Campeche, Mexico

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Campeche, Mexico

Region: Campeche

Geographic Coordinates: 19.850000, -90.530600
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Campeche, Mexico has a tropical climate with high temperatures and humidity throughout the year. The rainy season occurs from May to October, while the dry season lasts from November to April. Hurricanes are a common occurrence during the months of August to October.
Population: 249623
Language: Spanish

Campeche is a picturesque city situated in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. It is renowned for its historical allure and lively culture, Making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking an authentic Mexican experience. The city showcases stunning colonial architecture, Vibrant buildings, And breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico. The Spanish conquistadors founded Campeche in 1540, And it served as a crucial port during the colonial period. Today, Tourists can explore the well-preserved historic center that has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This center houses various museums, Churches, And plazas that provide insights into Campeche’s rich history. One of Campeche’s most remarkable landmarks is its fortified wall surrounding the historic center. Constructed in the 17th century to safeguard against pirate attacks, This wall still stands today and offers visitors a unique glimpse into Mexico’s past. Apart from its historical attractions, Campeche has plenty to offer outdoor enthusiasts too. Tourists can take boat tours along the coast to spot dolphins or other marine life or visit nearby Mayan ruins such as Edzna or Calakmul.

Food lovers will also delight in Campeche’s cuisine that blends traditional Mayan flavors with Spanish influences. Seafood dishes are particularly popular here due to its location on the Gulf Coast. Overall, Campeche caters to everyone regardless of whether they’re interested in history or culture or just want to bask under some sunshine on one of its beautiful beaches. With charming streets lined with colorful buildings and welcoming locals eager to share their culture with visitors worldwide – it’s no wonder why so many people fall head over heels for this enchanting Mexican city!

Important Landmarks

  1. Campeche City Walls and Fortifications
  2. Puerta de Tierra (Land Gate)
  3. San Francisco de Campeche Cathedral
  4. Baluarte de San Carlos
  5. Fuerte de San Miguel
  6. Casa del Teniente Rey
  7. Edzná Archaeological Site
  8. Museum of Mayan Architecture
  9. Palacio Municipal (City Hall)
  10. Malecón Promenade and Boardwalk

Primary Industries

  1. The oil and gas industry
  2. Tourism
  3. Agriculture
    • Corn
    • Beans
    • Sugarcane
    • Citrus fruits
  4. Fishing
  5. Manufacturing industries
    • Food processing plants
    • Textile factories
    • Furniture manufacturers
  6. The construction industry
  7. Education services
    • Several universities and colleges
  8. Healthcare services

Noteable History

  1. The ancient Maya civilization: Campeche was home to several important Maya cities, including Calakmul and Edzná.
  2. Spanish colonization: In the 16th century, the Spanish established a colony in Campeche and built a fortified city that still stands today.
  3. Pirates: During the colonial period, Campeche was frequently attacked by pirates who sought to plunder its wealth.
  4. José López Portillo: López Portillo was a former president of Mexico who was born in Campeche in 1920.
  5. The Caste War of Yucatan: This rebellion against the Mexican government by Maya peasants lasted from 1847 to 1901 and had a significant impact on the region.
  6. The oil industry: In the early 20th century, oil was discovered off the coast of Campeche, leading to significant economic development in the region.
  7. Alberto Isaac Ahumada: Ahumada was a film director from Campeche who directed several critically acclaimed films in Mexico during the 1970s and ’80s.
  8. The Mayan Train project: Currently under construction, this railway will connect several important archaeological sites throughout southeastern Mexico, including some in Campeche.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Fuerte de San Miguel is a historical fort built in the 18th century that has been converted into a museum.
  2. Puerta de Tierra is a beautiful gate marking the entrance to Campeche’s walled city.
  3. Museo de la Arquitectura Maya showcases Mayan architecture and artifacts in an archaeological museum.
  4. Baluarte de San Francisco offers stunning views of Campeche’s fortifications, city, and Gulf of Mexico as one of the most well-preserved bastions.
  5. Casa No. 6 Museum features exhibits on local history and culture within a restored colonial mansion turned into a museum.
  6. Centro Cultural Casa 6 hosts various exhibitions, workshops, and events throughout the year as an art center.
  7. Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción is located in Campeche’s historic center with stunning Baroque-style architecture as a cathedral.
  8. Malecon de Campeche is lined with restaurants, bars, and shops along its scenic waterfront promenade offering picturesque views of the Gulf of Mexico.
  9. Edzná Archaeological Site features impressive pyramids and temples to explore at an ancient Mayan city just outside of Campeche.
  10. Hacienda Uayamon Hotel & Spa offers luxurious relaxation set in an old hacienda surrounded by lush gardens and tropical forests after exploring all that Campeche has to offer!

