Yeşilyurt, Turkey

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Yeşilyurt, Turkey

Region: Yeşilyurt is located in the province of Malatya

Geographic Coordinates: 38.296100, 38.248900
Temperature Range: 5.0°C to 30.0°C (41°F to 86°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 304839
Language: Turkish

Yeşilyurt is a district located in the eastern part of Turkey, Within the province of Malatya. It is situated on a vast plain surrounded by beautiful mountains and greenery. The name Yeşilyurt means green land in Turkish, An apt description for this area as it boasts lush vegetation and fertile soil. The district has a rich history dating back to ancient times. The Hittites, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans all left their mark on this region over the centuries. As such, Yeşilyurt has an abundance of historical sites that attract tourists from all over the world.

One such site is the Battalgazi Grand Mosque which was built during the Seljuk period in 1224 AD. This mosque is known for its impressive architecture with intricate patterns and designs adorning its walls and ceilings. Another notable landmark is the Aslantepe Archaeological Site which dates back to 4000 BC during the Bronze Age. In addition to its historical significance, Yeşilyurt also offers natural beauty with various parks and gardens scattered throughout the district. One such park is Turgut Özal Park which covers an area of 100 hectares with walking paths, Picnic areas and playgrounds for children.

Yeşilyurt’s economy relies heavily on agriculture due to its fertile soil which produces crops such as apricots (the famous Malatya apricots), Cherries, Pistachios and grapes among others. The district also has a thriving textile industry producing high-quality cotton fabrics.

Another aspect that draws visitors to Yeşilyurt is its traditional cuisine which includes dishes like kebab varieties made with lamb or beef meat cooked over charcoal fire served with rice pilaf or bulgur wheat salad alongside fresh vegetables like tomatoes cucumber lettuce etc.. Other popular dishes include baklava (a sweet pastry made with layers of phyllo dough and honey syrup), Dolma (stuffed grape leaves), And kadayıf (a dessert made with shredded wheat, Syrup, And pistachios). Overall, Yeşilyurt is a district that offers a unique blend of history, Natural beauty, Traditional cuisine and modern amenities.

Whether you are interested in exploring ancient ruins or indulging in delicious food, This area has something for everyone. It is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Turkey.

Important Landmarks

  1. Mount Nemrut: A UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring ancient statues and a stunning view of the sunrise.
  2. Malatya Museum: A museum showcasing artifacts from the Hittite, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods.
  3. Aslantepe Ruins: An archaeological site with remains from the Bronze Age to the Ottoman period.
  4. Battalgazi Grand Mosque: A historic mosque dating back to the Seljuk period.
  5. Melid Archaeological Site: An ancient city with ruins dating back to 3000 BC.
  6. Beydağı National Park: A natural park with hiking trails and stunning views of Mount Erciyes.
  7. Arslantepe Mound: An important archaeological site that dates back to 4500 BC.
  8. Kuruçay Canyon National Park: A beautiful canyon with waterfalls, hiking trails, and picnic areas.
  9. Kale Fortress: An ancient fortress built during the Roman period that overlooks Malatya city center.
  10. Sürgü Waterfall: A beautiful waterfall surrounded by lush greenery and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy a day out in nature.

Primary Industries

  1. Yeşilyurt is a district located in the province of Malatya, Turkey.
  2. It is recognized for its fertile land and agricultural production, which includes various crops such as apricots, cherries, grapes, and wheat.
  3. The district also has several textile factories that produce fabrics, garments, and other textile products.
  4. In addition to agriculture and textiles, Yeşilyurt’s construction industry has been growing due to the increasing demand for housing and infrastructure development.
  5. The district also attracts tourists from all over Turkey with historical sites like the Battalgazi Grand Mosque and the Aslantepe Archaeological Site.
  6. Yeşilyurt’s food processing industry produces dried fruits, jams, pickles, and other food products.
  7. There are also a few automotive parts manufacturers located in Yeşilyurt that supply parts to major automobile companies in Turkey.
  8. Lastly but not leastly like most districts in Turkey there are numerous service-based businesses such as restaurants cafes shops selling clothes or electronics banks etc., which contribute significantly to the local economy of YesilYurt.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Malazgirt, which took place in 1071 near Yeşilyurt, resulted in the defeat of the Byzantine Empire by the Seljuk Turks. This victory opened up Anatolia to Turkish migration and eventually led to the establishment of the Seljuk Empire.
  2. Ahmed-i Hani was a renowned Kurdish poet and scholar born in Yeşilyurt in 1651. His most famous work is Mam u Zin, an epic poem that tells a tragic love story between a Kurdish prince and princess.
  3. During World War I, many Armenians living in Yeşilyurt were subjected to genocidal policies by the Ottoman government, resulting in their deportation or death.
  4. The Dersim Rebellion occurred between 1937-38 among Alevi Kurds residing within Dersim (including parts of present-day Yeşilyurt). The Turkish government responded with brutality, killing thousands and displacing many others.
  5. İbrahim Çolak was born in Yeşilyurt in 1983 and has become a world-renowned gymnast who has won several medals at international competitions such as the Olympics and World Championships.
  6. Yusuf Has Hacib was a prominent writer and scholar during the 11th century who is believed to have been born near Yeşilyurt. He authored several works including Kutadgu Bilig which is considered one of Turkic literature’s masterpieces.
  7. Abdullah Öcalan was born near Yeşilyurt in 1948 before becoming one of Turkey’s most controversial political figures as founder and leader of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) due to his involvement with armed struggle against Turkey.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Yeşilyurt Castle is a historic castle located in the center of Yeşilyurt, offering panoramic views of the surrounding area.
  2. Malatya Museum showcases the history and culture of Malatya province, including artifacts from ancient civilizations.
  3. Akçadağ Ski Resort is a popular ski resort located near Yeşilyurt, offering skiing and snowboarding opportunities during winter months.
  4. Hazarbaba Ski Resort is another ski resort located near Yeşilyurt, known for its beautiful scenery and challenging slopes.
  5. Aslantepe Archaeological Site is an ancient settlement dating back to the Bronze Age, featuring ruins of a palace and temple complex.
  6. Battalgazi Grand Mosque is a beautiful mosque built during the Seljuk period, featuring intricate tile work and calligraphy.
  7. Malatya Ethnography Museum showcases traditional Turkish clothing, crafts, and household items from various regions in Turkey.
  8. İnönü University Art Center is an art center showcasing contemporary art exhibitions by local artists as well as international artists.
  9. Mount Nemrut National Park is located a few hours’ drive from Yeşilyurt; this national park features a UNESCO World Heritage Site with giant statues on top of a mountain peak.
  10. Turgut Özal Nature Park: Located just outside of Yeşilyurt town center; this nature park offers hiking trails through lush forests and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy outdoor activities with family or friends.

