan

Geographic Coordinates: 28.583300, 112.333000
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 40.0°C (-40°F to 104°F)
Population: 4413800
Language: Mandarin

Yiyang is a city located in China’s Hunan Province, Situated on the southern bank of Lake Dongting, One of China’s largest freshwater lakes. The city has a population of over 4 million people and covers an area of approximately 12, 000 square kilometers. The history of Yiyang dates back to the Han dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE), Where it was an important center for salt production and trade. Today, Visitors can still witness remnants of this history through various salt-related artifacts found throughout the city.

One notable attraction in Yiyang is the Dongting Lake Scenic Area which offers stunning views of Lake Dongting and its surrounding mountains. Visitors can take boat rides on the lake or hike along one of its many trails. The scenic area also includes several temples and pagodas that offer insight into Chinese culture and religion. Another popular destination in Yiyang is Shuifu Temple Park which features beautiful gardens, Ponds, Pavilions that are perfect for relaxing or taking a stroll with friends or family members.

The park also includes several historical buildings such as ancient temples that offer insight into Chinese architecture. Apart from natural beauty and historical attractions, Yiyang is also known for its delicious cuisine such as Dongting Fish Head – fish cooked with spicy peppers, Garlic, Ginger among other seasonings until tender and flavorful. Finally, Yiyang has a well-established transportation system making it easy to get around both within the city limits as well as travel outside to neighboring towns or cities like Changsha which lies about 150 km away accessible by roadways or railways connections available easily from here.

In conclusion, Yiyang offers visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, Historical significance, And cultural richness. Therefore, It is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to China.’

Important Landmarks

  1. Dongting Lake: It’s a large freshwater lake, one of the biggest in China.
  2. Shuifu Temple: A stunning Buddhist temple with a rich history.
  3. Yiyang Ancient City Wall: The remains of an ancient city wall that dates back to the Ming Dynasty.
  4. Xiangjiang River Scenic Area: It’s known for its picturesque landscapes and natural beauty.
  5. Yiyang Museum: A museum that showcases the history and culture of Yiyang.
  6. Hongshan Park: A popular park with beautiful gardens and scenic views.
  7. Hengshan Mountain National Forest Park: An expansive park that features hiking trails, waterfalls, and stunning mountain views.
  8. Wuyi Square: The central square in Yiyang is home to many shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  9. Longquan Mountain Scenic Area: Another scenic area known for its natural beauty and hiking trails.
  10. Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park: A vast park with breathtaking mountain views and unique rock formations.

Primary Industries

  • The major industries and businesses in Yiyang, China are diverse and include:
    1. Manufacturing
      • Textiles
      • Ceramics
      • Machinery
    2. Agriculture
      • Rice
      • Wheat
      • Corn
      • Vegetables
      • Fruits
      • Tea
    3. Tourism
      • Dongting Lake Scenic Area
      • Xihu Park
    4. Chemicals
      • Production for various industries including agriculture and manufacturing
    5. Energy
      • Renewable energy sector with several wind farms being constructed in recent years
    6. Logistics
      • Important hub for transportation of goods across China due to its strategic location on the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone
    7. E-commerce
      • Many businesses have set up online stores which provide employment opportunities for people living in Yiyang

    Noteable History

    1. Yiyang Uprising: In 1911, the Yiyang Uprising was one of the first uprisings against the Qing Dynasty. It was led by Huang Xing and Chen Tianhua.
    2. Li Zongren: Li Zongren was a prominent military leader during the Chinese Civil War and served as Vice President of China from 1949 to 1954. He was born in Yiyang.
    3. Zhang Guotao: Zhang Guotao was a founding member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and played an important role in the Long March. He was born in Yiyang.
    4. Peng Dehuai: Peng Dehuai was a prominent military commander during both World War II and the Chinese Civil War. He served as Defense Minister after 1949 until he fell out with Mao Zedong over policy disagreements.
    5. The Hunan Provincial Government Site: The Hunan Provincial Government Site is located in Yiyang and is where Mao Zedong established his base during World War II.
    6. The Xinshiji Scenic Area: The Xinshiji Scenic Area is a popular tourist destination that features beautiful natural scenery, waterfalls, caves, hot springs, and other attractions.
    7. The Dongting Lake Wetland Park: This park is located near Yiyang on Dongting Lake and is home to many species of birds including cranes, swans, ducks, geese, herons among others.
    8. The Old City Wall of Heshan District: The Old City Wall dates back to Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and it’s one of few ancient city walls still existent today in Hunan Province.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Yiyang Museum – This museum showcases the history and culture of Yiyang.
    2. Shuifu Temple – A Buddhist temple built during the Tang Dynasty.
    3. Dongting Lake Scenic Area – This scenic area offers beautiful natural scenery and cultural attractions.
    4. Wuyi Square – The largest urban square in Yiyang with a statue of Mao Zedong.
    5. Xishan Park – Located on a hill, this park offers panoramic views of the city.
    6. Hongshan Forest Park – Visitors can enjoy hiking trails, waterfalls, and scenic views at this park.
    7. Nanhu Lake Scenic Area – An artificial lake surrounded by parks and gardens that offer recreational activities such as boating and fishing.
    8. Liuyuan Garden –This classic Chinese garden features pavilions, rockeries, ponds etc., which is also known as the miniature version of Suzhou gardens.
    9. Yuanjiang Ancient Town –Located 30 kilometers west of Yiyang City, this ancient town is famous for its well-preserved Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasty architecture.
    10. Lingxiu Mountain National Forest Park –This national-level forest park covering an area over 70 square kilometers boasts picturesque scenery such as mountain ranges, waterfalls etc.