Sports Teams

  1. Halcones de Campeche: This is a baseball team that plays in the Mexican League, which is considered one of the top professional baseball leagues in Mexico. The team was founded in 1974 and has won several championships over the years.
  2. Piratas de Campeche: This is another baseball team that plays in the Mexican League. The team was founded in 1980 and has also won several championships.
  3. Tigres de la UAC: This is a soccer team that represents Universidad Autónoma de Campeche (UAC), which is a public university located in Campeche City. The team plays in the Tercera División, which is a semi-professional soccer league.
  4. Jaguares de la Selva Maya: This is an American football team that plays in Liga FAM (Federación Mexicana de Football Americano). The league consists of amateur and semi-professional teams from across Mexico.

Overall, sports culture isn’t as prevalent or well-known as other areas of Mexico such as Mexico City or Guadalajara, but these are some notable teams within Campeche’s sporting community.

Cultural Events

  1. Carnaval de Campeche is a colorful and lively celebration that takes place in February or March. This festival features parades, music, dancing, and costumes.
  2. Festival Internacional del Centro Histórico is a cultural festival held in April that showcases the history and traditions of Campeche through art exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, and culinary events.
  3. Fiesta de San Juan Bautista is a religious celebration held in June honoring the patron saint of Campeche with processions, traditional dances, fireworks displays, and street fairs.
  4. Feria de la Naranja is an agricultural fair held in July celebrating the citrus industry of Campeche with tastings of local orange products such as juice, marmalade, candy and liqueurs.
  5. Festival del Mar y la Tierra is an ecological festival held in November promoting sustainable tourism practices through educational activities such as bird-watching tours, kayaking trips and environmental talks.
  6. Día de los Muertos- This traditional Mexican holiday celebrated on November 1st honors loved ones who have passed away with altars adorned with flowers, candles, food offerings, and sugar skulls.
  7. Navidad en el Centro Histórico- Christmas festivities take place throughout December including carol singing, nativity scenes, and festive light displays around the city’s historic center.


Popular Local Dishes in Campeche, Mexico

  • Poc Chuc
  • Pan de Cazón
  • Sopa de Lima
  • Tikin Xic Fish
  • Cochinita Pibil

Restaurants That Offer These Dishes

  • La Pigua – known for seafood offerings
  • El Bastión de Campeche – offers a historic view of the city
  • La Parrilla Colonial – serves Yucatan-style cuisine such as cochinita pibil
  • Marganzo Grill & Bar – offers contemporary Mexican cuisine using local ingredients
  • El Bajío Campeche – provides traditional Mexican dishes from different regions of the country including Campeche’s own specialties like Pan de Cazón

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Parque de San Martin is a spacious park situated in the heart of Campeche’s historic district, featuring walking paths, playgrounds, and a serene lake.
    2. The Malecon de Campeche is a picturesque promenade that spans along the Gulf of Mexico, providing stunning views of the sea and ample seating for visitors to unwind and take in their surroundings.
    3. Baluarte de San Francisco is an ancient fortress from the 17th century that has been transformed into a museum showcasing exhibits on Campeche’s rich history and culture.
    4. Parque Ximbal is an expansive nature reserve located on the outskirts of Campeche, offering hiking trails, opportunities for birdwatching, and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy.
    5. Playa Bonita ranks among one of Campeche’s most frequented beaches due to its soft sand and crystal-clear waters ideal for swimming or sunbathing.
    6. Centro Cultural Casa No’ohm serves as a cultural hub offering workshops focused on traditional crafts such as weaving and pottery-making alongside concerts and performances by local artists.
    7. Jardin Botanico Xmuch’ Haltun showcases over 200 species of plants indigenous to the Yucatan Peninsula region within its botanical garden grounds.
    8. Ecopark Aluxes lies just outside town limits but provides thrilling outdoor adventures such as zip-lining through jungle canopies or kayaking in underground rivers for those seeking some excitement during their visit to Campeche.


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