Valinhos, Brazil

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Valinhos, Brazil

Region: São Paulo

Geographic Coordinates: -22.970600, -46.995800
Temperature Range: 15.0°C to 30.0°C (59°F to 86°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 120258
Language: Portuguese

Valinhos is a charming city located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. It is known for its beautiful landscapes and rich cultural heritage. The city is situated in the heart of the Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range, Which provides stunning views and an abundance of outdoor activities. One of Valinhos’ most popular attractions is the Festa do Figo (Fig Festival), Which takes place every year in January. This festival celebrates Valinhos’ history as one of Brazil’s largest fig producers, With delicious food stalls serving up fig-based dishes, Live music performances and traditional dances.

Another must-visit attraction in Valinhos is the Santuário de Nossa Senhora das Graças (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace). This religious site attracts thousands of pilgrims each year who come to pay their respects to Our Lady and seek her blessings. The sanctuary features stunning architecture and beautiful gardens that provide a peaceful atmosphere for reflection. For those who enjoy exploring nature, Valinhos offers several hiking trails that wind through lush forests and past sparkling waterfalls. Among them are Pedra Grande State Park and Parque Municipal Monsenhor Bruno Nardini.

Valinhos also boasts a thriving arts scene with several galleries showcasing local artists’ work. One such gallery is Galeria de Arte Ipanema, Which features contemporary art from both established artists as well as up-and-coming talents. Foodies will love exploring Valinho’s culinary scene featuring traditional Brazilian cuisine like feijoada (a stew made with black beans) or churrasco (barbecue). For a unique dining experience, Visitors can head to Restaurante Vila Paraíso where they can dine inside an old train car while enjoying live music performances.

Valinhos offers something for everyone – from breathtaking natural beauty to rich cultural experiences – making it an ideal destination for travelers looking for an authentic Brazilian experience.

Important Landmarks

  • Santuário de Nossa Senhora de Fátima – a Catholic church dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima
  • Parque Municipal Monsenhor Bruno Nardini – a public park with walking trails and a playground
  • Museu Histórico e Pedagógico Washington Luís – a museum dedicated to the history of Brazil and its former president Washington Luís
  • Estação Cultura Valinhos – an old railway station converted into a cultural center with art exhibitions and events
  • Vinícola Villa Santa Maria – a winery that offers wine tastings and tours of their vineyards
  • Praça Washington Luís – the main square in Valinhos with shops, restaurants, and a fountain
  • Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo – a farm where the Brazilian children’s book series Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo was inspired by
  • Parque da Festa do Figo – an annual festival celebrating figs with food stalls, live music, and carnival rides (held in January)

  • Primary Industries

    1. Agriculture:
      • Valinhos is well-known for its abundant production of fruits such as peaches, strawberries, and grapes.
      • Additionally, the city cultivates various vegetables like tomatoes, corn, and beans.
    2. Manufacturing:
      • The city has a robust manufacturing industry that encompasses the production of textiles, shoes, furniture and machinery.
    3. Technology:
      • Valinhos has an expanding technology sector with companies specializing in software development and IT services.
    4. Healthcare:
      • Several hospitals and healthcare facilities provide medical care to residents in Valinhos.
    5. Education:
      • Valinhos is home to numerous schools and universities that offer education in various fields like engineering, business administration, law medicine among others.
    6. Tourism:
      • The natural beauty of Valinhos attracts tourists from far and wide with parks like Parque Municipal Monsenhor Bruno Nardini offering hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts as well as cultural attractions such as Museu Municipal Fotógrafo Haroldo Ângelo Pazinatto which showcases the history of the region through photography exhibitions.

