Hurlingham, Argentina

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Hurlingham, Argentina

Region: Buenos Aires

Geographic Coordinates: -34.588300, -58.639200
Population: 60000
Language: Spanish

Hurlingham is a picturesque and vibrant city located in the Buenos Aires Province of Argentina. Situated just 25 kilometers west of the capital city, Buenos Aires, Hurlingham offers a perfect blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. The city is named after William Hurlingham, An Englishman who founded the famous Hurlingham Club in London. One of the main attractions in Hurlingham is its stunning green spaces and parks. The Parque de los Derechos del Trabajador (Workers’ Rights Park) is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

This expansive park features lush gardens, Walking trails, And recreational areas where families can enjoy picnics or play sports. Another notable park is Plaza Alsina, Which boasts beautiful fountains and statues that pay homage to Argentine history. Hurlingham also has a rich cultural heritage that can be explored through its various museums and historical sites. The Museo Histórico Municipal showcases artifacts from different periods of Argentine history, Including indigenous cultures, Colonial times, And modern Argentina. For art enthusiasts, The Casa de la Cultura offers exhibitions by local artists as well as workshops for those interested in honing their artistic skills.

Sports play an important role in Hurlingham’s identity; it has several renowned sports clubs that attract athletes from all over Argentina. The aforementioned Hurlingham Club stands out as one of the country’s most prestigious polo clubs with world-class facilities for horse riding enthusiasts. Additionally, Golfers flock to Golf Club Los Cedros to enjoy its challenging course surrounded by lush vegetation. Food lovers will find themselves spoilt for choice in Hurlingham as it offers a wide range of culinary options.

From traditional Argentine steakhouses serving mouthwatering cuts of meat to trendy cafes offering international cuisine with a local twist – there is something to satisfy every palate here. In terms of transportation infrastructure, Access to other parts of Buenos Aires Province or even the capital city is convenient. Hurlingham is well-connected by highways and public transportation, Making it easy to explore nearby attractions or commute to work. Overall, Hurlingham presents a delightful mix of natural beauty, Cultural heritage, And recreational opportunities.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation in its parks, Immersing yourself in history at its museums, Or indulging in delicious cuisine – this charming Argentine city offers a memorable experience for visitors of all interests.

Important Landmarks

  1. Hurlingham Club: The Hurlingham Club is one of the most prestigious polo clubs in Argentina and has hosted numerous international polo tournaments. It also offers various recreational activities such as tennis, golf, swimming, and horse riding.
  2. Municipal Nature Reserve: This nature reserve is a green oasis within the city, offering walking trails through native woodlands and wetlands. It’s an excellent place for birdwatching and enjoying nature.
  3. Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Lourdes: This beautiful Catholic church is known for its stunning architecture and religious significance. It’s worth visiting for its serene atmosphere.
  4. Palmas del Pilar Shopping Mall: Although technically located in Pilar (a neighboring city), this shopping mall is quite popular among locals from Hurlingham as well. It offers a wide range of shops, restaurants, cinemas, and entertainment options.
  5. Plaza San Martín: Located at the heart of Hurlingham, Plaza San Martín is a central square where locals gather to relax or socialize. The square features beautiful gardens, benches to sit on, and sometimes hosts cultural events or markets.

While these attractions might not be on par with some iconic landmarks found in larger cities like Buenos Aires or the Patagonia region, they still offer visitors an opportunity to experience local culture and enjoy some recreational activities within Hurlingham itself.

Primary Industries

  1. Manufacturing: Hurlingham has a significant presence of manufacturing industries, particularly in sectors such as food processing, textiles, metalworking, plastics, packaging materials, and automotive parts.
  2. Retail: There are numerous retail establishments in Hurlingham ranging from small local shops to larger supermarkets and shopping centers. These businesses cater to the needs of the local population.
  3. Services: Various service-based businesses operate in Hurlingham including restaurants, cafes, hotels, beauty salons, healthcare facilities (clinics/hospitals), educational institutions (schools/colleges), banks/financial institutions.
  4. Agriculture: While urbanization has significantly reduced agricultural activities in Hurlingham over time due to its proximity to Buenos Aires city center; however some agricultural activities like horticulture and floriculture still exist.
  5. Technology: The technology sector is gradually growing with an increasing number of software development companies and IT services providers setting up their offices or branches within Hurlingham’s vicinity.
  6. Construction: With ongoing urban development projects or infrastructure improvements happening across Greater Buenos Aires region including Hurlingham; construction companies play an important role in meeting these demands by providing residential/commercial buildings or infrastructure developments.

