Zonguldak, Turkey

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Zonguldak, Turkey

Region: Zonguldak

Geographic Coordinates: 41.456400, 31.798600
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 30.0°C (50°F to 86°F)
Population: 120395
Language: Turkish

Zonguldak is a city situated in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It has a long history dating back to ancient times and is renowned for its coal mines, Which have been operational since the Ottoman era. The city boasts a population of around 110, 000 people. One of Zonguldak’s primary attractions is the Karabük-Zonguldak Railway constructed during the Ottoman Empire to transport coal from Zonguldak to Istanbul. This railway still operates today and offers tourists an opportunity to take in scenic views while riding through the countryside.

Gaziemir Beach, Located on the Black Sea coast, Is another popular attraction that offers visitors stunning views of both sea and mountains. There are also several restaurants and cafes along the beach where visitors can indulge in traditional Turkish cuisine. Zonguldak has several historical sites worth visiting such as Hizir Bey Mosque with intricate tile work and calligraphy on its walls, Built during Ottoman times; Kemer Bridge spans over 100 meters across a river built during Roman times. For outdoor enthusiasts, There are numerous hiking trails around Zonguldak that offer breathtaking views of surrounding mountains and forests.

The most popular trail being Kozlu Canyon Trail takes hikers through a narrow canyon with towering cliffs on either side. Moreover, Zonguldak hosts several festivals throughout the year celebrating local culture and traditions; one such festival being International Coal Mining Festival held every August featuring parades, Concerts, Traditional dance performances as well as food stalls selling local delicacies like manti (Turkish dumplings), Art exhibitions showcasing local artists’ works alongside mining demonstrations.

In conclusion, Zonguldak may not be Turkey’s most famous tourist destination but it undoubtedly deserves recognition for its rich history, Natural beauty & cultural significance catering to everyone’s interests whether it be exploring ancient ruins or relaxing on beaches or hiking through mountains!

Important Landmarks

  1. Filyos Castle: A medieval castle located on the shores of the Black Sea.
  2. Ereğli Museum: A museum that showcases the history and culture of Zonguldak.
  3. Kozlu Beach: A popular beach with crystal-clear waters and a beautiful shoreline.
  4. Gaziemir Underground City: An ancient underground city that dates back to the Hittite period.
  5. Safranbolu Houses: Traditional Ottoman-style houses that have been preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  6. Bulent Ecevit Park: A large park with walking trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds for children.
  7. Devrekani Castle: Another medieval castle located in the town of Devrekani, near Zonguldak.
  8. Karadeniz Ereğli Lighthouse: A historic lighthouse built in 1868 that offers stunning views of the Black Sea coastline.
  9. Ilıksu Waterfall: A beautiful waterfall surrounded by lush greenery and hiking trails for visitors to explore.
  10. Atatürk Mansion Museum: The former residence of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, now converted into a museum showcasing his life and legacy as Turkey’s first president.

Primary Industries

  1. Mining: Zonguldak is renowned for its coal mining industry, which has been the primary economic activity in the region for many years.
  2. Agriculture: The rich lands of Zonguldak are suitable for cultivating crops such as wheat, corn, and sunflower.
  3. Fishing: The city’s location on the Black Sea coast makes it a crucial center for fishing.
  4. Textile manufacturing: There are various textile factories in Zonguldak that manufacture clothing and other textile products.
  5. Tourism: Zonguldak boasts several historical sites and natural attractions that draw tourists from all over Turkey.
  6. Construction: With an increasing population and expanding infrastructure, construction is a significant industry in Zonguldak.
  7. Transportation: The city acts as a transportation hub with its port, airport, and railway connections to other parts of Turkey.

Noteable History

  1. The city of Zonguldak was founded in the early 19th century as a coal-mining town.
  2. During World War I, Zonguldak was occupied by Russian forces for several months.
  3. In the early 20th century, Zonguldak became an important center of labor activism and trade unionism. Many workers organized strikes and protests against poor working conditions and low wages.
  4. Notable people from Zonguldak include:
    • The poet Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, who is considered one of Turkey’s greatest literary figures
    • The artist Burhan Doğançay, whose work has been exhibited internationally
    • The footballer Hakan Şükür, who played for Turkish national team and several top European clubs
  5. In recent years, Zonguldak has become known for its vibrant cultural scene with a number of festivals celebrating music, dance, theater and other forms of artistic expression taking place throughout the year.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Zonguldak Museum showcases cultural and historical artifacts from the Ottoman and Byzantine periods.
  2. Ereğli Museum, located in Ereğli town, displays exhibits related to local history and culture including ancient coins, pottery, and traditional costumes.
  3. Filyos Castle is an ancient castle located on a hill that overlooks the Filyos River with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
  4. Gazi Yakup Satar Mosque is a historic mosque built by Gazi Yakup Satar in 1868 who was one of Zonguldak’s most famous philanthropists.
  5. Gökgöl Cave is near Kozlu village featuring beautiful stalactites and stalagmites formed over thousands of years.
  6. Saltukova Hanı was built in 1765 as a resting place for travelers along the Silk Road; it has been restored as a cultural center.
  7. Devrekani Castle is a medieval castle located on a hill overlooking Devrekani village with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.
  8. Çaycuma Bazaar is one of Zonguldak’s most popular attractions offering everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts.
  9. Kızılcahamam Thermal Baths are natural hot springs outside Zonguldak city center said to have healing properties for various ailments.
  10. Karadeniz Eregli Open Air Theater hosts concerts, theater plays, festivals etc., with its unique location at Eregli coastline making it worth visiting during summer time.

