Coconut Creek, Florida

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Coconut Creek, Florida


Geographic Coordinates: 26.280300, -80.184200
Climate: Climate and weather patterns in Coconut Creek, United States vary throughout the year.
Population: 57553
Language: English

Coconut Creek is a vibrant city located in Broward County, Florida, United States. Known for its lush greenery and natural beauty, This tropical paradise offers a unique blend of suburban tranquility and urban amenities. As part of the Miami metropolitan area, Coconut Creek is nestled between Fort Lauderdale to the north and Boca Raton to the south. One of the standout features of Coconut Creek is its commitment to environmental sustainability. The city has earned the prestigious title of Butterfly Capital of the World, As it boasts an impressive number of butterfly species and habitats.

Visitors can explore Butterfly World, One of the largest butterfly aviaries in North America, Where they can witness these delicate creatures up close in their natural habitat. Nature enthusiasts will also appreciate Coconut Creek’s numerous parks and green spaces. Tradewinds Park & Stables offers expansive grounds for picnicking, Horseback riding trails, Fishing lakes, And even a farm with animals for children to enjoy. Sabal Pines Park provides sports fields, Playgrounds, Walking paths surrounded by beautiful trees – perfect for outdoor activities. For those seeking cultural experiences or shopping opportunities, Promenade at Coconut Creek is a must-visit destination.

This open-air mall features an array of upscale shops alongside charming boutiques and delicious dining options. Residents often gather here for live concerts or community events that take place throughout the year. Education plays an important role in Coconut Creek’s community spirit with excellent public schools serving local families. Additionally, Residents have access to higher education institutions like Broward College’s North Campus located nearby. Coconut Creek also hosts exciting annual events that showcase its lively spirit such as Food Truck Invasion where foodies can indulge in diverse culinary delights from gourmet food trucks offering various cuisines from around the world.

The city’s prime location allows easy access to stunning beaches just a short drive away along Florida’s picturesque coastline. Whether you prefer relaxing on sandy shores or taking part in thrilling water sports, The beaches of Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach are within reach. Overall, Coconut Creek offers a unique blend of natural beauty, Cultural experiences, And recreational opportunities. With its commitment to environmental sustainability and its array of attractions for residents and visitors alike, This tropical haven is a true gem in South Florida.

Important Landmarks

  1. Butterfly World: Known as the largest butterfly park in the world, Butterfly World is home to thousands of butterflies and other exotic animals. Visitors can explore various gardens and witness live butterfly releases.
  2. Seminole Casino Coconut Creek: This popular casino offers a wide range of gaming options including slots, poker tables, and blackjack. It also hosts live entertainment events and dining options.
  3. Fern Forest Nature Center: A serene nature preserve offering walking trails through lush vegetation and beautiful landscapes. Visitors can enjoy birdwatching, picnicking or simply exploring the diverse flora and fauna.
  4. Tradewinds Park & Stables: This expansive park features equestrian trails for horseback riding enthusiasts along with picnic areas, fishing lakes, athletic fields and playgrounds for children’s recreation.
  5. Promenade at Coconut Creek: A premier outdoor shopping center that offers a mix of high-end shops, boutiques, restaurants with outdoor seating areas for visitors to relax and enjoy their time.
  6. Hillsboro Pineland Natural Area: A natural preserve consisting of pine flatwoods with several trails for hiking or biking activities amidst nature’s tranquility.
  7. Coral Springs Museum of Art: Located nearby in Coral Springs city but worth mentioning as it showcases contemporary art exhibitions from local artists as well as national exhibits throughout the year.

These are just a few examples; there are several other parks, recreational facilities like golf courses available within close proximity to Coconut Creek that attract tourists visiting this area in Florida.

