Zhengjiatun, China

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Zhengjiatun, China

Region: Liaoning

Geographic Coordinates: 43.513000, 123.500000
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 35.0°C (-40°F to 95°F)
Climate: Cold and dry winters, hot and humid summers, and moderate precipitation throughout the year in Zhengjiatun, China.
Population: 419529
Language: Chinese

Zhengjiatun is a charming town located in the Liaoning Province of China. It boasts stunning landscapes, Rich cultural heritage, And a fascinating history. The town has a population of around 70, 000 people and covers an area of approximately 130 square kilometers. One of the top attractions in Zhengjiatun is the Fuxin National Mining Park. This park showcases China’s coal mining history and development. Visitors can explore underground mines, See old mining equipment, And learn about how coal was extracted from the ground over time. Zhengjiatun also has several other cultural sites that are worth visiting.

One such site is the ancient city wall that surrounds much of the town center. The wall dates back to Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and provides visitors with a glimpse into Chinese architecture from centuries ago. Another popular attraction in Zhengjiatun is Xinglongshan Ski Resort which offers winter sports enthusiasts an opportunity to enjoy skiing, Snowboarding, Ice skating etc., During winter months. The town has a rich culinary tradition with delicious food options available at various restaurants throughout Zhengjiatun. Some notable dishes include roasted lamb skewers (yangrou chuan), Sautéed potato shreds (tudou si), Spicy tofu soup (mapo doufu) etc.

In addition to its cultural attractions and scenic beauty, Zhengjiatun also offers modern amenities like shopping centers where visitors can find various products ranging from clothing to electronics items at affordable prices. Overall, Zhengjiatun presents itself as an excellent destination for tourists who want to experience both traditional Chinese culture as well as modern-day amenities all within one location.

Important Landmarks

  1. Daming Lake Scenic Area
  2. Baotu Spring Park
  3. Thousand Buddha Mountain
  4. Shandong Provincial Museum
  5. Confucius Temple and Cemetery of Confucius
  6. Mount Tai
  7. Qufu City Walls
  8. Jinan Zoo

Primary Industries

  • Zhengjiatun is a small town in China.
  • Its major industries and businesses are primarily focused on:
    • Agriculture
    • Forestry
    • Mining
  • The town is known for its production of crops such as:
    • Corn
    • Soybeans
    • Wheat
    • Sorghum
  • Additionally, there are several coal mines in the area that provide employment opportunities for local residents.
  • Other businesses in Zhengjiatun include small shops and restaurants that cater to the local population.

  • Noteable History

    1. Zhengjiatun was established as a mining town in the early 20th century.
    2. During World War II, Japan occupied Zhengjiatun and used it for military operations.
    3. Chinese forces liberated Zhengjiatun from Japanese occupation in 1945.
    4. The town has been known for its coal mining industry since its inception.
    5. Wang Bingzhang, a Chinese dissident who advocated for democracy and human rights in China, was born in Zhengjiatun in 1947.
    6. Many intellectuals were sent to labor camps or persecuted during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976).
    7. China implemented economic reforms in the late 1970s that significantly impacted society and the economy of places like Zhengjiatun.
    8. Modernization efforts have been underway to improve infrastructure and attract new industries to Zhengjiatun in recent years.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. The Zhengjiatun Revolutionary Memorial Hall
    2. The Xinglongshan National Forest Park
    3. The Wuyuezhai Scenic Area
    4. The Shangzhi City Museum of History and Culture
    5. The Xinlin Hot Spring Resort
    6. The Hulan Estuary Wetland Park
    7. The Yabuli International Ski Resort
    8. The Harbin Ice and Snow World
    9. The Ice and Snow World Museum
    10. The Siberian Tiger Park
    11. The Harbin Polarland

    Note: Please check the latest travel advisory before visiting any place due to COVID-19 pandemic situation globally at present time (2022).

    Sports Teams

    1. China has a rich history of sports and athletic achievements
    2. Basketball, soccer, table tennis, badminton, and martial arts are some of the most popular sports in China
    3. China has invested heavily in its sports infrastructure in recent years
    4. China hosted major international events like the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing
    5. China sends athletes to compete at major international competitions like the Olympics and World Championships
    6. There are likely many amateur and professional clubs competing across various levels of competition in Zhengjiatun or other Chinese cities
    7. Without specific information about Zhengjiatun’s sporting scene, it is difficult to provide any further details on any specific teams or their histories

    Cultural Events

    1. Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) – celebrated in January or February
    2. Lantern Festival – celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month
    3. Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day) – celebrated on April 4th or 5th
    4. Dragon Boat Festival – celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month
    5. Mid-Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival) – celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month

    Apart from these traditional festivals, there may be other local events and celebrations that take place throughout the year in Zhengjiatun. You can check with a local tourism office or online resources for more information.


    • Hebei-style dishes: Zhengjiatun is located in the Hebei province of China, so it’s no surprise that Hebei-style dishes are popular here. Some of the must-try dishes include boiled lamb, braised pork belly, and fried dough twists.
    • Fengshou Restaurant: This restaurant is known for its delicious hot pot and seafood dishes.
    • Yipin Shanzhuang: This restaurant offers a wide variety of Chinese cuisine, including Sichuan-style spicy food and Cantonese-style dim sum.
    • Jinyuexuan Restaurant: This upscale restaurant specializes in traditional Chinese banquet-style dining with a focus on seafood.
    • Lao Cheng Yi Guan: This restaurant serves authentic northern Chinese cuisine such as dumplings and noodles.
    • Xianzhengyuan Restaurant: Known for its high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods, this restaurant offers a range of classic Chinese dishes such as Peking duck and braised pork knuckle.
    • Shanxi Noodle House: As the name suggests, this place serves delicious handmade noodles from Shanxi province along with other northern Chinese specialties like steamed buns filled with meat or vegetables (baozi).

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Zhengjiatun Park
      2. Huanren Ski Resort
      3. Huanren Forest Park
      4. Xinglongshan National Forest Park
      5. Jinfengshan Scenic Area
      6. Jingpeng Pass Scenic Area
      7. Yitong River Rafting
      8. Liaohe Grand Canyon Scenic Area
      9. Shuangtaizi River Rafting
      10. Wunu Mountain Provincial Nature Reserve


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