Digos, Philippines

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Digos, Philippines

Region: Davao del Sur

Geographic Coordinates: 6.750000, 125.350000
Temperature Range: 25.0°C to 35.0°C (77°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal variations in Digos, Philippines include a dry season from November to April and a wet season from May to October, with the heaviest rainfall occurring in July. Temperatures are highest from March to May and lowest from December to February.
Population: 188376
Language: Cebuano

Digos is a city located in the province of Davao del Sur, Philippines. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage, Natural attractions, And bustling economy. It is situated on the southeastern part of Mindanao Island and has a population of over 160, 000 people. One of the main attractions in Digos is Mount Apo, Which stands at over 9, 000 feet tall and is the highest peak in the Philippines. The mountain offers breathtaking views of lush forests and scenic landscapes that attract hikers from all around the world.

Additionally, Tourists can also visit various hot springs such as Tagabuli Hot Spring Resort or Bulacan Hot Spring to relax after a long hike. Digos City also boasts several historical landmarks that showcase its cultural heritage. One such landmark is St. James Parish Church which was built during Spanish colonial times and has survived various natural calamities including earthquakes and typhoons throughout history. The city’s economy thrives on agriculture with major crops being coconuts, Bananas, Mangoes among others making it one of Mindanao’s agricultural hubs.

In addition to agriculture-based industries like food processing plants are also present in Digos City providing jobs for locals. Another attraction in Digos City worth visiting are their beaches such as Kapatagan Beach which offers crystal clear waters perfect for swimming or snorkeling activities while enjoying fresh seafood from local vendors. For those interested in learning about Philippine culture there are several museums to visit including Museong Pambayan ng Davao del Sur where visitors can learn about traditional Filipino customs through exhibits showcasing traditional clothing styles worn by Filipinos throughout history amongst other artifacts.

Overall, Digos City offers visitors an opportunity to experience both natural beauty and cultural heritage while enjoying economic opportunities presented by this thriving community making it an ideal destination when visiting Mindanao Island.’

Important Landmarks

  1. Mount Apo
  2. Kapatagan Valley
  3. Sibulan River
  4. Digos City Hall
  5. Sta. Cruz Falls
  6. Davao del Sur Coliseum
  7. St Isidore Parish Church
  8. Tamayong Prayer Mountain
  9. Puentespina Orchid Garden
  10. Malagos Garden Resort

Primary Industries

  • Agriculture
  • Livestock raising
  • Fishing
  • Retail trade
  • Food processing
  • Manufacturing (including furniture and handicrafts)
  • Construction
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Tourism industry (thanks to natural attractions such as Mount Apo National Park and the beaches of Samal Island)

  • Noteable History

    1. The establishment of the town of Digos in 1949, which was formerly a part of the municipality of Santa Cruz.
    2. The construction of the Davao-Digos road in the late 1950s, which connected Digos to other major cities in Mindanao.
    3. The declaration of martial law by former president Ferdinand Marcos in 1972, which had a significant impact on Digos and its residents.
    4. The election of Rodrigo Duterte as mayor of Davao City in 1988, who later became president of the Philippines in 2016.
    5. The devastation caused by Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) in December 2012, which destroyed homes and infrastructure throughout Digos and other parts of Mindanao.
    6. Notable people from Digos include former senator Juan Flavier, who served as Secretary of Health under President Fidel Ramos; singer-songwriter Joey Ayala; and actress Sunshine Cruz.
    7. In recent years, tourism has become an important industry for Digos thanks to its natural attractions such as Mount Apo National Park and its agricultural products like durian fruit.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Digos City Hall
    2. Davao del Sur Provincial Capitol
    3. St. Joseph the Worker Parish Church
    4. Bonguyan Beach Resort and Park
    5. Kapatagan Valley Resort and Training Center
    6. Mount Apo National Park (part of it is in Digos)
    7. Tamayong Prayer Mountain and Eco-tourism Park
    8. Magsaysay Park
    9. Matanao Public Market
    10. Lawigan Beach

    Sports Teams

    1. Basketball – It is one of the most popular sports in Digos City with several basketball courts and teams competing regularly.
    2. Volleyball – Volleyball is also a well-liked sport in Digos City, especially among women. Many volleyball teams participate in local tournaments.
    3. Football – Football is gaining popularity among young people in Digos City with several football clubs participating in local tournaments.
    4. Boxing – Boxing is a national sport of the Philippines and has produced many world champions from the country including Manny Pacquiao who hails from nearby General Santos City.
    5. Martial Arts – Various martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo and Judo have gained popularity over time with many training facilities available across different parts of the city.

    Cultural Events

    1. Kadayawan sa Digos is a week-long celebration in thanksgiving for bountiful harvests. It features street dancing, trade fairs, and cultural presentations.
    2. Sinulog sa Digos is a religious festival celebrated in honor of the Sto. Niño (Child Jesus). It includes colorful processions and dance performances.
    3. Araw ng Digos commemorates the city’s foundation day on September 8th with parades and sports competitions.
    4. Kalimudan Festival showcases the indigenous culture and traditions of Lumad communities in Davao del Sur province.
    5. Pasko sa Digos is a Christmas celebration featuring carol singing, lantern-making contests, and fireworks displays.
    6. Feast of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces is an annual pilgrimage to the shrine dedicated to Mary as intercessor for all graces in Barangay Ma-a organized by The Marian Movement of Priests (MMP).
    7. Holy Week Observance has various activities during Lenten season like procession stations depicting Christ’s passion including Senakulo re-enactment which is very popular among locals.
    8. Pista ng mga Buntis is a yearly event that celebrates pregnancy where pregnant mothers from different barangays gather together to participate in various activities such as games, lectures about pregnancy care & nutrition education plus free check-up services from local health centers.


    • Kinilaw – a dish made with raw fish marinated in vinegar and spices.
    • Lechon Manok – roasted chicken cooked over an open flame.
    • Sinuglaw – a combination of grilled pork belly and kinilaw.
    • Adobo sa Gata – chicken or pork stewed in coconut milk.

    Some popular restaurants in Digos include:

    • Balai Bistro – known for their delicious Filipino dishes and cozy ambiance.
    • Kusina ni Lola Puring – offers affordable home-cooked meals that are perfect for families or groups.
    • R&M Grill House – famous for their grilled meats, seafood, and Filipino-style barbecue.
    • Cafe 88 Resto Bar & Grill – serves a variety of dishes from Filipino to Western cuisine, with live music performances at night.

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Davao del Sur Sports and Cultural Center is a versatile sports complex that provides facilities for basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, swimming, and more.
      2. Rizal Park is a public park located in the heart of Digos City that features a playground area for kids, picnic areas with tables and benches, and a jogging path.
      3. People’s Park is a popular park in Davao City that offers various recreational activities such as zipline rides, bike rentals, playgrounds for children, and an amphitheater where live performances are held.
      4. Mount Apo National Park is situated near Digos City which has the highest peak in the Philippines offering hiking trails to its peak at 9 692 ft above sea level.
      5. Kapatagan Valley Adventure Park is located at Barangay Lavigan Kapatagan which offers various activities like zip line rides across valleys or waterfalls rappelling down cliffsides of mountains.
      6. Malagos Garden Resort is a nature-themed resort providing different attractions like Bird watching tour or Chocolate making tour by using locally sourced cocoa beans from nearby farms.
      7. Sta Cruz Falls are natural attractions located at Sitio Balutakay Barangay San Miguel boasting crystal clear waterfalls perfect for swimming or picnicking with family or friends.


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