Primary Industries

  1. Healthcare: The city is home to several healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and medical offices.
  2. Education: Coconut Creek has a number of educational institutions ranging from pre-schools to colleges and universities.
  3. Retail: There are various retail establishments in the city, including shopping centers, malls, and individual stores.
  4. Hospitality and Tourism: With its proximity to popular tourist destinations such as the beaches of Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, Coconut Creek has a significant presence in the hospitality industry with hotels, resorts, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  5. Technology: The city has a growing technology sector with companies specializing in software development, IT services, and telecommunications equipment manufacturing among others.
  6. Financial Services: Several financial institutions such as banks and credit unions have branches or offices in Coconut Creek to cater to the banking needs of residents and businesses.
  7. Real Estate Development: As an expanding community with a strong housing market demand for residential properties continues to grow along with commercial real estate development projects.
  8. Professional Services: Various professional services like legal firms, accounting firms, consulting agencies operate within the area serving both individuals and businesses.
  9. Recreation & Entertainment: The city offers recreational activities like golf courses/country clubs as well as entertainment venues like theaters or music halls that contribute significantly to its economy.
  10. Manufacturing/Industrial Sector: While not as prominent compared to other industries mentioned above, there are some manufacturing companies present in Coconut Creek primarily involved in production processes related to electronics or consumer goods.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive but provides an overview of some major industries/businesses found within Coconut Creek.

Noteable History

Coconut Creek Facts

  • 1. Seminole Tribe: Coconut Creek is located in Broward County, which is home to the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The tribe has had a significant influence on the region’s history and culture.
  • 2. Development: In the 1960s, Coconut Creek was primarily farmland and undeveloped land. However, it experienced rapid development in subsequent decades as residential communities were built.
  • 3. Butterfly World: One of Coconut Creek’s most famous attractions is Butterfly World, which opened in 1988 as the world’s largest butterfly park. It has since become an important landmark for nature enthusiasts.
  • 4. Notable People:
    • – Abby Wambach: The retired professional soccer player and two-time Olympic gold medalist was born in Coconut Creek.
    • – Jason Pierre-Paul: The NFL football player who currently plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers attended Deerfield Beach High School in nearby Deerfield Beach but lived in Coconut Creek during his high school years.
    • – Ron Klein: A former member of Congress representing Florida’s 22nd district from 2007 to 2011 resided in Coconut Creek.

While these events and individuals may not be as historically significant as those associated with older cities or regions with more established histories, they still contribute to the local identity and cultural fabric of Coconut Creek.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Butterfly World: A tropical butterfly garden and research facility with thousands of butterflies from around the world.
  2. Seminole Casino Coconut Creek: A popular casino featuring various gaming options, live entertainment, and dining experiences.
  3. Fern Forest Nature Center: A serene nature preserve with walking trails, picnic areas, and educational exhibits on local wildlife and plant life.
  4. Hillsboro Pineland Natural Area: An expansive natural area offering hiking trails through pine forests and wetlands, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
  5. Promenade at Coconut Creek: A vibrant shopping center with a mix of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  6. The Wow Factory: An indoor family entertainment center featuring laser tag, arcade games, rock climbing walls, and more.
  7. American Orchid Society Visitor Center & Botanical Garden: A beautiful garden showcasing a wide variety of orchids along with educational exhibits on orchid cultivation.
  8. Coconut Creek Community Center & Recreation Complex: This facility offers recreational activities such as swimming pools, sports fields/courts, fitness classes, and community events throughout the year.
  9. Tradewinds Park & Stables: A large park offering horseback riding lessons/trails along with picnic areas, fishing lakes/ponds for outdoor enjoyment.
  10. Coral Springs Museum of Art (located nearby): An art museum showcasing contemporary exhibitions by local artists as well as hosting various cultural events throughout the year.

Please note that some places mentioned might be located in neighboring cities but are easily accessible from Coconut Creek.

Sports Teams

  1. Coconut Creek High School Cougars: The high school’s athletic teams compete in various sports such as football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, track and field etc. The school has had several successful seasons over the years.
  2. Coconut Creek Little League: This youth baseball league provides opportunities for children aged 4-16 to participate in organized baseball activities. They have been active in the community for many years.
  3. Coconut Creek Soccer Club: This organization offers recreational and competitive soccer programs for both youth and adults. They aim to promote the sport of soccer within the city.
  4. Coral Springs Figure Skating Club: Although not based solely in Coconut Creek but neighboring Coral Springs, this figure skating club has members from various cities including Coconut Creek. It provides training and coaching for figure skaters of all levels.

It’s important to note that while these teams/organizations may be associated with or have participants from Coconut Creek, they may also serve neighboring areas or be part of larger regional leagues or associations.