It’s worth mentioning that while these sectors are present within Hurlingham’s boundaries; many residents also commute to nearby areas like Buenos Aires city for work opportunities due to better employment prospects available there.

Noteable History

  1. Founding of Hurlingham: The city was founded on October 28, 1888, by landowner William Hurlingham from England. He named the area after his family estate in England.
  2. British Influence: During its early years, Hurlingham had a strong British influence due to the large number of British immigrants who settled there. This influence can still be seen today in various aspects such as architecture and traditions.
  3. Polo Tradition: Hurlingham is known for its strong polo tradition and is home to the renowned Argentine Polo Association (Asociación Argentina de Polo). The sport has been played here since the early 20th century, attracting players and enthusiasts from around the world.
  4. Notable People:
    • Juan Carlos Harriott: A prominent Argentine polo player who was born in Hurlingham in 1940. He won numerous championships during his career.
    • Jorge Newbery: Although not directly associated with Hurlingham, Jorge Newbery was an important figure for aviation development in Argentina during the early 20th century. The international airport serving Buenos Aires is named after him and is located nearby.
  5. Development and Growth: Over time, Hurlingham has experienced significant growth and urban development while maintaining its green spaces and suburban charm.

It’s worth noting that while these events and people are notable within their context, they may not have achieved global recognition compared to some other historical events or figures associated with larger cities in Argentina like Buenos Aires or Cordoba.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Museo de Bellas Artes Juan Carlos Castagnino: This art museum houses an impressive collection of Argentinean artwork, including paintings, sculptures, and photography.
  2. Parque de la Ciudad: A beautiful urban park where visitors can enjoy nature walks, picnics, and recreational activities. It’s a great place to relax and unwind.
  3. Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Carmen: This historic church dates back to the early 20th century and features stunning architecture and religious artwork.
  4. Plaza San Martín: The main square of Hurlingham is a vibrant gathering place with shops, cafes, and restaurants surrounding it. It’s an excellent spot for people-watching or enjoying local cuisine.
  5. Centro Cultural Leopoldo Marechal: This cultural center hosts various events such as art exhibitions, theater performances, concerts, and workshops throughout the year.
  6. Monumento al General San Martín: Located in nearby Morón (a neighboring city), this monument pays homage to General José de San Martín – one of Argentina’s most important historical figures who played a significant role in South America’s independence from Spain.
  7. Autódromo Municipal Juan Manuel Fangio: If you’re interested in motorsports or racing history, you can visit this racetrack named after legendary Argentine Formula One driver Juan Manuel Fangio.

While Hurlingham may not be known for its extensive tourist attractions compared to larger cities like Buenos Aires or Córdoba; these suggestions offer opportunities to explore art and culture within the area itself or nearby locations within easy reach from Hurlingham.

Sports Teams

  1. Club Atlético San Andrés: Founded in 1936, this club has a strong presence in Hurlingham. They have teams participating in football (soccer), rugby, field hockey, and other sports.
  2. Club Italiano de Hurlingham: This club was established by the Italian community of Hurlingham in 1954. It offers various sports activities including football, tennis, swimming, and more.
  3. Club Social y Deportivo Juventud Unida: Known as Juventud Unida, this club was founded in 1930 and has been an important part of the local community ever since. They participate mainly in football competitions.
  4. Asociación Alemana de Cultura Física (AACF): This association promotes German culture through physical activities such as gymnastics and athletics.
  5. Asociación Deportiva Francesa (ADF): The French Sports Association promotes French culture through different sporting disciplines like tennis, swimming, basketball etc.

It’s worth noting that while these clubs may not be widely recognized on a national or international level like professional teams from larger cities such as Buenos Aires or Rosario, they play an essential role within the local community by providing opportunities for people to engage in various sports activities at an amateur level.