    Sports Teams

    • Yiyang, China has a rich sports history with several teams and clubs in various disciplines.
    • Notable teams include:
      1. Yiyang Hengfeng Football Club
      2. Yiyang Zhongyuan Basketball Club
      3. Hunan Xiangtao Volleyball Club
      4. Hunan Taekwondo Team
    • These are just a few examples of the many sports teams associated with Yiyang city.

    • Cultural Events

      1. Yiyang Lotus Festival is an annual celebration that takes place in June and July to honor the blooming of lotus flowers in Yiyang. Visitors can participate in various activities, including lotus flower exhibitions, boat rides on the lake, and traditional performances.
      2. The Dragon Boat Festival is a June celebration that commemorates Qu Yuan, an ancient Chinese poet. The festival features dragon boat races, traditional food such as zongzi (sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves), and cultural performances.
      3. The Yiyang International Tea Culture Festival occurs every September to celebrate tea culture with tea tastings, ceremonies, and cultural performances.
      4. The Lantern Festival is held on the 15th day of the first lunar month (usually February or March). It marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations with lantern displays and other festivities.
      5. Celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month (usually September or October), Mid-Autumn Festival is known for mooncakes and family reunions under a full moon.
      6. The Yiyang International Folk Song Arts Festival showcases folk songs from China as well as international performers annually through competitions, concerts, workshops, and exhibitions related to folk music.
      7. At Yiyang International Calligraphy Exhibition visitors can witness calligraphy works from around China as well as international calligraphers’ works showcasing different styles reflecting diverse cultures from across Asia-Pacific region including Korea & Japan etc…


      • Yiyang Rice Noodles – a local specialty made with rice flour and served with various toppings such as meat, vegetables, and spices.
      • Dongting Lake Fish – freshwater fish found in the nearby Dongting Lake that are often served steamed or fried.
      • Laozhai Mountain Pork – a type of pork that is raised on Laozhai Mountain and known for its tender meat and unique flavor.
      • Guihua Lou Restaurant – a popular restaurant in Yiyang that serves traditional Hunan dishes such as spicy chicken, fish head soup, and stir-fried vegetables.
      • Xiangxiu Restaurant – another well-known restaurant in Yiyang that specializes in Hunan cuisine including spicy hotpot, braised pork belly, and smoked duck.
      • Jinling Hotel Restaurant – located inside the Jinling Hotel, this restaurant offers both Chinese and Western cuisine options including seafood dishes like lobster and crab.
      • Zhongshan Road Night Market – a bustling night market where visitors can sample various street food snacks like grilled skewers, fried dumplings, and bubble tea drinks.

      • Parks and Recreation

        1. Dongting Lake: A scenic lake located on the outskirts of Yiyang, offering boating, fishing, and hiking opportunities.
        2. Lianhua Mountain Park: A beautiful park with lush greenery and scenic views of the city. It features a lake, gardens, walking trails, and picnic areas.
        3. Nanhu Park: A popular park in the city center with a large lake that offers boating and fishing opportunities. It also has walking paths and picnic areas.
        4. Yiyang Sports Center: A modern sports complex that includes a stadium for football matches, basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pool etc.
        5. Yunshan Forest Park: Located on the outskirts of Yiyang is an ideal place for hiking enthusiasts who can explore its trails through dense forests with beautiful waterfalls along the way.
        6. Xinhua Bookstore Cultural Square: This square is one of the largest cultural centers in Yiyang where people come to read books or attend various cultural events like exhibitions or concerts etc.
        7. Baisha Ecological Park: This park offers many outdoor activities such as fishing ponds with paddle boats available for rent as well as hiking trails through its scenic surroundings including hillsides covered by bamboo forests which are home to many species of birds & animals!


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