Cultural Events

Cultural Events and Festivals in Coconut Creek

  • 1. Butterfly Festival: Held annually at the Sabal Pines Park, this festival celebrates Coconut Creek’s designation as Butterfly Capital of the World. It features live butterfly exhibits, arts and crafts vendors, food stalls, live entertainment, and educational activities.
  • 2. Earth Day Festival: Celebrated in April each year at the Sabal Pines Park or Community Center grounds, this event promotes environmental awareness through various activities like eco-friendly vendors, workshops on sustainability practices, live music performances, and interactive exhibits.
  • 3. Winterfest Parade: Although not exclusive to Coconut Creek but held nearby in Fort Lauderdale every December since 1971; this boat parade is one of South Florida’s most significant annual events. It showcases elaborately decorated boats sailing along the Intracoastal Waterway with a festive atmosphere.
  • 4. Food Truck Invasion: This recurring event takes place at various locations within Coconut Creek where numerous food trucks gather to offer a wide range of culinary delights from different cuisines. Visitors can enjoy delicious meals while enjoying live music and family-friendly entertainment.
  • 5. Cultural Festivals: The city occasionally hosts cultural festivals that showcase diverse traditions and heritage from around the world such as Latin American Festivals or Asian Cultural Festivals featuring music performances; dance shows; traditional cuisine tasting booths and more.
  • 6. ArtFest in the Pines: Located nearby in Pembroke Pines but easily accessible for Coconut Creek residents; ArtFest is an annual art festival that brings together artists from various disciplines to exhibit their work alongside interactive art experiences for visitors of all ages.

These are just a few examples of cultural events and festivals you may find in or near Coconut Creek; it’s always worth checking local listings or community calendars for updated information on specific dates and locations throughout the year!


  1. Runyon’s Restaurant: Known for its American fare and seafood dishes, this family-owned restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere and live music.
  2. Ethos Greek Bistro: A favorite among locals, this restaurant serves authentic Greek cuisine with dishes like souvlaki, moussaka, and baklava.
  3. The Cook & The Cork: This upscale eatery offers a fusion of American and international flavors with an extensive wine list to complement the dishes.
  4. Fish Shack: A casual seafood joint that serves fresh catches of the day along with delicious fish tacos, ceviche, and clam chowder.
  5. Tavolino Della Notte: An Italian trattoria offering classic Italian dishes like pasta, pizza, risotto as well as an impressive selection of wines.
  6. Bru’s Room Sports Grill: A popular sports bar known for its wings and burgers along with a wide range of beers on tap.
  7. Pho 78 Vietnamese Noodle Shop: This cozy spot specializes in traditional Vietnamese pho soup along with other delicious noodle dishes like bun bo hue.
  8. La Via Ristorante & Bar: Another Italian gem in Coconut Creek serving homemade pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and other Italian specialties in a warm setting.
  9. Thai Spice Restaurant: Offering authentic Thai cuisine including pad thai noodles, green curry chicken or shrimp stir fry served in a relaxed environment.
  10. El Balcon de las Americas: A hidden gem serving Colombian cuisine such as arepas (corn cakes), empanadas (stuffed pastries), bandeja paisa (traditional platter), and more.

These are just a few examples of the diverse dining options available in Coconut Creek where residents can enjoy various cuisines from around the world while supporting local businesses.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Sabal Pines Park: This park offers a variety of amenities such as playgrounds, basketball courts, picnic areas, and walking trails.
  2. Tradewinds Park & Stables: This expansive park features a farm-themed playground, fishing lake, butterfly gardens, and equestrian trails.
  3. Fern Forest Nature Center: A nature preserve with walking trails through a lush forest filled with native plants and wildlife.
  4. Winston Park Nature Center: Offers nature trails for hiking or biking along with picnic areas and educational programs.
  5. Coconut Creek Community Center: Provides various recreational activities including swimming pools, fitness classes, sports leagues, and summer camps.
  6. Windmill Park: A neighborhood park featuring open fields for sports activities like soccer or baseball along with playgrounds and picnic areas.
  7. Lyons Creek Middle School Athletic Complex: Offers multiple athletic fields for soccer or baseball games as well as walking paths for exercise.
  8. The Promenade at Coconut Creek: Not a traditional park but an outdoor shopping center with beautiful landscaping that often hosts live events such as concerts or art shows.

These are just some examples of the public parks and recreational activities available in Coconut Creek; there may be additional options depending on personal preferences and interests.


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