Sports Teams

  1. Zonguldakspor: This football club was founded in 1966 and played its first match against Kozlu Belediyespor. The team has played in various leagues throughout its history, including the Turkish Super League, TFF First League, and TFF Second League.
  2. Kilimli Belediyespor: This football club was founded in 1979 and has participated in various leagues throughout its history, including the Turkish Regional Amateur League.
  3. Ereğli Belediyespor: This football club was established in 1978 as Ereğlispor before being taken over by the local municipality and changing its name to Ereğli Belediyespor. The team has competed in several leagues over time, including the Turkish Regional Amateur League.
  4. Devrek Belediye Spor Kulübü: This football club was founded as Demirspor Devrek back in 1940 before later changing its name to Devrekspor. The team has mostly competed at regional level competitions.
  5. Bartınspor: Although not based directly within Zonguldak province but neighboring Bartın province; Bartinspor is one of those rare clubs which managed to compete at national level only once during their long history dating back to early 20th century until present day where they play mostly at regional amateur levels.

Cultural Events

  1. Zonguldak International Black Diamond Festival – This annual festival celebrates the region’s mining heritage with cultural performances, concerts, and a parade. It is held in August.
  2. Kömürspor Cup Football Tournament – This football tournament takes place every July and features teams from across Turkey competing for the title.
  3. Karadeniz Ereğli Culture and Art Festival – Held every July, this festival features traditional music performances, dance shows, art exhibitions, and food stalls selling local delicacies.
  4. Kdz.Ereğli International Folk Dance Festival- Since 1999, this festival has been held annually by Kdz.Ereğli Municipality between 15-20 August each year.
  5. Karabük-Zonguldak Hiking Tour – This hiking tour takes place every June through the scenic mountains around Zonguldak with activities such as camping and trekking along the way.

Note: Some of these events may be canceled or postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions or other reasons.


  • Karadeniz Pidesi (Black Sea Pide): a type of Turkish flatbread with various toppings such as cheese, meat, and vegetables.
  • Hamsiköy Köftesi: a type of meatball made with bulgur wheat and minced meat.
  • Muhlama: a traditional Black Sea dish made with cornmeal, butter, and cheese.
  • Laz Böreği: a savory pastry filled with cheese or spinach.
  • Tirit: a soup made from leftover meat and bread soaked in broth.

Some popular restaurants in Zonguldak that serve these dishes include:

  • Kuzey Ege Restaurant
  • Kırmızı Balık Restaurant
  • Çınaraltı Restaurant
  • İkram Sofrası
  • Saklı Bahçe Restaurant

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Atatürk Park: This park is situated in the heart of the city and provides a range of leisure activities, such as walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic spots.
    2. Gökgöl Mağarası Tabiat Parkı: This natural park highlights a cave system that visitors can explore with guided tours.
    3. Çaycuma Eski Kömür İşletmesi Tabiat Parkı: This former coal mine has been converted into a nature reserve with hiking trails and picnic areas.
    4. Kızılcapınar Mesire Alanı: This picturesque area offers stunning views of the Black Sea and is popular for picnics and fishing.
    5. Filyos Vadisi Tabiat Parkı: Located alongside the Filyos River, this park features trekking paths, camping sites, and opportunities for water sports like kayaking and rafting.
    6. Ereğli Plajları (Ereğli Beaches): There are multiple beaches in Ereğli town that provide swimming, sunbathing, and beach activities.
    7. Demirpark AVM (Shopping Mall): This contemporary shopping mall includes an indoor ice skating rink as well as cinemas, restaurants, and shops.
    8. Zonguldak Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi (Culture & Art Center): The center hosts cultural events such as theater performances, concerts, exhibitions throughout the year.


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