Sports Teams

  1. Turkey has a rich sporting culture with a long history of traditional games such as oil wrestling and camel wrestling.
  2. In modern times, football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Turkey.
  3. The country has produced several successful football clubs such as Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, and Beşiktaş.
  4. Yeşilyurt is a district located in Malatya province in eastern Turkey.
  5. The district has several amateur football teams that compete at regional levels.
    • Some of these teams include Yeşilyurtspor, Koyunlu Belediyespor, and Hekimhan Güneşspor.
  6. In addition to football, basketball is also popular among young people in Yeşilyurt.
    • Several local basketball clubs have been established over the years to promote the sport among youth.
  7. Overall, sports play an important role in Turkish culture and are deeply ingrained into society’s fabric.

Cultural Events

  1. Malatya International Film Festival: This festival is held annually in November and features local and international films.
  2. Malatya Apricot Festival: This festival celebrates the apricot harvest season in July with various activities such as music, dance performances, food stalls selling apricot-based dishes.
  3. International Folk Dance Festival: Held every year during August, this festival brings together traditional dance groups from around Turkey and other countries to perform their cultural dances.
  4. Malatya International Fair: This event takes place annually in September and showcases local products such as textiles, ceramics, handicrafts etc.
  5. Malatya Book Fair: Held every year in April/May, this fair is a great opportunity for book lovers to discover new books from Turkish authors or publishers.
  6. Traditional Wrestling Tournament: Taking place during August or September each year this tournament features wrestlers from all over Turkey competing against each other with traditional wrestling techniques passed down through generations of Turkish culture.


  • Kebapçı Halil Usta: famous for its kebabs and meat dishes.
  • Özlem Pide Salonu: known for its delicious pide (Turkish-style pizza).
  • Hacı Dayı Restaurant: a traditional restaurant serving Turkish meze (appetizers) and main courses.
  • Şahin Usta Köfteci: specializes in köfte (meatballs) and other grilled meat dishes.
  • İmren Lokantası: a family-owned restaurant offering homemade Turkish dishes such as stuffed grape leaves, lentil soup, and baklava.
  • Şelale Restaurant: located near the waterfall in Yeşilyurt, this restaurant serves fresh fish from the nearby river as well as other seafood dishes.
  • Ali Baba Kebap Salonu: another popular spot for kebabs and grilled meats.
  • Kuzu Etli Ekmekçi Ahmet Usta: famous for its lamb flatbread sandwiches called kuzu etli ekmek.
  • Güllüoğlu Baklavacısı: a must-visit dessert spot known for its baklava made with pistachios from Gaziantep, Turkey’s baklava capital.
  • Çınaraltı Kahvaltıcı & Restoranı: offers a variety of traditional Turkish breakfast items such as simit (sesame bread rings), cheese, olives, honey, and tea or coffee served under the shade of large trees by the riverbank.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Yeşilyurt Parkı is a spacious public park that boasts walking paths, playgrounds, and picnic areas.
    2. Yamaç Tesisleri provides a range of recreational activities including swimming, tennis, and soccer.
    3. Yeşilvadi Piknik Alanı is a well-liked picnic area with barbecue pits and shaded seating areas for visitors to enjoy.
    4. Doğal Yaşam Parkı features an array of animal species such as lions, tigers, bears, and monkeys for visitors to observe.
    5. İnönü Stadyumu serves as a stadium that hosts local soccer matches alongside other sporting events throughout the year.
    6. Tarihi Taş Köprü is an ancient stone bridge that spans the Köprüçay River offering scenic views of the surrounding area.
    7. Yeşilyurt Kültür Merkezi operates as a cultural center hosting concerts, theater performances as well as other events throughout the year.
    8. Göksu Parkı is another public park equipped with walking trails, sports facilities along with a small lake suitable for fishing or boating activities.
    9. Kaynarca Kaplıcaları are natural hot springs located just outside of Yeşilyurt known to have healing properties for various ailments.
    10. Köprülü Canyon National Park can be reached within an hour’s drive from Yesilyurt offering hiking trails, rafting opportunities in Köprüçay river, camping sites along with beautiful scenery.


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