Cultural Events

  1. Fiesta Nacional del Salame Quintero: This festival celebrates the traditional Argentine salami (salame) produced in the region. It features various activities such as salami tastings, cooking competitions, live music performances, dance shows, and craft fairs.
  2. Festival Internacional de Cine de Hurlingham (Hurlingham International Film Festival): This film festival showcases a wide range of national and international films across different genres. It includes screenings of feature films, documentaries, short films, and animated movies.
  3. Feria del Libro de Hurlingham (Hurlingham Book Fair): This annual book fair promotes literature by bringing together renowned authors, publishers, booksellers, and readers from across Argentina. The fair offers book presentations, signings by authors, and literary workshops for children and adults alike.
  4. Carnaval de Hurlingham: Held during February or March to celebrate Carnival season with colorful parades featuring vibrant costumes worn by dancers accompanied by music bands playing traditional rhythms such as murga or candombe.
  5. Semana del Rock en Hurlingham (Rock Week in Hurlingham): A week-long celebration dedicated to rock music where local bands perform live concerts showcasing different sub-genres of rock music like punk rock or classic rock.
  6. Feria Artesanal y Gastronómica (Crafts & Gastronomy Fair): A fair that highlights local craftsmanship with stalls selling handmade crafts such as jewelry or textiles alongside food stands offering regional delicacies.
  7. Día Nacional del Tango (National Tango Day) Celebrations: On December 11th each year commemorating the birth anniversary of Carlos Gardel – an iconic figure in tango music, Hurlingham organizes tango dance shows, live music performances, and competitions to celebrate the country’s most emblematic musical genre.

These are just a few examples of the cultural events and festivals that take place in Hurlingham. The city’s cultural calendar is diverse and constantly evolving, offering residents and visitors a wide range of experiences throughout the year.


  1. Asado: Asado, or Argentine barbecue, is a must-try when visiting Hurlingham. Many local restaurants and parrillas (steakhouses) offer delicious cuts of beef cooked over an open flame.
  2. Milanesa: This breaded and fried meat dish is also quite popular in Hurlingham. It typically consists of thinly sliced beef or chicken that is breaded, fried until crispy, and served with mashed potatoes or salad.
  3. Empanadas: These savory pastries filled with various ingredients such as meat, cheese, vegetables, or ham are widely enjoyed throughout Argentina. Look for local bakeries or empanaderías to try different flavors.
  4. Pizza: Like many other parts of Argentina, pizza has become a staple food in Hurlingham too. You can find both traditional Italian-style pizzas as well as unique Argentine variations like Fugazzetta (onion-topped pizza).
  5. Parrillas and Restaurants:
    • La Casona del Pibe: This traditional parrilla offers delicious grilled meats along with classic sides like chimichurri sauce.
    • El Mangrullo Parrilla & Restaurant: Known for its cozy atmosphere and excellent steaks cooked to perfection.
    • El Viejo Lobo Restaurant & Parrilla: A popular spot offering an extensive menu including grilled meats, pasta dishes, seafood options.
    • Don Chicho Parrilla y Restaurante: A family-friendly restaurant known for its quality cuts of meat cooked on the grill.

These are just a few examples of the local cuisine and restaurants you can find in Hurlingham; there may be many more hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Parque de la Ciudad: This large park offers various recreational activities such as walking trails, cycling paths, picnic areas, and playgrounds.
  2. Plaza de los Niños: A children’s park with playgrounds, green spaces, and a skateboarding area.
  3. Parque Lezama: Although not located directly in Hurlingham (it is in Buenos Aires), it is a popular park nearby that offers beautiful gardens, fountains, sports fields, and cultural events.
  4. Club Atlético Huracán: This sports club offers facilities for football (soccer), tennis courts, swimming pools, and gymnasiums for both members and visitors.
  5. El Bosquecito Municipal Park: A small municipal park with green spaces for picnics or leisurely walks.
  6. Paseo del Buen Ayre Shopping Mall: While not a traditional park per se, this shopping mall has open-air spaces where people can relax or enjoy outdoor dining options.
  7. El Galpón Cultural Center: A cultural center that hosts various events such as art exhibitions, theater performances, music concerts, and workshops.
  8. Golf courses: Hurlingham has several golf courses including the Club de Golf Hurlingham which provides a serene environment for golf enthusiasts to play their favorite sport.

These are just some of the public parks and recreational activities available in Hurlingham; there may be others depending on personal preferences or seasonal events happening at any given time.


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