    Noteable History

    1. The Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima: In 1917, three shepherd children from Fátima, Portugal claimed to have seen apparitions of the Virgin Mary. On August 13th, 1917, one of those children, Lucia dos Santos had a vision of Our Lady at Valinhos.
    2. The Coffee Industry: During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Valinhos was an important center for coffee production in Brazil.
    3. Adhemar de Barros: Adhemar de Barros was a Brazilian politician who served as governor of São Paulo twice (1947-1951 and 1963-1966). He was born in nearby Piracicaba but had his political base in Valinhos.
    4. The Bandeirantes: In the colonial period (16th-18th centuries), Valinhos was part of the region known as Bandeirante Country due to its association with bandeirantes – Portuguese explorers who ventured into Brazil’s interior seeking gold and other riches.
    5. Pedro II Railway Station: The railway station in Valinhos is named after Emperor Pedro II who visited the city during his reign (1831-1889).
    6. Francisco José de Oliveira Viana: Francisco José de Oliveira Viana was a Brazilian historian and writer who lived in Valinhos for many years until his death in 1951.
    7. João Batista Vilanova Artigas: João Batista Vilanova Artigas was an influential Brazilian architect who designed several buildings in São Paulo including some located near Valinhos such as the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at University of São Paulo campus.
    8. Luiz Gonzaga do Nascimento: Luiz Gonzaga, also known as the King of Baião, was a famous Brazilian musician who performed in Valinhos during his career.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Museu Municipal Fotógrafo Haroldo Ângelo Pazinatto
    2. Museu Histórico e Pedagógico Washington Luís
    3. Casa de Cultura Flávio de Carvalho
    4. Parque Municipal Monsenhor Bruno Nardini
    5. Santuário Nacional de Nossa Senhora Aparecida – Valinhos
    6. Praça do Sol
    7. Complexo Esportivo Jardim São Marcos
    8. Capela do Cristo Redentor
    9. Igreja Matriz de São Sebastião
    10. Parque Aquático Wet’n Wild

    Cultural Events

    1. Festa do Figo (Fig Festival) – This festival is celebrated in January to commemorate the fig harvest in Valinhos.
    2. Festa do Milho (Corn Festival) – Held in June, this event celebrates the corn harvest with music, dance, and local cuisine.
    3. ExpoAgro Valinhos – An agricultural fair that takes place every August showcasing local produce, livestock, and machinery.
    4. Festa de Nossa Senhora das Graças (Our Lady of Grace Festival) – In October, this religious festival pays tribute to the patron saint of Valinhos with processions and mass.
    5. Encontro de Corais (Choir Meeting) – A December event that brings together choirs from different regions to perform traditional Brazilian music.
    6. Carnaval de Rua (Street Carnival) – Similar to other cities in Brazil, Valinhos holds a lively street carnival with parades, costumes, music, and dance during the week leading up to Lent.
    7. FestivAlma – A multicultural arts festival that takes place annually featuring live performances by artists from various genres including theatre acts by international performers as well as workshops on art techniques like painting or sculpture making for children or adults alike.


    • Churrascaria Boi Branco – a traditional Brazilian steakhouse that serves grilled meats, salads, and sides.
    • Restaurante Vila Paraíso – offers a variety of dishes including seafood, pasta, and Brazilian specialties such as feijoada.
    • Cantina Romana – an Italian restaurant that serves pizza and pasta dishes.
    • Empório Santa Therezinha – a gourmet market with a café that serves breakfast items like coffee and pastries.
    • Pizzaria Luzzo – offers wood-fired pizzas with various toppings.
    • Casa do Pão de Queijo – known for its traditional Brazilian cheese bread (pão de queijo) which is made fresh daily.
    • Burger House Valinhos – specializes in burgers made from high-quality meat and served with homemade sauces.
    • Sabor Mineiro Restaurante e Choperia – serves typical Minas Gerais cuisine such as pão de queijo, tutu de feijão (bean stew), frango com quiabo (chicken with okra), among others.

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Parque Municipal Monsenhor Bruno Nardini is a large park that features walking trails, playgrounds, and sports fields.
      2. Parque da Festa do Figo is a park that holds an annual fig festival and boasts picnic areas and hiking trails.
      3. Parque da Cidade is a nature reserve with hiking trails, birdwatching opportunities, and picnic areas.
      4. Valinhos Country Club is a private club that provides swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses.
      5. Centro de Lazer e Cultura (CELC) serves as a community center where classes in various activities such as dance, martial arts, music, and theater are available.
      6. Praça Washington Luiz is a public square with benches for relaxation and socializing.

      Moreover, Valinhos sits near several natural parks like the Serra do Japi Natural Park which offers hiking trails through the Atlantic Forest ecosystem.


      Enjoy The Journey.

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